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Even a LITTLE Organization Goes a LONG way!

For MONTHS I have been pouring over pictures of laundry/mudrooms on Pinterest and other places looking for inspiration! I have a small, narrow space that doubles as my laundry area AND as a mud room…and lately it’s lack of organization has been driving me crazy! So I have looked at probably a thousand or more pictures of “picture perfect” laundry rooms and mud rooms searching for SOMETHING I could extract and use in my own little space.

Man oh man are there some AMAZING laundry/mud rooms out there!

Here are a few fairly SIMPLE ones I found:

And here’s some more ELABORATE ones:

While I have found many, many examples I would love to replicate…but with limited space and funds…what I REALLY needed was just a few key changes that would help control the chaos.

So here are a couple of BEFORE and AFTERS of my humble updates that have made ALL the difference in the world (for now).

THIS is probably the thing that drives me the MOST CRAZY!  Shoes in a pile on the floor! This is actually not a BAD picture of this space…it can look MUCH worse. lol. My “rule” is one pair of shoes per person can be in this room…the rest have to be in their closets or in the garage (winter boots, etc.).  But even when that rule is being followed (which is rare!), it’s still annoying to have shoes haphazardly thrown there. Someone is always tripping on an errant shoe that has escaped it’s ambiguous confines.

So this is what I came up with for a grand total of about $24.00 for both at Walmart

And if we didn’t have such large FEET in this family, I could probably fit even more shoes than this! :-)

Better huh??  I’m personally thrilled with this minor change.

Then on the other end of this space….my dirty laundry issue.

This has always been how we have corralled the dirty laundry in the laundry room. One big basket on the floor right across from the washer and dryer.  The “apple basket” only comes out during the winter and holds winter gloves and hat. Pretty comprehensive system huh?

Well, this turned out to be one of those, “Why didn’t I do this a LONG time ago?” moments…because for approximately $14.00 I purchased this laundry sorter at Walmart to replace both baskets.

The winter gloves and hats moved over to “the mudroom” end on the new wire shelving…and the clothes stayed here. Now I can even SORT them as they come into the laundry for washing! I’m going to make a couple of cute signs of some sort to hang on the the front, so the “men” in this house won’t have any excuse for mixing them all up. ;-)

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  • …thanks for posting a "realistic" way to help with your organization/clutter for your laundry room. I too, have almost the exact same set of over the top,to more toned down versions pinned or saved to my computer for mudroom/laundry room. You have no idea, how much this post, just got me to lighten up an do what I can, to help "my space". Thanks again!

  • The very first picture *is* my laundry room at the house. Well, layout anyway. The ceiling slopes up to 9' over the W/D so there is an enormous amount of vertical space to optimize. It's not handy since it requires a stepladder to reach, but for long-term storage it's killer.

    When you figure out how to get the troops trained to put their OWN freakin' shoes in the basket and to both bring their laundry in there AND to appropriately sort it, it will be your best post *ever*.

    Your post made me realize that I had tried to make that tiny room make up for everything else I couldn't find room for in this little 1600sf house. There's no pantry in the kitchen, so those shelves to the right of the washer are pantry storage and my sorter is in the same place. There's a plastic garage shelving unit behind your back as you're standing at the washer to hold bulk dry goods and laundry needs, a 3-unit utility room cabinet above the w/d with a closet wire shelf above it. Another shelf over the outside door (where you'd be standing taking that picture). Brooms/mops etc hanging to one side of that outside door, and the cat box on the opposite side. It's too cram packed and impossible to keep everything from getting linty. On top of everything, since it's an outside door, the outdoors muck and grime lands here first. I guess your post finally made me see that any room has a finite amount of space and I am too inclined to fill in every bit of white space. Hmmm…a whole epiphany is happening right here. See what you do??!!

    • When my husband and I first got married, we had one little laundry basket. He came home from work one day and started disrobing in little bits leaving a trail throughout our little 1 bedroom apartment. I quickly made a rule that laundry must be IN the hamper if it is to be washed; not the vicinity of, not on the bathroom floor, but IN! It took him going to work 1 time with dirty socks to realize I was serious. We now have 2 kids and they too have been trained that clothes must be IN the hamper for tit to get washed. My set up is a bit different though. The kids have a hamper in their room and I have 4 in the master; 1 for jeans, 1 for colors, 1 for whites, 1 for hand wash. My husband now actually separates his clothes into the correct hamper and I just ask the kids to bring their hampers to me. They don’t bring it, their clothes don’t get washed. They have the option to either wash their own clothes, wear dirty clothes, or hope they have enough to carry them through the next wash day. I may be tough on them but it lessens my work load and they are learning valuable life skills in the process. ;)

  • Love your blog and GREAT ideas! I found a laundry sorting basket with 3 separate sorting bags that looks nice. My laundry room is in a pass through room between the garage and kitchen. There was plenty of room for a sorting basket or bin but I wanted something that didn't look like a bin. Found it at Target online: search "Household Essentials Triple Sorter – Seagrass". Liked it so much, went back for 2 more to use as sorting bins upstairs near the bedrooms!

  • I love your website and so many wonderful idea and information! Tell ya I have been on your website few hours now and can’t get off! Haha keep up the great work!

  • Your side note struck me I too had the issue of what to do with the “growth chart” as I now have 3 small ones… My issue is that I have a habbit of moving every 4-6 years and I want this kind of info to go too… so, I was “pin-stalking” and found an adorable idea to use a strip of shoe molding- wood burn or paint it like a large ruler then transfer history onto it. It looked quite cute on the pinterest page.

  • Loving the DIY and organizing ideas. I have been struggling with my “non-laundry-room” in our TX home, that is the “burr under my saddle” is that it the pass through from hall to garage. The front loader w/d enables me to use the top for soap containers, etc. but the shelves are too high to use for daily access. I put hanging wire shelves on back of door for some supplies but, it hits the wall so the door can’t be opened completely. No space for sorting bins, a broom rack on the wall.
    A bin in the bedroom is necessary; a mesh hanging bag could work but, not handy for sorting.
    With our six children in our FL home, I had a laundry bin at the end of the hall; that required daily sorting. My husband installed towel racks behind bedroom doors and on sides of their dressers, colored towels for identification of their own.

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