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This One Simple Thing Takes The Effort Out Of Gardening

Expandable Hose

Gardening has been one of my favorite warm-weather activities for many years. Pulling weeds and digging in the dirt might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but I love it! It can be hard work, but getting to enjoy a yard full of beautiful plants and flowers makes the effort more than worth it. However, there was (until very recently) one particular aspect of my gardening routine that I really didn’t like—struggling with the garden hose. Today I want to share how one simple purchase solved my garden hose crisis and changed my whole gardening routine for the better!

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Expandable Hose

The Problem With Watering

Since I have a lot of plants all around the outside of my house, I decided against using a watering can to water them. I would have been walking back and forth to the spigot all day! Putting a sprayer attachment on the end of our garden hose made much more sense to me, and it was a good system—for the most part. But one particular aspect quickly became one of my biggest pet peeves, and that was the garden hose itself!

When it was time to water, I would start by dragging my heavy hose across the yard. Once I got the water started, there would inevitably be one or two kinks in the hose that I’d have to sort out along the way. And then once the watering was finished, I’d have to drag the hose back to the spigot to try and wrestle it onto a tidy coil. (Uncoiled hoses happen to be a pet peeve of my husband Dave, so this step was unfortunately unavoidable.) Even though I generally enjoyed watering my garden, dealing with the hose was making me dread it entirely!

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Expandable Hose

The “Incredible” Solution

The solution to my hose problem brought to me by my oldest son Erik. At that point, I had seen a few infomercials on TV for “incredible expanding garden hoses!“, but I had never really taken them seriously. But Erik is much more adventurous and open-minded about these kinds of things, and he wanted to try an expanding hose for himself. He bought this one online, and once it arrived, I was intrigued enough to give it a try. To my surprise, I was instantly hooked! It solved every hose issue I had been struggling with, and I immediately went online and ordered my own. And the more I learned about how it worked, the more amazed I felt!

Expandable Hose

This Is The Best Expandable Hose You Can Buy

This expandable hose has two layers that work together to produce the “expanding” effect. The core layer is a flexible latex tube that expands to accommodate the flow of water. The outer material is a knitted polyester fabric that expands to accommodate the latex core, and contracts when there’s no water flow. Thanks to these two complementary layers, this lightweight hose is only about 17’ long to begin with. Once water starts flowing through it, the hose expands to about 50’ long. That’s plenty long for watering the average yard or garden!

Expandable Hose

In addition to being compact and lightweight, this expandable hose is also well-made. It has brass fittings, which are the “gold standard” for garden hoses in terms of durability. This hose also comes with a storage bag and a surprisingly nice sprayer nozzle! The nozzle fits perfectly on the hose, and has 8 different spray settings that I’ve been enjoying testing out.

Expandable Hose

My New & Improved Watering Experience

I can’t stress enough how much my gardening experience has improved since getting my expandable garden hose. No more hauling heavy hoses or struggling with infuriating kinks! I can now water all of my flowerbeds in just a few minutes, without feeling like a sweaty, tired mess at the end.

After I finish watering, I simply turn the water off and allow the rest of the water to empty out of the hose. The hose shrinks back up quickly, and then I can pick it up and take it anywhere! It’s very light and it takes up hardly any space. I can easily stick it behind a plant to hide it from view if I feel like it. Even Dave doesn’t mind leaving this hose uncoiled—a true testament to how inconspicuous it really is!

Expandable Hose

If you’ve had issues with your heavy garden hose in the past, I recommend giving this expandable hose a try. It had made my gardening routine so much more enjoyable, and I’m sure it will do the same for you too! Check it out on Amazon here.

What’s your best, most life-changing gardening tip?

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  • I’ve had seven and tried several different brands. They only last about 3 or 4 months before they spring leaks. I even bought a a kit to repair expanding hoses and I was all excited but it only worked for a week or two. It’s really too bad because these are such a great idea but I have three hoses around the house and I can’t afford to keep buying a new one every few months. It’s a shame, really. And I agree with another poster – if they can put a man on the moon…..

  • I ‘m so glad you wrote this post. I love collapsible hoses for the reason you list and also because they don’t haul my potted plants around when I’m moving past them. But, they’ve been frustrating, too.

    I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent on hoses over the years – it’s a lot. I hate that: I want to buy a hose that’ll last forever but won’t wear out my old joints. Over the past maybe seven years I’ve had three kinds of collapsible hoses: first from the “TV Specials” aisle at a drugstore, then Sam’s Club about four years ago and last year the hoses with brass fittings from Amazon. In each case, I bought two.

    I agree collapsibles are wonderful to use, while they last. But getting them to last more than one season, which is my big goal, is not a given. I’ve learned a few hard lessons from them and am still learning.

    When these hoses develop a leak, they’re done for. There are no small leaks in collapsible hoses and they are not repairable the way “rubber” hoses are. Maybe someday there’ll be a collapsible that either never breaks or can be repaired.

    Here’s how mine have worked out:
    **TV Aisle** hoses: One I lost because I was dragging it along a concrete walkway which not surprisingly weakened the outer fabric and it popped (that was something to see, by the way, kind of a sudden, Disneyesque fountain). Its partner, which was on a wooden deck, lasted about six weeks then sprung a less spectacular leak. Those were gone without even lasting half the summer.
    **Sams Club** green hoses: These lasted longer but they didn’t make it all the way through to fall. I think they got too much sunlight exposure: not sure.
    **Amazon** hoses: These are much, much sturdier than the earlier ones and the brass fittings are great. I got a full spring/summer/fall from the outdoor one and the indoor one is still going strong. It carries water across the house to our sunroom, so we watch very, very carefully while using it. Sadly, when I started up the outdoor hose this spring, it leaked right away where the fabric part meets the brass connector. I was disappointed. I replaced it with a mended “rubber” hose I already had, but I hate hauling that thing around.

    What went wrong in each case, I think, was exposure.

    Freezing, even when dry: Last fall I had emptied and put away the Amazon outdoor hose in a basket, setting it against the inside of our screened porch and feeling really on top of the situation. There it wasn’t exposed to direct weather but it was exposed to freezing temperatures. I think that’s probably why it sprang a leak when its buddy the indoors hose did not.

    Sunlight: The Sam’s Club hoses lived out of doors all summer and got lots of sunlight even when they weren’t in use. That probably weakened them.

    Concrete: just not good for these hoses.

    Will I buy another collapsible hose? Probably yes, because they’re so convenient and hauling a “rubber” hose around is awkward on a good day. If I do invest in another collapsible, it’ll probably be the Amazon hose with brass fittings or its equivalent. But, I’ll keep it in the shade in the summer when it’s not in use and I’ll take it indoors for the winter. And… we’ll see how long it lasts.

  • I absolutely love my expanding hose! I live in southern Mexico and bought the only one available here. It has plastic fittings so I guess it would be considered a cheap one but we have been using it for almost a year with no problems or leaks. The only issue we have is that when the water pressure is low it won’t work. Other than that it is a dream come true!

  • I put a strip of Velcro on the back of my cell phone, the soft side part so it doesn’t snag anything on the inside my purse. I also put the hard piece on the inside of my purse and another one on the dash of my car so I have easy access in both places. The key is not to let the dash get too hot to overheat your phone. I have used it for so many years that The Hub has one in his car and my son-in-law, too.

  • There are some comments on Amazon saying this hose leaks after a short time in use. How long have you used your hose? Would appreciate an update on how it holds up. If it lasts I would definitely buy one.

  • I don’t use hoses very often. The three lengths I have are a pain to move around and coil up to put away. They also have to be drained for winter. I bought a cheap expandable for the faucet in the front which seem to work good enough. Just ordered a couple more for the backyard. I’ll put the three old hoses in a bin in the back garage just in case.

  • This is what I think I need. I don’t watch TV so no idea something like this was out there. The ones in the stores look like a waste of time and money. My garden is on the other side of the house and I always have to drag the hose out when watering. Then I also have one in the front of the house. What a pain and to me an eyesore with the holder. I like a clean look. Thanks for this suggestion, it seems to be worth its weight in gold.

  • I’ve used these hoses for several years. The first one I bought was really cheap with plastic connectors. It lasted most of one season. The second year I bought an upgraded version with the brass connectors. I’m still using it in the second season.

  • Sure, these hoses are light and store easily. They do kink, though, but not as badly as rubber/plastic hoses. However, they are best used in a patio/balcony situation. Unless you have EXCELLENT water pressure, they’re not much good for anything else because their internal diameter is so small.

  • I tried one of these expandable ones several years ago but it pretty much leaked right off the bat. They have probably improved by now. I use the lightweight hoses from Gardeners.com and I love them. They are not cheap mind you, and I use primarily the 25ft ones as I now have water lines run all over my yard, but they are very durable, lightweight, and don’t demolish your other plants when you accidently drag them across your bed. I have some that are probably 7-8 years old now, and they stay outside year round. They had a few bad reviews on the 100ft length about kinking, but my 8 year old 25ft ones only occasionally kink with me.

  • I, too, am familar with this design, however having been burned several times before, I am leery of a repeat. It would have been helpful if you’d discussed how long and how often you have owned this particular one. This may be an example of “too good to be true” for the long haul.

  • I have have had these for years and have replaced twice. The seem to be getting more durable. I would never struggle with an ordinary hose again even if I had to replace every week (which of course is silly). I love them. I also water a community garden which has a regular hose and I just hated that job, so I bought them one of these.

  • I have also purchased these expandable hoses and have found the cheaper ones do not seem to hold up well. Since I have about three places to water large flower pots that need watering every day or every other day, I need a hose that is easy to drag around the yard. We spent a little more money for an expandable hose and I’m using the same hose for the third year. I always
    drain the hose and then store it in a bucket.

  • Using cardboard pizza boxes as mulch changed my gardening results for the better. Similar to your newspaper lasagna, I find it lasts longer, effectively controlling weeds for two seasons. Unfortunately, this spring I was traveling and missed the window of opportunity to mulch ahead of weed time. Now I’ll have to start over from the ground up!

    My 4 year old grandson asked why I was planting pizza boxes. I told him I was growing more pizzas. A little spin on gardening humor.

  • I too have purchased these expandable hoses in the past. Notice that I said hoses plural. They are not very well built. As noted by other people, the reviews for these hoses are not very good. Personally I’m just not in favor of buying an inferior product over and over.

  • I agree totally. Expandable hoses are the absolute best. They don’t kink up – they are very durable — ( of course, empty them, and bring them in during the winter). I was just saying this the other day while I was watering our garden. I said. This is the best hose! Thanks for your posts.

  • We have had 5 or 6 different kinds of the light weight hose, the last one is one of the
    metal ones. My garden is huge so we use a 100’ . Here’s what we’ve decided, they rarely last more than a season, if that, but they do make watering my pots so much easier. So buy cheap and replaced often. They just haven’t perfected them yet and maybe don’t want to, repeat customers you know. Watch out when they fail they usually fail big, with a geyser.

  • i have had 4 of these hoses. When they first came out a few years ago, they were awful- sprung leaks within a couple of weeks or months.
    But many now are definitely better quality (you get what you pay for)- I had one recently that lasted 3 years.
    I weighed the ease and convenience of these hoses against the struggle of using and storing a heavy rubber one, and the expandable wins.
    Be careful to store it out of the sun, don’t tread on it or let it get caught under furniture and drain it thoroughly before storing for winter.

  • We have purchased several of this type of hose each “guaranteed” to last. Every one has sprung a leak. I was very careful with them and put them away after every use. Even the top quality hose leaked after 3 or 4 uses.

  • This post sounds like how my Dad waters our garden.,We haven’t had problems with the hose getting kinked. We straighten them out before turning the water on.

  • The reviews on amazon and various other places are not high. It seems as they leak and spring holes very easily. I was looking for a new hose this year and after reading the terrible reviews I went with a “traditional” hose. If we can put a man on the moon, I think we could come up with a solution for non kinking garden hoses and an easy way to roll them back up.

  • I have really wanted one of these expanding hoses, but so far have not purchased one because they usually get bad reviews for not lasting very long. This model has approximately 150 bad reviews on Amazon. Granted, it does have a lot of 5 star reviews also. Would you be so kind to let us know how this hose is functioning next Spring? If you are able to use it the rest of the Summer and it makes it over the Winter, I would think it might be worth investing in. Thank you!

  • I purchased one of these expanding hoses last summer at Brd Bath & Beyond ( don’t know if it is the same brand as you have). But within a couple of weeks, it developed several leaks. I returned this defective hose for another. Again leaks after a few uses. Figuring the third time was a charm, I returned it for yet another. Same thing. Glad this worked for you but I won’t be trying it again.

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