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These 4 Unexpected Foods Make The Best DIY Solution For Age Spots

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Anything I can do to fade age spots naturally, I’m going to try.

Protecting our skin from the sun was not very high on our list of priorities back in the ‘60s and ‘70s when many of us were growing up. In fact, I was pretty much doing the opposite while growing up in Southern California, as my friends and I spent a considerable amount of time maintaining our suntans.

While I’m grateful that I haven’t dealt with more serious consequences to this point, I still have plenty of sun spots and age spots to show for all that sun exposure! But luckily for me (and anyone else who has such spots), I’ve discovered a simple DIY treatment for age spots that can help fade those darkened spots naturally!

After researching dozens of different DIY formulas online, I created my own version of a fade treatment for age spots, and I’ll be sharing that with you in today’s blog post. But before we jump into making it, let’s quickly go over the four natural ingredients that make it possible!

age spot treatment

What’s In It?

The bases of this skin treatment are plain yogurt and ground oatmeal. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which helps slough off dead skin cells and reveal the new, healthy skin underneath. Oats can benefit skin in two ways. First, the oat pieces help to exfoliate dead and dull skin, and second, they actually provide additional moisture to your skin, helping to keep it hydrated.

age spot treatment

The two other ingredients in this recipe are turmeric and lemon juice, both of which have lightening properties. These ingredients help fade age spots, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation over time.

age spot treatment

Since lemon juice can increase your chances of getting sunburned, I recommended that you only apply this treatment at night, and use plenty of sunscreen on your face during the daytime! So now that we know what goes into it, let’s talk about how to make it! :-)

How To Make A Natural Fade Treatment For Age Spots

age spot treatment


1 Tbsp plain yogurt
2 Tbsp ground oatmeal
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp fresh lemon juice

age spot treatment


Combine the yogurt, oatmeal, turmeric, and lemon juice in a small bowl. Stir until well combined, then transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

age spot treatment

How To Use It

Apply the mixture to the affected areas on your skin, and allow it to sit there for about 30 minutes. When the wait is over, rinse the mixture off using cold water, then follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Apply twice weekly until you achieve your desired results. (Keep in mind that many natural remedies can take a few weeks before you start seeing visible results, so be patient!)

Everyone’s skin is unique, and will respond to some ingredients better than others. Check out this post to learn about other ingredients that are great for aging skin, so you can start formulating your own custom remedies!

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Tips For Avoiding Turmeric Stains

  • If you’re concerned about the turmeric in this treatment staining your skin, here are a few tips that will help:
  • Use pure, organic turmeric that’s free from artificial dyes and additives. Artificial dyes are usually responsible for stubborn stains, rather than the turmeric itself.
  • Take precautions like wearing gloves to protect your fingernails (they’re very absorbent), and make sure to clean up any spills right away.
  • Always make a paste with turmeric instead of applying it directly to your skin. Mixing turmeric with milk, yogurt, or oil will help lessen the possibility of staining.

Do you have a favorite DIY skin treatment?

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  • I have used apple cider vinegar with great success. Use a q-tip to apply acv full strength to the tags, scrubbing at the base of the tag. It will sting briefly. They will dry up and fall off in about a week for very small tags.

    • Thank you, as well, but one cautionary note. I have very fair skin and grew up on the Gulf Coast before we had many suntan lotion options, much less sunscreens. Alas, my “enlarged freckles” began arriving about 10 years ago and I used a very commonly used product to lighten them. It took a matter of seconds for me to realize how terribly allergic I am to this ingredient. It was itch city on my face, hands, arms, chest, etc. Moral of my story: start out in a small area and see how it goes for a few minutes before moving on to more and larger areas.

  • I used a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide to lighten an age spot on my face and wished I had used a Q-tip. The reason, it also lightened some of the skin around it where I had gotten a suntan. Oops. Anyway, hydrogen peroxide is working for me.

  • Bless you! This has been a battle for me. I thought I had two spots on my face until my husband pointed out that I have many! My vision is terrible. One of the two that bothers me is on the end of my nose, the other on my cheek. I am forever swiping concealer on them. I saw my dermatologist and he told me sorry they are “wisdom spots” nothing can be done. Except for the one on my cheek, they could cut it off for $90 but it would probably come back. So I bought some konjic acid, after a month of twice daily applications nothing has changed. I am going to try your solution and will let you know how it goes.
    Thank you again!!

  • I am going to start using this mixture this week. I have age spots on my arms and hands. My granddaughter ask me why i have so many poke a dots. I’ll letyou know how well my poke a dots fade

  • Can you use this on your face. I have one slightly dark spot. I’ve been lucky too. I’ve always had to be careful. I inherited my moms family’s fair skin. People used to give a hard time about it -I have dark hair and eyes. They definetly didn’t start emphasizing the importance of daily sunscreen until I was in my late 20s. I’m just a few years younger than Jillee.

  • Just in the knick of time! I’ve my face taken care of, but nothing else. My arms and hands are particularly troublesome. Now, I know what to do about them without speding a fortune at the dermatologist’s office.

    Thank you so very much, Jillee!

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