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The One Simple Cleaner That Made Our Used Boat Look New

Cleaning Our Boat With OxiClean

This post is sponsored by the maker of OxiClean™. As always, all ideas and opinions are entirely my own. The OxiClean™ brand provided free product for this post.

It’s been an exciting summer at our house! My husband Dave, who practically grew up on the lakes of Minnesota, has been dreaming of a boat of his own for years. A few months ago we finally made that dream come true! After much online searching, he ended up finding the fishing boat of his dreams (that also fit our budget) in his home state of Minnesota and made the 2,500-mile round-trip trek to fetch it.

After that long drive, the boat was a bit worse for the wear in terms of cleanliness. And since it’s a used boat, the carpet also needed some tender-loving care. Enter Oxi-Clean™.

I had been contacted by the maker of OxiClean™ about a possible collaboration, and when they heard about the recent purchase of our “new-to-us” boat, they were excited about the opportunity to get involved. We made a plan to collaborate and use OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover to make our boat really shine! The kind folks at OxiClean™ were SO excited that they even sent a video crew from CafeMedia out to our home to document the process!

Cleaning Our Boat With OxiClean

With the help of our 3 boys (technically they’re all MEN, but they’ll always be boys to us!), Dave and I braved temperatures in the 90’s to tackle the boat restoration project. It was a lot of work but doing it as a team made it a lot of fun too…and the results were more than worth it!

Cleaning Our Boat With OxiClean

I’d never given much thought to using OxiClean™ for anything beyond my laundry, but I was excited to discover how many other uses it has. We used it to give the carpet in our boat a thorough cleaning and it now looks practically brand new! I was beyond excited, because bringing “well-loved” items back to their former glory is one of my favorite things to do. :-)

Cleaning Our Boat With OxiClean

Watch The Video

Check out the video below that CafeMedia Studios put together, and see how we took our “new-to-us” boat from shabby to ship-shape! To see more stories like mine, or for more information, visit OxiClean.com

YouTube video

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  • I am a bachelor, no kids, no plants, no pets….somehow I keep my stuff so clean there is almost never any use for cleaners……even my furnace/air conditioner filter is clean after 4 months. I use a little vinegar and cleanser, from time to time.
    I like if I have to use a cleaner, like bleach on toilets…….shows me what other people are doing.

  • Another great product to clean with is “Whipit”. I added Whipit to a bucket of water, and used a Mr.Clean eraser. With little effort I got our white boat cushions spotless. Whipit is a natural cleaning product I use for all my cleaning chores. Try it!

  • Jill I am so happy you got your very own boat. We are boat owners as well, so we are so glad to have you join the club. Could I please ask what the proportions were of Oxy to water when you did the carpet and for that matter, the outside of the boat. I know they are on the carton but I wasn’t sure if you used that or if you had to make it more heavy duty for the carpet.

    Thank you so very much for all your tips for us. I get a lot of emails a day but I always stop and read yours.

  • Jillie,

    I have been following your blog for many years and love it! I have also been using OxyClean for many years and love it! However, I must take you to task about one thing…not one of you in the boat is wearing a PFD/life jacket! Even if you are all champion swimmers, in an accident situation it would likely make the difference between survival and drowning!!!

    Big hugs,
    Marianne (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

      • Hmmmm, not necessarily a good argument. If you’re already thrown in the water, how easy will it be to put it on then? I was on a boat ride with friends years ago. The driver didn’t see a tree under water. Resulted in quite the shakeup! Better safe than sorry still makes the most sense to me!

  • Wow! I’m impressed at how well it cleaned the carpet. Those stains looked pretty ground in. I don’t have a boat, but I will have to give this a try on the mats in the car.

  • About 15 years ago we had just moved into a new school, very thing was NEW white boards, desks, bulletin boards and wall to wall carpeting. It was lovely. On my second day at school, I had just put my full coffee cup on the edge of my desk when someone called my name. As I turned,(you guessed it) I knocked over that full cup of coffee. The new rug was badly stained. After school, I went to the store and I bought this new product Oxiclean. It worked wonders on the carpet new school, and a new clean rug.

  • I am rather impressed by your video. I would not have given any credence to the product otherwise. Most large companies are liars, in our opinion. Hence your review made a difference.did you out use it on the fiberglass as well?

  • Congratulations on your new boat. Exciting times ahead. We also just purchased a boat and wanting to keep it clean is something I strive for so I’ll be keeping this in the back of my mind.

    I have an off topic question but one that I think you could help me with. I recently had a paper plate catch fire in my microwave oven. oppppsss…while no damage wass done it definitely has a smell of burning embers when I use it. Any thoughts on how to get rid of that smell? Your input is greatly appreciated.

    • Soak a kitchen sponge in equal parts water and white vinegar. Microwave the sponge for about 1 minute, and then leave it in the microwave to cool for a few minutes. Then, just wipe down the microwave. Vinegar is a great odor eliminator! :-)

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve only been following you a few months but I’ve already used several of your GREAT cleaning idea/methods.

  • I’m happy for Dave! It really feels good to finally attain a long awaited dream.

    Oxi Clean is a good product. I’ve usually had a bottle in the house for the bathroom. However, I Really love your homemade items too! I hope you still continue to share your amazing and inventive creations!!!

    • Maria, how do you use OxyClean in the bathroom? I have it for laundry and would love to branch out with it. (Will definitely try on my carpet stains.)

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