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Fun & Family-Friendly April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas!

April Fools Day Tricks

I’m not normally one to play pranks on people…I always end up feeling bad about it. :-) But April Fools’ Day is the exception, at least when it comes to pulling harmless pranks on my family. I love setting up silly surprises and serving mysterious meals that have the family cracking up and/or scratching their heads.

Here are 8 fun ideas for the whole family to get in on this year!

April Fools Day Tricks

Start the day by serving up some “ostrich eggs” for breakfast. This is actually some yogurt spread on plate with a canned peach half on top! Prepare for puzzlement!

April Fools Day Tricks

The night before, fill a bowl halfway with cereal and milk. Freeze it overnight and in the morning, add a little more cereal and milk. Watching your kids (or spouse) bang their spoon on the frozen part in confusion is priceless!

April Fools Day Tricks

Place adhesive googly eyes on everything in the fridge. Your kids will be in for a surprise when they grab the juice in the morning!

April Fools Day Tricks

Take a bar of soap, and paint its entire surface with clear nail polish. When someone tries to use the bar of soap, it won’t lather because the soap has been sealed in! Good clean fun. ;-)

April Fools Day Tricks

Surprise friends and/or family without soaking anything in water or smashing someone’s face. Stick a party popper or two onto the top of a door and tape the string to door frame. When someone opens the door, they’ll be startled by the loud noise and burst of confetti! Testing this out was so much fun!

April Fools Day Tricks

I love this one! It’s easy, creative, inexpensive, and gets a HUGE reaction! Create fake spilt milk with a bit of liquid school glue. Just take a sheet of tin foil, pour the glue onto the foil, and let it dry – at least overnight. The glue will dry and peel right off the foil, leaving you with a fake spill! Place it on someone’s favorite piece of furniture, clothing, or on the computer for a big scare!

April Fools Day Tricks

No oven required to bake up this April Fools’ trick. Announce that you made “brown E’s”, and send someone to go get them from the kitchen. You may have a “hangry” mob on your hands once your prank is revealed, so you might want to have some back up brownies to soothe the sting! ;-)

April Fools Day Tricks

For dinner, try meatloaf cupcakes frosted with mashed potatoes! You can pipe the mashed potatoes and serve them in a cupcake liner to make them look extra cupcake-y.

There are LOTS of other ideas out there, but I especially love these because they are simple, cheap, surprising, and harmless. Happy pranking!

What do you do on April Fools’ Day?

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  • I don’t do pranks…I hate them played on me so I don’t play them on anyone….
    Some go to far with these…..

    The Brownie E’s was a cute idea…..and the switching cereal bags was cute too…..

  • Loved these! I’m inspired to be funny with family and friends this year . . .
    In Britain they take April Fools jokes very seriously. Back in 1957 the BBC produced a short documentary report on the spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland, and showed a family picking their crop from trees. People phoned up and asked how to cultivate their own tree and were told to put a stick of spaghetti in a can of tomato sauce and hope for the best! Another hoax by a respectable national newspaper in 1977 involved a 7-page insert about the tiny island nation of San Serriffe, set in the Indian Ocean. They invented its history, culture, economy and geography (its two islands were shaped like a semicolons), and most of the names of people and places were based of printers’ terminology. Major advertisers like Kodak placed hoax ads: “We’d love to see your photographs of San Serriffe.” People even contacted travel agents to book vacations!

  • My favorite is switching the cereal bags inside the boxes. They’re always startled when they go to pour Cheerios and Rice Krispies comes out instead.

  • My birthday is April fools day. The best prank was when I worked at EDS CORP. I parked my Firebird in the parkinng garage EVERYDAY. After work I entered the garage and NO CAR. I went and told security crying. We drove through the parking lot & no car. 2ND EDS Bld lot was my car. He hugged me & said Your assistant gave us your keys & said Happy Birthday.

  • Ha ha…googly eyes and brown E’s are a scream! The brown E’s will appear at a meeting after Easter when my co-workers are looking forward to a treat. They could be handed out as “brownie points” or mailed in a card. Reminds me of a beekeeper who would have sponge letter B’s in his fist to hand a “bee” to someone.

  • I took a friend a birthday cake… I h a d missed her birthday the week before…

    It really was a small box frosted with icing & decorations. It was comical when they went to cut the cake, and since my friend isn’t into sweets, no cake wasn’t a big loss!

  • I did the Brown E’s to a friend on Friday!! My husband made the real thing, but we put parchment paper over the real brownies and then put the brown E’s in the top of the pan!! What a hoot!! Best April Fool’s joke I’ve pulled in a long time!! Even got a photo of our friend with a frown on his face and holding a brown E in his hand!! Love it! Thanks for the idea!!

  • Taking a cue, I served hummingbird eggs: 1/2 tsp yogurt with a kernel of canned corn in the center. Three plates with a hummingbird egg in the center is hilarious.

  • My co-worker took the inner cardboard liner from a roll of toilet paper, added water and mushed it up and formed it to look like – poop. She then left several around the toilet stalls. It was so funny to hear people complaining about how nasty the women’s bathroom was. She ran back and scooped up the evidence before she got in trouble!

  • I made a meatloaf cake with mashed potato icing one year – followed by Nilla Wafers burgers for dessert – my grown kids still talk about that! I like the googly eyes – I wonder if my dh would even notice if I put them on the cream for his coffee???

  • I just love you, Jillee!!! You make life so much more fun. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with all of us.
    (By the way, this is a sincere comment – not an April Fool’s Day joke – tee hee.)

  • These look like a lot of fun. Unfortunately we are traveling on spring break so these will be hard to do but maybe next year. Always like to have a few tricks for my boys… :)

  • These are funny and harmless. One year my Mom pranked my Sister . When she made her lunch for school she put fake lettuce and a fake tomato on her sandwich. They fake food was from an old kitchen play set. My sis didn’t know about it until she went to get her sandwich out. We later pulled the same prank on my Dad at dinner time. My Mom had it all ready for my Dad on a plate. It was all we could do to keep a straight face.

  • I am not a fan of April Fools day- my ex one year called me at work and told me he had been in a car accident. I did not laugh when he said “April Fools”. But these are cute. I especially like the googly eyes in th fridge!

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