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Here Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

The best way to prevent ingrown hairs is to shave correctly with a good shaving cream, and use a post waxing and shaving serum.

These Are The Best Ways To Deal With Ingrown Hairs

In recent years, I’ve received quite a few emails and messages from readers asking me to share some of the best ways to deal with ingrown hairs. But having never actually experienced ingrown hairs myself, I wasn’t sure I was the right person for the job!

Lucky for us (and somewhat unlucky for her), my daughter Britta has experience with ingrown hairs, and she was willing to share her expertise with me so that I could pass the info onto you!

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs, as their name suggests, are hairs that are wholly or partially trapped under the surface of the skin, and typically appear as a painful, red bump. There are a couple of different ways that ingrown hairs can form.

The first is when the hair curls or bends towards the skin and gets trapped, which often happens with both coarse and curly hair. The second way ingrown hairs can form is due to clogged pores — body oil, dirt, and dead skin can clog up the hair follicle and force the hair to grow sideways, rather than straight up and out.

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Having coarse or curly hair, or oily skin can make you tend to have ingrown hairs.

People like Britta who have coarse or curly hair and oily skin are doubly prone to getting ingrown hairs. But on the bright side, there are a few easy ways to either get rid of ingrown hairs or even prevent them from forming in the first place, which Britta picked up from a “wise and generous esthetician during a waxing appointment”.

An exfoliating glove is a great first step to preventing ingrown hairs.

2 Important Tips For Preventing Ingrown Hairs

1. Exfoliate To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

The first thing Britta’s esthetician emphasized was the importance of exfoliation. She handed me an exfoliating shower glove and told me, “This is your new best friend!” Exfoliating your skin after any sort of hair removal, with an exfoliating shower glove or other manual exfoliator, will help prevent oil, dead skin, and other gunk from clogging up your hair follicles.

After waxing or shaving, keep an exfoliating glove or cloth in your shower, and use it regularly to exfoliate the area. Use small, circular motions and gentle pressure to avoid irritating the skin.

Good shaving practices will help prevent ingrown hairs.

2. Use Good Shaving Practices

Another way to prevent ingrown hairs is by using good shaving practices, including the following:

These shaving tips will help minimize skin irritation and prevent the formation of ingrown hairs.

PFB is a game changer when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

The final piece of game-changing advice Britta received from that esthetician was to use a product called PFB Vanish. This roll-on gel contains both soothing and exfoliating ingredients, and is great for soothing red bumps and minimizing irritation after shaving or waxing.

When used as directed, PFB Vanish is one of the best ways to get rid of ingrown hairs that have already formed. It speeds up cell turnover, causing ingrown hairs to surface and heal more quickly than they would otherwise — often within a day or two! (The exfoliating acids in PFB Vanish can sting a bit when you’re applying it, but the sensation is brief and the results are more than worth it!)

Not only does Britta swear by this product, but she even got her husband on board too. (His neck tends to get itchy and irritated a few days after he shaves, but apparently PFB Vanish helps a lot with that too!)

The Takeaway

We may not be able to change the characteristics of our hair and skin, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with painful ingrown hairs! If you struggle with ingrown hairs, I highly recommend using the advice in this post — I’m certain you’ll find it just as helpful as Britta has!

Do you struggle with ingrown hairs?

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  • I must say, ” thank you God that I don’t have this problem”. However, I have a few family and friends that deals with this problem. I will inform them about your fabulous tips. You so rock!

  • Why do American women shave so much? That’s a recipe for quick hair regrowth, ingrown hairs, and skin cuts. Here we depilate (either with an electric epilator – that’s how I do it – or with wax, cold or hot) and we have much less problems. So I’d say – stop shaving, start epilating.

  • Hi,
    I just read this article and it has some really good points but I also as one of the other ladies said shave in the opposite direction as the OP mentioned…going against the hair growth, I tend to use dove sensitive skin soap to shave with and then follow up with a cotton ball moistened with “Witch hazel” afterwards to fight off the itch. But I’ve tried to use multi blade razors and shave gel but I still get the dreaded red bumps, followed by the ingrown hairs :(

    I would love to use the recommended PFB Vanish but I have really sensitive skin to harsh chemicals especially in the bikini line area :( So I found a product on Amazon called: Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula 4 Oz for Women & Men for sensitive skin. But I was wondering if anyone has used it or even heard of it since its a natural plant based formula with a few natural ingredients? Any additional suggestions are definitely welcomed!

    • Natalie, I also have sensitive skin, prone to eczema and rashes. It sounds crazy, but I had to stop using soaps, shaving creams and fancy gels like the one posted altogether. The trick, like this post says, is the exfoliation. I use my warm shower water and a Norwex (high quality microfiber) body cloth to exfoliate gently. Then I use a sharp razor (had to quit using the same one too long or cheap ones to save money) and shave against the grain. Afterwards I use a fragrance free, dye free, sensitive-skin moisturizer. Smooth legs and no more bumps or itchiness, even with my coarse black leg hair.

    • You may have a look at this site (dr Mercola is just amazing and gives LOTs of info. e g
      Folliculitis: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention – Dr. Mercola
      “”””The easiest way to set acne apart from folliculitis is the latter has a hair right in the … seen in cases where a deeper part of the hair follicle becomes infected.””
      Personally i would also try massaging the scalp with a really good hair tonic with herbs?. Who knows? Also a treatment with the Spa Galvanic from Nu Skin will positively influence it all. Sure somone in your region has a Spa.

    • Hi Beth! Getting ingrown hairs on your scalp is quite rare, since they are usually caused by shaving – what a bummer! To treat them, you could try a few different options. A warm compress (a clean cloth soaked in warm water) laid on your scalp for ten minutes or so will help open up the hair follicle. This will help to prevent ingrown hairs.

      When you have an ingrown hair that’s bothering you, you can mix some baking soda and coconut oil – just enough to make a nice paste. Use the paste to exfoliate any ingrown hairs and then take a shower to clean off the scrub.

      Tea Tree oil is also great for treating ingrown hairs. You could add a drop or two to your bottle of shampoo. Good luck Beth!

  • Mariele sounds like me. I only use. 2 blade razor by Daisy. I’ve tried the ones with my blades, but it’s easier to cut myself. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had one. I do occasionally get a red bumpy rash on my bikini line area in the Summer. I have thick hair and have always had lots of body hair thanks to my Dad. I also have to shave my whole arm. I have dark hair which until I started shaving, really showed up on my skin.

  • My number one remedy against ingrown hairs is loose-fitting clothing, in particular pants. In summer that’s no problem but all other times I rarely wear skinny jeans now, for the sake of my skin (and hair).

  • Ugh, I hate to say it, but these tips always GAVE me ingrown hairs or cuts. :( My hair must be weird. When I tried getting a good 3 blade razor instead of the cheap 2 blade ones, I had so many cuts on my legs I looked like I had run through barbed wire! I even tried the ones with a built in gel, same thing. When I shave with the direction of the hair, I don’t get a close shave and I still have black stubble all over my legs. It made me so frustrated that I wouldn’t even go out in anything that showed off my legs at all, even in the summer, and I couldn’t figure out why I could never look like all the other girls my age with their perfect, smooth legs!
    The only way I’ve found to keep myself from getting ingrown hairs is to
    1. shave with a cheap 2 blade razor, I like BIC’s mens razors, I’ve never once had a cut from them
    2. shave against the direction of the hair growth, pulling the skin taut
    3. shave dry, after drying off from the shower and regularly tapping my razor against the side of the garbage to get rid of the dead skin and hair that clog up the razor
    4. put on body lotion immediately afterwards
    5. quickly shave the same area everyday to help keep the area exfoliated

    After doing all these things I have no black stubble, completely smooth legs, no cuts, and no ingrown hairs. So if the traditional advice never worked for you, maybe try these things?

  • thank you, Britta, for sharing your experience and solution, PFB Vanish.
    I’m 3 times as old as you and continue to have problems with ingrown hairs.
    With your recommendation, I’ll give PFB Vanish a try.

  • >