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Holiday Shipping Tips

It’s scary how the dates on the calendar just keep creeping closer and closer to Christmas in such a relentless fashion! I can’t seem to keep up! But one thing I’m NOT stressing about this year is my Christmas cards. Thanks to OfficeMax Impress Print Center, I created, ordered and received my cards in record time and am close to finishing up addressing them.

I realize Christmas isn’t for two more weeks, but I was a little concerned about shipping and mailing dates….so I decided to look them up for all of us. :-)

Here they are straight from the United States Post Office website:

Holiday Shipping and Mailing Dates for Domestic Mail

Make sure you know the recommended dates if you’re hoping your gifts will arrive by December 25.

  • First-Class Mail® Service  –  Deadline is Dec. 20
  • Priority Mail® Service  –  Deadline Dec. 21
  • Express Mail® Service*  –  Deadline Dec. 22
  • Parcel Post® Service  –  Deadline Dec. 14

So never fear…you’ve still got time to order, address and send your cards!

OfficeMax ImPress features more than 200 card designs that you can personalize with family photos, or whatever photos you choose! Simply select a card design, upload a photo and add a personal message.
Here’s just a few of the cute designs available.

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Bright Ideas

  • We used to hang ours off the ceiling. Just tape them to the small ledge that hangs down between rooms.

    I think a great idea would be to tape a piece of fishing line to them and tape that to the ceiling, using different lengths so that you could look at the cards and they’d create a ‘floating’ display. Would look awesome over a dining room table.

  • This year I saw this neat idea on Pinterest. You wrap strips of yarn around a door and hang the cards on the yarn with clothes pins. It’s working great!

  • In years past, I’ve put them in a pretty silver basket my sister-in-law gave me, but this year is different – we’re going back to my childhood roots! I found some miniature clothespins, which my daughter and I dyed red and green (using salt to keep the dye set!), and I’ve braidded some embroidery floss in white, red and green to create a Christmas Card Clothesline – we’ve even put rhinestones on top of pushpins to hold our “clothesline” in place in fashion! We have the perfect place – the Double pocket doors going from the living room into the Parlor where the tree will go – it’s really quite festive!
    Now, if we’d only get some cards!

  • I’ve seen an idea where you take a frame, remove the glass and back and put strips of ribbon across (from behind). Then cards hang over the ribbon. I’d like to do that. At my home, I have a little card tree with clips.

  • I have a wire Christmas tree that is made to slip cards in to it’s branches.
    It also has a basket at the bottom to hold cards that don’t fit in the branches.
    I usually only hang the cards with family pictures and put the others in the
    THis hangs on the wall in our dining room.
    I think I found it at Costco.

  • We don’t do anything fancy with our christmas cards; we just tape them to the wall. However, AFTER christmas we take them down, cut off the back, and carefully lay them face down on a 18 inch by 24 in piece of clear contact paper, making a neat christmas collage. Then I cover them with another sheet of contact paper, and tada! we have a christmas placemat. I don’t think I described that well, but hopefully you get the idea?

  • I hang them on the back of our front door. Normally we run out of space, and I hang them on the walls on each side of the door. My kids love seeing all of the photo cards, so I make sure I hang them at their height.

  • We get so many that it doesn’t work for us to “display” them like I’ve seen on several blogs – with strings/clothespins, wall Christmas trees, etc. I end up putting all of ours in a big ol’ bowl and leaving it where anyone can read them.

  • I’ve made a quilted wallhanging with tiny little clothespins that hang all of our cards. I love to put it up each year. The clothespins are available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns, etc.

  • I hang ribbons on the kitchen cupboards, and then I can tape or staple the cards to those. They bring Christmas cheer into the room where we spend a lot of time cooking and singing as a family, and brighten a room that doesn’t otherwise get decorated.

  • I take our Christmas cards and put a paper punch in the upper left hand corner and a decorative string or ribbon through them and then add them as a garland around the Christmas tree! You can keep adding as you get more, and by puttng the paper punch in the upper left hand corner people can look at the cards while they are on your tree. After Christmas I reuse the cards by cutting off the fronts of the cards (if they are non-photo cards) and then use them to cut into gift tags for presents for Christmas the next year! Free and easy!

  • Since I spend most of my day at my desk on my computer, I want to have the greeting cards I receive where I can see and enjoy them. My desk faces a window, so I put them up around the window frame. I also scan and save them in my computer so that I can use them as desktop backgrounds and screen savers. Best wishes for a joyous holiday to all!

  • This is my first Christmas in my own household, so I really don’t know yet. But my parents always stuck them on the wall above and surrounding the dining room archway, which was a bit scattered-looking but extremely cheerful. They let us kids stick up all the new ones each day! We loved those tape loops!

  • Ill hold off until tomorrow to make ours then – planned in it today but I can hold off one more ;)

    The last 2 years I’ve tied a piece I festive ribbon that matches my decor the entire way around the wrest on either side of the front door. Then used cute clips to secure the cards from top to bottom on each ribbon on the inside of the house. It gets a lot of compliments!

  • I take a long piece of bulky red yarn and punch a hole in the corner of each card. I string them on the yarn and hang it from my mantle. In years past I’d have so many cards that I could hang the string around my entire double door frame. Either looks pretty and festive.

  • For years we would display them on the mantle but they had a tendancy to fall over at the slightest whim, so more recently, I have begun hanging them with clothespins on a “clothesline” made of garland on a wall or two that need decorating. Doing the same thing with my kids’ past and current Christmas art work. Makes for a festive area.

  • We tape them around the archway leading from the kitchen to the living room. It gives me warm fuzzies to be able to glance at all the warm-wishes from family friends while working in the kitchen :)

  • I made a Christmas garland with ornaments and clothespin that I have hanging in the divide between my kitchen and dining room. I also have a couple of card holders on the wall in the living room.

  • We put them on display at the entrance. I either frame them with frames I have or stick them to something to hold them up. We usually get picture cards.


  • I typically tape them down the sides of my bookshelf, but this year I took an old frame and glued a few rows of ribbon. I’ve been hanging the cards with festive clothes pins!

  • Great tips (specifically the list from Ramsey)! We generally follow most of these but the holidays still get overwhelming financially & emotionally (family dynamics) even without kids. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are just too close together! As a semi-newly married couple just out of grad school and without steady jobs, it’d be great if those around us communicated better that they understood our financial situation to relieve obligation/guilt..learning to hold our ground. This year, we’ll probably go the newsletter route, no cards.

  • I found a grapevine wreath and hot glued clothes pins to it, so when I get a christmas card or really any kind of card all I have to do is put it in the clothes pin! Works really good and looks so cute as it fills up.

  • I tape them on the wall in the shape of a wreath and just overlap them into a circle and fill in wider and fuller as I receive more cards. I sure don’t get as many as I used to, but the ones I do get are wonderful.

  • We have a big wall in the kitchen with mainly our big calendar on it that we hang cards on. It’s the pathway from our living room to family room, so we use some blue putty stuff to hang them up and love seeing the wall FILL up!

  • I purchased some clear tablecloth material from the fabric store, placed on my tables (over Christmas color tablecloths) and arrange cards underneath the clear material for all to view while dining. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • We use clothespins to clip the cards to a length of wide ribbon that is tacked up on our bulletin board. My mom puts her ribbon on her fridge with magnets.

  • We have two places to display cards—one of the wire wrapped holders in shape of Santa that have the circle clip on the wires; and also a folding decorative hanger that hangs flat on the wall for the larger ones—these can both be re-used every year.

    Never manage to do the “formal”
    pics–always do pics of grand kids and sometimes even manage to send them in December! Well—doesn’t everyone NEED a smile in JANUARY!!!!!

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