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How to Make Pretty Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

If I went back and counted how many craft posts I have done since the beginning of this blog I’m afraid the number would be rather dismal. But out of the relatively few crafts I HAVE done…I’d venture to say the majority would involve some sort of PAPER. I’ve never met a paper craft I didn’t like, and I must be rubbing off on Britta because today’s post was all her doing! I can’t believe how CUTE these flowers turned out! I’m actually a little jealous that *I* didn’t make them! ;-)  Not really, now that Britta has perfected the process I plan on making many more! I’m envisioning a beautiful garland! Can’t you just see it???

Britta writes:

I’m not a terribly crafty person, so when I took on the task of creating flowers out of paper for today’s post, I was nervous. I was sure that I was going to mess it up, and that I wouldn’t end up with anything even remotely resembling a flower. Fortunately, however, the process ended up being really easy, and the finished product looked lovely! If I can make these paper flowers, I promise that you can too!

The supplies you’ll need to make these paper flowers are double-sided scrapbook paper, some scissors, and a hot glue gun.

A few notes:

  • If you already have some single-sided scrapbook paper, feel free to use that, but I really like the effect of having color on both sides of the petal.
  • If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can use any type of glue you have. I would just recommend using a fast-drying glue, otherwise you’ll be holding your petals in place all day waiting for the glue to dry. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Paper Flowers

First, take your double-sided scrapbook paper and cut it into several 2″ by 2″ pieces. I did try this process using 3″ by 3″ squares, but you end up needing to use a LOT of them in order to achieve a “full” looking flower, so I would stick with 2″ by 2″ for your first attempt. :-)


Take a few of the squares at a time and fold them in half. Cut the papers into a petal shape along the open edge (not the folded edge!)

Paper Flowers

I chose to crumple and unfold each of my “petals” to give them more texture and character, but this step is optional.

Paper Flowers

Roll your first petal fairly tightly, to about the diameter of a pencil. Put a bit of hot glue on the corner to secure it to itself.

Paper Flowers

Add your next petal by rolling it around the first one, leaving some space in between. I found the easiest way to do this was to glue one end down first, then wrap it around and figure out where you want to place the other end. Once you like how it looks, then glue the second end down.

Paper Flowers

Continue to place and glue more petals. Try to stagger your placement of the petals so that they aren’t all facing each other. Keep adding petals until you reach your desired “fullness,” then you’re done!

How easy is that? Seriously, the hardest part about making these paper flowers is avoiding hot glue burns (which we all know is an impossible task anyway.)

Paper Flowers

These paper flowers would look great as part of a spring-themed centerpiece for your table, or even strung together in a garland!

How would you use these cute paper flowers??

Paper Flowers

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  • I like the idea of turning them into a garland and I also had a thought that it’d be awesome to make some broad strokes all one color with watercolor on nice watercolor paper and use that for the petals :)

  • There are so many pretty markers out there these days, I would suggest coloring your own paper. Then you could take care of those white edges. Yes, I am a perfectionist and a crafter, makes life hard, lol. I also have seen the price of scrapbook paper and think I could color some white paper cheaper. Being a cheapskate and a perfectionist makes me have to be really creative!

  • Love them, hope to make a garland for my office to use on peoples doors on their birthdays! great way to use some of my excess scrapbook paper!

  • These look like they’ll be the perfect size to stuff into a “wreath cage” form I bought at a garage sale. The form is gorgeously accented with gold glitter and I have been struggling to decide how to incorporate into my DIY decor… This is worth giving a go… Now to making a 100 of these so that I can avoid frustration and unfinished projects ;) Won’t it be pretty adorning a front door for Spring? If I’m smart, I’ll find a way to make it work for summer as well! Haha!

    • One hour later, I’ve made my first rose. Oh boy… Hopefully this process will take less time as i get more comfortable with it ;) Of course, I’ll have to make my second rose and start timing once I begin gluing… Then I’ll know if the wreath is possible of not :D

  • For a blogger who doesn’t do crafts much, you came up with a winner. They’re gorgeous. Maybe you should do more crafts. I’m itching to make a new wreath for the door. These would look great. Do I have to do taxes, finish the laundry, cook dinner, and write thank yous, or can I just sit and craft all day? These look like so much fun to make.

  • I really like those. They are vey pretty. I will try to attempt to make them. I would get a pretty clear or crystal vase to display them in or make a spring wreath.

  • These look fabulous! I am guessing you used regular weight paper and not card stock. I think I’ll try them with the crepe paper and floral tape I have floating around. Old sheet music gives cheap double sided paper.
    They seem like a great alternative to a bow on gifts.
    Thanks for the idea!

  • Wow! These not only look pretty but would also give that ‘delicacy’ feel to any occasion without spending a fortune :) Great way .. Thanks Jillee

  • I think I will try these in a much smaller size – I have a small doll collection, and they would love a bouquet of pretty flowers. Or the paper flowers could decorate a pretty Spring hat for one of them!

  • These are so pretty. Now if I can get these turn out right being a
    Craft challenged person too sometimes. I think these would be
    Very pretty in a vase in our kitchen. Just to liven things
    Up. Also, my mother and sister both work with the teenage
    Girls from our church. This looks like something they’d have
    A blast doing.

  • Simple, fun and beautiful. I’m looking forward to making these. And just to say, it was a google search of soapmaking that led me to your blog. I’ve fallen in love with that craft, and still use your recipe when I want a good quick curing soap.

  • So pretty!

    I see a lot of people using these for simple weddings nowadays to make beautiful bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. Super cute!

  • So pretty! I was just looking for something to put on my bathroom counter- I think I will make these and put them in a pretty bowl…maybe make some green leaves to scatter in as well. I love that you can make these in the color to match your color scheme.

  • >