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How To Take Great Family Photos

Great family photos

I have a confession to make.  We have never had a professional family portrait taken. :-(  Yep, in the 25 years we’ve been married….not one.  I’m not proud of that fact. Especially when I see the beautiful family photos of the One Good Thing By Jillee “Team that I am going to introduce to you today. (More on that in a minute.)

BUT….I have committed to rectifying the situation this month! I have warned the kids and hubster it’s happening and now that I have told all of you…I’m hoping you will hold me to it! I’m turning over a new leaf. :-)

Anyway, the whole family photo thing got me thinking about how the holidays generally mean a whole lot of picture-taking going on!

Since I am married to a professional videographer and work with the talented ladies over at Small Fry Blog who deliver stunning images on their blog everyday…I decided to ask them to share their best advice for taking great family photos this holiday season.

From the ladies at Small Fry Blog

4 tips for shooting beautiful pictures:

1. Keep it alive. Let personalities shine, the best photos are rarely posed! Especially for children, candid is key and will capture a feeling better than any forced smile will do.

2. Get in close. Capturing detail and emotion is so much easier no matter what equipment you have when you get on your subject’s level, invade personal space if necessary! Show the freckles and the flaws, those are the things we treasure as mothers and we want to remember for years to come.

3. Now step back. Capture the scene and the feeling of a room in its entirety. This is where you’ll get those beautifully understated interactions with your loved ones, tucking hair behind your daughter’s ear, laughing at a silly antic. All great things, and so much more valuable than sitting with folded legs and arms in our laps!

4. Keep it natural. When shooting in the day, turn off overhead lighting, find a window and put your best face forward toward the light. Use that natural light, its where we all look best, and it will make your photos feel natural and inviting.

beautiful family photos

Tips from The Hubster:

1. Always try to pull your subject away from a background.  The “10 Most Wanted” pose is not flattering. The depth you can create behind them only serves to accentuate your subject.

2. Zoom in. If you have a zoom lens, stand back a few feet and zoom in to throw the background out of focus and isolate your subject from the background. More flattering to your subject.

3. Use a tripod (when possible). No human being will ever be as steady as a tripod. Outdoor in sunny conditions you might be able to get away without it….but for close-ups you will get better images using a tripod.

4. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to take several pictures of the same thing using different settings on your camera. You might be surprised what you come up with.

5. Take time to learn your camera.  To get the most out of your camera…you have to learn about it, especially if you have a DSLR. Sit down with your user guide and learn about things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and white balance. Most digital cameras offer automatic settings that do just fine, but taking the time to learn about manual settings and tweaks is well worth the time.

beautiful family photos

A few more of my favorite tips:

1. Get in closer than you think you need to. Faces are what you really want to see – so get right up there. When you think you have a great photo…take one step in!

2. Take multiple photos. Kids and babies are notorious for wiggling at the last second, so make sure you have plenty of options to choose from. You can even use the video feature on your Smartphone, then take a screen shot from the video!

3. Steady! Many people extend their arms to see the image in the camera’s viewfinder before snapping the picture. This makes it difficult to hold the camera steady. And if the zoom feature is used, shakiness is amplified. Instead, keep your arms tucked tight against your body when shooting a photo. Old-fashioned eyeball viewfinders also reduce shakiness, as it requires you to keep the camera still as it’s pressed against your face.

4. Frame your subjects off-center. Go against your natural impulse to center all your photographs. While some shots look nice centered within the frame, off-center compositions can give your photos an artistic feel.

5.  Use the element of surprise. Don’t always let your subject know you are taking a photo and wait for the perfect moment to snap a picture.

6. Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice taking photos, the easier and more intuitive it will become, and the better photos you will produce!

beautiful family photos

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  • Im not great at photography but I always love how my pictures turn out on a cloudy day. The clouds just seem to perfect the lighting and so I make sure to snap away on a cloudy day (hey that rhymes! :)

  • I already have an iPhone 5, but have the oldest point and shoot known to man. With a husband in medical school and no budget for memory making, this would be a dream come true!

  • My favorite tip has always been to use natural light whenever possible – my photographs improved tremendously after I learned that.

  • I just started subscribing via facebook and daily emails today from a Pinterest tip. My photo tip would be just like many above: Take the photos!!!!! I would love to win the iphone bc I have my daughter’s old one and her fiance carried it for the last year (after we lost her, July 2011, she was only 28, diabetic and had a 3 wheeler accident) and he is an indoor, new, house painter. Therefore, it has paint in the speakers and the microphone. He passed it to me June 1, 2012; I just resigned (Nov 26th) from my job (of 14 years) after being sick for 5 weeks and I am back in college, however it will be about 20 months before the next class begins for the program I wish to enter (I have one pre-requisite left this Spring.) I have a19 year old son that just cut his long Cherokee hair off, unexpectedly….Wish I had taken more pics while his hair was long. Happy Holidays to you all and good luck to all of you submitting entries. You really do not know who will be here the next holiday season, so take the time and enjoy all those you are blessed to have in your lives. PS Jillee, I didn’t know you could make your own powdered sugar at home in a blender either, ha! Thanks for all the good things. I always say: somedays it’s the little things! : )

  • Have a back-up memory card available and an extra battery charged.
    You never know when the next great photo is coming.

  • My best piece of advice when it comes to photographing kids would be to get them to focus on you by making them laugh to capture that beautiful smile of theirs. Asking them to look at you never works for me and I never get that natural smile that makes a picture priceless. Close ups are very important too I think, especially with good focus, it brings out the emotion and leaves out unnecessary detail in the background.

  • Jillee~I follow you on FB~Your daily e-mails~and Pinterest.
    I would do Twitter~but honestly,don’t know how to do that;-(
    The camera would be nice to win~then can I do Instagram?:-)

  • My favorite photography tip is to get a good lens… I just got a new 50mm, which is great for portrait shots. I am loving it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • ohhh, I love taking pictures!! I have been following you on twitter and fb for a long time now! My tips: Take extra pictures, keep the camera very still….take natural pictures, people in action…not posed. Thank you for the contest. Merry Christmas!!

  • my favorite time to take pictures is when the sun is starting to set and the lighting is gorgeous. I love taking pictures of the kiddies playing and just being themselves. as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words!

  • I’ve found that the best shots are candid shots! Nothing can be better than to look back on the fun faces and great places taking photos can be!

  • My best advice is to use as much natural light as possible, and take lots of photos. When I don’t do that I find myself saying, “Ewww, what is that look on my face.” or “Darnit, that shot could have been better!”

  • My favorite photography trick is to have my subject off center. I love the visual interest it instantly gives the photo.

  • I follow you on FB~Pinterest~and get your daily e-mails<3
    Hard to choose but I guess the camera.

    and Have a Merry Christmas

  • Subscribed to RSS to get emails. Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers…it would make the Merriest Christmas! (Excited to have found your blog, Pinterest, etc., I’m a new reader!)

  • I am not a ‘pro’ photographer, but my best tip is to be aware of what’s in the background. I mean, the subject is obviously important, but if you have an adorable picture with an unfortunate eyesore in the background, the picture is ruined (in my opinon). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My favorite photography tip has to by that you can never take too many pictures. I have a 5 month old daughter and I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of her. It’s my way of capturing everything about her, she’ll grow up one day. It’s my way of holding on to her infancy a while longer.

    I do monthly portraits of her. I lay a colourful blanket out on the floor, lay her down, and snap away capturing all her face expressions. They range from a big gummy grin, a little smirk, to sometimes crying. (She is beautiful even when she cries) Candid photos are amazing as well, just pull out your camera/phone and snap away. :)

    Those are a few of my tips…

  • Subscribed to E-mails from One Good Thing by Jillee. Proud to have done all I can to win one of these amazing gifts, thank you!!!

  • My advice is don’t go for or expect perfection from your kids. Let them be themselves, even if that means you can tell a little boy is wriggling in the picture.

  • My tip is to take a yearly picture of kids, in the same chair or spot in your house to see their growth. I did this every week in their first year of life and then monthly for a few years and then yearly. I plan to make a MyPublisher book with all the photos and give it to them when they get married.

  • It’s not so much a tip as it is a personal preference, but there is nothing more beautiful that a film photograph shot in natural lighting. Natural light can completely make a picture.

  • The best pictures I’ve taken of little ones are when I’m down on their level, although I did get a great one standing right over my adorable little niece with her looking up at me. I would just LOVE to win the camera, I’ve always been interested in photography, but could never afford a decent camera, cell phone pics just aren’t the same…
    I love this site, most of my pins come from here! I really like how she does the research. I don’t like to pin just anything, usually only something I myself have tried or from a site I trust. Liked on facebook and receive emails…

  • My tip, which I’m sure has already been left, is to be fun when you’re shooting. Loosen up, take candids, try new angles. I think a lot of people are so nervous trying to get that one shot, that they forget to have fun while they’re taking pictures.

  • My favorite tip is using a line (i.e. a fence, road, crop rows) that extends from the foreground to the back, to show depth in the shot. I learned this from a photography class in high school.

  • My favorite tip – its all about natural lighting! Open blinds, shoot outside, turn off the flash.

  • I already subscribe to your daily emails and truly enjoy them. And thanks to you, I am making my own homemade laundry detergent. Plus, I make the wool balls for my replacement of my dryer sheets!
    Thank you!!

  • Always make sure your finger is not in the photo! I’ve done that.
    Thank you for the chance for the giveaway. Trish L.

  • […] Fry Blog has teamed up with One Good Thing to giveaway either a Canon Rebel T3 with the Canon 50 mm fixed lens f/1.8, or the iPhone 5 (just the […]

  • Subscribe to receive daily emails from One Good Thing By Jillee. Thanks! trishden948(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Hello, my favorite tip from above is to get to know your camera. If you keep your DSLR in auto, your missing out. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I follow you with daily e-mails~pinterest~and facebook:-)
    I would know what to choose????
    Love both

  • My favorite tip for taking pictures is to say something funny before I take the picture to grab a genuine smile.

  • When photographing young children and infants indoors, do NOT use a flash! Using just good natural light, the child will photograph with more natural skin tones and will not look startled as they often do when a flash goes off.

  • I would say don’t take pictures during the brightest part of the day. Lighting is often too harsh for most cameras.

  • I always try to make sure my kids are well fed. Hungry children=unhappy children=bad pictures!

  • My best number one tip for great pictures has more to do with after the pictures. The darkroom (in the old days) was just as important as the actual shot. Lightroom, by Adobe, is far the best thing anyone can do for their pictures. Not only does it give you “darkroom” control, but it is also one heck of a photo manager. Oh yeah, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

    Runner up photo tips:

    Get low, this perspective adds to just about any image.
    Get close.
    Get the details.
    If you have a fancy DSLR, you need a 50mm lens (Canon has an awesome one for under 100 bucks)
    The best camera is the one you have with you.
    Have lots of light or a fast lens or at least get a cheap diffuser.

    Have fun and experiment!

    Mostly, have fun.

    IMPORTANT: Put the camera down or hand it off and join in on the fun. Pictures are great, but the experience is always better.

  • Wow! So many comments! Take lots and lots of pictures! The good ones can be weeded out later but you can never go back! Thanks for so many great ideas and a chance to win! Peggy

  • my tip would be: When photographing children or pets, get down to their level. The best pictures are taken when you’re nose to nose!

  • My favorite tip is: keep it natural. I tend to avoid to use the flash or electric lights. I like natural photos and these types of lights often can’t allow you to represent the reality as it is.

  • I can’t offer any photography tips, as I am very, very bad at taking pictures. My 19 yr. old son, however, takes some awesome shots. He has no training, just natural talent. He loves it and I hope he can find some direction in college to use this talent for his future. I love the photos he takes of his subjects up close. He has actually made photos of people that they have used for their portfolio. He thinks he would like to take pictures for magazines, but there is not much opportunity for that here in Alabama.

  • I think my favorite tip is about getting close to your subject. Too bad my son decides to get even closer, hahaha!

  • Thanks for those tips – moving in closer was my fav photo tip!! A new camera would help to capture the sweet grandbabies !

  • I know this sounds silly, but give a point and shoot camera to a five year old. We did this the day we were decorating the venue for my wedding. While my niece did chop off some heads in a few shots, she actually took lots of really good pictures. Five years have an interesting perspective and are low to the ground.

  • I dont have many tips, as I am still learning how to use my camera…but taking alot of pics and then picking through them for the best one seems to work alright.

  • Dont be afraid to try new angles :) a different perspective can make a photo come alive!

  • Take lots of pictures of the same subject from different perspectives and the best zoom is your feet!

  • my favorite photography tip is to get in closer than you think. You don’t need all the background business most of the time anyway! Great list by the way.

  • I like to snap shots as everyone is lining up for a posed photo–some of those candids are better than the posed ones!! I also rapidly snap multiple shots when everyone is ready :)

  • My favorite tip is to always try different angles!! it is amazing how different things look from different angles.

  • My best little piece of advice is, when snapping a photo of a child, make sure you set your camera to either Sport, or the children setting if you have it! Those kids never can bring themselves to hold perfectly still, so let your camera take that into account. It will save what might otherwise have been a blurry mess. And definitely practice with the setting to see how it works ahead of time.

  • I think I would pick???????????????????????????????????
    Wow~this is a hard choice>>>>>>>>>>>>THE CAMERA

  • My favorite photography tip is to always consider your lighting. I know there are so many more things that go into it. But bad lighting can ruin a great shot.

  • I would choose the camera if I won. My daughter dropped my point and shoot at a 4H club meeting. I haven’t gotten another because I want a really nice camera. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I would say that my favorite tip would be to take candid shots. No matter what, you can always have a memory in the moment.

  • I went to Small Fry’s blog but I can’t find where to do the entries on her blog. Can you help us?

  • Love the tips! My favorite photography tip..I take WAY more shots than I need to and delete those that just don’t work. I took hundreds of my kids this time last year…my daughter had gum (I never noticed until captured in perpetuity!) in her mouth. I ended up with 3 wonderful shots, sans gum!

  • Something that always works for me while photographing: focus your eyes on the subject you want to snap,decide whats the beauty,the uniqueness,that extra something you want to capture–before taking the camera! A certain flower,a look,the curve of a smile,a glistening drop–focus on that,eliminate too many details.
    Simplicity always wins.

  • My top two tips would be take lots and lots of shots and get more natural shots than posed ones. I think the natural ones always turn out better! My favorite ones usually end up being the interactions between the posed shots that turn into the best ones with kids anyway :). Oh and man do I need a new camera, I have my fingers crossed big time!!!!

  • I like the tip about taking one step in when you think you have a great shot. I typically will take the shot as is, but then I almost always end up cropping it a bit anyway. This will definitely save all that extra work, and it is so simple I should have already thought of it. Thank you!

  • Loving all of your GREAT tips. Big camera buff and would LOVE the canon camera. Now following @smallfry on facebook too.

  • I use burst so I can choose a good photo from many, especially with kids and pets. Also, I think what ruins a lot of photos is not paying attention to background and lighting.

  • Take more than one shot and always have extra batteries! I follow both on pinterest and Facebook!

  • The best advice I have for photography is to have your camera with you at all times. You never know what will happen during your day.

  • I would love to win the camera for my daughter. She has been asking for a DSLR camera for a couple of Christmas’ but I just can’t afford it. Maybe this year her dreams will come true! My favorite entries on your site are all the cleaning articles (I’ve tried many of them) and I now use all homemade cleaning products. What a money-saver! Thanks so much!

  • My favorite photography tip–Moms, take pictures of yourself alone and with the kids! Too many photo books have missing moms!

  • I’m learning from tips, so I’m sharing my favorite from this article: practice, practice, practice! I need to try more things instead of complaining when I don’t like what I get! Hopefully over Christmas break I’ll have time to try out some new things!

  • I like to take random shots and lots of them! Some of my favorite pictures of my granddaughter are the ones she doesn’t know I am taking!

  • Thank you for all of these great tips and for the fantastic giveaway! One of my favorite tips, especially after just doing a photo shoot with my little toddler, is be quick. Be ready for those cute little expressions because you only get a split second before they are on to something else! :)

  • Loved the tip on pulling the subject away from the background to avoid the mugshot look! Would love to win the camera!

  • My mother always use to say, “Call your camera John Wayne and Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, worked with guns…works better with cameras.” I miss my mom, but I have some great photographs of her and I always think about John Wayne too!

  • My photo tip is to have fun and don’t stop taking shots just because things aren’t going as planned! Some of the best shots are the ones that capture raw emotion, especially with children!

  • Tip: When possible, use natural light (as in, go outside). It makes all the difference in the world.

  • Never use a flash and look for lots of indirect LIGHT- outdoor shade, inside a garage with the door open, next to a big window, etc… Happy clicking! Maybe THIS is how Santa planned to get me that iPhone 5 ;)

  • Just liked Small Fry on FB. Can you tell I want this camera? Mine got stolen at my daughter’s 6th bday party! Sniff.

  • My favorite photography tip is to be NATURAL and ALWAYs have a camera handy! I ALWAYS have a camera on me since I have a 2yr old and 3 yr old and you NEVER know when the perfect picture opportunity will present itself. My favorite pictures tend to be when the kids are dirty, playing frisbee outside, tickling each other in the toy room and I take a secret picture. Nine times out of ten, my pictures (done on my crappy camera phone or with my cheap digital camera) are 1000x better than the professional pictures I get done once or twice a year.

  • Just started following you on Pinterest, too. Does anything ever actually DO the things the pin? Love pretending I will… someday!

  • I best tip to take good pictures is make sure the whole family is ready and in the right mood for pictures, whether it is professional photography or just you out in nature with the family. :-)

  • I liked all the tips like taking a bunch of photos is a given, with digital we have that luxury …my fav is the Zoom one, taking a step back so that background is less focused so the subject is clear, is great advise! I would LOVE a Canon, really enjoy taking photos with my little point and shoot but I’ve had my eye on Canon cameras for ages!! I’m already a follower on FB …but I’m off to add you to pinterest and visit Small Fry…

  • I love #4. Keep it natural. – love this tip for more than just natural light, keep it simple overall!

  • I like having subjects off-center and with stuff in the foreground, like foliage if you are outside. I also love playing with windows and archways while travelling. Windows tell a story.

  • following Small Fry on Pinterest, too
    (and I already follow you on FB and get the email alerts. . .does that count?)

  • A tip I use all the time when photographing my dogs is: Treats! Be sure and have their favorite bone or treat on hand and make sure they know you have it. They’ll perk those ears right up and always be looking at the camera!

  • My favorite/only photography tip is to take lots of pictures. When I take my girls out to get pictures in the park or the beach I always take tons of pictures that way I’m sure to get a few good ones.

  • I’m not a great photographer so I don’t have any amazing tips but the best tip I’d say for the amateur is to keep your camera out, provoking you to take more pictures. If I put my camera away in it’s case, I don’t see it for months. If I leave it on my mantle, I take pictures daily.

  • My tip for good photography is to experiment with your point of view. Lay down, climb up on something, etc. Biggest tip would be to win a great new camera!

  • When we go to family get togethers, I hand the camera to the kids. Grownups and guests let their guard down around kids, and I always end up with really unique pictures from great angles. Of course, I also get lots of pictures of people’s feet and other silly stuff, but that’s the beauty of digital photography!

  • My Photography Tip- Be spontaneous- when you try too hard, the pictures look staged, and un-natural. :-)

  • I’d love to win the camera! We broke ours a while back and have only been able to take pics with our phones. Not ideal when you have a new baby!!! :( We haven’t been able to buy a new camera yet.

  • All these tips are great. The one that I feel is most helpful for me is using a tripod so that the camera is held steady. I have a difficult time holding a camera perfectly still when taking a picture so that’s a great one. It really helps to understand lighting as well when taking pictures. Knowing the automatic filters on your camera can make a big difference is seeing that the colors come out as you “see” them.

  • My tips would be take lots of candids, play with black and white, and learn how to operate your camera manually so you can get exactly what you want. Long exposures can be fun with Christmas lights.

  • My favorite tip is shooting off-center. Some of my favorite photographs are when the subject is *not* in the center of the photo! Thanks for the other tips too!

  • Tip — Rule of thirds — with interest. . .
    Divide the picture you plan to take into thirds, across and up/down (nine smaller squares), place the focus of the photo in a square other than the center. OR when taking a beautiful landscape, place an item of interest in one of the corner boxes — something with a pop of color, or an interesting shape

  • I think that the best tip for me is to take pictures off center. It adds a lot, when I remember to do so.

  • Favorite tip: I love keeping it natural but my all time favorite is to take multiple pictures. Never fails that the only one I take is blurry. :)

  • My tip is to remember the rule of thirds. Have your subject in one of the one third sections of your composition…. and squeeze the shutter release gently to avoid camera shake.

  • Look for unusual detail shots that speak to the moment. Like a shot of the bride’s barrette, or rose petals falling on a flower girls shoes. Coupled with more standard shots, they add background to the story you’re creating.

    Use the rule of thirds, and leading lines when photographing landscapes or architecture. But, always be willing to break the rules for a great shot.

  • The best time of day to take photos is one hour before sunset. Perfect shooting conditions :)
    I’m on your Facebook fanpage: One Good Thing by Jillee (my Facebook name is Angela Michelle Taylor) and also your Pinterest page (Angela Taylor).

  • my tip would be to remember to take pictures or you end up with 1 picture from the event of dessert :)

  • ALSO…pay attention to the background! You don’t want a branch or a light sticking out of the top or side of someone’s head. We hired a PROFESSIONAL photographer for my son’s wedding, and in EVERY PICTURE the cross on the altar was sticking out of my son’s head! It looked like he had Frankenstein nobs sticking out of his neck. *sigh* Man, I’d love a DSLR camera!

  • I think the best advice was to frame off center… I love those! And also the get closer! I love the super zoomed shots!

  • Take lots of pictures even when they complain, you never know who might not be there for the next reunion, or celebration.

  • My son is a photographer and he keeps telling me to keep my camera with me all the time. Some shots will never happen again and you will never say, ” oh I wish I had my camera with me right now”.

  • I like to use the “sports action” button to take multiple photos in quick succession. It works great to take pictures of wiggly babies! AND I would love to win the Rebel camera, as I love taking pictures! (be still my heart!)

  • I follow Jillee on Facebook! When taking pictures of our 2 young grandsons, I get “in their face” and just keep snapping. I have to delete a lot, but I’ve also gotten some excellent keepers. When taking pictures of our hummingbirds, I often put my setting on “sport” and snap away! I love my little Nikon, but I would REALLY love to have a DSLR!! I hope I win … thanks for the contest! And… Merry Christmas!

  • My favorite tip is to take pictures from a different angle. When my son is coloring or reading I love to take pictures from above to really get what he is doing.

  • I love the advice of getting to know your camera. I am notorious for not reading directions. I still need to get better at this but when I have for my camera it has made my photographs tons better!

  • My fave was on how to hold your hands steady. I also liked the one about taking lots of shots since there is always someone moving or with their eyes closed.

  • I love the comment about pulling your subject away from any background…I tend to always do just the opposite.. Oops! : ) Thanks for the lesson.

  • Favorite photography tip? Always pay attention to your lighting. It can make all the difference in the world…and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when taking candid shots.

  • I have signed up on everything possible!!! :) Facebook pintrest both of your websites….I don’t go on twitter so sorry about that. Hope you’re holiday season is going well. I would choose the camera, thanks for the opportunity. God bless.

  • The best advice I ever got for photography was also the best for hunting; shoot on the exhale and your body won’t shake and mess up your aim or focus.

  • Don’t be afraid to try a different angle. Sometimes just changing it up a little makes for a great shot.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • My tip is to relax and take natural, fun pictures. These ones always turn out to be my favorite rather than the posed shots.

  • I find that if you take lots and lots of pix your subjects- family, children, friends, pets etc. get used to the camera and become more relaxed around it letting you get natural expresions and posture. I take a few shots to test light and angles and camera settings then just hold the camera while continuing a conversation or activity. Taking pix now and then non chalantly till I see my subject relax and disregaurd the camera. That is when I start to get the shots I was hoping for. P.s. It doesn’t work on every one:)

  • The best photography tip I have is to find a friend who takes amazing pics and actually have them walk you through how to adjust settings. I’m a hands on learner and finding someone who would take the time to teach me was the one thing that worked for me the best.

  • My favorite way to get a good picture is to try an interesting angle. It can change a shot completely.