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Get To Know These 6 Remarkable Women Who Inspire Me

A collage of products from women-owned businesses.

The purpose of International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8, is to celebrate women’s achievements in all arenas, from politics to culture and everywhere in between. The theme of this year’s event, “Inspire Inclusion,” encourages us to connect with and empower other women in our lives, and the purpose of this post is to do just that!

In this post, I’ll be highlighting six incredible women entrepreneurs and the businesses they’ve built. Not only do I believe you’ll love their businesses and products, but I think you’ll find their stories as inspiring as I do!

But before we get to that, I want to start by sharing some of my history with starting and running my own business, and how the support of other women helped me get to where I am today.

A collage of pictures of women entrepreneurs posing for pictures with Jillee.

The Origins Of One Good Thing By Jillee

When I started One Good Thing by Jillee as a creative outlet in 2011, I had no idea I would soon be building a business around it. Luckily, I had the good sense to attend several conferences and networking opportunities for women in technology and business, and the relationships I made during those early years were invaluable to me as a budding blogger. 

There is truly something magical about women working together and helping each other succeed. The positive experiences I’ve had while collaborating with other women far outnumber the negative ones, and those experiences continue to inspire me to pay it forward by helping other women navigate the challenges of starting a business or creative venture.

Jillee with various products from her shop, including Danish whisk, essential oils, and dryer balls.

Branching Out Into The By Jillee Shop

Once I’d found my feet as a blogger and business owner, I decided to plunge into another unfamiliar arena: e-commerce. Starting the By Jillee Shop was a bucket-list achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of other women, this time in the form of Next Level, an amazing online community of e-commerce business owners.

Time and again over the past 13 years, I’ve experienced and benefitted from the power of women working together to succeed as a collective. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to introduce you to six women doing incredible things as business owners and entrepreneurs! I hope you’ll consider supporting them on International Women’s Day and beyond!

6 Inspiring Women You Should Know On International Women’s Day

Jill Murphy with one of her inspirational signs.

1. Jill Murphy, Keep Going Today

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After her father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Jill Murphy spent a lot of time with him in hospitals, rehab centers, and care centers, where she saw a lot of lonely and sad people.

A woman standing in front of a door with colorful inspirational signs.

As a way to spread happiness in these spaces, Jill was inspired to start Keep Going Today, which makes inspirational posters and cards for display in doctors’ offices, hospitals, care homes, schools, orphanages, offices, and even homes. 

To women who want to start a business, Jill says, “Go for your dreams. I let mine sit still for over 5 years, so I knew it was time. You have to set deadlines. Reward yourself along the way. You deserve to be happy and in charge of your own time and schedule.”

April Keven working on a potter's wheel.

2. April Kleven, The Art Of April

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April Kleven is a devoted wife, mother of five, and the multi-passionate artist behind The Art Of April. After experiencing financial hardships growing up in a single-income household, as an adult, she has worked to supplement her own family’s income through several different business ventures.

Some of April’s clay Push Pause buttons.

April started developing holistic healing talents and stress management practices after struggling with her health. Those talents and practices inspired April to create her best-selling product: a pocket-sized ceramic “pause button” that helps its users center themselves in mindfulness. (I’ve had one of April’s “pause buttons” for a few months and love keeping it right by me while I’m working. That way, I can use it whenever I need to calm anxious thoughts or do something with my hands while I’m deep in thought.)

Of her success as an entrepreneur, April says, “I’m so thankful to have the opportunity of entrepreneurship always tucked in my back pocket like a magic ace card. [It] gives me a sense of safety, freedom, and empowerment as a woman and mother, and the satisfaction of being able to use my God-given gifts to lift, inspire, and beautify the lives of others.”

Terry Neuerburg.

3. Terri Neuerburg, Liz And Ivy

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As a mother and business owner, Terri Neuerburg understands the needs of busy women and has found her calling in curating home decor bundles that streamline the process of transforming a space. Her biggest challenge is familiar to many of us: finding the time to be a good wife, mother, and worker at the same time.

Some of Terri Neuerburg’s curated design bundles.

She uses a time-blocking method to balance her work and home life, but knowing her business helps other women manage their own busy lives makes it all worth it. “I’ve learned you can’t do everything yourself,” Terri says. “Delegating certain tasks will not only keep you sane, but it will help your business grow. Oh — and hire someone to clean your house. It is life-changing!”

Christine Stahl and her dog Finn.

4. Christine Stahl, Bark Avenue Couture

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Christine Stahl knows that being a wife and mother can make it challenging to find balance, especially for entrepreneurs. She attributes part of her success with her dog toy and accessories brand Bark Avenue Couture to the help of some very talented business owners over the years.

A golden retriever wearing a personalized bandana.
My granddog, Duncan, wearing one of Christine’s custom bandannas!

Bark Avenue Couture has given Christine a creative outlet and the ability to do the things she loves, including spoiling her sweet pup Finn. Christine says, “If you have a desire to be an entrepreneur, take that desire and go after it. Surrounding yourself with others who are willing to share their success stories is the best advice I can share.”

Jasmine Martin

5. Jasmine Martin, LAVIEDOVE

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After injuries from a severe car accident led to the loss of her job in the home care industry, Jasmine Martin resolved she would either work for herself or not at all. In 2021, she followed her passion for fashion and launched the LAVIEDOVE Boutique, offering a curated selection of clothing and accessories for women and children.

Some accessories and clothing sold by Jasmine Martin’s online shop.

Jasmine loves engaging with her customers and offering them new perspectives on style and dress. “One piece of advice I wholeheartedly offer to every woman out there is to pursue their dreams,” she says. “Every challenge becomes more manageable because you are driven by passion and purpose.”

Libby Beske holding one of her decorated cookies.

6. Libby Beske, Beske Bakes

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Libby Beske says she started Beske Bakes “by accident” through her hobby of baking and decorating cookies for her coworkers, friends, and family. After embracing life as a stay-at-home mom following the birth of her third son, Libby heard about a little girl with leukemia and decided to sell her cookies to raise money to help with the girl’s medical costs.

A collage of cookies decorated with unicorns, bunnies, and flowers created by Beske Bakes.

When orders just kept coming in, Libby’s fundraiser evolved into a business, and she now teaches classes that provide step-by-step instructions for making beautifully decorated cookies. “I think that, as women, one of the [best] things we can lean into is our empathy. Lean into what and who you feel for, and let it be the “why” that guides your business,” Libby says.

Kaitlyn, Britta, Jillee, and Brittany — the team behind One Good Thing.
Just a few of the wonderful women who work here at One Good Thing!

Final Thoughts

The technology that has enabled me and other women to find communities of like-minded people, create businesses, and form meaningful connections has been truly transformative. I encourage you to use these tools to chase whatever dream sets your soul alight, and if you ever need inspiration, simply look to the women you love and admire and let their examples light your way!

I hope you’ll join me on this International Women’s Day (and beyond!) by seeking out and supporting women-owned businesses. As women, our collective support has the power to create success and opportunities for women everywhere.

Don’t forget that all of the incredible women featured in today’s post have discount codes for you to save in their shops! Here is the full list of codes:

How will you celebrate International Women’s Day 2024?

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