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“Last Minute” Thanksgiving Tablecloth

dish towel tablecloth

They say that NECESSITY is the MOTHER OF INVENTION….well, I was in need of some SERIOUS invention intervention yesterday! I had a list a mile long of stuff to do before Thanksgiving and ONE of them was to find a tablecloth. Sounds simple enough huh? Au contraire!

I went to four different stores in search of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and came up empty-handed. I was even willing to entertain the idea of a SLIGHTLY Thanksgiving-ISH tablecloth at one point…just SOMETHING that I could pass off as a “Thanksgiving tablecloth”. But no. Nothing.

I could have bought a dozen CHRISTMAS tablecloths…but not a single Thanksgiving/Fall/Autumn to be found. As a matter of fact…there wasn’t hardly ANYTHING of a Thanksgiving nature to be found!  Come on retailers…I realize there is pressure to SELL, SELL, SELL at Christmastime….but give Thanksgiving a chance too!  You just lost out on a BIG SALE! At one point I was close to paying ANYTHING for a Thanksgiving tablecloth. Big mistake. ;-)

So here is where the NECESSITY and INVENTION come in!

While there wasn’t much to choose from in an Autumn motif, I did manage to find a few dish towels. Of course I couldn’t find enough of one kind to make a tablecloth. However, there were enough of three DIFFERENT dish towels (that were all in the same “family”) to create a “tablecloth quilt” of sorts. At this point I was desperate…so I grabbed 3 of each (for a total of 9) and brought them home PRAYING I could figure something out.

dish towel tablecloth

At about 9pm last night I finally got around to my tablecloth project. I lucked out and found a spool of yellow thread in my sewing box that actually worked quite well with the dish towels (I feared I was going to have to use white because at THIS point I was NOT going to another store!)

Unfortunately, since I was making this thing up as I went along and had NO idea if it was even going to work, I didn’t take any pictures of the process.

About the only help I can provide at this point is this little graphic I made showing the order in which I sewed the edges of the towels together. And I do literally mean I sewed the edges together. I simply butted the finished edges of the dish towels up against each other and zig-zagged them together. No seam allowances to deal with.

thanksgiving tablecloth

Since the towels were not all completely square OR the exact same size….there was a little bit of trimming involved, but, surprisingly, not much. The whole project went about as smoothly as I could have hoped for! Which I was very appreciative of…especially after the lesson in futility and frustration I had just gone through at the stores. :-)

So that is my VERY Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablecloth! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, considering how little thought went into the whole thing.  I’m thinking I might just make one DELIBERATELY (and not just out of desperation) for Christmas! I have seen SO many CUTE Christmas dish towels out there this year that would work perfectly for this. I might even take a few pictures next time. ;-)

dish towel tablecloth     
I want to wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being such an important part of my life.

I’m truly grateful for the community that you have helped me create here.

I hope it continues for a very long time to come. :-)

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  • Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.

    When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has
    some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, wonderful blog!

  • Every year Kmart has several Thanksgiving tablecloths. I have bought some the following week for half price or less to save for next year. Same with Christmas.

  • I’ve also been annoyed at the lack of fall table cloth options. This year I decide enough was enough and I went to the hardware store and bought a canvas paint tarp. A nice off white canvas color, a little rustic feeling (which I wanted for this holiday) and it stands up to anything. :) A few seasonal gourds in the middle of the table and PRESTO, instant, easy Thanksgiving table. I received lots of comments asking where I’d found such a perfect Thanksgiving table cloth!

  • Another idea you might try is to go to the fabric store like Hancock’s or JoAnn’s Fabrics where they stock lots of Thanksgiving/fall theme fabrics. The week before Thanksgiving, they are usually on sale.The width is 45 to 48 inches . Several years ago, I bought 1.5yards , hem the edges, so that I would have a square topper to go on top of a neutral color tablecloth. Then I just change the topper for each season!

  • I had the same problem – was in need of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and none to be found! Luckily I found in my closet the remnants of a cloth shower curtain that I had made a window curtain out of! I cut it in half and butted the two ends together much like you did and it worked perfectly. Too bad the stores are in such a hurry to stock Christmas stuff so early!

  • Altho not doing T Day at my house–the local Inn is VERY nice !!!! I have in the past done the sheet-as-tablecloth and even used a chocolate brown flat sheet with fall color mats or napkins as mats or runners. I also have used un-quilted antique quilt tops with solid napkins. And a nice old red-and-white check tablecloth that doesn’t quite fit my table but looks cute with the old pine ends of the table showing!

    I have also used all of these as Christmas tree skirts.

    The Inn however has their OWN tablecloths!!!!!!! LOL!


  • Happy Thanksgiving! You’re such an inspiration and I love that I don’t have to spend money I don’t have. My son just got out of the hospital with bacterial pneumonia so we’re spending the day with just the 4 of us. I’m sipping tea reading all your wonderful articles that I have missed. Such a bright spot to my day!

  • WOW! Whenever something like that comes together so beautifully for me, I never let the secret out to my guests. I let them think I stayed up nights to figure out what more I could do for them ;) You did a great job. So was it made from napkins or dish towels (the linen type or terry)? I think after use I would take them apart.
    My latest trick for easy decorating is that I buy, online & only on clearance, Vera Bradley napkins (20″ SQ). Nice & big as place mats, I think you once showed us a table runner from napkins, could do a cloth like yours with a little table padding underneath, buffet/mantle display, basket liners & of course use as napkins. I even made a purse from them. Every season there are more on sale (I paid just over $3 each). I am sure you would come up with all kinds of things. Best part they are so colorful- they can pull off multiple celebrations/seasons.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  • I love this! I think when hubby gets my dining table built, I will be making one of these. Maybe not with kitchen towels, but some fabrics. I live in a house that looks like an old farm house, and am wanting to decorate it in that style. It is a work in progress and may never be finished in our lifetime. But it does make life interesting and active to be working toward a goal. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • AWESOME! But too bad I saw it Thanksgiving morning…and nope, I’m not venturing out…However, I might be willing to search the clearance bins in a day or two and have it ready for next year. Thanks for sharing..

  • I think it’s adorable and much better looking than so many of the tablecloths out there!
    Thanks for all your great posts! Love every one of them.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • I like it. Never would have thought of butting them together. — Since I have a round table it is would not work for me. — This is the reasons that when I see a round table cloth I like I buy it.

  • I know what you went through Jillee! I, in the past, have used a solid colored flat sheet and added placemats and or towels as a runner to give it seasonal look I wanted. Happy Thanksgiving!

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