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9 Simple Tips For Great Looking Lips With Mature Skin

Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman holding a lipliner and lipstick

Lipstick Tips For Mature Skin

One unavoidable reality of aging is developing fine lines and wrinkles that weren’t there before, and they can be particularly problematic around your mouth. Those fine lines and wrinkles can make life a bit more difficult for those of us who wear lipstick, but there is hope (and hope that doesn’t require drastic action!)

Knowing how to apply lipstick on wrinkled lips (or lips with lines around them, anyway) is all about having the right tricks up your sleeve!

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Below, you’ll find 9 such tricks that can help those of us with mature skin achieve younger looking lips. Read on to learn these simple and effective lipstick tips!

9 Simple Tips For Younger Looking Lips

Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman holding a lipstick

1. Choosing Colors

For mature lips, choosing the right color can make all the difference! Neutral shades like roses and corals produce a natural-looking “flush” that is universally flattering. Another universally flattering option is to choose a nude color that is about two shades darker than your natural lip color. Find those everyday colors that work for you, and stick with them! :-)

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Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman looking into a mirror while applying lipstick

2. Find Your Finish

Lip products with matte finishes are very trendy right now, but cream finishes are often the best lipstick for wrinkled lips. Cream finishes are softer and more flattering, and it’s why I prefer them to any other finish (including frost finishes, which seem to make my lips appear dry.)

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Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman using a lipliner on her lips

3. Long-Lasting Color

If you have trouble with getting lip color to last or stay put, try this lip liner trick: Use a lip liner to fill your lips before adding a coat of lipstick or gloss in a similar color. Filling your lips with a liner acts like a lip stain, which helps the color last for hours.

Lipstick Tips For Older Women - bottle of peppermint essential oil and some DIY lip scrub

4. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is key for mature lips! Our lips lose the plumpness over time and produce fewer natural oils. Exfoliating your lips regularly can help stimulate blood flow and keep them looking soft and smooth! For my favorite lip exfoliator, check out my homemade lip scrub at the link below.

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Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman holding a small tube of lipstick remover

5. Removing Lip Color

Easily remove lip color by slathering on Vaseline (or a natural alternative like my homemade salve). Let it sit for a minute, then gently wipe the color off. Other effective options for removing lip color are makeup remover, or a product called Milani Keep It Clean Lip Color Remover (which I love!)

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Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman holding a lipstick and a lip liner

6. Save On Makeup

Makeup products are available in all kinds of price ranges, from super affordable to astronomically expensive. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good quality products! Look for “makeup dupes” online to find drugstore equivalents of your favorite expensive products, and check out my post below!

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Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman opening a tube of lip primer; woman applying lip primer to her lips

7. Lip Primer

Lip primers are becoming increasingly popular, and my daughter recently introduced me to one she found at Target. It’s called e.l.f. Lip Primer & Plumper. The primer side of the stick is a lipstick-like product you apply to your lips, and it gives you a great smooth surface for applying lip color. The coat of primer also helps your lip color last longer and stay in place!

Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman applying eye shadow primer around her lips

8. Stop Bleeding & Feathering

If you struggle with lip color “bleeding” or “feathering” into the lines around lips, or are wondering how to apply lipstick on wrinkled lips, this is a great tip to try! Apply a small amount of eyeshadow primer around your lips (not on your lips, just around the outside edges). The eyeshadow primer will help smooth out lines, and will act as a barrier to keep your lip color in place.

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Make Your Lips Look Younger - woman using a moisturizer on her lips

9. Treat Your Lips

Keeping your lips moisturized is important at any age, but it’s especially important for older women! Try a lip moisturizing product formulated for aging lips, like Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment.

Do you have any lipsticks tips you’d add to this list?

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  • I use Neutrogena, Norwegian Formula, Lips, lip balm as I have dry, sensitive skin to keep my lips moist; it is also SPF 20 so perfect for any time of year.
    It is smooth, goes on easily and works well.

  • I use Boom by Cindy. You can use it as lipstick or blush and it is perfect. I also purchased the lighter color and love that one as well. Peppermint oil will plump up your lips – if that’s what you want. At my age, less is best.

  • I use a lip liner too but I also make my own lip scrub and not buy something with chemicals in the product. I only use good ingredients and it makes a difference. It’s a simple recipe of coconut oil, coconut sugar (or either brown or white, your preference) vitamin E oil, and cinnamon oil which will help plump your lips a little. Actually, I make a lot of my face products because I gave up wearing makeup about 30 years ago and my skin has never looked better. That old adage of less is more is a good thing for me.

  • I find that a lip pencil used first to outline my lips, then I fill in my lips with the color that I want to use. Now that I am older, way older than you, Jillee, you are my younger daughter’s age, I use a lighter shade of lipstick than I used when I was young.

  • I use Sally Hanson’s lip liner (clear). It is the only thing that I find that totally stops lip “bleeding”. Trouble is they seem to have stopped making it as I can’t find it anywhere. Luckily I bought quite a few sticks and keep them in the freezer. Not looking forward to running out.

  • Yet another great post! I would add a clear lipliner – since I started using these invisible lip liners around the edges of my lips before applying lipstick, I don’t get any feathering or bleeding. The first one I found was by an Italian brand called Lord and berry, then I found one at urban decay which wasn’t even marketed properly, just called ozone – now I think more brands are making them, I find them indispensable!

  • I’m a makeup guru I just love makeup…..I have found out throughout all my years of using and trying new make up products that one doesn’t need a lip liner when using REVLON Lipsticks…they really do stain and are wonderfully amazing…just keep sqeezing your lips together until you see the thickness you require …the true pout lol….then use a lighter shade inside your line….it works ir really does.
    I truly love this idea….Cherilyn London.

  • I received a sample of Jouer Lip Enhancer in one of my subscription boxes, and now I can’t live without it. It definitely smoothed my lips, made them look less lined, and just healthier all around. Miracle product that I absolutely love! Warning though, it does taste perfumed, and takes some getting used to.

  • Wow, what wonderful tips. There are so much I did not know, but thanks to you, I know a lot more. Now I need to head to Carson or Macy’s to pick up some of the things you suggested…

  • I always put my index finger in my mouth after applying lipstick , wrap your lips around your finger as if your sucking on it, then pull out – this eliminates the dreaded lipstick on the teeth look!

  • I use Cover Girl all day long lasting lip-color in Blush (#621) which is a shade darker than my actual lip color. I put it mostly around the edges of my lips and I fill out one side on the bottom, which is thinner than the other. I use the moisturizing top coat which comes with the lipstick to make my lips hydrated, as the long lasting product is drying. It prevents any bleeding into the lines around the lips. After eating, I apply a brighter color (# 5 30) also avoiding the very inner area of my lips. I then use a much lighter color (pink) on the inner parts of my lips, tops and bottom, and it give the appearance of highlight or contouring. I then apply the top coat again and it stays on all day. If it does wear off a little (after eating, etc) I apply a regular lipstick in a similar but a bit lighter color and again, it does not bleed, because of the original coat around the edges with “Blush”.

  • I have recently started putting Vicks vapo rub on my lips at night. My lips are soft and smooth when i wake up! I know it sound icky but try it once and you’ll be hooked!

  • When I add a tsp of organic coconut oil to my morning coffee, my lips get moisturized with each sip. I also brush my lips when brushing my teeth to exfoliate. These practises and with your lipstick application tips help me.
    I absolutely adore your blogpost with such invaluable cleaning, organizing and decorating advice & suggestions. And, all the things we can do with lemons, vinegar, baking soda, etc is truly awesome! I also appreciate reading about the best ways to care for the items that we own so they last longer and stay sanitary.
    There are so many benefits to reading your post; more efficient & effective cleaning, using personally & environmentally healthy products, saving money to just name a few. I am happy to recommend your site a lot.

    Merry Christmas & All the best in 2018

  • Some where in this mailing today, you had a print out for a beginners download able on using essential oils for various conditions.
    For some reason I couldn’t get it downloaded. Now I can’t find it.


  • I have just discovered Burt’s Bees lip balm, colour Rose. I love it – it ‘lifts’ the whole face and I am using it instead of actual lipstick.

  • Great ideas. Some of us like me have naturally thin lips. I really liked the makeup,dupes column. This is just a suggestion. I think it’s time for round # 2 . Some of the products like the Lumi-stick aren’t available anymore.

  • I apply a thin coat, lightly tap it on my lips of concealer. I line my lips with lip liner. I then apply my lipstick with a brush and this makes my lipstick last all day. I also brush my lips whip when I’m done brushing my teeth. I have an Oral B electric toothbrush. This keeps my lips soft and prepares them for lipstick.

  • First, I apply a coat of Chap stick, then line my lips with lip liner. I use a shade a bit darker than my lipstick – it goes on very smooth and easy due to the Chap stick. and doesn’t look like it doesn’t match .

    Then i apply my lipstick.

    I recently changed from Chap stick to Burt’s Bees – I love the feel of it, and it has a slightly minty smell – nice for me and anyone who gets real close!

    • regular burt’s bees helped me get off my medicated chapstick & carmex addiction. I’ve tried other varieties of BB’s lip balms but they don’t hold a candle to the original peppermint :-)

      • I gave Burt’s Bee’s lip balm – the minty one- to my teenage grand-daughter. She isn’t a lipstick wearer, but the balm is great for preventing chapped lips, and everyone I know loves to have a minty mouth!

        now, she’s hooked on it too. it will be a stocking stuffer for her

        Once a person starts using this, nothing else will compare,

        I do have the mango balm too, but i keep that in my sewing room – I glide some on when I am in there sewing – if what I am doing gets intense, I tend to bite my lips, so this helps a lot. But i like the mint better.

  • >