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Make Your Own All-Natural Hair Pomade

Homemade Hair Pomade

“Pomade” is a funny word…but I like it! It makes me think of The Fonz, Danny Zuko, and Madmen. :-) While men have been using it since the 1800’s – pomade is making a comeback because, unlike hair spray and hair gel, pomade gives hair, mustaches, side burns, and beards a shiny, slick appearance, and does not dry it out.

Britta writes……  My husband wages a daily battle on his hair, due to its thick texture and its natural tendency to curl. He struggles to tame it on the best of days, and since he recently decided to start growing his hair longer, his frustration with his hair situation has only increased. He likes to style it by combing it back for the most part, but doesn’t like to use a lot of product, so he asked if I could come up with something that would help provide some hold for his unruly hair. I love a good DIY challenge, so of course I accepted!

I found this recipe on The Hippy Homemaker, and knew it was the one I wanted to try out. Most recipes for natural hair products have butters and/or oils in them, but I was hesitant to commit to them because I thought they’d just make hair look a bit greasy. This recipe calls for arrowroot powder, which helps to eliminate some of the shiny, oiliness and creates a thicker, more workable product.

It’s easy to make, and contains none of the harsh chemicals of a store-bought pomade!

DIY Hair Pomade

DIY Hair Pomade (for moderate hold)

DIY Hair Pomade

Place the shea butter and beeswax pastilles in a double boiler (or in a glass bowl suspended over a pan of simmering water) until melted.

DIY Hair Pomade

In a separate small bowl, combine the jojoba oil, arrowroot powder, and vitamin E (if using), and stir together until everything is well incorporated.

DIY Hair Pomade

Once the shea butter and wax have melted together, remove from heat and pour the arrowroot and oil mixture into the larger bowl.

DIY Hair Pomade

Add the essential oils, if desired, then use a whisk or hand mixer to mix everything together for a few minutes, until the texture becomes thick and gooey.

DIY Hair Pomade

Scoop, pour, or pipe the mixture into your container of choice, and store in a cool, dark place. Use sparingly, because a little of this goes a long way!

This recipe is for moderate hold, but it can easily be adapted to provide more or less hold depending on your individual needs. For more hold, use a bit more beeswax. For slightly less hold, use a bit less beeswax.

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  • My hair is baby fine and straight and extremely short like 5 inches total! I am a mature female. Currently I use hair mousse or gel to give my hair some lift and body. Will the pomade do that? If I did not mention it already my hair is very thin. Thank you.

  • Hi Jill
    I tried the hair pomade you posted about a month ago. I used Tea tree oil instead of vit.E. It actually worked out well and it’s solid. I’d love to send a pic of it!


  • I gotta say that it took me until I was 60 years old to stumble on how to manage my hair. I got tired of fighting it constantly, so I stopped doing it! I started getting haircuts that work with my hair, and I now wear it very short and let it curl its little heart out! I used to love wearing it in a short bob, it just kept getting curlier and curlier, so now I just let it go! It’s great. I also am no-poo and use only cider vinegar to wash my hair/face!

      • I thought beeswax is natural? …My grandpa sends me bee pollen, honey, and has asked me if I wanted some bees wax! After reading your article I am going good to have him send some wax! I just love him he always sends as my Christmas and Birthday gifts can you please send me sone more ideas what i can use these with I’m a very healthy eater and I did think the bees honey wax pollen was natural….I would love to make all my things natural with the honey and wax even pollen if you have a suggestion to where I can get this information or if you have any more I would greatly appreciate it . ..Thank you so much

        cocochanellola2016@gmail.com I have subscribed to your mailing list and am also forwarding your info to all my friends I love all your saving MONEY articles so the wax honey bee pollen I would love my grandpa said I can have a lot of bees wax ….I have very little money these days ..Thank you kindly

      • just wanted to add that beeswax is natural but it isn’t vegan. and, emulsifying wax is typically used in lotions or creams where water is used with an oil to create a stable solution that doesn’t separate. since there is no water in this pomade beeswax or candelilla wax are better choices.

  • Hi Jillee,

    Love the site and content!

    I see beeswax pastilles in a lot of DIY recipes for hair and body products. Can you please tell me what function they serve?

    Thank you!


  • Does it leave that waxy feeling on your skin and can you use any type bar soap? I quit using bar soap years ago because of that yukie feeling. It really is quite expensive when my husband uses the wash also not realizing a little of the good stuff goes farther than the cheap cheap.

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