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Make Your Own Deodorizing Bath and Body Powder

You know the saying…”you learn something new every day?” Well today I learned that making your own bath and body powder could not be easier or faster! 3 ingredients…less than 5 minutes…and you have your own customized powder for personal use or gift-giving! I decided to make mine “unscented”…but you can certainly use your favorite essential oil in this recipe. Lavender, of course, would be divine! As would rosemary, jasmine, geranium, etc.

You could also add a few drops of your favorite perfume to turn it into a fragrant dusting powder!

So many possibilities!

Here is all you need: (and I bet you have it all “on-hand” right now!)

The baking soda and cinnamon are natural deodorizers while the cornstarch is very absorbent.

Just mix the 3 ingredients together in a bowl and transfer to the container of your choice. I fashioned a paper funnel out of a piece of printer paper to make the transfer a little easier.  My container was a mason jar (big surprise there!) with a couple of holes punched in the lid. You could also repurpose an old baby powder container or even a parmesan cheese shaker. Store the extra in another container to refill as needed.

If you live in a humid climate, add about ¼ cup of uncooked rice to the powder to keep it from clumping.  The rice won’t shake out but will keep the powder flowing smoothly.

As you can see, this made a nice, big batch of powder! You could cut the recipe in half if you didn’t want to make that much…or you could double it for making gifts!

And who wouldn’t want to get something like this as a gift!?!?  I love the way it feels on my skin…smooth and soothing…not to mention the way it makes me feel overall….fresh and confident! :-)

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  • Question: do you mix the essential oil in with the dry ingredients?…Or does that make it clump up?

    I’m excited to try this, but I’m not sure at what point the essential oil is added. Thank you!

  • I love the idea of this powder. I would put it in something different.
    Do ya’ll remember the candy dishes at grandma’s house well they still sell them at stores like Fred’s and Rose’s. You can get powder puffs at Walmart. It will look pretty in the bathroom. Just a idea.

  • I’m prone to rashes under my breasts and other creases on the body and my doctor told me not to use cornstarch products because they feed the yeast. I’m wondering if this recipe will still work if I omit the cornstarch?

    Thank you and I love your blog. :)

  • what an awesome idea, Jillee. In fact, all your ideas are awesome. During the summer months, when the humidity is purgatorial, (a real sinner’s sneak preview!) I like to powder my bedsheets with talc. But like others, the safety issue was a real downer. I’ll use this recipe, along with the omnipresent Mason jar, to concoct a delectable, cooling powder to sprinkle on the bedsheets. Maybe I’ll add a dash or two of lavender oil, or rose absolut, or maybe jasmine. The possibilities are endless.
    BTW, can’t wait for your book to come out.

  • Yeah I can’t wait to make this either. I just read about talcum powder being really bad, possibly causing cancer. I have tried just plain corn starch but I didn’t like it.

  • Can someone please help me….

    1. How do you apply this in the shower? Jillee never specified.
    2. Why must I punch holes in my mason jar for this?

    Thank you so much!!

  • Jillee, I just wanted you to know that I made up this powder, and have started to enjoy using it. But I found a wonderful use for it–I had a pair of Sketcher’s Shape-Up shoes that had lots of miles on them from my job last winter. The foot odor in them was SOOOOO bad. I had washed them in the washer, but it only helped a little bit. My feet would really smell when I took them off–then I had two problems! Earlier this week, I dumped lots of our powder in them, pulled on some socks to help absorb it all, and wore them for a day. That night–very little odor. This morning, I put just a little powder in them, and wore them all day, and once again, very little odor. I think it’s a miracle!! Thank you, thank you!

    • Arrowroot powder is a good substitute. I think corn flour might be gritty. I usually find Corn starch in the baking section near the baking soda or flour. Walmart, Safeway, Savemart, Lucky and even some ethnic markets carry it. Many asian sauces call for corn starch, so an asian market should have it, you might have to ask around though.

    • Me too Karen!! The smell of cinnamon sends me into a terrible asthma attack! I think I am going to leave the cinnamon out and add some fragrant perfume or fragrance oil I bought from a local bath and body specialty shop.

  • I like to have powder on hand in summer when I go to bed. I put it where body parts will touch other parts, thighs, knees, torso-arms, etc. I look forward to making my own. I should have thought of the corn starch when I needed powder, my mother always used it when I was a kid (in the 40’s). I do not remember her adding the baking soda. Take care.

  • Jillee,

    I just stumbled across your blog by accident because I wanted to know what to use to clean my toilet. Well, one thing leads to another and two hourss later I’m reading, learning, and enjoying when I come across this baking soda and corn starch thing. What a surprise. I have to tell you my Grandma (who would have been 111 years old this month) used that potion for as long as I can remember. She didn’t use essential oil though, I’d like to try it. How do you keep the oil from globbing up when you add it to the powders?

    Thanks for reminding me of my Grandmum.

  • I have really sensitive skin & didn’t want to make a whole batch if I couldn’t use it. Just wanted to share my ‘trial size’ measurements for this if anyone is interested. I had an empty spice bottle in the kitchen – the small glass ones with the sifter inside the tops that come on the rotating spice racks. 1/16th of the recipe is the perfect amount for the bottle. So, use 2 tablespoons each cornstarch & baking soda with 3/16 teaspoons cinnamon. You can get that by using your 1/8 tsp measuring spoon using 1 level spoon & then eyeballing half again. Or, if you happen to have the cute little set of spoons like I have that have that has Smidgen (1/32 tsp), Pinch (1/16 tsp), Dash (1/8 tsp) & Tad (1/4 tsp) use 3 level Pinches.

  • I am not a fan of cinnamon (the taste or the smell) but I wanted to try this recipe as is before I made assumptions. Luckily, I made only a 1/4 of the original recipe because I definitely am not feeling the cinnamon. I added my favorite perfume (Chanel Chance) and that covered most of the cinnamon. I will be using this (especially after a workout because the feel of wet deodorant on sweat is yuck!) but without cinnamon. Also, I used a repurposed plastic seasoning container-great because it already has holes just right for sprinkling! I will be adding a label to the bottle later-adhesive shelf liner, sticker letters, and mod podge.

  • I’ve been enjoying your site as “eye candy” for quite some time and simultaneously wanting to try some of your recipes and recommendations. This one is going to be my firs effort, and I am quite enthused about it.

  • I have used many of products from your website and love every one of them. I like to save money and being able to say “I made that myself , you should try some” and when they do they start saving money too!! Because they like it, I always make sure they get the first from me as a gift and of course with directions on how to make their own, and your website address. Now with the powder I can save money on 2 products. I just love it!!! Thanks so much.

  • I just found your blog, love it!! I have a question about essential oil, especially the lavender, where to buy. I am confused with all the kinds and brands. Do you have a favorite brand or site you buy from? I really want to make some bath/body powder and also add to the laundry soap I have made.

  • Hello Jillee,
    I was wondering what is “bath and body powder” ?
    I read all but couldn’t find it.
    I’m french and here we take showers/bath with shower gel, and then we put cream on the body (well… some do).
    So what is powder made for ?!

    • Setjay….some people like to use powder after a shower or bath (or anytime really!) to help keep them “dry”. Especially in the “nether regions” (as Anele so aptly put it above! lol. Love that.)
      Just helps keep you feeling dry in the areas where you might tend to get a little “sticky”.
      Hope this helps!

  • This is great, I have been in the process of trying to become more chemical free so this would be nice. My question is if you use this, does that mean you can “give up” deodorant and use this instead? I have been looking for a replacement to deodorant and I am not much into the idea of making my own.

    Thank you, I really enjoy reading your ideas!!!

      • JaNita and Jillee ~ I have a freind that makes an organic, chemical free deoderant if you aren’t up making your own. It’s called Primal Pit Paste ( fun name!). I’ve used it for 3 weeks and LOVE it! FB page or google will get you there.
        Jillee – I also wanted to say thank you for all of your ideas, tips, recipes and bargains you pass along. I repin so many. You are one one of my favorites :) Thanks for your generous heart to share and the work you put into it. It makes this mom’s life of 3 kiddos under 5 much easier!

    • JaNita – I have used this concoction (minus the cinnamon, which I just added in) as a deodorant for years now. If I am going out and doing something special or stressful, I will use actual deodorant. Otherwise, I just pat it on and go – it works wonderfully!

  • Thanks for all of your great idea’s. I love catching up on your posts on the weekend and trying out the new “recipes”. I have been including my granddaughters in making the recipes, it is our special time together and teaches them the importance of being a frugal homemaker :)

  • One of the (many) things I really appreciate about the recipes you post is how easy it all is and that there aren’t any exotic ingredients that those of us who live in smaller towns don’t always have access to. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

      • I agree with Karen. I always try to buy locally and from small businesses, but other recipes often have more ingredients than I either have on hand or can get my hands on easily. My motto is that if it isn’t simple and effective, I know I won’t do it….so I skip it. You are my first stop and go-to person/site for everything that I want to make. I laughed and told my hubby the other day that you are my new online BFF….even though you have no clue who I am!!!

        Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  • What an awesome idea! Your blog has SO MANY good homemade gift ideas that I’m going to have a hard time deciding which ones to make!! My dryer balls are currently in the washer for the start of the felting process, and I’ve made several of your stain removers — genius!!

  • Can you replace cornstarch with arrowroot powder? I don’t know if they sell cornstarch that isn’t GMO… I know in other recipes you can replace the two. Thanks!

  • Love it Jillee! You have so many great ideas.

    I see you have are as obsessed with mason jars as much as I am. :) The most used funnel in my kitchen is my blue ball canning funnel. Perfect for anything that goes in jars. Mr Google just showed me that they also have a collapsible one now that has a larger neck that would be great for storing in small spaces. My most favorite use for the canning jars is being able to transfer food items to them & then vacuum seal it with the jar attachment & my food saver. Food stays fresh longer with less waste. :)

    • oh Landon! You might be my new BFF! ;-) I just bought a FoodSaver and have been coveting the jar attachment! I think I may just have to get it now. thanks for the info!

      • Jillee, my best food saver/mason jar tip is that you can wash your lettuce, spin it dry, lay it out on paper towels & dab any remaining wet spots, pack it good & tight in quart jars & seal them. They will last 3-4 weeks in the fridge. No kidding! I usually do 2-3 heads of lettuce at the time & rarely have to toss my salad greens because of not finishing them. :)

  • I’ve been using my homemade baking soda/cornstarch/tea tree oil deodorant for several years now. (I keep it in a tin and apply with a powder puff.) It’s very effective and cost efficient. But I’ve never heard of the deodorizing characteristic of cinnamon before. I’m going to add that to my mixture. I love the smell of cinnamon! It should blend right in with my vanilla extract perfume, sugar-water hairspray/hairgel, and face powder made from cocoa powder and cornstarch. I’ll soon smell like a walking bakery. :)

  • Great post! You can use the lids off of Parmesan cheese containers on narrow mouth mason jars to make a “shaker” jar if you don’t want to punch holes in the lid.

  • Wonderful idea!! I’ve been looking for something like this for uh, the “nether regions” because my aunt’s oncologist said not to use talc powder in that area because it has been linked to an elevated risk of ovarian cancer. I’m glad to have this option now!

  • I just made this and it smells great.. The only problem I have with it ithe grittiness of the baking soda.. After it’s rubbed in, it’s fine.. After I’ve used this batch, I’ll try it again with less baking soda and see how that works for me :)

  • Thanks!I buy something similar from Lush, only it has a whole vanilla bean in it …so I can’t wait to make this and try it with a vanilla bean! It will be so much cheeper!

  • I already use something VERY similar… only just cornstarch and backing soda, and only a small amount on the baking soda. It makes an EXCELLENT deodorant… I could literally just get out of the shower and smell my underarms before I started using this… and all deodorant did was ball up in my armpits and make them sore. This feels wonderful and silky on my skin, and my body has no smell.

    Nelleke: One thing I’ve seen this used for is under the boobs, or anywhere that skin may rub together to keep for causing sores, such as touching thighs while wearing a skirt. In really humid areas, it can keep you from feeling sticky/tacky all day as well.

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