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Make Your Own Homemade Altoids In Your Favorite Flavor!

I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t get enough of these “simple handmade gift ideas”!  I find that even if I don’t end up making them…if I see a really great creative idea…it gets my OWN creative juices flowing and then who KNOWS what can come of it!  I have seen that time and time again on this website. I post something and all of YOU comment on it and add to it and get each other thinking and it’s like a brilliant chain reaction!  It’s most amazing to watch! I love it!

So, today I offer one more idea that you can take and make or use as a springboard for your own ideas!  Homemade Altoid Mints!

I always have a tin of mints in my purse and it never even occurred to me that these little gems could be duplicated at home until I saw it posted on Nila Rosa! When you see how EASY it is you will most likely be asking the same question I OFTEN do…why didn’t *I* think of that!? :-)

Not only were these a fun project to make…but think of the different possibilities!  They could be a little favor/thank you gift for a teacher or a neighbor, or you could include it in a gift basket of several different goodies.  Or you can do like I did and put them in your purse! :-)  And the different FLAVOR possibilities are virtually endless as well!

homemade altoids

What You Will Need:

  • 1 pkg (or recipe) of Gum Paste
  • Powdered Sugar (just enough for dusting your surface & for tossing the mints in)
  • Essential Oils  (I used 3-4 drops per egg-sized portion of gum paste. More if you want stronger flavor! Mine were about average.)  Update: There are a few essential oils that are not supposed to be ingested. Make sure to check your label first. You can also use candy flavoring oils.
  • Food coloring – just a tiny bit is needed! (optional)
  • Citric Acid for “sour” flavors – I didn’t use. (optional)
  • Plastic straw (the fatter the better)

I figured the gum paste might prove challenging to find…but I found it in the cake decorating section of my local Walmart. The rest of the ingredients you probably already have on hand.

homemade altoids

Start out by pulling off a piece of the gum paste about the size of an egg and start kneading it. It’s pretty hard at first, but the warmth from your hands will soften it quickly. This is when I added the food coloring and flavoring. (I forgot to take a picture of adding the essential oils for flavoring.) I decided to use a latex glove the hubster had in his BBQ stuff so that the food coloring didn’t stain my fingers…but in hindsight I don’t think I really needed it. I also ended up using a just a few drops of regular cooking oil to help soften up the gum paste and help mix in the coloring and flavoring better.

homemade altoids

Once the color has been worked all the way through the “dough”…go ahead and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on your working surface and roll it out about 1/8” thick. Now you can start “punching out” mints with the straw. I happened to have these “fat” straws that I found at my grocery store, but I also tried it with the skinnier straws and it worked just fine that way too. Anything that will cut a small circle will do. Come to think of it…you could even use a pizza cutter or a knife and make them square-shaped.

homemade altoids

Once you have all your mints cut out, toss them with a little more powdered sugar to keep them from sticking together and let dry for at least 48 hours. The longer you let the dry…the harder/crunchier they will be…like a good mint SHOULD be.

I ended up making 3 different flavors in 5 different colors:  Yellow = Lemon; Orange = Sweet Orange; and Pink, Green and Purple = Peppermint.

homemade altoids

I had a blast making these! Of course I originally set out to make ONE kind of mint….Peppermint, and couldn’t stop after just one! :-) Then at the end I went all CRAZY and mixed them all together for my own “custom Jillee blend”. :-)

homemade altoids


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  • I LOVE this suggestion! I’m going to have to try this one! I just ran across all these Altoids tins I saved to make something else, so now I can just use them for this!

  • would like to know where I can get the tins that hold the mints

    also would like to know where I can get gelatin free gum paste if there is one. thanks

  • These are great, I’ve made them from OnGuard, and my daughter loves peppermint. The best part? The kids are allowed to have “mints” in class, just not gum or medicine >:). So some other options are coming soon (thinking LLP blend for my sons allergies, and some with DigestZen too!) I use the small end of a funnel to punch them out, they just pile up inside the funnel then I dump them on a plate. It is very easy and less messy to roll this out between sheets of parchment paper. =) At Christmas everyone in the family wanted “the mint recipe” lol!

  • Essential oil note-If you use Certified Pure Therapeautic Grade oils you will not have a problem. I will not mention specific oils out of respect-But we love On Guard, Peppermint, Wild Orange, Lemon, and to a very large batch winter green.

    Also keep in mind what goes on the skin goes into the body. We ‘eat and drink’ through our skin.

    I personally need to play with your recipe and the one suggested due to corn allergies. I will have to make my own veggie dyes because of reactions to petroleum in artificial color dyes.

    Thank you and good luck.

  • Jillee, the gum paste doesn’t get too hard? I make gum paste flowers for cakes and they are definitely NOT edible as the gum paste dries to a rock hard consistency. Do the shortening and flavorings prevent the rock hard drying? Thanks!

  • Made these the other day using pre-made gum paste. So easy! Instead of a straw I used my apple corer and the size is perfect and it cut so easily! The only thing I’m having trouble with is the drying part. I’m in Southern California and its dry and warm but the mints are still chewy…other than that I can’t wait for them to harden and try some more favors! Thanks so much Jillee!

  • I really like this idea; gum paste! oh by the way; why do I now have to deal with the popups just to get onto your website? Is this one of those pay per click to get past this? I almost decided to leave this site since I don’t want to have to click. it didn’t use to do this. You DO have a wonderful website, now this?

    • Hi Gail! Are you talking about the email sign-up pop-up? I’m not actually getting paid for that one. I’m just using it as a way help people get signed-up for my newsletter if they would like to :)

      • I think she’s talking about the advertising pop-ups (my most recent one was for Clorox… a bit ironic. Lol). Also, there are ads on the bottom of images now, too! I can see how they’d be annoying/distracting to some. I’m on an iPad and notice things take longer to load with all of these pop-ups and ads. I’m guessing it takes longer on non-mobile devices.

  • There are oils made for cooking. One is by LorAnn Oils. I get them at the drugstore and have always used them for candy type things. Very concentrated, not at all like an extract.

  • Hi, I went to the website for the essential oil, and it clearly stated on the wintergreen one, DO NOT CONSUME, FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY. If so, this is not meant to be used in things you eat. Please advise. tysm

  • For those not wishing to purchase gum paste, maybe a wedding mint recipe would work. My family’s: 1/3 c. corn syrup, 1/3 c. butter, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 tsp. peppermint, and 1 lb. powdered sugar – blend all but powdered sugar together, then mix it in last. Divide into however many colors you’d like, then add desired coloring. Knead until smooth (streaky is kinda fun, but you can knead until uniform in color), then turn out onto powdered sugar-dusted surface and roll 1/4″ thick. Cut out shapes and let air dry at least overnight. These are like the buttermints you can find in drugstores by the bagfuls. I wonder if leaving out the butter would make for a harder mint – adjusting corn syrup and powdered sugar accordingly? I’m looking at the ingredients on my mint tin and all it says is “sugar, corn syrup solids, and peppermint oil”…

  • I didn’t realize that Altoids were basically flavored gum paste…do these homemade versions taste the same? My husband LOVES Altoids and I want to be sure it is close to the real thing before I go making a batch:)

  • Seems like it would be faster to roll the prepared gum paste into a tube and cut it with something thin and sharp like a razor blade. The circles wouldn’t be as uniform, but if you’re making it for yourself, who cares?

  • Oh thank you so much!! I know it sounds crazy, but my dog (a huge bloodhound/lab mix) absolutely LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Altoids. He will start drooling and ‘dancing’ at the sound of the tin shaking. If I’m sitting in bed and on my lap-top, he knows I keep them on my nightstand and will lay his head across the keyboard (and not gently I might add!) until I give him some. I have never known of any dog to like peppermint, much less something as strong as Altoids, but at least it makes his breath smell better…lol. Now my smaller dog, thinking he’s missing out on something, has started to like them also, so being able to make them myself will save money.

    …And just in case anyone’s worried that I’m pumping my dogs full of sugary snacks…they only get a couple of them once or twice a week as a treat…the big one also adores most any type of raw veggies and of all things – frozen brussel sprouts!

    • Lynn M…that is so funny! Our dogs love Altoids too! Like you, we only give them once in a while, when they go for a ride in the car. What I find funny is that they will swallow a hot dog, a carrot, etc. whole, but they CHEW the Altoids!!

  • I’d kindly like to make a few suggestions that will likely help greatly with the outcome of the final product. Use solid vegetable shortening to soften if needed, also use extracts instead of essential oils…..much cheaper, much less oil content which helps with drying and also as one other reader pointed out most essential oils are for external use only. Ones that I’ve seen that are safe for consumption should be diluted much greater than this recipe. One final suggestion is use a toothpick and a tiny tiny dab of color. You don’t need much color at all to tint gumpaste if using the gel colors.

    • I personally would use the oil as suggested by Jillee or butter if I had to. If I’m correct, vegetable shortening is a trans-fat which can be harmful to your health!

      • No, they make vegetable shortening without trans fasts now and even Crisco has greatly reduced the amount in their products so it’s barely there. There was a story on NPR about it because a lot of bakers were angry because apparently is makes a difference in the consistency of icing after they removed the trans fats.

        I made these mints when Jillee first posted. I had a lot of trouble until i got the hang of it. I tried the cooking oil first but i did better with a bit of Spectrum shortening during the kneading.

  • My daughter is a cake decorator and has these very small cutters. We used a heart shape and flower shape. For flavoring we used peppermint and spearmint. They are so cute and taste great. They are on my Christmas to do list. I would love to send you a picture but I’m not sure how.

  • Getting them out of the straw sounds like a hassle. Maybe it would help if you stuck the straw into the confectioner’s sugar first? I will definitely try this,tho, and we shall see…

  • Very fun idea but one critical point was left out. Not all essential oils are safe for consumption so it is vital to make sure that the one you use says that it is.

    • Wonderful idea!!! I too would love a recipe for chewing gum without that nasty aspertame, which is in ALL chewing gum now. I’ve personally never been an Altoids fan but this is a cute idea for those that are. :)

    • If you are looking for a simple gum recipe check out the user ‘simplecookingchannel’ on Youtube – I know he has a good bubble gum recipe. I’ve tried some of his recipes before for homemade gummy bears and they came out delicious, so I can assume the gum will be equally awesome and easy to make.

  • Just wanted to say you can get gum paste at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann’s. Which means you can use a coupon for it! Always good to save money.

    • They do come out pretty easily! Since you put powdered sugar on the gum paste they don’t stick too badly. But you could easily put a little sugar on the straw as well if you have trouble with them sticking.

  • >