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Make Your Own Super Versatile Bandana Quilt!

It’s a Picnic Blanket…It’s a Tablecloth…It’s whatever you dream it to be. :-) When I first saw this idea…my immediate thought went to…picnic blanket!  Bandanas just sort of epitomize summertime to me. But then I saw the same idea at Aesthetic Nest used as a tablecloth and I was torn! I like both ideas! So why should I have to choose? Meet the Super Versatile Bandana Quilt. A great idea with limitless possibilities. :-)

Some other ways you could use it?  A bed covering….a beach blanket…..a baby blanket….a throw blanket….a shower curtain (well that one might be going a bit too far)? Anyway, you get the idea…you can do lots of stuff with it! I bought my bandanas at Walmart for less than a dollar each. The color selection was limited…but I actually kind of like the look I came up with. Total cost: approximately $12.00.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I got so caught up in assembling my bandanas I completely forgot to take any pictures of the process! (The fact that a House Hunters marathon was on HGTV had NOTHING to do with it! I swear!)

But piecing together the bandana squares is pretty intuitive. Just think of it as a big puzzle, with VERY easy-to-fit puzzle pieces. :-)

I decided to make 4 rows of 3 for my quilt (or 3 rows of 4…whatever) which makes it approximately 88″ x 66 ” (standard bandanas are 22″ each.) It’s a good size. But, of course, you can make it bigger or smaller depending to your needs. (Because the bandanas were all slightly irregular…the seams are all “less than perfect”. But I don’t mind. I think it adds to the “casual outdoorsy” feel of it.)

In a  nutshell…

  • Sew the 4  short rows (of 3 bandanas each) alternating colors and pinning the bandanas right sides together.
  • Once you have your 4 short rows, sew these rows together along the long edges to form your quilt!
  • Press the seams after sewing for a more finished look.

If you still feel the need for some photos of this process….AnneLiese at Aesthetic Nest has a great photo tutorial here.

And while I don’t have a great photo tutorial to offer you….I do have some really cute pictures of my grand puppy Milo laying on it to make up for it! :-)  He seems to really like it! I think it officially received the “puppy stamp of approval!”

Not quite sure at first….


Ahhh….I could get use to this. :-)

I considered putting a backing on it…but actually like it the way it is. It’s light, it’s comfortable…the perfect summertime covering. I’m pretty sure I will be making more of these though…maybe I’ll try it on one of those. I’m thinking a Red, White and Blue tablecloth for the 4th of July.  What do you think??

Happy Saturday everyone!  From Milo and Me :-)

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    • Butch,This is such a tease, I can’t wait to see the rest. They are perfect! You are truly an aritst and journalist we are very pleased! I will talk with you soon.Thanks, Christan

  • I remember people making purses out of them back in the late ’60s or early ’70s. Really cool ones, too. Then we made purses out of blue jeans. Really cute!
    Love the bandana quilt. Looks like fun to make!
    I love your attitude about it not being perfect. That’s not the point, is it? It’s about having fun with colors and an easy quilt to make!
    Thank you for sharing. Love your pup!

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  • I have been making these for years. My first was red and blue for my nephew’s birth (he’s now 15) and was filled and flannel-backed with a matching plaid. My other nephew’s is similar to yours, unfilled, and has a flannel back in a pattern that looks like jeans pockets. Also, on one I cut the bandanna to form triangles and sewed light and dark together to make the square. The possibilities are endless. Future heirlooms.

  • It was so cool to see this bandana quilt. I made one with the exact colors for my husband when he worked for the Fort Huachuca Fire Department. That was over 30 years ago! I used an old lightweight blanket in the center for warmth and a coordinating flat sheet on the other side. Then I used yarn to “tie” where the corners met. He used that blanket until he retired 6 years ago!

    We are getting ready to re-decorate an older RV and I think I might just make another one for us.

    Love your blog…Katie

  • Thank you for the easy seeing project! At 37, I’ve never owned or worked a sewing machine. Sad, I know! But your post inspired me! I borrowed my sister’s machine ( she’s had it for 9 years and has NEVER even opened it! I bought the supplies, read the manual from top to bottom. And poof! I made this blanket! So far it’s been a tablecloth, blanket, and picnic blanket! So thank you for inspiring me! Yesterday, (ok it took me two days ;), I tacked the “paper” towel project!

    So you turned a non- sewer into a sewing maniac!

    Thanks again!

  • Another wonderful tip! I am definitely making these for everyone this xmas. Plus I need like several different things made out of bandanas for myself =)

    • Hmmmfff, haven’t heard about this yet. I know a few cities in NE Ohio sartted dropping bike lanes in everywhere seems some drivers will just always be idiots, that’s all I have to say on the subject. Now, to go look up bike boxes on the interwebnet thingy

  • If you plan on using it as a tablecloth (or as a picnic blanket for that matter) to maybe create a seam on the four exterior edges and sewing in small marbles or weights. I’ve learned from experience that this helps magnificently with keeping it down, especially when used as a tablecloth. No more having the edges blow over the food, or worse, acting like a super sail and pulling the stuff off of the table when the wind gets a hold of it. You could also get sets of magnets and sew one into the seam and gluing the other to the underside of your picnic table, to hold it on for those really windy days (or mischievous dogs…or kids). I’ve washed them with the magnets in and it didn’t hurt the material (just stuck it to the side of the washing machine…hehe)

  • Love your boxer buddy! My girl Daisy is almost 5, and shops in the Big and Tall Dept. Everybody thinks she’s a fella, and that’s OK by me — keeps undesirables at bay! Don’t tell anyone: she’s really an overgrown goofball and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I really like your blog.

  • Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann’s all have huge selections of bandanas. A thought for a backing to make it a waterproof picnic blanket or shower curtain would be to buy a cheap vinyl table cloth (or 2 depending on the size of your blanket) and use that as your backing. Or just buy some clearance vinyl at the fabric store to use as your backing.

    • For the shower curtain, the bandana curtain is “DECOR ONLY”so no need to line it…it stays on the outside of the tub. (use a vinyl shower curtain liner…Walmart & Target both have heavy duty ones that are anti- mold/mildew…and have little suction cups along the sides (so you can trim the bottom, if it hangs too long in the tub, without cutting off any magnets).

  • I’m surprised your Walmart didn’t have a wider selection… Ours does. They have all sorts of colors and patterns. They’re generally located over near the purses and stuff. Check it out next time you’re there. I personally love the ones with the multi-colored peace signs on them that we have.

    I like this idea. I’ve used bandanas to make pillows a few times, but never really thought about making an actual quilt. Definitely makes sense, if you’d like to have a matching set. It would be great to do for my friend’s kids. I don’t see why you couldn’t use fleece on the back… It may make it thicker and warmer (not that we need it anytime soon, but still) so you wouldn’t necessarily have to put an actual filler inside. Now, if I only knew how to use a sewing machine to make things easier and faster…

  • This is great! What a nice idea and fairly simple!

    I have to admit though, seeing this pop up in my e-mail this morning, I could have sworn that it said “banana quilt”. Clearly, I shouldn’t even go on the internet without having coffee first. :)

  • I have a friend that just had a baby. I think I may line the back with a soft fabric and no filler. I think they’ll love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 39 years ago as a newly wed with no $$$ I pieced together a bandana shower curtain with red bandanas (sewing GIANT white Rik Rak over the seams). I used my button hole attachment on the sewing machine to make holes for the shower curtain rings…it looked great in our red, black & white bathroom!

    If you wanted to use it as a drapery, you could forego the button holes and use the curtain rings with the clips. (not just for the boys’ rooms either…pink, lavender, blue, yellow green…cute colors for a girl’s room!). Experiment with sewing the bandanas on the diagonal, using half bandanas to fill in around the edges.

    So fun! Thanks, Jillee, for taking me on a walk down memory lane!

    • I love these bike boxes! I have never seen one in real life though. Here in Omaha, we brealy have enough wheelchair accessible sidewalks, bike lanes aren’t even close to a reality here. Maybe someday we will have bike friendly streets. Until then, I have to claim my lane, and dream of living somewhere bike friendly like Portland.

    • My guess is yes, it will likely be crwoedd. That’s the start of the park’s five day Thanksgiving run. The local kids will be out of school and headed to the park for the day before going to grandma’s house the next day to celebrate the holiday. But don’t kid yourself, chances are that all five days will likely be pretty busy.

  • I look forward to your ” one good thing ” everyday! I found you on Pintrest with your Laundry Soap and loved your blog from the get- go ( somewhere around 2am that Pintesting adventure) I haves talked about you and your blog ever since. I was thrilled when you were on GTU so I could tell all my GFs that you were the one I had been talking about forever!
    Well I just love this bandana blanket it is super cute! This could be the sewing project I am brave enough to try. I am not crafty but I aspire to be, don’t believe the rumors I’m not crafty! Look out kitchen table- the sewing machine is on its way ! Thanks Jillee I love your guts out!

  • This is so cute and I have always loved blue and black together so will try to get those colors. One in patriotic colors,too for 4 th of July at the beach. I use bandanas for napkins all the time. Did you get a new photo for your bio?

  • For those looking for bandanas, I just checked out AnneLiese’s tutorial and she gives a link to a place you can buy them cheap on line!

    I keep forgetting that I want to make some of these. I would love to do one in red/white/blue for patriotic holidays, maybe a multi-colored pastel one as a table cover for birthday parties… the possibilities truly are endless!

  • My goodness this is a cute idea! Tis might actually motivate me to pull out the sewing machine my mom bought me in…um…August. Very fun for this potluck picnic lovin’ mom.

  • Now I know why the bandanna selection in our local stores has diminished….everyone is reading online from Jillee, Pinterest and others….and rushing to make bandanna projects! I was planning on making a pillow slip and throw pillows for my daughter’s bed and couldn’t find the color I need.

    Pillow slip, throw pillows, quilt on top….I can make an entire bed linen set with bandannas. Could even toss in a valance for good measure! ;)

  • My mom made one of these using Harley-Davidson bandanas they picked up at various places across the US. She used a black sheet as a backing with no filler. It turned out amazing, and surprisingly, it was relatively warm as well! It was made when I was in 7th grade…I’m 34 now, and its still being used!!! Great idea!!!

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