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This Is What Solved My Mosquito Problems In My Backyard


From early spring to late in the fall, I spend as much time as I possibly can in our backyard. Whether I’m working on my laptop or listening to an audiobook, my time in the backyard is always time well spent. :-)

But spending time outdoors in the fall has its drawbacks, especially during the evening hours. Because unfortunately, I’m not the only one out there enjoying the cool evening air!

The mosquitoes seem to enjoy spending time in my backyard as much as I do. And since mosquitoes live all across the globe (except in Iceland and French Polynesia, apparently), I thought I might share a bit about how I’ve been keeping mosquitoes at bay in the hopes that someone else may find it useful!


My Anti-Mosquito Solution: Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Patio Torches

After scrolling through pages and pages of anti-mosquito products on Amazon, I decided to try out the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Patio Torch. They had a lot of positive customer reviews, and I liked the way they looked too!

I’ve seen a huge improvement in the amount of mosquito activity since I put these torches up! I still end up with the occasional bite, but it happens so much less frequently than it did before. (I’m usually something of a mosquito magnet!)

4 Things I Love About These Mosquito Torches


1. They Don’t Smell

Many torches and mosquito repellents put off a distinct smell or produce a lot of smoke. But these unique mosquito torches don’t do either! There’s no smell, no smoke, and no open flame to worry about.


2. They Add Ambiance

These torches contain flickering LED lights that operate independently of the mosquito repellent and fuel source. The flickering lights add a lovely ambiance to our backyard hangouts!

You can use one or both of this torch’s features at any time. You can activate the mosquito repellent without turning on the LEDs, or enjoy the soft flickering light without turning on the fuel source that activates the repellent. The choice is yours!


3. They Cover A Large Area

According to the product description, each torch boasts an impressive 15-foot radius of mosquito protection. I used four of these torches to surround our fire pit with an extended “force field” against mosquitos!


4. They’re Safe & Effective

Thermacell torches have been recognized by the EPA as a safe and effective no-spray method for repelling mosquitoes, including mosquitoes that are known to carry the Zika and West Nile viruses.

And on top of that, Thermacell offers a Satisfaction Guarantee for their torches. It’s always nice to know that a company stands behind their products, especially when it’s your skin that’s on the line! :-)


A Few Final Thoughts On Mosquito Torches

All in all, I’m very glad I decided give these mosquito torches a try. Even though I still end up with the occasional mosquito bite, I honestly doubt that any form of mosquito repellent is 100% perfect!

So if you’re looking for a solution to keep pesky mosquitoes out of your outdoor space, consider giving these torches a try for yourself! (And if you still get the occasional bite like I do, check out these easy ways to stop the itch!)

How do you protect yourself from mosquitos?

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Bright Ideas

  • I like the idea of the torches. It just that our house my Dad would probably be the one buying and knowing him he’d probably balk at the price and say we don’t need one. It would be nice when we do stuff outside or when my nieces and nephews come over.

  • Also, in reading Wendy’s and others comments about blood type, lol, do you ask the person that you’re going to sit down by what blood type they are before you sit?! Sorry, just being cheeky!
    For years I never would get bit because I took brewers yeast. They call it nutritional brewers yeast now. I think I repelled them because I smelled like a brewery! Anyways, brewers yeast mellows you out and that why I was taking it. It also helps increase milk production when nursing. My infant daughter always a a touch of yeasty smell !

  • I was very excited to read your blog about these torches. We have a regular breeding compound of mosquitoes! We ordered a torch right away. Sooo disappointed. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, of COURSE there has to be something to kill the little critters, and just because there isn’t an open flame doesn’t mean this product is the be all to end all. Our instructions informed us that the scent packet would give us approximately 15 hrs of help, PLUS you have to add a type of fuel that heats the whole thing up to heat up the scent? That’s 2 more products that you have to continually buy to give you minimum coverage. Like I said, I was disappointed that you didn’t include that tidbit of information. Amazon accepts returns on this product only if it arrives damaged or the box is damaged. I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed in you or Amazon.
    And yes, I’m checking out the Spartan products that other readers have mentioned!

  • Being a Monarch Mom, I’m sensitive to what will drive the good bugs away, too? This will. I have lots of milkweed in my yard for the butterflies and these keep them from landing to eat or to lay eggs. I live in Florida and one would think the mosquitoes are bad here but I haven’t found that to be the case, so I use the EEs to ward off the ones that do get past whatever keeps them away. I’d rather have the butterflies but that’s just me.

  • Living in Florida lots of bites, I use Avon original Skin So Soft lotion and keeps biters away. I am not talking about the oil as too greasy but the lotion. Taking my dog on walks at dusk when mosquitoes are full force and preventing bites for ten bucks is good for me. A bottle goes a long way…added benefit is keeps your skin soft…

  • I may have said this before, but my daughter & I have been using straight peppermint essential oil and I haven’t been bit this summer, at all. She works in Centerville post office, which is inundated with mosquitos, year after year. They guess they come in on the delivery trucks. Just dab on neck, arms, ankles. Amazed!

  • Using a fan sometimes helps to keep the mosquitos away. The force of air from the fan blows them away. I have a small battery operated portable fan that I use outside. You can buy outdoor ceiling fans if you have a covered porch. But as mentioned I don’t think anything is 100% effective.

      • One of my team members uses this and although it a bit pricey, she loves it.

        Here is another one I found on Amazon and it has pretty good reviews and is very inexpensive. Might be worth a try at this price!

  • I never heard of Thermacell devices until camping 3 yrs. ago with friends in an especially mosquito-intensive site. As soon as the unit was turned on (MR300) the bugs IMMEDIATELY disappeared! If I didn’t experience it first-hand, I would have doubted such a bold statement.

    Now, we never leave home without the device (and refills) in our camping gear.
    Have found it very useful while gardening and heading into the far reaches of our wooded property, as well as relaxing with friends on the patio in the midst of mosquito season. The pads and cylinder last quite a long time, too.

    Since our original purchase, they have created many attractive device options that blend into any outdoor environment and attain the same result.

    It’s money well spent to “take back the outdoors” and not have to marinate in bug lotion to enjoy some outside time!

  • These are great, but can get quite expensive if you spend a lot of time outdoors. We have both the lantern and the handheld one.
    We live in South Louisiana, where three or more mosquitos can tote you off!
    A friend told me last year about Spartan (not sure of the spelling) Mosquito system. Made in the USA, Mississippi, to be exact. A two pack is $20-25. They last 3 months and cover an acre. Within 2 weeks, we had a noted mosquito population decrease. Within 2 months, we only get a couple of mosquitoes that make it to us. No smell, no batteries. You add warm water to activate and hang it about 6’ high on a tree. I doubled up on them for the first 3 months to get the population under control.
    *** put an alarm on your phone to let you know when to change them.
    As an added layer of protection, I spray my doors and patio furniture with “Hot Shot” blue can that is supposed to kill up to 4 weeks. I have found that it lasts about 3 weeks, though. Chemical spray is not our favorite, but it is a necessary evil to prevent us and our pets from mosquito borne illnesses.
    Another South Louisiana mosquito tip, in outdoor social situations, do not sit next to people with O+ or A+ Blood. They are like bug lights, they will attract every mosquito in a 10 mile radius . Just saying. (I am A+ and have been successfully feeding mosquitoes for 50+ years.)

    • The Spartan mosquito irradicator is the best, just like Wendy said, I have been using these for 2 summer mosquito seasons and have been very pleased. Much less expensive. I have not had to spray or use any other treatment.

    • I am o+ and have no doubt about the truth of the mosquito magnet thing but I am the exception to the rule, for many things, including mosquitos. They don’t seem to like me, although, I will get the occassional bite. My best years were in my 40s and 50s, I could stand in a cloud of mosquitos and NEVER get bit. I have proved this to many family members. They hate me. LOL. Ten years on, I’m getting the occassional bite again. However, I am a spider magnet. I can be a crowd of people ie: any social event whether indoors or outdoors and a spider will drop out of nowhere infront of me or climb onto me from out of nowhere. No one else at the event will have even seen a spider. These phenomenum have been a life long event. Warning about clouds of mosquitos: it’s difficult to stand in them without breathing in a few. They taste terrible. ;-) Still they are a nusance and I like to keep them at bay. I am very interested in this mosquito deterant. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Bless your heart! I don’t know which is worse, spiders or mosquitoes! The blood type thing is not scientific, just observation by me over the years, tongue-in-cheek, lol!

    • I am not sure if blood type matters. I am B+ and have been a mosquito magnet my entire life. I am the first to be “sampled” in any outdoor situation….haha ! Would love to give this a try especially when gardening .

      • I used to be the official mosquito magnet of all social occasions until I made a friend who is O+, the blood type comment was pretty much personal observation and tongue-in-cheek. If we all got together, it would be a mosquito buffet, lol!

    • I have O- blood and mosquitoes LOVE ME always have ……Once, a mosquito went past my husband who was on the other side of the screen to land right by my face !! ARGG

  • I have a bug zapper .-not actual name made by Off mosquito repellent. It’s a battery operated device that you just clip on your belt loop. It has a little fan that you insert cartridges then turn the device on. I’m one of those people that the darn mosquitoes love . I was tired of always having to weae repellent. I swear this really works. I’ve had my device for several years I’m actually on my 2nd device now.

    • Christym- I am happy the OFF bug belt clip worked for you. It seemed like it would be the perfect device, as I am a mosquito banquet too. But I had a pretty violent reaction to it. I put the clip on, turned on the fan and almost immediately could not breathe. At. All.
      Friends had to take it off of me and move me to fresh air (with people fanning me!). I was thisclose to a trip to the ER. The fingers were on the phones…
      So I do not know what chemicals are in the cartridges that the fan disperses, but they were reallllly not for me- and I had been okay with the OFF Mosquito lanterns (the ones with a candle placed under a chemical impregnated strip)! Go figure. So just please be careful.

      After that experience, I was pretty freaked out, so we decided not to go back to the old OFF lanterns, even though they worked (to give my lungs a rest). We decided we were going to go more “natural”. We did some research. What we ended up doing was a bit of overkill, but I was skeptical, because the bugs LOVE me. Here is our method: we spray the patio with a mixture of pure peppermint essential oil and water, I wear those citronella bracelets (I wear on on every limb! :) ) and we use these wonderful Murphy’s Natural Mosquito Sticks that we found. (They have them on Amazon and the Grommet) They are giant incense sticks and they work like an absolute charm; I haven’t had a mosquito or spider bite since. Plus, our patio smells great and I don’t even like peppermint. (The mixture of the incense sticks and citronella helps round out the smell.) It’s a bit more work, but it seems to be the solution for us. Hope this might help anyone who had a reaction similar to mine with the OFF belt clip, or just wants a more natural approach. (and no, I don’t work for Murphy’s- we just found them and love them)

      And I’m O+, btw. Mosquito and Spider bait.

      • So sorry. The device helps keep
        me from being eaten alive by the skeeters and other bugs. I just didn’t like the smell the sprays leave behind. I would try the lantern /torches if we lived somewhere that you could actually enjoy being outside in the summer It can be too hot and humid to go outside in summer.

      • Please tell me that you notified the manufacturer, so that they could investigate how their chemical mixtures might affect their customers! You could even do it anonymously, just to let them know.

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