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The 5 Most Popular Posts Of 2019 (And The Most Controversial!)

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As many of us do this time of year, I’ve been reflecting on what a year we’ve had here at OGT. It was a year of challenges and new beginnings in a lot of ways, some of which were intentional and some of which we didn’t anticipate!

But at the end of the day, the OGT Team and I got to spend another year doing what we love—sharing creative solutions and useful tips to make your life easier and more enjoyable. And we’re so grateful to you for being a part of our journey this year!

In the spirit of reflection, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the OGT highlights from the past year! Let’s start by looking at the most popular OGT posts from 2019, and after that, I’ll share a few notable superlatives and honorable mentions!

The 5 Most Popular Posts Of 2019

While I do have a few year-end superlatives I want to make note of, let’s start by looking at just the numbers. In terms of page views alone, these were the five most popular OGT posts of the year!

most popular posts

#5 – 2 Ways To Clean Your Microwave

How can one small appliance be such a pain to clean? Those baked-on splatters can turn the simple act of cleaning out the microwave into a huge struggle.

Your search for an easier way to clean your microwave made this post the fifth most popular of the year! In that post, I shared two ways to use steam to loosen up those tough messes and make them easy to wipe away.

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#4 – How To Fix A Broken Underwire Bra

I was not at all surprised to see that this post about fixing an underwire bra made it into the Top 5! I’m all too familiar with the agony of wearing a bra whose underwire has poked through the fabric, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one who that has happened to!

Luckily for all of us bra-wearers, there’s a super simple fix that can restore your bra to a wearable state. Check out the post to learn how to use moleskin to fix up your broken bra in a flash!

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#3 – How To Clean Your Dishwasher In 3 Easy Steps

As surprising as it might sound, the inside of your dishwasher often needs a good cleaning! Without it, food residue can build up over time and cause issues like clogs, standing water, and poorly cleaned dishes.

In the third most popular post of the past year, I broke down the process of cleaning a dishwasher into three easy steps. That’s a lot of much-needed dishwasher TLC! :-)

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#2 – 5 Things You Shouldn’t Clean With Magic Erasers

I’m a huge fan of the Magic Eraser, which has made so many cleaning tasks so much easier. I no longer dread cleaning the baseboard, or dealing with stubborn scuffs on the floors or walls, because a Magic Eraser makes short work of them!

But it’s important to know that Magic Erasers aren’t the right tool for every cleaning task. And in the second most popular post of 2019, you learned exactly what you shouldn’t clean with them (like nonstick pans, for instance) and why!

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#1 – How To Remove Odor From Stinky Shoes

Since the very beginning of my blogging career back in 2011, I’ve always made an effort to “keep it real.” I try my best to provide practical solutions to the real problems that homemakers face every day, even when the topic isn’t particularly glamorous.

But my approach appears to be paying off, because this post about deodorizing stinky shoes received the most page views of any other post this year! Hopefully the popularity of this post indicates that there are fewer stinky shoes in the world than there were last year. ;-)

2019 Superlatives & Honorable Mentions

Looking at the page views a post received only tells part of the story! Here are a few superlatives and honorable mentions I wanted to award based on metrics other than page views.

most popular posts

Most Pinned On Pinterest – Bathtub Cleaning Trick

Pinterest users love simple tips, which makes it plain to see why this post was the most pinned of the year! Using a broom to scrub your bathtub is a simple switch that makes the while process easier, especially for those with limited mobility.

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Most Liked On Instagram – My Bathroom Renovation Story

Instagram users seem to love a good before-and-after, because the one I posted of my shower before and after our bathroom renovation got the most likes of the year! For more before-and-after photos of my bathroom renovation project, check out the full blog post.

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Most Popular On Facebook – Homemade Tub & Shower Cleaner

It was a big year for bathroom-related content as far as social media was concerned! The most popular post on my Facebook page featured before-and-after photos that Jimmy, one of our OGT Team Members, had taken while using my two-ingredient Tub & Shower Cleaner to clean his shower.

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Most Controversial Blog Post – Should You Get Rid Of Your Top Sheet?

The post I wrote about the pros and cons of using a top sheet on your bed received the single most comments of any other post this year. The comments reflected such polarized opinions that I changed this category from “most comments” to “most controversial,” because in the case of the Great Top Sheet Debate, they were one in the same! :-)

most popular posts

Most Popular Product – Makeup Remover Cloths

This year saw the launch of the By Jillee Shop, a one-stop shop for Essentials by Jillee essential oils, useful accessories, my library of e-books, and more! The most popular product in the shop this year were the makeup remover cloths I wrote about in this blog post, where I shared the many advantages they offer over disposable makeup wipes.

What was your favorite OGT post from 2019?

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  • Jilly, I started using a broom to clean the bathroom way back when I was pregnant with my eldest son. I wanted to get the mildew off the ceiling before it exploded in to full blown mould at a relatives house we were holidaying with. They had recently moved house and the previous tenants were lazy. While everybody else went shopping I opted for staying put0. several washes and rinses with both broom and bucket later and the room was sparkling. I must point out that it was a brand new broom that I used. My husband and I always brought SOMETHING when we were invited anywhere and because the small town store had limited stock. we purchased luxuries and necessities from the city at city prices before we headed off on the road trip. Thankfully, a new mop and broom were among those items.

  • I loved that post about cleaning the tub with a broom. (: I gave my 77 yr old aunt that tip, shortly after I read the post about it & she LOVE it, too! She went right out & bought a new broom & tried it & she was reeeally happy with the fact that she no longer had to bend down/over to clean the tub, that she could also clean her tub/shower walls this way & she was also very happy with the results & thanked me profusely for the tip! (: Thanks Jillee! ;)

  • I really liked all of the hints and hacks. I’m never sure why some have such strong feelings about what would be personal to others. I always use a top sheet and that is my preference. My children on the other hand prefer no top sheet although they were brought up with one. Go figure? But if I visit them they always make sure my bed has one.

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