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I Finally Got To Redo My Bathroom, And The Results Are Stunning

Bathroom Makeover - before and after photos of tub
Master bath

A Look Into Our Renovated Bathrooms, Before And After

Today’s post about my recent bathroom makeover is one of many of the posts that I share on my blog which started out as discoveries made while navigating an unfamiliar situation in my own life. It feels very rewarding when I can turn my trial-and-error experiences into information or advice that someone else can benefit from. And that’s exactly what I’m hoping to achieve with this post!

This bathroom makeover was my first major home renovation project, and I really had no idea what to expect when I got started. My hope is that by sharing the whole story, I can help make the process a little easier or less scary for someone else! :-)

The Full Story Behind Our Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover - before and after photos of bathroom
Master and Hall bath after staining cabinets

An Overview Of Our Previous Home Upgrades

I have been bemoaning the state of my bathrooms for several years now. And during that time, I’ve spoken to quite a few other fifty-somethings that have similar feelings about their own homes! Many of us have lived in our current houses for around 20 years now, and our houses could really use a little TLC at this point. And after all the kid-raising and “making ends meet” we’ve done over the years, I think we deserve to finally get serious about the home renovation projects we’ve been dreaming about!

kitchen makeover - before and after photos of kitchen
Kitchen – before and after staining cabinets and refinishing countertops

Many years ago I took my first baby step toward updating my own house. We completed a mini-makeover of the kitchen by staining the cabinets and refinishing the countertops. (And even though I’m content with those updates for now, a much more extensive kitchen remodel is still on my wish list for the future!)

great room makeover - before and after photos
Great Room – before and after taking down wall and replacing floors

A couple of years after that, we took down a wall in our living area and replaced most of the flooring on the main level with tile and wood. Since doing those two projects, I’ve been content with almost everything in the house—EXCEPT for our two dated bathrooms!

kitchen makeover - before and after photos of kitchen
OGT Kitchen – before and after remodel

Getting Started On Our Bathroom Renovation

This year, I decided to (finally) take a step towards getting my bathroom project started by getting a few bids. The first call I made was to a reputable kitchen and bath remodeling company. The bid I received from them took my breath away, and unfortunately not in a good way. I considered biting the bullet and accepting the bid anyway, but then I thought about the Lowe’s-sponsored kitchen renovation we did at the OGT Studio a few years ago.

bathroom makeover - before and after photos of vanity wall and tub
Master bath

That project turned out great, so I figured it was worth a call to Lowe’s to see what they could do for my bathroom project. And I’m very glad I did! Not only was their bid a whole $10K(!) less than the first bid I’d received, but the whole process went about as smoothly as a home renovation project can possibly go!

bathroom makeover - before and after photos of tub and commode area
Hall bath

The Design Process

After accepting the bid from Lowe’s, we set up a time for a design consultation. I met with a talented designer named Melissa, who was extremely helpful in helping me choose materials for the project. I already had an idea of the look I wanted for my bathrooms (thanks to Pinterest, of course), and Melissa was able to walk me through the pro’s and con’s of various options. She also suggested products that I never would have thought of on my own, and those ended up being some of my favorite parts of the finished design!

bathroom makeover - before and after photos of shower
Master bath

I was initially a little worried that Lowe’s might not have materials and products that fit the style I wanted, but those worries evaporated quickly! They had a wide variety of products that represented all the current home design trends. A lot of the “Pin-spiration” I had gathered from Pinterest for our bathroom renovation featured oil-rubbed bronze hardware and white subway tiles. And luckily for me, Lowe’s had lots of options to choose from for both!

bathroom makeover - bathroom vanity and mirror; bathtub
Master bath – Photo by Allison Niccum

Demolition, Construction, & Installation

The demand for contractors is currently surpassing the supply in our growing town. It’s hard enough to get someone to replace a few light fixtures, let alone sign on for a whole renovation project. But going through Lowe’s gave me access to an array of qualified and proven independent contractors. And since Lowe’s expects their contractors to prioritize those jobs, I didn’t have to worry about being put on their back-burner.

bathroom makeover - white tile shower with glass walls and door
Master bath

Another bright spot in the construction and installation part of the project was our project manager Scott. One of the most common complaints people tend to have about renovations is that they weren’t kept in the loop during the process. But Scott always made an effort to send us a text or stop by to keep us updated. On the few occasions that there was a holdup for some reason, he would reach out to let us know about it. Both my worrywart husband and I appreciated this immensely!

*Note:  The contractor we ended up working with was Ideal Kitchen and Bath out of Orem, Utah. I just had to give them a shoutout here because they were so great to work with! :-)

bathroom makeover - two views of a madeover bathroom
Hall bath

A Job Well Done!

Of course none of the above would matter if I wasn’t happy with the finished product (which I definitely am!) I honestly get a little thrill every time I walk into either one of our bathrooms. My husband summed it up nicely when he said it felt like “walking into a bathroom at a really nice hotel.” Our bathroom renovations actually exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. I had no idea that a taller vanity, higher shower head, and deeper bathtub would make such a huge difference!

bathroom makeover - the finished master bath
Master bath – Photo by Allison Niccum

If you have the itch to update your tired bathrooms (or kitchen, or any room really), I hope this post gives you the confidence to make it happen. Believe me, if I can spearhead a project like this, you can too! :-)

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  • Just got through with a bathroom renovation in my 1939 house. The bathroom hadn’t seen any major work since 1963, if the date stamp on the mirror was any indication. The process took 7 weeks. The bathroom had wire mesh and concrete backing on the tile. It was a mess to get out and the tile setters earned their money. We did some of the work ourselves, mostly painting and plugging a large hole in the drywall where a recessed medicine cabinet had been. The rest required pros — an electrician, plumbers and a tub and countertop refinisher. The bathtub went from pinkish beige to white as did the countertop, to which some stone-like flourishes were added. We got a new faucet, a new shower kit and a new toilet. The. tile work, demolition and resetting new tile, was $8,200. The plumbing was $1,200. In all, the total will probably come to $11,000 to $12,000. Our neighbors had their bathroom redone recently and a national bath remodeling chain quoted them a price of $26,000 and tried to sell them plastic tile. The contractor they used put in the wrong grout color and had to remove the tile and do it over again! I’m very pleased with the way my bathroom turned out, but projects like this can be an ordeal.

  • That is simply Amazing! It looks so cozy! I regret that I have made my bathroom design and repair, otherwise I would make it like yours=)) Who helped you to do all this stuff? I order services from handykith, they did all pretty nice. How about you?

  • You and Lowe’s did a great job! I think you’ll like your choices for a long time. I got some ideas for my own bathrooms out of this too. Thanks!

  • Wow. Looks great.We did our major overhaul of our main bathroom about 5-6 years ago. We have a neighbor who has re- made some houses that he and his wife would buy and then sell them. He and a buddy of his helped my folks with the redo. The master bathroom would be a major task in a half. The people who had the house before us had been in an accident, so the master bath and the house had been adapted to accommodate a wheelchair. My folks aren’t interested in redoing their bathroom. It just has a shower and I don’t think they would want to give up any bedroom space. The house is ano older style which didn’t have the big master bedrooms back then.

  • I love all the renovations!! I took on a major renovation when I first bought my house, 3 1/2 years ago. I combined two bedrooms to create the master suite of my dreams – I never regretted it although my bank account sure did, ha ha!!

  • Where did you get the mirrors and the wood / metal wall shelves from? Am almost done w/ our bathroom renovations and these items would be perfect icing on the cake!

  • That looks great. Wish I can afford to do some updates. Going to take it one project at at time. My whole house needs a makeover but with one income and a Son in college . Bills and food to feed our family come first. Looks great Jillee. .

  • I read you blog every day and have used so many of your recipes and decor ideas! I look forward to your posts so much! This bathroom is beautiful! I am in dire need of some room makeovers in my 20+ year old house! Thanks for the great information.

  • Jillee this is the first time I’ve made a comments on your blog. Please know that I look forward to your post everyday.
    I would like to know what is the color of stain you used on the kitchen cabinets and did you purchase it from Lowes also?

  • Well done Jillee. Lovely and fresh with lots of white and a bit of greenery. We own an old hotel which we run as a guest house with 18 rooms so we have done little else for 19 months but paint, re-decorate and up-grade. Like you, I look forward to the thrill of walking through the whole place and seeing our touches which will add to our guests’ experience. By the way – we live out in the desert in Outback Australia 450 kilometres from the nearest large town and a source of tradespeople, so much of the work has been done by yours truly! Oh for a clone of your Scott!

  • Wow!!!! Everything looks totally chic and spa like. I’m amazed this look came from Lowe’s. Lowe’s will be on my list. Your post came at the right time. My husband and I are purchasing a new home. We have two and a half baths to remodel!! I’m so excited even more since I read your post. I truly believe all will look amazing and everything will go well. Thank you for always being here for us!!

    Happy healthy New Years to you and yours!

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