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This Is The #1 Best Homekeeping Hack I Can Give You

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A few months ago I hit a pretty big personal and professional milestone – I have been sharing my ideas on One Good Thing by Jillee every day for 10 years!

And throughout that time I’ve been committed to providing all of the very best home hacks and time-saving cleaning tricks I possibly can…one “good thing” at a time.

But I realized that one tip per day was limiting how much good information I could share, and that a fresh approach might be even more helpful.

So I created the One Good Thing newsletter! It’s a personal, daily email with timely hacks for your home and garden. And best of all, it’s not just one good thing…but several great ideas in one short read!

Here’s what readers are saying:

What Readers Are Saying About The OGT Newsletter:

  • “I could zip right through and then go back for more!”
  • “It’s very easy to read with a lot of good ideas.”
  • “Great assortment of articles. It feels so fresh and new!”
  • “So much good info in such an accessible format!”
  • “Where do I begin? I loved it all!”
  • So many interesting features. It’s a great read with so much to enjoy!”

Publishing a new post on my blog every day has allowed me to reach millions of readers, but the format’s limitations have prevented me from sharing all the ideas I’ve wanted to share.

So now, whenever someone asks me to share my #1 best homekeeping tip with them, I tell them the best thing I can recommend is signing up for the newsletter! I include so many more great tips in each day’s email than I could share in a brief exchange or even a single blog post.

So what’s in the newsletter?

A laptop screen displaying the word

The One Good Thing newsletter shortens the distance between you and the “one good things” you love, delivers even more useful ideas for your home and life, and gives us the opportunity to interact more directly.

Not only do I get to share more with you in each newsletter, but you can share your thoughts with me—about the day’s newsletter or anything else—just by hitting “reply!”

More To Learn And Enjoy

For both new and longtime readers of One Good Thing, you’ll find more of the household tips and tricks you love, plus other stuff like upcoming events, daily inspiration, product recommendations, and more.

I also include special features in each newsletter, including:

  • Weekly polls
  • Games and quizzes
  • Weekly motivation
  • Nostalgia
  • Reader highlights

More Personal

Another exciting aspect of the new newsletter is that it gives me the freedom to share more personal things than I’ve been able to on my blog alone. I share interesting (and useful) things I find online, give sneak previews of upcoming tips, and include personal updates from my own home projects!

It’s Free To Receive

You can also rest easy knowing that my email newsletter will continue to be available to you for free.

So, what are you waiting for?

See you soon!

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