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My Kitchen Miracle Cleaner – Part Deux!


So…the other day I was finishing up the dishes of the day and hand-scrubbing the jelly roll pans (cookie sheets), because they don’t fit in the dishwasher, and was quite appalled when I realized just how stained and nasty-looking they were!

In my defense…I have had these pans a LOONNNGGGG time! I think my Mom bought them for me when we were first married from Orson Gygi.  They have seen a LOT of kitchen “action” since then.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I became a Giada deLaurentis groupie, that I started using foil on my cookies sheets EVERYTIME I used them. Saves me SOOOO much clean up time…and grief.  But these pans have seen a LOT of abuse over the years.

As I stared at the pans I wondered how my “miracle” cleaner would work on these.  A couple of weeks ago I shared how the “miracle” of baking soda and peroxide had pretty much changed my life. ;-)

Miracle Cleaner 13

Miracle Cleaner 14

Well, ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration…but I was FLOORED at how well it works on pretty much everything in my kitchen.  I mean look at these hard water stained utensils! They look like new!

But my jelly roll pans….these were a whole different level of stained! My “miracle” cleaner couldn’t possibly work on them….or could it??  hmmmmm.  You know I had to find out.

Well, like they say….a picture’s worth a thousand words!


Miracle Cleaner 15
I’m a leftie, so I work left to right

I cleaned HALF of this pan and left the other 1/2 untouched to show the stark difference!  And honestly, it really didn’t even take a whole lot of scrubbing to get it to look like this! My husband thinks I am insane….I was practically GIDDY cleaning my disgusting pans! :-)  I DO have to tell you though…the stuff in the corners and on the sides of the pan were MUCH harder (almost impossible) to get completely clean.  I managed to get a LOT of the build-up off…but those areas were much more of a challenge. I doubt I’ll get them completely clean…but it’s such a vast improvement…I really don’t even care. :-)

Anyway, I just couldn’t resist sharing another cleaning success story using my “miracle” cleaner. Hopefully some of you out there get as excited about this stuff as I do.  If you haven’t tried it yet….do it!  You’ll be amazed!!!

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  • Aw, it didn't work for my cookie sheets at all with brand new peroxide and baking soda. I scrubbed really hard, too! Oh well :)

    At least it was cheap to try.

      • I have to wonder if any of you are actually scrubbing/rubbing the baking soda peroxide paste onto the stain/grease spots.. I mixed my paste, scooped it out of bowl I mixed it in with my fingers, spread it across the pan I wanted to clean.. let it sit for a minute and then started to rub.. the paste starts to get dry.. I used my index finger and a big clump of dried paste and just rubbed the spots.. they were slowly disappearing and the paste turns a yellowy brown color (which is the grease being removed from the pan and absorbed into the paste) It works.. and I used NO sponge just my fingers!

      • It would have helped immensely to give the insturctions on how to do this in your article . Including how much bakeng soda and how much peroxide to make a paste. I have some items which need cleaning and I willt ry this out …

      • She pretty much did the directions when she said make a paste. So make a paste, put the baking soda in first and than slowly add the peroxide and mix till it is paste like. If you make home made gravy using corn starch, this is the same concept.

    • Just put them in the oven @ 500 for 1 1/2 hours and they come out like new :) …The first time I left them in was when I put my oven on self-clean and since them I do this all the time.

      • OK, so this worked! My pan (I threw two others away, unfortunately) was really pretty far gone. I’ve been procrastinating about going online and ordering some more. We use sheet pans all the time. AND WE WASH THEM thoroughly after use! But they still end up this awful residue.

        Anyway, I put my poor lonely old pan in the oven at 500 degrees for 90 minutes and let ‘er rip! There was a lot of smell at first, but that’s what the range hood is for, right? It’s not like new, but it is still totally ready for kitchen combat.


        P.S. Not excited about all the heat and electricity needed to do this, but for now…I’m a convert. None of the other solutions work.

    • Brillo/SOS pads work great. Let the pans soak in some hot water and vinegar, then start scrubbing. Takes quite a bit of elbow grease, but works!

  • I am confused? Where is part one of this post? I would like to know the process you used to clean the pans, I am moving soon, and would love to clean my baking sheets the way you have BEFORE I move. I have looked for a link to the the first part and cannot seem to locate it and looked in the archives.
    Thanks for your help! I am looking forward to nice clean and shiny pans again.

    • she has the link to the first ‘miracle cleaner’ page on this page. If you scroll up, it’s the red, underlined words that say “the miracle of baking soda and peroxide” Hope this helps, :)

  • I think I'm doing something wrong. Tried the miracle cleaner, didn't work at all! Thought maybe my peroxide was old, bought new, still didn't work. Left it on for 1/2 hour, no go! Poured boiling water on it and then did peroxide, baking soda another 20 min, nothing!
    Has anyone else has success with this process! Am I doing something wrong? (Tried it on cookie sheet and frying pan)

    • I just read a similar post. The trick, I think, is this: Mix the baking soda and peroxide. Wait until the fizzing stops. Then use the baking soda at the bottom of the mixture to clean with. This was suggested as a cleaner for moldy looking stains on refrigerator seals…scrubbed with a toothbrush!

      • What fizzing?? I didn’t have any fizzing at all, and used a brand new bottle of peroxide and fresh baking soda.. didn’t work for my pans either. :(

      • There should be no fizzing whatsoever. Baking soda is a base and hydrogen peroxide is a base… Both will react with an acid (ie vinegar or lemon juice) but do not react with each other. If your mixture fizzed you’ve got a problem with your baking soda in that it might be contaminated with some bacteria…

    • Dozens of people have blogged about their attempts to replicate the results described in this post and no one has gotten the fabulous results promised. Many of them tried it several times, several different ways in case they were doing it wrong. Steel wool does the job or just put some aluminum foil down and ignore how the pan looks underneath. But, no, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, left for a few hours, does not yield the results shown with a little rubbing and scrubbing. Most testers posted before and after photos and it took out a little of the overall bronze patina, but did nothing to restore the pans where the darker harder deposits were burned onto them. Just get a new pan or find someone strong to use the steel wool on them.

      • I use dawn overnight soak in 5 minutes let it sit for atleast the five minutes then clean the detergent off with a magic eraser then a microfiber cloth. Works perfectly every time.

      • I do the same as you. Dawn Overnight Soak in five minutes cleans anything and then I just use the magic eraser. Works great!

      • I used Dawn Power Dissolver on my baking sheets and it got the gunk off, however, it made my food taste like chemicals. Tried putting them in the oven for self cleaning, scrubbed with steel wool, soaked them. They still had a weird taste, so I tossed them

        It only took about 5 months of my kids using Pam spray on the new pans for them to get gunked up. This time I tried this “Miracle Cleaner” but it did not work for me either. :( I’m sad and disappointed.

      • I use the magic eraser on my cooktop as well and it comes right off, no scrubbing like before!

    • I use Baking Soda & Borax to clean my Kitchen. If I want a Paste I have a bottle of 1/4 C Peroxide, 1 Tblsp Baking soda, 1 tblsp Borax, 2 Tblsp dawn or Dr Bonners & 1 C water. Shake it up good, but make sure there is room in the bottle for expansion or leave lid off Trust me on this. Mine Expanded all over the Kitchen.

      First I sprinkle just the Baking SodaBorax mix on the counter/Stove. Then lightly Moisten with the Liquid mixture. It works just like Soft Scrub. I wipe down several times to get the grit off, but it really works and there have been no Ants this Summer. Oxy Clean is Just Washing Soda(Bake your Baking Soda for a couple of Hours till its Ashy) and Peroxide. I often add the Washing Soda to the Mix above to kick up the power.

    • The best and easiest way to clean glasstop or ceramic cooktops is….Bar Keepers Friend. You can find it at just about any grocery store…right next to Comet. Use the powder form, not the liquid or gel. Clean your cooktop as well as you can, use the razor to get off any burnt on stuff. Add just a little water to the entire cooktop…just get it damp. Sprinkle on the Bar Keepers Friend. Use a rag, sponge, Mr. Eraser….anything and scrub in circles. You want a paste so add more cleaner or water to get the texture. Wipe off leaving a haze. Let dry then come back with a clean rag and wipe off the haze. CLEAN!!!

      • I use a salt, vinegar, lemon, borax rub. just rub it in circular motions with my hands, it gets so clean it is almost brand new! Clean off with my all purpose kitchen cleaner. 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 tbsp dawn, 1/3 c borax and 10 drops tea tree oil. Warm a cup of water up, pour borax in to dissolve. Add all liquids to spray bottle then fill to top. Be sure that the borax is dissolved before using. I sometimes add a few tbsp of lemon juice for scent. This spray can be used for everything from counter top cleaner to windows!

    • I have used it on our glass top before and it works good. I actually just sprinkle the baking soda on the stove and cover it with a soapy wet towel (wrung out a little) and let it sit for 30 minutes then start scrubbing with the towel and it comes pretty clean…My stove top is black so I am not sure how well it works on white :)

  • I tried this tonight with a drop or 2 of ammonia on the inside of the oven door. I covered the paste with plastic and let it sit for about 30 minutes. A few swipes with a plastic onion bag got most of the crud off. Then I finished it off with a magic eraser…beautiful! I've been trying to clean this thing for a week!

  • Another little hint for baking soda: add 1 cup to your bath water and it will get rid of yeast infections. If you use it every time you take a bath you'll never have another infection. A very nice side effect is that it softens your skin. Learned this from my child's pediatrician about 37 years ago and have been free of them for that long; which is amazing for me. Hope it helps — I know that I try and share it with everyone that I know about this little trick. It's a whole lot cheaper and a lot cleaner then all of those medicines they sell. If you have an infection it does take a little while to clear it up. That is why I recommend using it all of the time and be free from them.

      • I will have to try this one, and then let my friends know about it. Thats so much better than the awful creams etc. that are on the market.

      • I am diabetic. Sometimes I get lazy about taking my insulin (always poking a finger to test, then 7 injections thru the day & bedtime). Maybe that is discouraged, as sometimes without b/t shot my am sugar is good & with the b/t shot the am sugar is high. Anyway a few days of laxness leads to yeast insanity. I don’t like to sit in the tub and don’t have one at the camp. Hmmm… maybe a baby bathtub will fit my posterior. I heard plain yogurt, no added sugar or fruit, applied daily works for some along with probiotic capsules 12-25million/cpsule 1/d (2 if you are desperate & can’t get to the drug store). The greek yogurt is thicker so it might be less mess. I do like the new product that is no longer requires a perscription. It has fluc… in its name. The pharm said that it was the new Cannes brand – No Way!

      • the Yogurt Usually Works the Same Day. Might be the Cold helps the Burning. I used to clean for a pediatrician and she told me to do this. I thought she was crazy, but it worked. Also Up your intake of Orally taken Yogurt. That helps as well.

  • Love your hints!! They are awesome! I have to throw my two cents in on this one-even tho it's not a 'natural' cleaner, the white sponges (the big bald guy!! LOL) work great on most all of the problems that people have listed here. It doesn't take a whole lot of elbow grease either. They are not as expensive as when they first came out-WalMart even has their own version of them. My sinks stay white, every bit of old grease comes off of pans (with a little bit of elbow grease) it keeps the white part of tennis shoes white, keeps the fridge door clean, just so many uses!! It's my miracle sponge!!

    • The Mr Clean Magic Erasers? I bought some at Deals (dollar store) 2 for $1 and they work just as well. I was amazed at how it got the rust stains out of my so-called stainless steel sinks AND black scuffed paint off of our white walls and baseboards. My husband thought I was nuts for going around the house and looking for things to try to clean with them lol

  • When my pans are gunked up and can't be cleaned with routine cleaning, I use what I use in my oven: oven cleaner! Lay newspaper down, spray, let sit as for a cold oven, and proceed with the cleaning. I've used this method on Pyrex to Stainless Steel. Perhaps someone else mentioned this above, but I didn't have time to read them all. Love your site! DeDe :)

    • Oven cleaner on pans. Place in black garbage bag. Set out in the sun. Solar energy warms it up and does a nice job. You can even do the clean up outside and get your dose of Vitamin D for the day. O, if you forget that you put it out today, you can do it tomorrow. Or maybe your husband will clean up for you.

      • USing Washing Soda and water to Cover Gunky Grills then putting Trash bag Over night and you are supposed to be able to Clean them with a hose.

      • USE PLAIN OLD AMMONIA IN PLACE OF OVEN CLEANER OUTSIDE in that black plastic bag in the sunshine–works perfectly, is way cheaper, and this is how we clean the burned-on gunk from our outdoor grill racks! :D

  • It mostly worked! Now going to combat the stubborn stain with ammonia vapor (few drops of ammonia and cover the spot with bowl for 12 to 24 hours). *fingers crossed*

    • Try using a garbage bag, place your cook wear in it, pour in some ammonia (don’t need much your just using the fumes), tie up the bag the as tight as possible (I used twist ties and zip ties). Make sure you don’t set it on any wood surface (lesson learned) I usually place mine on my garage floor so the fumes don’t get in my house either. Let sit for about 24 hrs.When times past, just wash down like usual. You can also do this to your stove top covers, oven racks, and grills.

  • I was also very excited to try this after seeing it on Pinterest. Tried once with no luck and discovered my peroxide was expired. Opened a brand new bottle and…same thing. No luck. Pans look just as bad as before. But it WAS worth a try. I wonder if it makes a difference on the type of pans. My cookie sheets are a dark metal, not the shiny silver.

    • I would try vinegar with the baking soda, it will definitely fizz, it is a good cleaner to freshen your drains, pour baking soda in drain first then follow that with white vinegar and let stand . After a while rinse thoroughly with hot water ane your drains will smell fresher.

      • Drain Cleaner: Recipe from a Halifax, NS Enviroment Friendly Group from 25 yrs ago. Works for us. A little pricey but buy it at bulk or natural food store.
        Pour 1/3 c cream of tartar powder into your drain.
        Pour in 1/2 – 1 c white vinegar.
        Immediately follow with 1 litre boiling water.
        Put plug in drain and leave for a while.

      • I’ve used a variation of this one for years to unclog my sink (I’m on septic so don’t use chemical drain cleaners)… it works and is inexpensive. The use of baking soda in place of cream of tartar also leaves the drain smelling sweeter.

        Pour 1/2C baking soda down drain. Add 1/2C white vinegar and cover drain for 5 min.
        Finally, pour 5C boiling water down the drain.

  • I wonder if it has to do with the source of the discoloration? I use a pan spray that has lecithin in it, which can contribute to stubborn sticky residue. I did try this, with very little result. I wasn't getting anything off with a scouring pad, then hubby got a plastic pan scraper and got off a bit in the middle. I often use "bar keepers friend" powder for this kin d of mess, and get better results than the peroxide and baking soda. I really wonder if the difference between the "didn't work at all" and "wow that was awesome" crowds are what's been used on the pan!

  • Tried it with little success. I can barely see a difference. You must have stronger arms & hands than I do! It did do a good job on my white stove and fridge though.

    • Most the dentist I’ve ever been too have suggested using baking soda for teeth. And believe me, when I was growing up, sometimes all we had was baking soda to brush our teeth (I’m only 40). No enamel problems at all, so say the dentist ;)

  • I used the baking soda and h.peroxide mixture in my shower. It worked better (alot better) than dawn and white vinegar mixture. I have hard water that turns the texture in the shower orange. This mixture cleaned it but when I used it on my cookie sheet it did not work very well.

    • Thanks for the tip, I HATE the smell of vinegar and can’t use it so I’ve been hoping something like this would work for the shower now that they stopped making my favorite cleaner :(

  • I was so excited to try your Miracle Cleaner, so I went at it, and I went at it, and at it, and nothing, I was so disappointed. I decided to read what others were saying and if anyone had my misfortune as well. Come to find out that the cleaner doesn't work well if your products are expired, (imagine that, haha). So out I went to purchase new, fresh products, came home anxiously to try all over again. Turns out that fresh and new does make a difference, haha. Pan is spanking new and shiny, I'm just sorry I didn't take a before and after picture. I am so grateful for this tip and for Pinterest. I was ready to go get a new toaster over, (oh yeah, that's what desperately needed cleaning), so thank you again for your tip and for saving me lots of $$$$.

  • Do you think this would work on grimy stove grates? The ones that your pots and pans sit on over the flames. Any ideas on how to go about that??

    • I use just a paste of baking soda and water to clean the stovetop, the oven, and the grates. I was surprised how well it worked. I applied the paste directly on the stovetop – I have the regular gas stove. By the time I had rinsed out my sponge and waled back to the stove all I had to do was wipe. No scrubbing at all. same with the oven. The grates I put in a sink of baking soda and water. I did have to scrub a little after they soaked about 30 minutes. No ammonia fumes. and I am the most cleaning challenged person there is.

    • Careful!! You can’t use oven cleaner in propane or gas ovens. My mom loved her propane stove except
      the pain of not being able to use regular oven cleaners. They stopped making the one she could use.
      She doesn’t have the propane anymore. I must have my husband clean her oven for her the next time, he says women shouldn’t have to clean ovens. Man’s job! Mom’s 83 she shouldn’t anymore either.

    • Don’t have oven cleaner? Just put your oven shelves and burner grates in a garbage bag. Pour in a some ammonia, close & secure the garbage bag with twisty-ties, kitchen twine, or something to keep the vapors in the bag. leave outside overnight (I just lay the sealed bag on the ground). Open the bag the next day….stand back as you open the bag as the vapors will be concentrated. Spray off with water using the garden hose. If there is anything spots left of, using a scrub pad.. lightly scub to remove the “left-ons”. This works really wll during the summer months when you have the heat to help with the process.

      • what does the ammonia do to your surrounding plants?? I don’t have sewer or storm drains in the road (which here in WA we’re constantly reminded not to pour things down because of our streams and waterways).

  • Bummer. I was so excited to try this after seeing it on pinterest, but it didn’t work at all. I scrubbed and scrubbed, then let sit on the pan for an hour, then scrubbed again. Nothing. :-(

  • Disappointed that it too did not work for me. I have some really gross cookie sheets that I was hoping to spruce up with this “miracle” cleaner, but nothing! I am slightly happier knowing that others tried it with out success too, but over all sad that it didn’t work for my pans. I have learned late in the game that a sheet of aluminum foil can save a pan from this horrible tragedy.

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  • @Melynda,

    I take a black plastic garbage bag and lay it on top of an old cookie sheet, inside the garbage bag I put my burners and drip pans from my gas stove, I pour about a cup of household ammonia inside, tie a knot in the bag and leave it overnight. In the morning rinse off the ammonia (hold your breath!) the grease and stains practically fall off with minimal scrubbing.

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    • Baby bottle brushes work well also, They are about $2 and have a sponge end with round bristles and get one that has a nipple cleaner and it’s much better and sturdier than a toothbrush in those crevices. We also use it to clean the fish tank (a separate one of course).

    • ay i love my old toothbrushes! they also work great for keeping keeping the tub drain free of hair balls! just sort jam the toothbrush into the drain and turn it round and round and pull out a nasty looking hair ball that will make you cringe! eek! so gross. use gloves so you don’t have to touch the slimy beast. twice a week and your bathtub will always drain very well as you take a shower. No more standing in ankle deep water!

  • I tried this on a very old cookie sheet that has lost its “non stck” surface, much like the picture. I could see the bubbles working and saw some of the cooking spray grime coming off. I did scrub it too, but it was great to get it off. Now I will switch to a more natural spray instead of cooking spray.

  • I found this post via pinterest! We are currently in the process of moving, and these tips are amazing! I’m always looking for “home remedies” of a sort to make cleaning a bit more easy without being overly toxic! thanks for sharing!!!


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  • This worked amazingly for me! I had a glass dish with baked on, burnt teriyaki sauce. I tried everything and was about ready to throw it away when I found this–thank you! I had to do it three times to get every last bit off, but it was like new in about 20 minutes!

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  • I’ve had a lovely, rectangular shaped rust stain in the bottom of my kitchen sink for years (left a wet cookie sheet in there – whoops!) and I just tried this and my sink is SPOTLESS!!! Now I’m off to clean anything I can find :)

  • […] was sooo excited to try this “miracle cleaner” on my old baking pans. SO EXCITED!! I got out my pans, whipped up the mixture, made a line […]

  • Got my cookie sheet back to a nice silvery color but didnt work on the most darkened cooked on spots. I think this will work perfectly if done more often on cookie sheets. As far as casserole dishes, crockpot, etc…I love the dryer sheet and warm water soak over night. Almost no scrub!

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  • I didn’t use foil my new oven I found out that it can ruin the pans and the oven. The bottom of my new oven was starting to show rust and a raised swirl type pattern on the bottom of the oven. When the repair guy came he said that using foil could cause the oven damage. The only time I used foil was to line a pan which ruined the pan after repeated use. The solution: Use parchment paper to line your pans. Much less scrubbing and much lessoven cleaning

  • If I have food stuck to a pan I sprinkle baking soda over it then add boiling water, then let it sit for 30 mins or more, rinse and then wipe out. Works every time and no elbow grease required.

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  • Unfortunately, the miracle cleaner was no miracle. I had new baking soda and peroxide…my cookie pans didn’t budge on coming clean. It was however a good cleaner for other things…stovetop, microwave, doors, etc. however then I had to turn around and go back over all the surfaces with a clean wet cloth as the cleaner left gritty residue. A little too much work for daily use, but good for those in-depth cleaning days!

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  • Worked on my stovge top, worked on my saucepan too. Saucepan wasnt too dirty, but it’s shining beautifully now.

    Did a wipe on my toaster & table top counters (which has curry droplets, someone trickled some a few days ago, and the yellow stains refuse to lighten). IT CAME RIGHT OFF.

    Had to use a rough pad to wipe, but so worth it!

  • I don’t know about this idea since it didn’t work for a lot people but I have tip. Someone said Magic Erasers. I love those things but they disintegrate really fast if you get going. If you don’t have one or run out try using a lighty wet and run out dryer sheet. If you have smudges on the wall or your fridge door it works great. It also can cut grease on your cook top. If I have a pan that is really yucky and caked on I put scalding hot water in the pan and swish a dryer sheet in it. Leave it there for about 10 mins and your pan will clean really well. Just rinse really well. There’s nothing it in harmful so give it a try. Tell me if people like this idea :) GL!

    • re: anitat ~ i’m thinking the ‘seasoning’ your are referring to is only important for cast iron skillets/dutch ovens and those expensive pampered chef stone dishes or any stone/clay dishes. You are right about that. That is so totally true for those type of dished. But for aluminum pans/cookie sheets and the outside of your boiling pots and those with that baked enamel i think it is called, this is great!

  • It work with me :) I didn’t have any fizzing at all, and used a brand new bottle of peroxide and fresh baking soda. For the more dirty zones I used aluminum foil.

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  • I’ve done this with vinegar and baking soda, but never tried it with peroxide.

    For those who weren’t able to make this work for them, my mother discovered an easy way to clean stained cookie sheets. She had one just as badly stained as in the picture above, and put it in the oven on the self-clean cycle. Yep – the cycle meant for cleaning the oven! Out came a sparkling clean cookie sheet (well, after she wiped off the ash, anyway!).

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  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

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  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • The peroxide/baking soda combo did nothing for my pans – I was wondering if it matters if the pans are non-stick or have a dark coating, versus the lighter non-coated aluminum pans?

    As another person commented – MR CLEAN SPONGE…it will clean EVERYTHING….I haven’t found anything that it would not clean, it worked great on my pans, although by the time I was done the sponge was pretty much done for and falling apart, but hey it was worth it!

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  • I’ve tried it on my pans …took some scrubbing and it came away a bit but not all the way, I think I’ll put more peroxide in it next time and try! BUT if worked great on my very dirty tile grout in the kitchen. When we moved in the tile grout was very bad and nothing cleaned it, I even tried bleach (which did work a bit but took too much scrubbing and the fumes were nasty!) So, yesterday after I cleaned the pans I had the idea of putting it on the grout lines and letting it soak in for 10-15 mins and then scrubbing with a grout brush, and WOW the grout is back to it’s original colour (white!) I am amazed at how easy and minimal scrubbing it took! I am so looking forward to using this on all the dirty grout!
    Thanks for this ‘miracle’!!

  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • Here is another trick that helps keep those baking sheets gunk free. We bake chicken, hamburgers and all kinds of food on our cookie sheets and they get pretty gunked up with grease stains that look burnt into the aluminum. Well, while right before i do the dishes, I lay cookie sheet on the stove top burners and fill it with water than heavily sprinkle regular cooking salt very generously into the water filled cookie sheet. Than turn the fire on low and let simmer while i’m washing up rest of the dishes. Afterwards just take a spatula and scrap the junk and rinse. It’s doesn’t take much arm strength to scrap either. Don’t know why it works but it does. If you do this when needed plus her miracle cleaner recipe as needed your pans will not be so embarrasing.

  • […] buying new ones when I found and re-pinned this post this morning. The original blog post is at “One Good Thing” by Jillee. I swear Jillee is a genius–check out her other cleaning […]

  • I finally got rid of all my old baking sheets, muffin tins, etc. when I was introduced to the silpat and other Demarle at Home products. They might be a little pricey, but they come with a lifetime warranty! The silpat is completely non-stick and you can use it for everything and you never have to spray it with pam, flour or anything and lasts about 10,000 uses! They also sell flexipan that is light weight, lifetime warranty and also non-stick. Non-stick is hard for those eating gluten free, but all Demarle products are safe and they never absorb or transfer food, so it’s non-stick and gluten free, etc.
    Honestly, it has changed my life and how I cook and clean!

    You can view the products on youtube or go to http://www.demarleathome.com and view a catalog. I am a rep and can order anything you would like. Just send me an email or give me a call 916-300-7406.

  • I used baking soda,peroxide and Brillo. Most of the grease came off. It doesn’t look new but itb is 50 percent better. At least least now I can pick up my baking pan without it being sticky. I will still use aluminum foil on the pan. The one that nothing sticks to.

  • For my non-stick pans, I let the paste sit for an hour or so. I found that a plastic scraper worked best (like you get with the Pampered Chef stones). It was a lot of scraping, but wasn’t as bad as using a sponge or toothbrush.

  • […] got this “recipe for success” from this blog. I first tried this “magic solution” on a very old cookie sheet that my mom kept from […]

  • […] credit this idea to Jillee over at One Good Thing. That woman is amazing. She wrote tons of posts on her “miracle cleaner;” a mixture of […]

  • […] that were a little disappointing, but this last Pinterest-inspired activity I attempted was the miracle pan cleaning posted on One Good Thing. It seemed easy enough. Peroxide and baking soda aren’t hat hard to […]

  • I tried it with just the stuff she sad and it wasnt working that great so then i added white vingear to my sheet and it got a good amount off but nothig like the picture above

  • I am wondering how many of the people who rave about this idea actually tried it. Because it didn’t work well for me at all, despite my letting the “miracle” cleaner sit in the baking sheet for over 5 hours. And my baking sheet wasn’t even all that bad; I’m pretty conscientious about keeping my stuff in good shape. And I’m a huge fan of homemade cleaners and diy ideas. Whatever.

  • I sprinkled baking soda on my pan and poured a little peroxide onto the pan as well. (its looked like a milky glue consistency. Followed up with rubbing, scraping, scouring, nothing was really working so then I re-read the directions. Use 1/4 cup baking soda and a “SQUIRT” of peroxide. Squirt, means just that– you should have far more baking soda than peroxide and it will be a THICK paste, not runny the way my first attempt was. Cleaned all my stainless pots and they all ended up looking like NEW! I don’t know if the age of products matters, because honestly I just used what I had in my cabinets. I do know however the quantity of the two parts mattered completely with my test.

  • Is the spray supposed to really wet the pan alot? My spray bottle did not put much peroxide on the pan so if it does not work, I will pour some over the baking soda. I hope it works. Will update.

  • I tried this on my cookie sheet but I did not rub. I used a ton of peroxide and made it very soupy. Then I let it sit for two days. It bubbled up and the greasefloated on the top. At the end of the second day I scrubbed then washed it out. It was an improvement, but nothing like the picture. It didn’t work on the bottom of my pots and pans though.

  • This so doesn’t work!!!! It doesn’t work with just your fingers either. What a waste of time. I think it’s a fake post to build up pinterest traffic.

    The way I clean my jellyroll pans that looked just like the ones in the post?
    A green scotch brite scouring pad, a little soapy water and some elbow grease.
    They look brand new in about 5 minutes.

  • My Grandma made me try baby bath and baking soda in the shower..you can use it for you’re hair and body. It makes you’re hair and skin so soft. Then after I got out of the shower she said come here I wanna show you something. She had a mixture that looked like the one I had just used in the shower. I was confused she said it was baking soda and lemon dish soap(use light colored soaps for no staining). She then started cleaning her stove top that had grease all over it from the sausage and Bacon she cooked for breakfast. It came right off. She said she cleans everything with it. Stain on white or tan carpet .. no problem just use a dab and a scrub brush and BAM! It’s gone.

  • I was able to get this to work, but only on certain pans. I think it depends on the metal of the pan. Also I added maybe a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Thanks for the tip.

  • I heard about this miracle cleaner and so I decided to try it on my wife’s tea kettle that had years of grease and burnt on residue. We tried cleaning it with oxy dish soap with no avail. I decided to try cleaning it and cleaned it up so well it almost looks as new as it was the day it was bought. Don’t be afraid to use elbow grease though.

  • I had no trouble getting this to work. My pans were bad, didn’t get them totally clean but a lot better. I let it sit for about 5 mins then scrubbed with my fingers. Will do again.

  • This is a real joke. Sure you got it to work LOL. I tried it on my 2 cookie sheets and pizza pan. Absolutely nothing, zilch, zero, nada.
    This does NOT work at all. I agree with everyone else NOTHING.
    Sure, your pans came clean, like new. Pinocchio’s nose is certainly really long.

  • […] your baking sheets dirty and dingy from years of use?  Check out this amazing cleaning tip from One Good Thing by Jillee.  With some baking soda and peroxide your pans will look brand new […]

  • It worked for me just fine! I mixed it together first to make a paste like you said and then let it sit on the pan and my tea kettle for 10 min. I used a scrubby sponge and it made a huge difference. Tea kettle looked fantastic and pans weren’t perfect but a huge improvement. Also tried it on the stove top drip pans and it helped a bunch…it’s not perfect either but NOTHING had helped it before! Thanks so much. I wonder why so many had trouble??

  • […] try was from One Good Thing by Jillee her miracle recipe is baking soda/peroxide mixture. Here is the link to her post on it. You can see […]

  • This did not work— I made a bowl of paste, slathered it on and let it soak for 30 minutes. Then I scrubbed the pan until my arm hurt!!! NOTHING– no difference at all :( what a bummer

  • 2-Ingredient Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Gunk RemoverOne Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee says:

    […] together with a spoon and go crazy!  I like to use my fingers when I use baking soda (ie. Miracle Cleaner) because I feel like I can really work the fine grains of baking soda into the surface best that […]

  • I tried using a raw potato and it worked okay. It only got some of it off but the pan looks nicer now than before. You can cut it but I chose not to cut it and just use it plain.

  • […] הגברת החביבה הזו נשבעת בתערובת של אבקת סודה לשתיה ומי חמצן 3%. כרבע כוס אבקה, שהיא שפכה עליה מי חמצן עד שהתקבלה משחה… מנקה כלי מטבח כמו מלכה. בלינק יש גם תמונה שמראה איך היא ניקתה תבנית אלומיניום כזו, והאמת- נראה מרשים! […]

  • Just wanted to let all you mums out there know I’ve done this successfully with Washing soda – not the stuff you buy premade for the washing machine with all the nice scents and stuff. It will be in the same aisle, but called Washing Soda. I left my tin overnight in the laundry tub and the next day washed with a scourer and warm water and all the gunk fell off. It also works to get your oven racks sparkling with no elbow grease. Cheers

  • You should try the dawn overnight scrub. You have to have a soft plastic to use to scrape it off, but just wipe an undiluted coat of soap over the area and let it set 10 min. Scrape it off the soap and all of it should come right off. I’ve seen this work on 10 year old stains.

  • […] together with a spoon and go crazy!  I like to use my fingers when I use baking soda (ie.Miracle Cleaner) because I feel like I can really work the fine grains of baking soda into the surface best that […]

  • […] as well, you may have a  few “nasty” pans that could be cleaned first.Check out this AWESOME TIP that shows you how to clean off all the gunk on your pans to get you nice and ready for all that Christmas […]

  • Hello Jill,
    thanks for your posting, i do have three badly abused baking sheets similar to yours, tried several options , and finally gave up on them, i have to try your miracle cleaner to see the results.
    thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing! …. I use baking soda and vinegar to clean my messy pans, pots and even bathroom tubs and sinks. Baking soda alone can remove smell from glasses and bowls and plates ..really a miracle worker!!!,

  • Faster way than using elbow grease. Electric toothbrush and facial brush. You can get both at a dollar store for $1 and toss when it no longer works. The hydrogen peroxide-baking soda works well but why scrub when there are electric products that can do the scrubbing for you?

  • You are not the only one who gets super excited about this stuff! My friends pick n me cause I am the only 24 yo they know who get super giddy when I find new ways to clean things that work better than before! Thank you s much for sharingam going to go try this right now!

  • […] Remove grease from baking sheets by combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing (detailed instructions here). […]

  • After using the pan while the oven is still hot I layer my pans with “Powdered”dishwasher detergent, fill pan to the top with water,place pan gently in the oven (make sure the oven is off) Leave in overnight. Gently remove from oven the next day, dump out the dirty soapy water and wash as usual and walla a brand new pan!

  • worked for me my pans were in worse shape then the ones shown here on site I did let it sit for a bit but they came cleaner then they were, I will do it again after a few uses. I am satisfied.

  • did you try slightly tipping the pan and letting it sit for a while. it took years to get it like that, take a little more time and let it soak

  • Tried it this evening on a pan that has been cooked on for IDK about 15 years or so and I never bothered to really scrub all the crud off. Man, what an amazing difference. I wouldn’t say it looked brand new because I don’t feel like giving it another treatment but WOW! I can’t wait to show my mom since she is the one that gave me this pan. The trick is to make it a paste, after you mix it if you want grab a paper towel and scoop some up and pretend you are putting Crisco on the surface. While you are applying it you should see the concoction already changing to a brownish color because the crud is already starting to come off. Give it a few minutes or how ever long you want and wipe off.

  • Uh. That’s still an awful lot of work and expense.
    Go to the hardware store and get some steel wool. take it home and using some dish detergent scrub it all away in just minutes.
    Also put a shine back on the bottoms of your stainless steel cookware (if you want to, that is.)

  • I first read some of the comments. A lot of people were saying it doesn’t work but I still wanted to try. Someone mentioned they used just their fingers to “scrub”.

    I made 2 different pastes. One was thick and almost dry like and the other was more wet and foamy (I eye-balled it, some baking soda some peroxide). The thick dry paste worked much better! And I used my fingers to scrub the paste around. The dryer paste turned more brown as it was picking up the grease from my pan. However, this process seems like it will take forever to get the results in this post since I let it sit, scrubbed, let it sit some more, scrubbed and did this for an hour. My pan was not beautiful but I did notice is wasn’t as dirty as it once was. There has to be a better way to clean our pans!

  • Many years ago, I cleaned military housing after families were transfered. If you’ve ever been through a military housing move, you know the military housing inspectors are almost comically meticulous in their inspections. Your house must literally be scrubbed to pristine perfection from floor to ceiling (picture using a mop and ammonia to clean a ceiling), as well as, everything in between! I started by working with a woman that had years of experience and I learned a LOT of cleaning tips and tricks from her.

    One of the first things she would do when we started on a house/apartment would be to take every rack and broiler from the oven and every drip pan and ring from the stove and put them outside. Working outside on the night before we had inspection, she would put all those items on a big, black garbage bag and completely saturate them with spray on oven cleaner (Easy Off), then put them in the bag. She’d tie the bag tightly, keep it in a place outside that wouldn’t ever be exposed to direct sunlight and leave them for the night. The next morning, right before inspection, she’d take them out of the bag, rinse them off with the garden hose and they would shine like new! She would quickly dry them off, put them back on the stove and in the oven, and… Voila! Ready for an extremely thorough military inspection!

  • I see a lot of post that say the baking soda and peroxide does not work. I tried it. It does work. It does depend on how much product of each you use. If you make it look like a homemade white gravy consistency when you add the flour to the grease and work it in with your fingers for a few moments. Then let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then use a Brillo pad it looks 75% better then what it looked like in the beginning not 100%. Its still great to get the job done. Thank You.

  • AMAZING!!! I wish I had before and after pictures but I am SO thankful to have found this post. I burnt “stuff” in the bottom of my new pan and thought it was ruined. I tried EVERY cleaner I had and soaked it for 3 days. Nothing. Then I read this and without any scrubbing at all my pan was new again. I also used this on my glass top stove. Nothing else I tried got off the burnt look. I couldn’t even scrape it off. This peroxide and baking soda tip did the trick in less than 2 minutes!! Thank you Jill!!!

  • I made the paste, put it on cooked on stains on my white stovetop, left it sit for abt 7 minutes, then scrubbed with a toothbrush. The brown and black stains that I could not scrub up with a heavy duty scrubber came right up with nothing more than the pressure from the toothbrush bristles!!! I have to figure most of the people this did not work for did something wrong. This works great on everything I have tried it on, especially the tough, baked on stains.

  • Florasone cream avail. At many vitamin/ health food stores also at GNC it stops itching anywhere on your body almost instantly. I’ve used it many years for yeast jnfection, rashes,allergic reactions etc. It will never fail. Inexpensive and amazing.$7.95-$8.95 and it lasts forever.

  • […] Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of armpit stains, to clean cookie sheets, as a miracle cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom, and to make my own “oxi clean”…I ALWAYS have at least one bottle of the stuff […]

  • Yes, baking soda works, but the SECRET is you have to BOIL the baking soda (about 1/2 cup or so) with a small amount of water in the bottom of the pot for a few minutes (I did until there was just a moist paste left), then lay it aside to cool for awhile, then just use a dishcloth to scrub the paste into the stains. Voila! Your pot will look almost new!!

  • […] Peroxide to get rid of armpit stains, to clean cookie sheets, as a miracle cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom, and to make my own “oxi clean”…I ALWAYShave at least one bottle of the […]

  • […] Peroxide to get rid of armpit stains, to clean cookie sheets, as a miracle cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom, and to make my own “oxi clean”…I ALWAYShave at least one bottle of the […]

  • Hello! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas!

    Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

  • Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  • […] Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of armpit stains, to clean cookie sheets, as a miracle cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom, and to make my own “oxi clean”…I ALWAYS have at least one bottle of […]

  • I don’t know where to put this info or if it will help anyone else but it helped me and really turned out to be a great idea. Everyone that has seen it so far has said, “I am going to find a way to put one of those in my kitchen somewhere.”

    I will try and cut my story and purpose short the best I can. I have a kitchen/breakfast room. Both rooms have been wallpapered since, I don’t even know how long. They have had this paper on them since I moved into this house in 1987. Would you believe, it is not coming off the wall and has no bad places or marks on it. As a matter of fact, I still like the paper. The problem is paper is not so much in style any more, it has been on the wall a long time and everyone decided it needed to come down. Also there was an intercom system installed in the breakfast room with a stereo system included. The stations for the systems were in every room except the bathrooms and the living room. My husband decided that they were out of date and took them all down and repaired the walls because that left holes where the stations had been and in the breakfast room there was a rather big hole left that needed to be repaired. Now the problem was, we did not have paper to match to reaper that wall. We didn’t think painting that one wall would look right but when we went to take the paper off the rest of the wall we found the paper had been attached directly to the Sheetrock. Normally you paint the Sheetrock with a base coat before adding paper. If you do not do this, when you take the paper off it will take the top layer of sheetrock paper off with it and cause holes to come in the Sheetrock and cause you to have to patch a lot of holes. To try and make a long story short, I worked hard very carefully taking the Sheetrock Or the wallpaper and not taking sheetrock with it. It was making a mess out of the wall and it was slow going. This paper was all over a big kitchen and even went down the stairs leading to the basement. I thought, I wish there was a way to keep this wallpaper, which I liked, and other than that one wall, was in great shape. I didn’t want to paint over it. I have found painting over wallpaper doesn’t turn out good. It usually then starts the wallpaper to come off the wall, little by little.

    Finally the idea came to me, I decided to make that wall a big blackboard for a family command center. A place where they could write each other notes, keep appointment reminders, whatever you needed to write on the family blackboard. I had taken the paper off the wall, 3/4 of the way up the wall. I have to give my daughter credit. I told her as soon as i finish getting the paper off this wall. She said why get it all off, stop where you are and put some kind of a boarder to make it even off. Which is what we did and then we smoothed out all the uneven parts where the gouges were (trying to get the wallpaper off) and put a base coat of paint. When the base coat was dry we painted with blackboard paint and we had a family command center. For the boarder, we used a board just like the chair rail that had already been used in the room and it matched perfect. Also we were lucky enough to match the color of the wood that was on the baseboard. It turned out to look great. Also, I have heard a lot of people say that the blackboard paint doesn’t work very good. I think it is because they are using the wrong paint. There is true blackboard paint and there is paint that gives the effect of blackboard look but it really is not blackboard paint. Make sure you are getting blackboard paint. Also,I let it cure for at least a week before I wrote anything on it and even longer before I tried to erase it and especially wash it. When I wash it I use a damp sponge not a soaking wet sponge and follow with dry paper towels….just treat it like you would if you were cleaning a painted wall. I wish I knew how to send you a picture. I love it. It turned out great. It looks great, it is useful and I didn’t have to take down all that wallpaper that I did like. Everybody says they would just like to have a blackboard like that in their kitchen. I think I am also going to add a dry erase/cork board (small) in one corner that has a tray to hold chalk and eraser.

    Let me know if you get this and what you think of the idea. I look at your ideas every day. If i had to pick out only one thing I could read in my emails per day. I would choose to pick out ogtplus. Sherry

  • >