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Giving Dingy Silverware A Whole New Shine!

Friday night I had my entire extended family over for our Annual Prime Rib Dinner & Christmas Party. There were roughly 30 adults and about a dozen kidlets in attendance. On the menu was my Foolproof Prime Rib and a whole host of other yummy dishes! (See this post for the entire menu.)

One small dilemma I had while planning this dinner party was what to EAT IT WITH…as in, knives and forks. I don’t own enough actual silverware for that many people…but I was having such a hard time with the thought of serving prime rib and having everyone use PLASTIC cutlery. The answer came when I was at Walmart last week and found these knives and forks (not shown) sold in bundles of 4 for just 94 cents! They weren’t the FINEST eating utensils ever…but they were a far sight better than plastic!

When I got them home and took the plastic wrapper off each set I was somewhat dismayed by their condition. There was paper and glue stuck to many of them from the wrapping that I couldn’t get off, even after soaking overnight. They also had mystery dark spots all over them.

miracle cleaner

Keeping in mind I only paid 23.5 cents for each utensil…I didn’t feel too bad about having to give them a little extra love and attention. Besides, I had JUST the thing to bring them up to snuff! My Miracle Kitchen/Bathroom/Everything Cleaner! I originally posted about this concoction way back in August of 2011 and have done a few updates since…but not for a very long time. So I’m excited to revisit this miracle combination with all of you who have joined me here since then.

miracle cleaner

What is this MIRACLE you ask? It is quite simply…baking soda and hydrogen peroxide made into a paste.

This is how I make it:

I don’t store this mixture…I simply mix it up as needed. I start with a small bowl, add as much baking soda as I think I’ll need for the job, and then slowing pour in the hydrogen peroxide until I have made a thick paste. If you happen to get a little over zealous with the hydrogen peroxide and it becomes runny….simply add more baking soda. It’s downright simple.

miracle cleaner

This how I use it:

Then I take a glob (yes, that’s the technical term for it) of the mixture and rub it on the offending stain/mess. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest wearing gloves but I don’t. I find rubbing with my fingers the most effective at getting the gunk off whatever I’m working on, but you could certainly use a sponge or something similar too.

miracle cleaner

This what the utensils looked like BEFORE the Miracle Cleaner treatment:

miracle cleaner 2 copy

And this is AFTER the Miracle Cleaner treatment:

Thanks to the MC, I was able to proudly provide my dinner guests with shiny discount cutlery that cut through my Foolproof Prime Rib like butter!  ;-)

While I was too busy playing hostess to take any pictures…here are some pictures my niece Ashley took of photo props fun after dinner!  :-)

photo props fun

(download for photo props found on Pinterest)

Have you tried the Miracle Cleaner?

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  • I was sent to your blog by my daughter, and have enjoyed reading it from time to time. Today I read the miracle cleaner blog, and loved it. I will definitely be using this! Keep up this good work.

  • I have used the Miracle Cleaner once and I need to use it again!
    I had a white t-shirt that had been stained yellow by sunscreen. My attempts at removing the stains involved first, plain old SoftSoap that we use to wash our hands in both the bathroom and kitchen. This is usually our go-to stain remover, for stains that are not set or not very dark. It helped a little, but not much.
    Then, I tried a mixture of SoftSoap and color-safe bleach. (this was a Life Is Good shirt with flowers and words about 3 inches below the stain. I was taking no chances with the bleaching). Again, to no avail.
    Finally, I decided to try the Baking Soda and Peroxide. I mixed it up, slathered it on, left it to sit for 30-ish minutes, rinsed, and washed the shirt as normal. Most of the stains came out, though I need to apply the mixture again to some of the places I missed, or didn’t cover as thoroughly as the rest. So the cleaner passed the test, and now, my lazy butt needs to work on cleaning up some more stuff.

  • I love your miracle cleaner. I’ve used it after my marathon canning sessions and the stove becomes a disaster! After a good scrubbing with your MC, it’s shiny like new!
    The abrasive baking soda really cuts through baked-on greasy spots.
    Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas Jillee!

  • I used the miracle cleaner at a cabin rental we stayed at a few months ago. There were HORRIFIC rust stains in the kitchen and bathroom sinks that made me want to turn tail and run because it just didn’t look clean. I got the ingredients and let the mixture soak for about 20 minutes on each sink. The bathroom sink was completely better and after 2 more soaks, 90% on the white kitchen sink. I left the ingredients along with instructions for the cabin owners.

  • Jillee, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! You are an amazing woman. Multi-talented and generous> Thank you for your blog and sharing your many helpful hints. I read each and every post.

  • It saved the day for me last night. I had preheated the oven, to 500*. I went to put my dish into the oven, Yikes. I had left a frying pan with a plastic spatula in there. When I took it out it dripped all over my stove top and then all over my cast iron sink. Not to mention my hands. It took a lot of gobs, but good old “miracle cleaner” saved the day. I haven’t tried it on stains on clothes, yet. But, Thanks Cynthia, I will be doing so. Love it so much
    Jill, thanks for all your hard work. Think most of us would be a lot poorer without you. I also want to take a minute to wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas.

  • Hooray for miracle cleaner! Maybe one of your up-coming posts could be a list of all the ingredients that go into your various cleaners. I’m trying to transition from using fewer pre-mixed cleaning products to my own and it would be very helpful to have a shopping list of sorts. At the moment, I have: white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and lemons.

  • When I lived in a two story house– I would clean the stair rail with this. It’s unbelievable how much grime gets on the rail with a just family of 4 using it. I used to clean it with other cleaners but they would leave a residue behind and would feel tacky. This works wonders.

    PS Stair rails are why whenever I travel or go to a stadium etc. I wear light stretch gloves. I’m so obsessive that I even peel the glove inside out when I take them off & store in my bag until it is time to leave. Toss in the laundry once home.

  • I just heard about this miracle cleaner recently and I’ve already had a chance to test it.
    I found a rust ring on my kitchen cabinet which was the result of sitting a not completely dry cast iron skillet there. (I know better than that…) I scrubbed the rust off the bottom of the pan, but equal effort wouldn’t budge the rust on the laminate counter top.
    I didn’t make a paste, but sprinkled baking soda on the rust and dampened a paper towel with the peroxide and scrubbed. I needed more peroxide, so I carefully poured a little puddle with more baking soda and Voila! it came right up.

  • Hi Jillee, love all your helpful hints. Although I don’t comment usually I do read everyone of your post. However the easiest solution to your initial problem here would have been to borrow. I am sure one of your guests would have been more than happy to bring a little cutlery along. The most eco friendly solution is always to avoid buying anything.
    Happy holidays to you. I look forward to more of your wonderful advice next year.

  • Hi Jillee! Thanks for this, as I am always looking for a new cleaner that is less harsh and as or more powerful than the premade, store bought stuff. Do you think that I could use this on tile? Thanks, and love that holiday nail polish… What is it? :)

  • Jillee,
    Just wanted to let you know that you and your blog have become my favourite reading in 2012. I love your ideas, the way you present them and your down to earth life approach. I have tried so many of your ideas and they all work. Tonight is Christmas eve and I am preparing your prime rib/mary anne spinach salad menu (from beginning to end)!!!
    Sometimes we need to know that what we are doing is meaningful and noticed – it is very much!!!
    Merry Christmas and blessings!

  • Another wonderful post! I am actually going to try your “cleaner” on my regular cutlery. They get spotted from the dishwasher, and I think this would perk them up. I have a plastic cutlery tray to hold my silverware in, and I’ll bet the cleaner would perk that up too, as it gets scuffy looking over time.

    Thanks, Jillee!

  • Thank you for your timely post! My 21 year old son was injured during his football practice on the 15th. I managed to get the blood out of his sweatshirt, mainly because he gave it to me the next day to clean. His white t-shirt that he wore, which saw the most staining, wasn’t given to me to clean until last Saturday. I proceeded to do what I did to clean his sweathshirt (soaking in the sink with laundry soap and baking soda) and it didn’t completely remove the stain. Last night I tried using your Miracle Cleaner and it removed the blood stains! Thank you again – I will definitely be using this more often!

  • You are such a blessing to me, my family and my friends! I’ve enjoyed your daily blog and can’t wait to read what good things you are sharing today! I appreciate all the efforts and talent you put into each post as you share every creative project. The cleaning products are incredible and I love how they work! The craft projects are unique and enjoyable to make. Overall, your ideas are perfect and timely. It seems as though I was just thinking how will I clean or fix something and there you are with “ONE GOOD THING” and I’m blessed again!!!
    You are such an inspiration to so many people! It feels like you are my personal trainer in all things home related! I thank you for your willingness to share your talents and spread the RAOK each day to all of your readers! Oh, I loved your RAOK Christmas post, tears of happiness at the joy you and your family brought to many! Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Could this be used on stainless steel appliances? I don’t have any, but I know other people who do and I’ve heard they’re a “nightmare” to keep clean. Thanks for the great advice!

  • i am really amazed with all the comments on your miracle cleaner but what bothers me is the hydrogen peroxide. there are only 2 kinds of hydrogen peroxide available in our place, the so-called 10 & 20 volume. which of the two could i possibly use to make your miracle cleaner? i am really so curious to try the stuff. thanks!

  • Now that both of our boys are grown and on their own, I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy. The problem is (was) that everything from the carpets to the bathroom were stained and so worn that we were either going to try something else to clean it, or replace it.
    Over the years, I’ve tried everything on the bathtub: pine sol, Kaboom, oxi clean, tilex, scrubbing bubbles…you get the idea. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try your hot vinegar with Dawn and it worked…now the shower sparkles! I mean REALLY sparkles!!
    Then, it was on to #2 son’s (now empty) bedroom carpet. I won’t tell you what some of those stains looked like! Your hydrogen peroxide 2:1 with Dawn is amazing! Then I shampooed the entire carpet with a vinegar, baking soda, dawn and water concoction i found online and the results were wonderful. Even #2 son couldn’t believe the difference. The experiment turned out so well that I did the den (son #1’s room originally). This time I took before and after pictures to remind myself how bad it was.
    My gas stove looks like new after putting the grates and drip pans in ammonia overnite. Who woulda thunk it?
    I made your faux Windex and it works great. I was nervous about the smell, but there wasn’t any after I did the windows and mirrors in the bathroom.
    And what prompted my post is that today I cleaned the barbecue. Remember when I said clean it or throw it out? Well, 45 minutes with the flame on high, and a few minutes with the wire brush and the shop vac, even my hubster is impressed.
    The faux Febreze is wonderful – easy and cheap to make and no one sneezes anymore from the heavy commercial smells.
    I even made a set of the cleaners for son and his roommates….well, it can’t hurt. Maybe he’ll use them!
    From my family to yours….thank you. I appreciate your upbeat attitude and that your recipes are easy to follow and successful.

  • Next time you need extra tableware, dishes, etc., try your local thrift store – keep it local, better quality items than waltermart and usually MUCH less $$. Be it Goodwill, Salv Army or any of the myriad other non-profit charity/thrift stores, just give them a chance.

  • […] Miracle all-purpose cleaner – great for the kitchen, bathroom, stubborn stains and anything else, you’ll need baking soda […]

  • Hi Jillee,
    I love your blog and have tried many of your ideas. Your Miracle Cleaner cleaned our white sneakers better than anything else. I stock up on hydrogen peroxide when our local drugstore has it 3 for $1.

  • >