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No Sew Socktopus

First off….let me tell you what I LOVE about having a blog. *I* get to pick whatever I want to post about!
Now….let me tell you what I HATE about having a blog. *I* have to pick whatever I want to post about!

I don’t know about other bloggers…but one of the things I struggle with the MOST on a day to day basis is deciding what to post about! But not in the way you might expect. I don’t struggle with ideas I want to explore, create, try, make, attempt, experiment with, etc. I have so many things in my head and in my files that I want to eventually get to, but I AGONIZE over which one to do on what particular day. I am definitely challenged in the decision-making department.

I realize it would probably help me a lot if I were to schedule things ahead of time and just stick to the schedule…but much to the hubsters (and others) chagrin….I just don’t work that way. lol. I’m more of a spontaneous type of girl. Something that can be both a blessing and a curse.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I went off on that little tangent…but it does illustrate why I had such a struggle coming up with what to post about tonight/today. It’s been a pretty intense week for me and I really just wanted to spend some time working on one of the few little crafts I’ve seen lately that I was itching to try. But like I have shared before…I’m a little intimidated by all the expert crafting that is out there in blogland, and tend to second (and third) guess myself about posting anything crafty.

Well, tonight, for some reason, I was in a crafty mood and just decided to go for it. I figured if it was a miserable failure I would just “punt” with another simple post idea…but I had so much fun with these little sock guys, I decided to ignore intimidation and glory in my amateur craftiness! And it felt great!

So here is my picture tutorial on how to make a No Sew Socktopus. Pretty much the easiest thing ever.

My inspiration:

My creation:

OK….MAKING the Socktopus was fun! But taking pictures of them was even MORE fun!

I think I needed a little goofing off time today. :-)

As usual, I appreciate you putting up with my occasional “NEED to craft”!  : -) 

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  • Love your cute Socktopus! Would like to feature it at my DIY arts and crafts studio with your permission? Thanks for considering. Best, Brooke

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  • Yet again Jillee you’ve come up with a gem!!! (PINNED!!) A perfect craft activity for me to do with my 4yo nephew and 2yo niece. I had a little flash of inspiration when I saw them all lined up on the curtain rail, if you just cut them in half once or twice (making two or four legs instead of eight) they’d look like little ghosts which could be a great Halloween decoration as well! (Just a thought)

    Thanks again for a fantastic blog


  • When I saw your “octopus” I had to smile. When my daughter was in kindergarten, each child got a different letter of the alphabet and was to bring snacks, etc that day for their letter. My child got “O” – at first I was at a loss, then I looked over at my “odd sock” basket and came up with an idea. I took 9 of her “odd socks” and filled each with used dryer sheets (yes, I had a little bucket filled with them – no idea why.) The largest became the head and each small sock (she had tiny feet back then) became a leg. I attached all the small socks together with a rubber band at the top and then attached the “head” in much the same way. Add a face and “Wa-la!” We had ourselves an “Odd Sock Octopus!” She slept with that thing for years after that – it always smelled so soothing. We still have the old guy – minus a leg or two. Anyway – thanks for the reminder and the smile!

  • Well, this is too cute. I plan to make one or 2 for my dogs using a tennis ball for head and an old sock.
    Sure is easier and less expensive to make than the ones in the stores.

    • Tennis ball idea is brilliant! I was thinking last night that these might make good dog or cat toys too but I figured they would get the stuffing ripped out fairly quickly. lol.

  • They crack me up, I love the picture with the arms on top of each others head. My kids are going to LOVE these. I am going to make a whole bunch with them. I love them on top of the curtains. Thanks for the great idea.

  • How cute and EASY! I just the perfect socks, leftovers from my sock monkey creations! I bet I can even get my 7yr old busy making one too. Perfect for a day of crafting! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

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