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One Good Thing by YOU – Volume Four


I just hope you are all happy!!  It’s 1am and I have JUST NOW finished reading all your AMAZING ideas and am completely clueless about how I can possibly choose ONE WINNER and TEN FINALISTS from over 700 entries in the One Good Thing By YOU Giveaway.  How could you DO this to me!?? :-)  But seriously…this is an IMPOSSIBLE task. How do I get myself into these situations anyway??? I really ought to have my head examined for even suggesting this. lol.  I’m kidding. Kind of.

Well, in the interest of getting SOME sleep tonight (this morning) I am going to just have to bite the bullet and DO this! Luckily I enlisted the help of my daughter Britta and my daughter-in-law Kaitlyn who each went through all of the entries as well. So between the three of us I am going to attempt the IMPOSSIBLE….picking 11 winning entries from this incredibly amazing list!

In no particular order….here are the 10 finalists who will each receive a $15 Amazon gift card:

meatloaf cupcakes

Photo by MommysKitchen.net

Turkey Meatloaf “Cupcakes”


Hair Dye Stain Fixer

one good thing

car alarm

Sound The Alarm! On Your Car!

one good thing

vacation fund

“Free Money” For Vacations

one good thing

olive oil butter

Better Butter

one good thing

Photo by boldbrashbeautiful.blogspot.com

Photo by boldbrashbeautiful.blogspot.com

Faux Makeup Primer

one good thing

camera phone

Cell Phone As Recipe File

one good thing

gift cards

Getting The Most Out Of Your Gift Cards

one good thing

baking with kids

The Mommy And Me Bake Basket

one good thing

Salad Spinner

Take Your Hand Washables For A Spin!

one good thing

And THOSE my friends are the Top Ten Finalists!

Here is the GRAND PRIZE winner of a $150.00 Amazon Gift Card:

baby crib

Baby Crib Triple Threat

one good thing

CONGRATULATIONS JEANNE!  And CONGRATULATIONS to all the finalists as well. But more importantly….CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who contributed to this wonderful conversation! If you haven’t already done so….I would highly recommend making the comments on this post part of your reading list. There are some truly helpful, innovative, and inspiring ideas there! (Just don’t try and read them all in one sitting like I did!)

Wow!  That really was painful! Cutting it down to 10 finalists and 1 grand prize was brutal. Next time I am going to delegate this part of it!  It’s just too mentally taxing. ;-)

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