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How To Get That Post-Workout “Glow” In Two Simple Steps

Post Workout glow

Now that many of us are making resolutions to exercise more, we’ve got something to make the whole prospect less daunting! I personally am very grateful because I’m starting a yoga class next week! :-)

Britta writes…  All the exercise magazines say a good workout should leave you with dewy skin, rosy cheeks, and a beautiful post workout “glow.” I’m pretty sure this is just a myth that health-conscious folks have perpetrated to get us to exercise more. :-)

My post-workout face was just sweaty and splotchy, which made it a real bummer to run a quick errand after going to the gym. I wanted to find a way to quickly clean my face off after yoga, just to hold me over until I could get home and shower. Not only did I accomplish that, but I also did the impossible – achieved the elusive “post-workout glow.” I count this discovery among my greatest accomplishments of 2014, and I’m here to share it with you today!

This post-workout facial cleansing method is super simple, but the results are truly amazing!

My method only has two ingredients: rose water and witch hazel.

Rose water has been valued for centuries for its skin-loving properties. It helps to soothe and cool sensitive and irritated skin, balance and cleanse oily skin, and rejuvenate, soften, and revitalize normal skin. Rose water also has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Post Workout glow 6

Witch hazel helps clean pores and dry up excess oil without being overly drying. Witch hazel also has astringent and antioxidant properties, which aid in minimizing the size of skin pores.

Post Workout glow

With all of these wonderful things in mind, I decided to try out both for my post-workout face cleaning. In the locker room after yoga one day, I got out my rose water and witch hazel and spritzed the rose water directly onto my face (which feels wonderful, by the way! So refreshing!).

Next, I soaked a round cotton pad with some of the witch hazel, and wiped my face and neck with it. This helps to get all the sweat off, and helps stop further sweating too! After that, I went back to my bag to pull my street clothes on, and by the time I turned around and looked in the mirror again, my complexion had completely changed! I was honestly shocked! Gone were the sweat and splotches, and in their place were the rosy cheeks and dewy skin I had heard so much about. I also found that I didn’t even have to wash my face once I got home to shower, because my skin felt absolutely clean and moisturized already! 

I do this two-step process every time I go to the gym now (along with an additional spritz of rose water just before I head out, just because it feels so nice!) :-)

I’ve been thinking about adding some essential oils to the witch hazel, to add even more benefits. I think I’ll try out a few drops of Lavender, or maybe some cooling Eucalpytus essential oil!

I hope you give my 2-step facial cleansing method a shot after your next workout! I’d love to hear what you think!!

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  • I’ve used rose water on my face for years now. It’s fantastic. I like witch hazel too, but even with my oily skin, the rose water is enough. Spritz a cotton pad, and wipe your skin. I’ve used it on my elderly mother’s delicate skin, freshen my face on the plane or after a nap, de-red my daughter’s face after a good cry, cleanse my face of makeup. I also spritz my hair brush in winter to tame fly-aways. LOVE this stuff. Favorite beauty product ever. (For the plane, I put rose-water dampened cotton pads in a snack size zip-lock bag in my toiletry bag. So far, this has made it past security checks just fine and the rose smell hasn’t offended anyone in an adjacent seat.)

  • Re:2-step post workout glow:

    Is this recommended for a teenage boy or would you have any other ideas to decrease breakouts? I could change the labels for preservation of dignity. Thank you!

  • I love these 2 products!! I just received them yesterday before leaving for work and just had to spritz the rose water on my face before I left :) Will be ordering more soon!

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