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The Best Way To Stop Household Odors Before They Start

household odors

This post is sponsored by Trisilgard. As always, all ideas and opinions are entirely my own.

One of the homemaking secrets that our grandmothers understood instinctively is that smell is a crucial part of cleanliness. If a room doesn’t smell clean, it doesn’t feel clean either!

And while fresh air was their weapon of choice to eliminate and prevent household odors, it isn’t always a perfect solution. Personally, I’m not particularly eager to throw open the windows for some fresh air when it’s literally freezing outside!

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you all about an odor-banishing product I came across recently and have started using at home: Trisilgard. This eco-friendly and biodegradable spray protects surfaces against odor-causing bacteria and even inhibits the growth of mold and mildew!

You can apply Trisilgard to almost any surface around the house, and the antimicrobial effects last for weeks at a time (up to 3 months in most cases!) And today I’ll be sharing some of the most useful ways (among many, many others!) you can use this versatile product to prevent household odors!

7 Of The Best Spots To Prevent Odors Around The House

household odors

1. Garbage Cans

When something smells off, the garbage can is always the first place I check. But even after I’ve taken the trash out, the smell can still linger in the can for quite a while afterwards!

But Trisilgard makes it easy to prevent lingering trash odors. Simply clean your garbage can thoroughly, then apply Trisilgard to the inside and outside to protect it against odor-causing bacteria for months!

household odors

2. Dishwasher

If your dishwasher isn’t clean, it can develop any number of smelly issues from standing water to rotting food bits. (Yuck!) Luckily, you can make sure your dishwasher is clean and running correctly in just 3 simple steps!

After completing those steps to clean your dishwasher, apply Trisilgard to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay while preventing mold and mildew too.

household odors

3. Shoes

Tired of smelly shoes filling your entryway or mudroom with unpleasant odors? Spray them with Trisilgard to kill odor-causing bacteria instantly, with an effect that lasts for weeks!

You can also use Trisilgard on other fabrics around the house, like drapes, upholstery, clothing, and linens. You can keep them all smelling fresh for weeks with just one treatment!

household odors

4. Outdoor Furniture

Whenever I put my patio furniture away for the season, I always give it a good cleaning before storing it away. But even that doesn’t stop me worrying about how it will fare in storage during the cold, wet, winter months!

So this year after cleaning the furniture and upholstery, I treated them with Trisilgard! Now I can feel confident that I won’t discover odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew when I pull my patio furniture out of storage next spring.

household odors

5. Toilets

It’s not exactly a mystery why toilets are often a source of unpleasant smells. To help keep your toilet odor-free, apply Trisilgard after cleaning it!

This is especially helpful when you’re hosting guests, because you’ll have peace of mind that there aren’t any odor-causing bacteria smelling up the guest bathroom.

household odors

6. Showers

Keep your shower clean for longer by treating it will Trisilgard after cleaning it. It prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which means that it will be easier to clean the next time!

household odors

7. Air Vents & Filters

If something smells musty or dusty and you can’t figure out where the smell is coming from, check your air vents. Vents can harbor odor-causing bacteria that can easily get blown around your home by your heating or air conditioning system!

To eliminate the smell, give your air vents a good cleaning and then spray them with Trisilgard. Let it dry completely, then replace the air vents and enjoy the much fresher smell of the air around your home! (You can also spray it on air filters for an added layer of protection against airborne odors!)

household odors

…And More!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are dozens and dozens of ways to use Trisilgard around the house! We’d be here all day if I tried to list them all, so here’s just a quick look at some of the other ways you can use it to prevent household odors:

  • Basements
  • Linens and bedding
  • Pet beds
  • Litter boxes
  • Clothing
  • Countertops

household odors

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For a limited time, get 2 bottles of Trisilgard for just $19.99 + S&H. (Normally one bottle costs $16.99, so this is a steal!) Just click here to snag this deal before it’s gone!

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  • Hi Jillee – I am interested in this product, however, there is no information about ingredients or the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) available on the website and, when I sent an email inquiry I did not hear back from the company. I assume that since you have promoted the product as environmentally friendly you have this information and would appreciate it if you could post it. Thanks!

  • I really love your clog slippers, what brand are they?

    I ordered some of this product. I have a stinky carpet problem from an elderly dog and want to hold out for new carpet until she goes to St. Francis! You do not recommend for carpet, but it’s worth a try for the shape it’s in. Even the professional carpet cleaners can’t do much more anymore.

    • Trisha, Trisilgard can be used on carpet and rugs. Vacuum the carpet first before using Trisilgard. When spraying Trisilgard, make sure it gets to the bottom of the carpet fibers and penetrates the fibers. This will help stop the odors at the source. Let carpet dry before allowing children and pets back on.

  • I keep my house pretty clean: I am not a fanatic. If I detect an odor, I get to the root of it and cleaning is what helps the most. I use mostly natural cleaners and I do not know what is in this product. This price does not seem like any kind of bargain for an unknown product. Just keep it clean, keep it simple. I also don’t need any more products cluttering my life. Sorry, Jillee, this one is a “no”.

  • I don’t understand why people here are upset that this is a product recommendation! Obviously I’ll still use vinegar and citrus essential oils as a natural/homemade spray if I want, but if Jill is recommending an eco-friendly and biodegradable spray that will help clean and deodorize then I’m all for it!

    Now they just need to reduce that ridiculous shipping cost and I’ll happily give it a try.

  • I certainly do not wish to defend outrageous postage fees but think fair is fair. Some respondents must not realize how much parcel postage costs. I mailed a parcel to my daughter who lives 75 miles away . It didn’t weigh two lbs. the cost was just under $8. Two 32 bottles will weigh at least 4 lbs so this cost comes close to actual postal rates not an attempt to gouge customers .

  • You used to give us do-it-yourself recipes, so I was expecting a recipe to make the non-odor spray. But you seem to be pitching a lot of products lately. For a while now I have been disappointed in your posts that keep pitching products. I understand you get money from them, but for your loyal readers it would be nice if you posted a do-it-yourself recipe to make a spray that does this.

    • Do you really expect someone to use only DIY products? Generally the other things that she talks about buying are to make the DIY products oh, such as her line of essential oils. You do realize that people deserve to get some kind of commission for all of their hard work when it comes at the blogging. So if she wants to tell you about a product that she uses and loves, and maybe make a little money in the meantime, who could blame her? When she is telling you about the latest DIY spray, is she making any money off of it? Are you paying her? Maybe don’t be so judgy. You don’t have to buy the damn spray.

    • Susan, I am sorry you feel this way. I try to share a variety of diy recipes and store-bought products. I do not promote a product unless I use it myself and truly believe in it and support the use of it. If I do make money off of the product, it is very little and in some cases I do not make anything. As I do use many homemade products, sometimes I come across a product that I really love and want to share it with my readers. Here is one of my posts with several problematic household odors and all diy recipes to get rid of them. Here’s How To Get Rid Of All The Worst Household Odors

  • This product WORKS! I’ve used it inside & out with fantastic results.
    Shower curtain & shower stays mildew free for MONTHS! Trashcans stay odorless. As a Senior, it makes life easier.
    Have also used it to prevent mildew/mold on my house. After cleaning off the green mildew, I applied Trisilgard. It’s been 6+ months & the exterior walls are still clean! Loving it!
    So many more ways to use it. Can’t wait!

  • I’m confused. I thought I WAS ordering 2 bottles for 19.99 , but when the order was placed, it turned out to be only one bottle with a total of over 33.00! I’ll see how good it is when it gets here.

  • A deal isn’t a deal when the shipping makes the product more!!
    I too was ready to order, but not once that shipping fee was added.
    Too bad, hopefully they will get some better shipping rates,then I might order.

  • One bottle @ 16.99 x2 = 33.98
    Two bottles @ 19.99 + 15.00 = 34.99
    Not seeing the justification. I realize it would be 33.98 + 15 if ordered without your deal, but $15 is a lot for shipping of such a small package. I agree with everyone, not a deal. Sorry Jillee.

  • I am so sorry about the company charging $15.99 shipping fee… I know that shipping fee is high! However, if you take advantage of their special for 2 bottles for $19.99 (normally 1 bottle is $16.99), it offsets the shipping fee! It’s almost like getting one bottle for free!

    • Jillee, I am happy to inform your followers that effective immediately the shipping and handling cost is now set at $9.99 for the Trisilgard Promo Offer. To all of you who purchased the product prior to this announcement, watch for an email with a code for $5.00 off a future purchase. Thank you for your patience, while we were working things out.

  • I was all set to check out . And then $15.00 was added for shipping. I have no respect for a company that gives you a “deal” and then makes up any difference by ripping you off on shipping.

  • >