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“Secret” Shadow Box Storage

shadow box storage

I have a fair amount of jewelry and I’m always looking for better ways to store it. I’m also always on the lookout for easy DIY home decor projects…and this idea fits both! You can create a beautiful space for your jewelry (or other small items) with a simple shadow box and some cute wrapping paper! It’s a home decor project that is both beautiful and functional.

shadow box storage

I found this 10″x14″ front-loading shadow box display frame at Hobby Lobby (during a 50% off sale, no less!). They had a lot of different styles and I was probably standing in the aisle considering my options for about 15 minutes, LOL! I ended up choosing this one because it already had a nice burlap backing inside, which I knew would be perfect for push pins to hold things up.

"Secret Storage" Shadow Box

When I had finally committed to buying a frame, I started by choosing my “art” to display in the frame. I didn’t have anything on hand that I had been wanting to frame, so instead I used a piece of spare wrapping paper that I thought was cute. (The paper itself was fairly thin, so I made it a bit sturdier by backing it with some plain cardstock.)

I used plain ol’ Scotch tape to stick my “art” to the frame behind the glass.

Once that’s done, it’s ready to hang! Anywhere you have space will do just fine.

shadow box storage

Originally, the magazine feature on this idea suggested using the shadow box as a secret place to stash jewelry. This would be perfect if you had a bit of space on your bedroom or bathroom wall!

shadow box storage

I also thought the inside of the shadow box would be a great place to store keys! Spare car keys, mailbox keys, keys to a shed, or what have you. Adhesive labels might be a good idea to help identify which key is which. :-)

shadow box storage

These are just two ideas, but I’m sure there are a million and one other ways you could use this “secret storage” shadow box.

How would you use it?? Share your idea in the comments below!

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  • I have two suggestions for a secret shadow box storage. First, it would be a great place to store make-up and beauty items y hat clutter up the bathroom counter. Second, we are constantly looking for our phone chargers. It would be a central place to keep them. Problemishes solved. (That is, if everyone would actually tree return them after using them.)

  • I have 3 teenagers. As all parents of this sub group in human growth and development know, they, (the teenagers) come in packs. Some are mine, some are only on loan to me from their parents because ours and theirs are besties. (This semester anyways… I digress.) Communicating with this sub group of our existance can prove shall we say “trying”? My secret shadow box contains a pleothra of sticky notes of all different shapes, sizes and colors, an equally healthy amount of writing utensils, tape, and so on. It’s our “note box”. Leaving messages this way works alot more smoothly using it. Theres something appealing to all ages of writing a note, and stashong it for the intended reader in a secret shadow box. It encourages as the kids say: “old school” writing of notes, (My goal is letters to family and maybe one day Christmas Cards.) and in todays day and age of instant messaging everything, this encourages personal written communication of all kinds. They dont need to know I’m fostering hopes of their one day writing their Resumaes, applying for jobs, and flying their coop.

  • I think this would be really cute to hang in the bathroom to collect the jewlery my daughters take off at night and typically leave laying on the bathroom counter. TFS

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