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19 Easy Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You Money

Spray Paint Makeovers

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to reuse or revamp the stuff I already own instead of buying something new. Not only does it save me money in the short-term, but it’s also better for our planet in the long-term! And one of the quickest and easiest ways to revamp your old stuff is by giving it a spray paint makeover. It’s pretty impressive how much of a difference a coat of spray paint can make!

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite spray paint makeovers with you, both from here on my blog and from around the web. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what kind of supplies you need for a successful spray paint makeover!

Spray Paint

Must-Have Supplies For Spray Painting

Over the years I’ve tried many different kinds of spray paint, and some have been easier to work with than others. Ideally you want a spray paint that gives you maximum paint coverage in the fewest amount of coats. My favorite spray paints in terms of coverage are Rust-Oleum’s American Accents line and their Painter’s Touch line. These spray paints go on smoothly and evenly, and often you only need one coat to get the job done. (But that’s just my opinion!)

Depending on what kind of spray paint you use and what kind of surface you’re painting, you might need to use a primer before painting. (However, many popular spray paint brands nowadays have primer included in the formula, so if you’re using on of those you can skip the priming step.) Rust-Oleum’s Zinnser products are my go-to choice for primers! They’re thick and smelly, but they are the best I’ve found in terms of coverage and getting your paint to adhere.

And finally, in addition to spray paint (and possibly primer), you’ll need a couple other items for your spray paint transformations: something to cover your work surface, and a roll of painter’s tape. Drop cloths are a cheap way to protect whatever surface you’re painting on or near, but it can be difficult to get them to lay flat while you’re working. So sometimes I use a roll of kraft paper to create cover my work surface, since that lies nice and flat. And a roll of painter’s tape comes in handy when you only want to spray paint part of something. Just tape over the part you don’t want to paint, and get spraying! :-)

19 Inspiring Spray Paint Makeovers & Projects

Okay, now that you know what you need for a spray paint makeover, it’s time to get inspired! Here are a collection of spray paint projects I’ve posted here on my blog in the past, as well as some other creative spray paint projects from around the web. :-) Enjoy!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Simple Household Items Spray Paint Makeovers

Anything can be transformed with a coat of spray paint! In this post I painted a little bit of everything, including office supplies, organizing baskets, platters, and more.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Laminate Furniture Makeover

A few years ago I gave one of my old bookcases to my daughter Britta. She decided to give it a colorful facelift, and I love how it turned out! She used regular paint and primer for this particular project, but you could easily use spray paint instead.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Filing Cabinet Facelift

Turn an old, outdated filing cabinet into a fun and trendy piece for your home office! This is a super straightforward project that you could knock out in a single afternoon.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Distressed Candlesticks

You don’t have to spend a fortune at a boutique for distressed candleholders. You can make your own using small thrifted vases and a bit of spray paint!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Quirky Trophies For Games

Party games are fun in their own right, but winning a trophy is even more fun! Before your next party or gathering, make a few of these easy trophies to award the winners of your party games. Even a silly trophy is sure to raise the stakes for everyone playing! :-)

Spray Paint Makeovers

DIY Candy Jars

These cute candy jars couldn’t be easier to make, and there’s so much you can do with them! Use them to store treats at home, or use it as a container for a homemade gift, like a good body scrub.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Thrift Store Lamp Turned Serving Tray

Use some spray paint to turn an old lamp into a cute and elegant serving tray! This one requires a bit more effort, but the payoff is so worth it.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Faux Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

With some puffy paint and spray paint, you can turn a boring glass vase into a stylish hobnail milk glass vase!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Faucet Face-Lift

from Average But Inspired

When the faucets in your kitchen and the bathroom start looking worn, spray painting them is an inexpensive way give them new life.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Spray Painted Countertops

from BrightGreenDoor

Stuck with outdated countertops but don’t have the budget to replace them? Spray paint them for a simple makeover with a big impact. You can even paint your kitchen countertops to look like marble!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Spray Painted Thrift Store Finds

from Sincerely, Sara D.

Decor dishes can be expensive, but there is an inexpensive and easy DIY solution which includes white spray paint and some thrift store finds.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Door Knob Makeover

from Better Homes and Gardens

Most of us have plain, cheap, contractor grade door knobs in our houses. With new doorknobs around $15-$30 a piece, spraying your door knobs is the quickest and easiest way to revamp your old door knobs for cheap!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Vintage Fan Restoration

from Picklee

If you like (but can’t afford) pricey but stylish vintage fans, then why not fake it! Update an old metal fan with spray paint for a more modern look.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Turn Cheap Plastic Bins Into “Galvanized” Tubs

from The TipToe Fairy

The uses for metallic paint are limitless! This awesome project turns plastic dollar store bins into stylish storage using a can of spray paint!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Upgraded Vent Covers

from The Frugal Homemaker

Got ugly vent covers? Want them to blend in better with your decor? Paint your vent covers instead of paying to replace them!

Spray Paint Makeovers

PVC Pipe Curtain Rods

from 7LayerStudio

Antique brass or copper curtain rods are gorgeous but they are so expensive. Even the cheap knockoff ones can be more than $20 per window. Fortunately, you can make your own out of PVC pipe that cost less than $5 each!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Spray Painted Rain Boots

from Delia Creates

Pick up some plain “chore” rain boots from a discount store and fancy them up a bit. You can paint rubber boots in a rainbow of colors! Just make sure it is a gloss paint that is labeled specifically for plastic or vinyl.

Spray Paint Makeovers

Front Porch Makeover

from DIY Til We Die

Shake up a drab front porch with bright-colored spray paint. Wicker, plastic, metal or stone… nothing is off-limits!

Spray Paint Makeovers

Upholstered Chair Makeover With Fabric Spray Paint

from Pinterest Addict

Yes you CAN spray paint fabric! Rescue your old, outdated upholstered furniture from the discard pile with fabric spray paint and some imagination.

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  • I know how much you love the dollar stores. I have found their party tablecloths to be great drop cloths if you tape them down with masking tape (painter’s tape). I also use them to protect my patio furniture from the construction dirt of the buildings going up next to mine. One of those items is a bar cart that I found at the vintage flea market. It was a dingy white with glass shelves. I used Rust-Oleum Universal Advanced Formula Hammered Paint and Primer in One in silver to give it a new life. It looks great! I used the same paint on a wooden plant stand that was too dark for my living room. Elegant.

  • I just bought a shiny brass locking door knob at a garage sale for $1. I painted it with Metallic oil rubbed bronze. Looks brand new and expensive! The rest of the door knobs in the house get it next!

  • Found at most hardware stores, Rust-Oleum makes a fantastic item called a Comfort Grip, a real life saver if you suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis or just taking on a big spray painting job. Great tips, Jillee!

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