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Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Perfect For Spring!

If there’s one appliance in my house that gets a real workout during the spring season, it’s my diffuser! It seems like I always have it running in the main room of our house during the day! There are so many good reasons to diffuse essential oils during the springtime, like relieving seasonal allergy symptoms (3 drops each of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint) or keeping those infamous springtime colds and flus at bay (8 drops of Defend blend)!

But even if you don’t have a particular purpose for diffusing essential oils, you can always just do it because it makes your home smell wonderful! Diffusing is a great way to bring the outdoors in, even when it may still be a bit too chilly to throw all the windows open.

Here are several spring-inspired essential oil “recipes” that will have your home smelling and feeling like spring in no time!

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And my personal favorite…(which I am diffusing as I type this!)

When I think of spring-y smells, I primarily think of citrus, floral, and earthy scents. (Like being out in the garden doing your spring planting!) So if you’re feeling creative, you can go ahead and try mixing a few of your own custom springtime diffuser blends. Be sure to share them in the comments too! :-)

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Spring

Citrus scents

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Spring

Floral scents

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Spring

Earthy scents

What essential oils do I use?
Have a question about essential oils? Curious about what brand of essential oils I prefer? Find the answers in my Essential Oils FAQ!

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  • I’ve never diffused or used essential oils, but after reading this, I think I must start! I think ORANGE & GINGER would be simply lovely…..

  • I use pure Australian Eucalyptus oil with American Spearmint – I spritz it nightly on my pillow, which allows me to bask in the essence and drift off into peaceful slumber. It’s so soothing and has helped my husband sleep soundly on days when his allergies are getting the better of him. One other benefit…my beautiful Persian kitty, Lola, is attracted to it as well and curls up by my pillow each night….bonus kitty purrs and love!

  • I do not have a diffuser, but would love to have one to try. I have been using essential oils this past winter. I have been using them for cleaning, bath and for well being. I love all of your ideas.

  • I have been enjoying the diffuser my daughter gave me for Christmas daily! I am interested in expanding my range of scents. I enjoy a mix of eucalyptus and peppermint but I suspect my super-smeller husband would prefer a floral scent!

  • I don’t yet have an essential oils diffuser, but I am constantly using EOs in the soaps I make. My favorite blends are mint and rosemary. My daughter-in-law brought her diffuser when she visited and I saw first-hand how effective her diffuser was in keeping her severe cat allergy at bay. I need one to keep her breathing when she visits!

  • I have tried a fall diffuser blend called orange spice.
    5 drops orange, 1 drop cinnamon, 1 drop clove and 1 drop nutmeg. I love all your household DIY ideas and use many of them! Thanks for all you do.

  • I do not have diffuser but would love to have one. I have been experimenting all winter with essentials oils. I have used them for cleaning, bath and wellbeing. I love getting ideas from you!

  • I tried a diffuser blend that was named for fall, 5 drops orange, 1 drop cinnamon, 1 drop clove and 1 drop nutmeg. I love all your household DIY ideas and use many of them. Thanks for all you do.

  • I never thought to use a diffuser but I’m going to get one now. I would love a lilac scent. It’s my favorite spring flower but they don’t last long enough. I think I’m addicted to the wonderful soft scent and would love it in my home just to keep spring in the air.

  • I would love to try the allergy diffuser blend. My husband is really miserable this time of year and it would be wonderful if he didn’t have to use as much medication to get through the day!

  • I use lavender for everything. It’s my go-to oil. My doctor told me to rub it on the bottom of my feet at night and in 22 minutes it would be in every cell of my body and relax me. It works.

  • I tried to post, and it disappeared, so here goes again. My favorite diffuser blend (for right now anyway) is: 4 drops Patchouli, 2 drops Grapefruit and 1 drop Ylang Ylang.

  • Having trouble posting my comment so trying again. I love to diffuse citrusy blends and often change them around. Every night I diffuse lavender or cedarwood, orange, ylang ylang. I love diffusing and could use another diffuser so hoping I win this giveaway!!

  • I haven’t diffused yet and would love to win! I’m interested in Cedarwood and any other woodsy scent to bring the forest indoors since I live in the desert.

  • My current favorite for my living area is 3 drops orange, 3 drops cinnamon bark and 3 drops of Idaho balsam fir. Really is a homey kitcheny smell. Makes me feel “at home”. So as soon as I get home from work this is usually what runs while dinner and evening activities are going on.

  • I diffused Patchouli, sweet orange and thieves for about an hour the other morning. Left the house for couple hours. When I returned home, house still smelled wonderful from the morning diffusing!

  • I receive your e-mail, One Good Thing by Jillee. I love all the tips and recipes for cleaning, using E.O., etc. The diffuser and the oils would be great to use in my house. The allergy blend would be one I would like to try. Or an oil or oils that would help with the smell of my husbands pipes. Some of the pipe tobacco he smokes smells awful to me but he loves the smell of all his tobacco. Thank you for the chance to win a diffuser and oil.

  • We are extremely new to the wonderful world of oils. And the only oil we currently have is the Breathe oil. My son has extreme allergies and the title of your email caught my eye. I would love to be able to help my son breathe easier during the spring season. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  • my favorite blend is diffusing jeddy’s blend with wild orange. it’s uplifting and calming at the same time! i just love it. so i go thru a lot of jeddy’s blend. its lovely and calming!

  • I recently started using essential oils..so far my favorite is lavender, but im sure I still have lots of scents to try.
    Having beautiful smells in my house puts me and my family in a happier mood..

  • So far I have just peppermint oil..I have no idea how to mix and match scents..I would love to try this.. help me make my home come back to life after our cold and snowy winter….: )

  • I would love to win a diffuser! I currently use the wax melts and scents from Spark. They smell great, but I think a diffuser would be so much better! I could diffuse the LLP while we sleep

  • Lavendar, Lemon, and Rosemary! I would also love to try some citrus. I REALLY want to start getting into essential oils more…this would be a perfect start. Thanks for making my day, Jillee!

  • I love essential oils and diffusing them! I mix lavender with wild orange, lemon, sandlewood, patchouli, or whatever I pick up first. Would love to have another diffuser for downstairs!

  • I don’t currently own a diffuser, but it’s on my ‘someday’ list. I do, however, use some essential oils for random things (i.e. I make your Epsom salts/coconut oil body scrub and add lavender and lemongrass eo). I love all of the things I’ve learned on your site. :)

  • Dear Jill,
    I love your blog, I am quite new to it but find that every time I read it I learn something new, wonderful and even something that are serious and important. Thank you for being such curious person, I unfortunately don’t know much about essential oils but I believe that what we smell can effect our mood and maybe even our health. I most love flower scents, being a nature lover, so I think that is what I would choose to diffuse!

  • I don’t currently have a diffuser, but I regularly use lavender and tea tree oil in my home. I would love to try the allergy blend. Love your site!

  • You are the one who got me started using essential oils and for that I will be eternally grateful. Right now I have shield going in my diffuser. But also love your allergy blend of Lemon, Peppermint & Lavender. I really could use another diffuser for the back part of my house. Love you and my EO’s!!!

  • I love the smell of essential oils in the home.
    I never saw, nor did know that there was a difuser.
    I usually put in a little pot some water and add the essential oils.
    underneath burns a candle.

    My favourite smells asre Lavender and Geranium with wild oranges.
    And of course all the earthy smells.
    Your blog Jillee is awesome, so interesting, and helpful. Thank you very much.
    Kindest regards,

  • I have several oils I love. Lemongrass, ylang ylang, lime….I do love using essential oils for any and everything! I thank my sister for getting me hooked. They are so beneficial and can do so many things for personal use and cleaning. I very much enjoy your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful diffuser and oils.

  • I don’t have a diffuser (yet!), but I love peppermint, wild orange and lavender EO blended into my homemade laundry detergent. Thanks for that great recipe, btw!

  • I would love to try the cedarwood, lavender, and tangerine because I love cedarwood and lavender–and the tangerine would add a lovely crispness to it!

  • I don’t currently have a diffuser but I would love one!! I would love to try the recipe of: 2 drops Jasmine, 2 drops Wild Orange, 2 drops Tangerine. Sounds so refreshing!

  • I use lavender each night but would love to win a diffuser as I don’t have one. Got into the essential oils after following you on our blog. Would love to win a diffuser for my home use.

  • I got to using essential oils after seeing and reading your blog. I do not have a diffuser but would like to get one someday. I love the lavender smell use a drop on my pillow each night to help me relax.

  • There are so many oils that I enjoy using, but one of my favorites is Peppermint. I don’t have a diffuser, but if I had one this is one of the oils I would certainly use in it. Another would be Wild Orange.

  • My favorite spring blend to diffuse is lavender, just a touch of sweet orange, and cedarwood. There is an earthiness in the aroma that wraps around the room and makes us feel like we’re in the mountains.

  • I do not own a diffuser. I am currently researching essential oils not only for diffusing but for their medicinal advantages. The essential oils blend I would like to try are cedarwood, lavender and tangerine. FYI, this is my 9th attempt posting this. I apologize for any duplication!

  • I don’t have a diffuser but currently like Tranquility by Native American Nutritionals; if it can be diffused I would try it as I wind down before bed.

  • I am new to essential oils and was wondering what oil would be good to help my 84 year old mother. She has Parkinson’s and severe arthritis among other things. So far my favorite oil is lavender. Thanks!

  • A mix with the sweet orange would be my choice. Don’t have a diffuser but would so love one as the winds are picking up here in the west. I can almost smell the lovely scents now.

  • Right now I really into the clean smell of lemons….but do like to use sandalwood, patchouli and eucalyptus throughout the winter and spring months

  • I love to diffuse about an hour before I go to bed and I get a goodnight sleep knowing the diffuser will automatically shut off when the water runs out! I love diffusing and applying my dreamy salve on my feet before I go to bed. During the day I love any citrus or LLP in my kitchen. I just got one of my daughters diffusing who doesn’t live with me I am working on the other . They don’t have medical insurance and I think this has helped the one daughter stay healthy, so if I get this diffusers will send to my other daughter and get her started on wellness by essential oils!!

  • I don’t currently diffuse but would love to do so, especially in my basement sewing and soapmaking rooms. I love citrus, especially grapefruit.

  • My diffuser just quit working :-( but I did use it all the time. My favorite, especially during the winter months is the Germ Fighter, but I also love lavender, tea tree, pepperment……so many to chose from. :-)

  • I do not own a diffuser. I am currently researching essential oils not only for diffusing but for their medicinal advantages. The essential oils blend I would like to try are cedarwood, lavender and tangerine. FYI, there seems to be a problem somewhere since this is my 8th attempt posting this comment.

  • I love to diffuse Respire, Lavender and Shield. Respire is wonderful this time of year to help with congestion due to allergies. I love LLP as well – diffuse that at night. Thank you so much for sharing your love of essential oils. It has made a big difference in my family’s health and well being.

  • My difusser is going every single night. My favorite blend is lemon, lavender and peppermint. During the day if I’m home, I love orange, clove. I couldn’t be without my diffuser. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I have been trying to find the best diffuser and get started on diffusing oils. I am so excited about this opportunity to possibly get started. I have never heard of the allergy combo and that excites me even more! I love peppermint and I LOVE citrus scents! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • My favorite for the spring/pollen season is lavender and peppermint. I turn on my diffuser when I go to bed and I sleep well and do not wake up with a stuffy nose!

  • I love lavender, I haven’t been brave enough to blend, I love this post! I work in a discipline management class in an elementary school & would love a diffuser to use in the class – I would love to see the oils work with some really intense upset kids!

  • Frankincense and myrrh are to oils I love to diffuse because their earthy/woodsy scent is so relaxing, especially to my husband after a long tough day at work! :)

  • Frankincense and myrrh are two oils that I love to diffuse because their woodsy/earthy scent is so relaxing, especially to my husband after a long tough day at work! :)

  • Essential Oils are difficult to use in my house. My daughter is allergic to many of them. But I like to use orange – it’s a nice clean scent that she’s not allergic to. :)

  • I use lavander in my son’s room to help him sleep through the night. We have had a hard time since the time change with him getting up too early. After two nights he has been sleeping to 6am. Yay!!!!

  • Essential oils are an important part of my cleaning and health regime- well, to be honest, that’s not much of a regime! :0 I use lavendar, pumpkin, and a patchouli and orange combination depending on the season. I use them in my homemade cleaning wipes (I haven’t bought paper towels in three years, only using flour cloth and no longer used cloth) and the window washing and floor mopping solution, all from Jillee’s collection. You have brought a calm to cleaning chores.

  • I don’t have a diffuser but I have two bottles of rose fragrance to use in one. I’d like to try rose and cedarwood together and see how that works out!

  • I have never tried Spark Naturals EOs but would welcome the opportunity to do so. And I would love to have a diffuser for home! Right now I have a small desktop diffuser that I use at work, and I diffuse grapefruit EO. It has an energizing smell :-)

  • I would love to win a diffuser, as I don’t own one at this time. I have a limited set of essential oils , would like Tangerine, Lime, Lemon, and Grapefruit. I have been using Lavender, and made some cleaner using sweet orange.

  • I can’t see if my comment published so trying again (browser froze)
    I don’t have a diffuser, so it would be great to win one! I get allergy triggered migraines, so I’d like to try a blend to help with that.

  • I don’t have a diffuser, so it would be great to win one! I get allergy triggered migraines, so I’d like to try a blend that would help with that.

  • I haven’t yet found my favorite, but I mostly use Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint to help with my daughter’s asthma. I’m still searching for that special blend that will totally help her.

  • Relieving seasonal allergy symptoms with Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint would be my most favorite to use– I really suffer with them year around to be honest….. it would be nice to have relief other that medications……. IF I win the Diffuser!

    Crossing my fingers here—-

    I also kinda favor the Earthy scents..
    And I love a drop or two of Lavender on my pillow at bedtime! Great post Jillee and thanks for the give-away for whoever wins it!

  • Essential oils are a part of my everyday life. Depending on the season, I use the oils in my homemade cleaning wipes, Jillee’s floor cleaner and window solutions, sugar scrubs, and in an oil burner. My favorites are pumpkin, patchouli, and lavender but all of them are great for filling my home with beautiful smells. Thanks for all your ideas.

  • I’m new to Essential oils so I love posts like this that give me a direction to start at. My son has started playing baseball and he enjoys plating Catcher. Which means his face is always down in the AZ dust and dirt. He’s been coughing and seeking for week so! I thought it was a cold. Buts use to its duration now I think it’s an allergy. So I really want to try the Lemon, Lavender, peppermint combo you mentioned. But I need to get my hands on a diffuser.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Your blog introduced me to Spark Naturals essential oils a year ago. Absolutely love them. Lavender is my absolute favorite. Am anxious to try some of these new blends in my diffuser!

  • I don’t currently diffuse oils in my home, but I love the smell of citrus in my home. I would especially love to try the citrus oils. Those mixtures that you mention in your blog all sound wonderful, too!

  • I don’t currently diffuse oils in my house, though it’s something I have wanted to get started with. It’s great to see all the wonderful “recipes” you have featured in this post. I really want to try the one for allergies. It would be so helpful with the pollen being so bad right now. Thank you for this information.

  • Ooh I love this! I currently don’t have any oils to know exactly what blends I love. I would love tangerine with sandalwood. Earthy tone with a kick of citrus =)

  • I love to use Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon, or lately I’ve been using the lemon, lavender, peppermint. I would LOVE to try some of the blends you mentioned.

  • I would like to try a blend of peppermint, sandalwood and lemon grass. I tend to be an earthy person and I think this combo sounds yummy for the nose!

    Love you blog. Keep it coming!

  • I use essential oils a lot but don’t have a diffuser so would love to win one. My favorite oil is rosemary – ooooh. It smells so good. Thanks for your blog – I’ve learned so much from it.

  • I am fairly new to essential oils and their benefits, but am very intrigued by all the possible benefits of using them. I have been looking at different options for diffusers, but have not tried diffusing yet. When I do get a diffuser, I will use it in the bedroom with an oil or blend that will help with getting a good night’s sleep, like lavender.

  • I have been following your blog for awhile now. Love it! I also have been reading about EO’s and wanting to get started. I love a clean fresh smell! Geranium and Lavender would be delightful!!

  • Haven’t joined the “oil” generation ~ yet. Would love to try your favorite blend…cedarwood, lavender, orange…scent sounds like it’d be right up my alley.

  • Very interested in receiving a diffuser. Have already begun to do investigative reading on Essential Oils so that I would be ready to begin using them. I tried to post this morning but I don’t think it went through. Thanks for the GIVEAWAY!

  • Have not joined the oil generation ~ yet. I’d love to try your favorite blend…cedarwood, lavender, orange…sounds like the scent would be right up my alley.

  • My favorite right now is Lavender and Peppermint, It has been my go to scent. It would be wonderful to try a ZAQ diffuser, I have heard good things about them.

  • My 10 yr old son has Asperger’s Syndrome, and his latest total immersion topic is essential oils. We were introduced to them last spring, and he has been reading and learning everything he can about oils and how to use them. He even asked his 4th grade science teacher if he could do an extra credit report on the top 10 oils that kids would like and benefit from! Ben has started making his own blends and even takes them to school on cotton balls in Mentos mints containers (after we’ve washed them thoroughly!). His favorite is Serenity and Lavender (doTerra oils). He’s caused quite a stir at school, and his teacher has begun diffusing this in class via a glass bottle and reeds. He wants to sell some blends at our next neighborhood garage sale, too! This kid is awesome!

  • I diffuse something everyday. We are battling fleas right now so its purification all over the house. Often its just plain peppermint. I cannot imagine not diffusing something.

  • I love the smell of oils in my house. I have used peppermint in winter and eucalyptus for coughs, have tried anything else. Would love to try a fruity mix. Plus, need a new diffuser. Winning this would be fantastic!

  • Oddly, I’ve never even owned a diffuser…this sounds like a great idea and one I’d definitely give a go! I have a few of the oils mentioned in the article but for some reason have never tried diffusing any of them. Thanks for the idea!

  • I diffuse every day using blends from Sparks Naturals: Respire, LLP, and Shield. I’d love to win the contest because I can always use another diffuser to use in another room in the house and to take with us on trips and on vacation.

  • I use lemon, lavender and orange essential oils in many different household items; however, I have never used a diffuser. Would LOVE to have one! You and your sister totally turned me onto essential oils!

  • This is not a duplicate comment so I wish your little pop up would quit telling me that.
    Since everyone at work keeps getting sick, I would like to do Sheild with oregano.

  • I have been diffusing for almost a year now and love it. Our favorite oil is Lavender to relax by and to put on the skin. I use this oil to help sleep at night and I also found it heals blisters like none other. Just a great oil.

  • I would like to diffuse the allergy blend for my son, bliss for myself, and sheild for the whole family and at work. Everyone keeps getting sick.

  • I love waking up to see what Jillee has to say. I do wish I had a diffuser, I definitely would an allergy blend, and lavender every afternoon before my kids come home from school…just to stay calm.

  • I am just beginning to dive into the EO world. I’m trying them out to help with my chronic pain. I don’t have a diffuser but would love one to come at my pain and mood from a whole other direction. Thank you for showing me how to use these and for the new “recipes” to try!

  • I don’t have a diffuser yet, but I use lavender and chamomile essential oils to help my children sleep. I would love to try diffusing the oils in their rooms!

  • I’ve been defusing cedarwood in the evenings to help calm and relax everyone before bedtime. I would love to try spring scents and allergy fighters as well, especially since the little ones seem to be prone to colds and congestion.

  • I diffuse lemon, lavender and peppermimt, for sllergies. I can’t take over the counter medicine and it’s the only thing that helps me sleep!! If I want better sleep, I’ll add in vetiver or frankincense.

  • I am just getting into Essential oils and I’m so excited! I do not have a diffuser yet but love the combination of orange and lavender! Looking forward to trying some of these other great sounding combos to help with family health issues!!

  • I do not currently have a diffuser in my home. I would love to try Jasmine, Wild Orange and Tangerine, as that sounds like it would smell amazing.

  • I’m wondering if ylang ylang, orange, and lavender would smell nice, and maybe calm down my hyper kid! I would love the chance to try it!

  • I’ve always wanted a diffuser but haven’t invested in one yet. Hopefully one day as I’d love to see (and smell!) if an allergy blend would work on our seasonal allergies.

  • I have been watching your posts for quite some time and have seen that you have been able to deal with many health issues using essential oils. Because I have many allergies, I would love to find a way to deal with some of them without having to use medical intervention.

  • I have not tried essential oils yet but have been wondering about them for some time now. My family and I live in New Mexico and the dry climate is kicking all of our behinds right now. I’m a fruity kind of gal so when I try essential oils I’ll start with a citrus blend.

  • During the winter, I was diffusing a blend of Cedarwood, Orange and Cloves. Think I might try one of the flowery ones you mention, now that spring is here.

    I would love to win. I am not on Facebook, so hope that doesn’t disqualify me.

  • I don’t have a diffuser yet, but I love cedarwood oils. I would love to try any of the spring blends! I’m huge into smells in my house and I can only imagine what having one of these would do. :) Thanks for everything you do Jillee!

  • I love the essential oils, dont use them as much as I should . I have purchased a defuser off Amazon it didnt work, and couldn’t get my money back. So went to local walmart got a small ultra sonic humidifier. It worked great til parts of it just cracked & broke. Went back to get a new one, who knew they are seasonal. What a bummer. So have been using the breath ease under my nose for cold sx, and the purification for the same. Wish I knew all the uses. They smell great

  • Although I probably use Tea Tree the most, I also love lavender, rosemary, orange and lemon. It is hard to pick a favorite. . .I love to blend them.

  • Lemon, lavender and peppermint is an awesome blend, not just for allergies but for the aroma. WE also love just peppermint. It so nice and very relaxing.

  • I’ve never tried oil infusion before, but would love to try them. The 2 drops Jasmine, 2 drops Wild Orange and 2 drops Tangerine sound amazing! Thanks for the entry. I really enjoy your posts.

  • I’m new to eo started using them because of your posts. I would love to have different scents to try. Now I have rose and lavender that I put together.

  • Just attended first class on essential oils and can’t wait to get started!
    I heard that a great memory boosting combo is lavender oil, lemon oil,rosemary and cinnamon. Good if you have aging or Alzheimer’s family member or lead a hectic, busy life (I think that includes us all,right?)

  • I love essential oils I wish I was able to try the diffuse but bills get in the way. I love lavender and peppermint. There are other ones I would like to try and hopefully I get the chance.

  • I am a newcomer to diffusing and am looking forward to experimenting with different combinations. Thank you for the blend suggestions. I appreciate you and your blog!

  • I have not tried a diffuser yet, but am very interested. I have many allergies and I am seeing that there are more ways than just the medical way to find relief.

  • I am a newcomer to diffusing and it did not take long for me to get hooked. I REALLY appreciate the suggested blends. I am excited to experiment. Appreciate you and your blog!

  • I love Essential Oils and use them regularly in my home. They are great to add to my home made cleaning products, and I love using them to freshen up the house (especially in the winter when things get a bit stale). There are so many to love! My current favorite is lavender, but I also love rosemary, eucalyptus and anything citrus. . .I sort of love them all!!!!

  • My only experience with essential oils so far is you Jillee! Would love the chance to try them in my home. A spring time mix of rose, lavender and/or jasmine sounds divine!

  • I would love a diffuser! My go-to oils would be the citrus. Like the floral scents, too. Preference to the Jasmine!

    Thanks for having this offer, Jillee!

  • I haven’t tried a diffuser, but would love to! I use candles with lavender and citrus in my house and I feel like the diffuser would be so much better and healthier.
    Thanks for your “one good thing” every day! I love all of your tips and tricks and especially the recipes:)

  • I have put your recent life/house hack to work…I have put a couple of drops of Patchouli and Lavender on the inside of our toilet paper rolls. It is fantastic!

  • I would love to try the Jasmine, Wild Orange & Tangerine combo. However all the scents sound delightful! Would love to have the diffuser and the oils!

  • How do you ask for favorites, the possibilities are endless and fun. Summer and spring I go for citrus, talk about making you want to sing and smile. Holidays I go for cinnamon;s and earthy mixed in with some citrus. People come over and feel calm and happy with the aroma that fills the air and kind of groovy with the little whisp of mist that they see.

  • I have not tried diffusing yet, but enjoy the scents of lemon and Rosemary together. I also love sweet orange. It would be fun to experiment with different combos. I use my essential oils for cleaning, and medicinal purposes right now and would love to take it to the next level!

  • I love ylang ylang and bergamot oils. I diffuse them and also put a drop in lotion on my hands from time to time and even have the bergamot in a roller bottle.

  • I use my diffuser every single night. I couldn’t be without it. My favorite blend is lemon, lavender and peppermint. During the day, if I’m home, I diffuse orange and clove. I sure could use another diffuser. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I have been wanting to try the diffuser in my home and this would be a great way to get one. I would LOVE to win. I have been using Spark Natural oils for about a year and they are the greatest. Thanks.

  • I love diffusing OnGuard when my someone isn’t feeling well and lavender to calm my house with three kids 5 and under! I’d love to be able to try news blends!

  • I love to diffuse Sweet Orange and Vanilla. I’ll also diffuse Eucalyptus and Lavender when I feel the house needs a “cleansing”. I love the fact that Spark Naturals are so affordable.

  • Although you already mentioned it, my favorite EVERYTHING blend is Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint.
    I use it for headaches, boo-boos, and lots more, PLUS diffusing!

  • I have never used a diffuser but have been wanting to try, this would give me an opportunity and I would LOVE to win. :-) I use the Spark Natural oils and love them.

  • I’m pretty new to essential oils, but so far my favorite to diffuse is a blend that I diffuse at night to help me sleep. It’s made up of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang Complete, Orange, Blue Tansy, and Patchouli.

  • So many wonderful scents for Spring. One of my favorite blends is, sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit and
    ylang ylang with just a touch of vanilla. Awesome stuff. I usually mix this blend into a 5 ml bottle so I always have it on hand.

  • I do not have a diffuser, but would LOVE one… if I were to win a diffuser, I would really like to try a ylang ylang, lemon, and lavendar blend, or perhaps a ylang ylang, rosemary, lemon blend. I love those earthy smells. My two boys and I suffer from allergies (my youngest is athmatic), and I think these blends could really help us combate the allergens.

  • I’ve been using essential oils for years now.
    In my closet I use peppermint, eucalyptus and sweet orange oils. It keeps my closet fresh and when I smell it in the morning it awakens me.

    Mixing geranium and sweet orange essential oils is the best recipe for those low days. It literally sweetens my disposition.

  • I haven’t used an infuser yet. I just started to use essential oils and still have a lot to learn! I’m looking forward to trying Lavendar/Lemon/Rosemary combination. Thanks so much

  • So many wonderful scents for Spring. One of my favorites is a mixture of sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit and ylang ylang with just a touch of vanilla. Awesome stuff!

  • I haven’t used a diffuser but I want to try it!! I love the scents of lavender and citrus. I use candles and I know the diffuser would be better for my house and air!
    I love your “one good thing” everyday!!
    Thanks for all your great ideas and recipes:)