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Cut Yourself Shaving? This Is The Best Way To Stop The Bleeding

geranium for bleeding

I’ve shared several of my favorite shaving-related hacks with you in the past, including everything from techniques for shaving your face to a pre-shave scrub for ultra-smooth legs. But personally, I think the shaving tip that I’ll be sharing with you today is perhaps the simplest and most useful tidbit of them all!

I came across this particular tip a few months ago while researching essential oils that were being considered as potential new additions to the Essentials by Jillee collection. One oil I was looking into at the time was geranium essential oil (now available in my online shop), which I already knew could be especially beneficial in skin-related applications.

But what I was surprised to learn was that because of its skin-friendly properties, geranium oil can quickly solve one of life’s little everyday problems: cutting yourself while shaving! In today’s post, we’ll explore how exactly geranium oil works to help stop minor bleeding, plus how you can use this information to your advantage at home!

geranium for bleeding

How Can Geranium Oil Help Stop Bleeding?

A small amount of geranium oil onto a small cut can help stop the bleeding surprisingly quickly, or even seemingly instantly! Just a quick dab will help to stop bleeding in its tracks and get you on your way. But how does it work, exactly?

Geranium oil has two qualities that make it useful on minor wounds. The first is that it’s an astringent, which means it can cause blood vessels to contract. This slows the flow of blood in the area and helps to stop bleeding.

geranium for bleeding

The second quality that makes geranium oil useful for stopping bleeding is that it appears to have a “hemostatic effect,” meaning that it can speed up the coagulation of blood. Coagulation involves blood cells called platelets working together with the proteins in blood plasma to form a protective clot at the site of bleeding.

Between geranium essential oil’s astringent and hemostatic properties, it is uniquely suited to helping slow blood flow and promote clotting, stopping bleeding in its tracks. And since minor bleeding is a common occurrence for those of us who shave regularly, you can see how it would be a useful remedy to have on hand!

geranium for bleeding

How To Use Geranium Oil To Stop Bleeding From Shaving Cuts

The next time you accidentally nick yourself while shaving (or while gardening, cooking, or doing any of the other activities where minor injuries tend to occur), grab your bottle of geranium oil. Use clean hands or a cotton swab to dab a small amount of the oil to the wound, and voila!

As an added bonus, geranium oil also boasts antibacterial and antiseptic properties, both of which can be beneficial when it comes to healing. What more could you ask for from one little bottle of oil? :-)

geranium for bleeding

Other Uses For Geranium Oil

Believe it or not, the benefits of geranium oil don’t end there! Check out a whole list of uses for geranium oil here, including fighting dry and damaged aging hair, soothing anxious feelings, and more.

What’s your favorite way to use geranium oil?

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  • I’ve used the styptic pencil for years too for cuts. I’ll have to remember the cornstarch tip for cuts in the kitchen. It would definitely save time running to get the geranium oil. The geranium has worked for minor cuts.

  • Once I tried to shave a section of my face now the hair is thicker (unfortunate) tho waxing it has helped.

    For those that can’t afford essential oils.. try some baby oil (with aloe) or even a good moisturizing body lotion. When I get out of the shower I rub baby oil (or lotion) on me before I dry off

  • I am a fan of essential oils and appreciate learning more about them, but in reading the comments it struck something in me when Deb responded to Landon’s post about when he mistakenly trims to close when caring for his pets nails. First of all , thank you Landon for being honest. We never intend to purposefully cut our pets nails or even ours to point of bleeding, but it can happen for we are not perfect! It should be noted that you care enough to trim your pets nails! Deb , you obviously have a heart that reaches out with care and compassion as well, but may have been caught in the moment of thinking of the pet and how it may have caused it to feel. I’m going to go a step further and reach out to the hearts of all that read this. As Americans should we be asking ourselves, we give $ for animals, and I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t for it breaks our hearts in how so many are wrongly treated, but do we defend the defenseless baby we refer to as fetus???
    I’ve pondered this myself recently, so when I read the comments. I felt compelled to share. Thanks

  • I have found since I started using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream I very seldom Nick myself.It’s easier to see what I am doing and it seems to leave a softening effect behind.

  • I would have never thought to do this. I already have some Geranium oil. I’ve nicked myself before and sometimes the white stick doesn’t help at all. My main concern would be keeping geranium oil in the bathroom because of the steamy environment sometimes.I’ll definitely remember it for real bad bloody cuts from cooking accidents etc. I keep my oils in my bedroom in a box away from the sun.

  • Another fast & easy way to stop bleeding is by applying a dab of cornstarch just as you would steptic powder. It also works surprisingly well on a dog’s nails if you accidentally quick them. I have a set of small, shallow glass prep bowls & use the smallest one with just a little spoonfull of cornstarch – maybe half a teaspoon – and keep it out of dog’s reach, but where I can easily reach it when doing nails. Quicking them bleeds like crazy, but dipping the nail into the cornstarch stops it almost immediately. Thankfully it rarely happens, but I know what to do when it does.

    • Poor dog! Oh, that just kills me to even hear! THAT is exactly why I always used the little sanding tool you can get for that! That is something that is so terribly painful for the animal and can actually traumatize them in a huge way! I know of a groomer that nearly got sued for that! Sorry if I seem rude, but it strikes a nerve with me. Animals are so innocent and people do things to them that they have NO control over!

      • As I said, it rarely happens, but when it does I know what to do. I’d never intentionally harm anyone or anything. Sometimes it’s as simple as the human or the pet twitching at the wrong moment. That is out of the control of both the dog and the human. This particular dog freaks out at the sound of any sander. He’s our baby, so we’ve tried every technique there is to try to make nail grooming the least traumatizing for him and for us. He has tan nails so I can clearly see where to cut. If I couldn’t he’d be going to a groomer to get his nails done.

      • Landon, Please forgive me, I came on pretty strong. I really am sorry. I have to tell you, I get myself into trouble often due to my extreme love and over-compassion for animals. My late daughter was just like me and would drag home every single stray she managed to find! I am sure some of the neighbors must have thought we had started a petting zoo or a farm, or something! I am well known in my current neighborhood as the “cheesecake lady” or that “lady who protects ALL the animals”, both self-explanatory. Around here there’s neglect, more than anything. But people know that I have no problem finding their pet a good home if they will not, cannot, or do not take care of them on their own! I have, unknowingly, put myself in danger before. Now at age 65, my adult son has to reel me back in before I get too far gone! Well anyway, I am sorry and hope you will forgive me and give that pup a loving hug from an old woman in Iowa! God bless you. :-)

      • Thank you, Deb, but there’s nothing to forgive. You spoke your heart and I spoke mine. This is a well loved & spoiled little guy that will sit and have a conversation like he thinks he’s human too.

      • Yeah, I have a few good conversations with my husband and wife cats frequently! After me being the designated person who had to take both my daughter’s dog and then my son’s dog to be put to sleep, I thought I would get ME my cats for a change. That way, if they go before me, it will be my own grief, not for my kids, myself, the animal, etc! To all who joined in here, God bless us all AND the critters and, both human and animal, whom we must protect! :-) This whole thing has wrapped up with me crying hopeful, happy tears as our country heals from division!

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