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Make This All-Natural Spray For Quick Sunburn Relief

Sunburn Cooling Spray

When it comes to natural sunburn relief, it’s hard to beat aloe vera gel. Natural aloe vera gel has impressive healing properties, and it provides a lovely cooling feeling when you rub it onto your skin. (Especially when it’s frozen first… ahhhh, sweet relief!)

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While aloe vera gel works wonders on sunburns, it’s not the only natural ingredient that does so. Today I’ll be sharing how to combine aloe vera gel and a few other natural ingredients to make your own sunburn relief spray!

Sunburn Cooling Spray

What’s In It?

So what are these other ingredients, you ask? In addition to aloe vera gel, this spray contains chamomile tea, which helps to reduce inflammation, and witch hazel, which is very soothing and helps to reduce redness. It also contains lavender essential oil, which is always my go-to oil for skin issues, as well as a couple of drops of peppermint oil (for that tingly, cooling sensation!) These ingredients combine to make a spray that’s soothing, cooling, healing, and nourishing all at once.

And best of all – it couldn’t be simpler to make! Here’s how it’s done.

Homemade Sunburn Relief Spray


Sunburn Cooling Spray


Combine the chamomile tea, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and essential oils in a small spray bottle. Replace the cap and shake well to combine.

The ingredients will separate over time, and that’s fine. Just give it a good shake before each use!

Sunburn Cooling Spray

Storing Your Sunburn Relief Spray

For most homemade remedies containing essential oils, I recommend using a glass bottle. Essential oils can be corrosive to plastic, especially citrus oils. However, since this recipe contains such a small amount of non-citrus oils, I personally think it’s fine to keep it in a plastic spray bottle.

Make sure to store the bottle in a cool, dark place when you’re not using it to help extend the shelf-life of your spray. When stored properly, this spray should stay good for about 6 months or so.

Sunburn Cooling Spray

I love this spray because it works on two fronts – it provides instant pain relief, and also nourishes and hydrates your skin to help it heal faster. Spritz it liberally onto a sunburn, and your skin will thank you for it! (At the very least, your skin will forgive you for getting a sunburn in the first place.) ;-)

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  • This sounds a lot like a spray my sister- in-law uses. We were at recent family reunion about a month ago. One of my Nephews had a really bad sunburn from an afternoon at the Lake. They were out boating. It really helped with the redness . I’ve always had to be careful because I tend to burn sometimes. Our family has a tendency to burn easily. I’ve also actually heard the Apple Cider Vinegar is great for Sunburns.

  • You’re spoiling me with all your fantastic homemade health and beauty products. ~ So simple, and so wonderfully healthy. Thank you.

  • Hello jill. My 1st time commenting but i LOVE ur blogs!!! Question, i dont get burned, as i am Mexican & we mostly tan. Would this be good to just hydrate the face? Almost like a facial mist, fo everyday use. Thank u fir ur helpful blog’s

  • We are getting ready to leave for the beach in the morning. I think I will whip up a batch of this to tuck into my bag “just in case” LOL.


    • Geranium or chamomile would work perfectly! If you’re trying to avoid floral scents altogether, then you could use just 1 drop of peppermint :-)

  • Thanks for sharing the information on the radiation treatment. When my Sisters was undergoing treatment several years , the radiation really fried her skin.

  • Good lord, where was this LAST WEEK when I was literally the color of a tomato!!! I’m still red, blistered, and peeling, so I think I’m going to still mix up a batch and see if it helps this late in the game! :) Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but if there is, I’ll be ready!

    • If that ever happens again, immediately put vinegar in the area. It helps stop the cooking of your skin and body, easy the recovery period. It’s like cooking a steak: we take it off the burner before it’s where we want it because it still cooks for a bit. We do to and the vinegar helps stop the burn from getting worse and is soothing. This spray sounds lovely to use while healing

      • We have used vinegar on our sunburns since I was a little girl. It works amazing and it also helps the burn turn into a tan. My kids always hated the smell so thank goodness it doesn’t last to long. I’m for sure going to try this homemade spray it sounds great and I know it will smell good ! Thanks Jillee for posting this!

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