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The Best Way To Get Whiter Teeth At Home On The Cheap

Teeth Whitening

Noticing that your teeth are looking a bit stained or less-than white can make it hard to feel confident about your smile. Store-bought teeth whitening products can help remove stains and restore whiteness, but they don’t come cheap. (A single box of teeth whitening strips can cost between $20-40!)

But there’s a much cheaper way to whiten your teeth at home, using the very same active ingredient found in most store-bought teeth whitening products (and even treatments from a dentist, for that matter): hydrogen peroxide!

teeth whitening

Today I’ll be sharing a simple, at-home hydrogen peroxide rinse that you can use to help whiten your teeth and remove surface stains safely and effectively. But before we get to that, let’s briefly compare how this at-home hydrogen peroxide treatment works compared to those store-bought whitening products.

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Teeth Whitening

Can I Whiten My Teeth At Home With Hydrogen Peroxide?

In a word, yes. But it won’t be as quick (or as hard on your teeth) as those store-bought whitening products. That’s because most those products list contain much higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than the brown bottle you can buy at the grocery store, which is a 3% solution.

But regular 3% hydrogen peroxide can also be effective for whitening teeth when used at home as a rinse treatment. As long as you perform the rinse regularly, you can enjoy the whitening effects of peroxide without experiencing the sensitivity often caused by store-bought whitening treatments. (And that sounds like a win-win to me!)

How To Do A Teeth Whitening Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

Teeth Whitening

Step 1 – Mix

Combine equal amounts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide in a small cup.

Teeth Whitening

Step 2 – Swish

Swish the diluted hydrogen peroxide around your mouth for about 30 seconds, or up to 1 minute. Be sure not to swallow the mixture. (Ingesting hydrogen peroxide won’t do any serious harm, but it could lead to some unpleasant vomiting!)

Teeth Whitening

Step 3 – Spit

After swishing, spit the solution out and follow up with a good brushing. Repeat the rinse treatment 2-3 times per week to improve oral health and whiten teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Tips For Maintaining White Teeth & Avoiding Stains

To help keep your teeth nice and white and avoid developing further staining, it helps to know what kinds of foods and drinks contribute to surface stains on your teeth. Here are a few things you may want to avoid eating or drinking where possible:

  • Energy drinks
  • Coffee & tea
  • Red wine
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Candy
  • Berries
  • Tomato-based sauces
  • Citrus fruits

When you do eat or drink things from that list, brushing your teeth directly afterward can help prevent stains. You can carry around a few disposable toothbrushes like these ones for just such occasions. They don’t require any water to use, so you use them at work, while you’re out to lunch, or anywhere else you happen to be!

Now that you’re armed with the information you need to achieve and maintain whiter teeth, you’ll be exuding full-blown smile confidence in no time! :-)

Have you tried any at-home teeth whitening treatments?

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  • I have a bad habit of occasionally biting the inside of my mouth, tongue…..so I develope painful canker sores…dentist recommended one part hydrogen peroxide to one part mouthwash used the same way….the canker sores heal quickly….never really noticed if my teeth were whiter…I will have to check it out next time…..

    • And………..she already said to dilute it. It is hydrogen peroxide and you are not drinking it. Please…if you have nothing nice or constructive to say, say nothing.

  • This is exactly what I needed today! My teeth just are “blah.” Not a pretty color and a little crookedy…LOL..(but all 4 of my grown children have beautiful, white and perfectly straight teeth and none of them ever had braces…go figure!) but, recently, they have been bothering me a little bit. So, your post is giving me some hope…I am going to start today and buy those on the go brush packets! Thank you Jillee!!!

    • sorry I duplicated my comment. I’m using my PC less than before, and Alexa can be faster. I will see if Alexa recognizes you, Jillee. That would be great.

  • My hygienist told me that swishing or placing some hydrogen peroxide in a water pick devise is also good to keep bacteria from causing tooth decay. So that’s another plus.

  • Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda makes a great toothpaste also! My mom told me, way back when, that’s what she used & not the store bought toothpaste.

    • It will wear off the enamel on your teeth and then your teeth will really turn yellow. Don’t whiten your teeth. Why do you think there are so many new toothpastes for ‘sensitive’ teeth? That’s because people are ruining their teeth whitening them. People get sucked in every time for dangerous and irresponsible trends.

      • It wont wear the enamel miss judith mouth to big, baking soda does that. Toothpaste is only marketing, a good market to say the least promoting oral health, but still a huge expense $7.00 a tube, rip off. And abrasive if used like a madman. I personnally hate the after taste of peroxide, YES l rinse, but a rinse aid and having small properties mixed in with water, using it as you are meant to, diluted well and not ingested is a great suppliment to a regular cleaning routine. Sounds like your missing your enamel and sad for beforehand practise. We are not irresponsible, we are curious and far from silly and definately not suckers. Mum once said, cant say anything nice, keep ya trap shut. Good words. Pardon the pun but theyre pearlers!!

      • H202 can destroy the good bacteria that keep your gums and throat healthy, leaving you subject to strep infections.

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