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Going Gray? How To Make The Transition And Look Great Doing It

Grey Hair

Good news for us older gals: going gray is officially “in!” According to Pinterest, searches for the phrase “going gray” are up nearly 900% compared to last year. This shows that more and more women are ready to embrace their gray hair, and are searching for resources to help make the transition easier. And that’s exactly what I’ll be offering to all of you in today’s blog post!

In terms of going gray, I consider myself pretty lucky. That’s because my “gray” hairs are light enough that they more or less blend in with the rest of my blonde hair. So I have nothing but respect and admiration for women like Jane, who you’ll see pictured throughout today’s post. She recently stopped dyeing her dark hair in order to embrace her natural gray, and doesn’t it look fabulous?

Jane graciously agreed to be our model for the photos for today’s post, which I imagine had something to do with the fact that her daughter Kaitlyn is our photographer. ;-) But I appreciate her willingness all the same, because her silvery strands are the perfect visual to go along with the tips I’ll be sharing in today’s post! So thanks again Jane!

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Grey Hair

How To Transition From Dyed Hair To Natural Gray

The truth about any significant hair transition is that most of all, it requires patience. If you stop dyeing your hair, it will eventually grow out into its natural gray state. The trick is surviving the “awkward stage” that happens in between. (But if you’ve ever grown out your hair over a significant period for any reason, you’ll know this is usually easier said than done!)

But in the meantime, there are certain things you can do that can make that transition process easier to cope with. Here are 5 helpful tips for coping with the transition from dyed hair to your natural, glorious gray!

5 Tips To Help You Cope While Going Gray

Grey Hair

1. Use Products For Gray Hair

Ever heard of purple shampoo or purple conditioner? They’re hot right now in the hair care world, and they’re perfect for gray hair! The purple pigments in these products can help neutralize the yellowish tinge that makes graying hair look dull.

With regular use, purple shampoos and conditioners can give your hair a silvery sleek look with no shortage of shine!

Grey Hair

2. Use A Deep Conditioner

Gray hair tends to be drier and more wiry than non-gray hair, which can make it a bit unruly. But all it needs is a little extra TLC! The main issue is a lack of moisture, so the key is to keep your graying hair properly hydrated.

Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week can help give your hair the moisture it needs to stay soft and silky. Learn how to do my favorite at-home deep conditioning treatment with coconut oil at the link below!

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Grey Hair

3. Stay Inspired

Transitioning to a new hairstyle is going to be a frustrating process, and you may even been tempted to abandon your efforts! Staying focused on your hair goals can help you ride out those waves of frustration.

An easy way to keep yourself inspired during those frustrating times is to look at pictures of women you admire who are rocking natural gray hair. Your hair might not end up looking exactly like theirs, but you’ll never know until you grow it out!

(And what if you grow out your gray hair, only to hate how it looks or feels? No big deal—just dye it back to how you like it! But it’s definitely worthwhile to grow out your gray at least once so you can see it for yourself.)

Grey Hair

4. Get Haircuts Often

Haircuts and trims are vital during any hair transition, and going gray is no exception. Regular haircuts will help keep your hair healthy and promote growth. And the process of growing out your gray will go faster if you keep your hair short.

Not everyone is brave enough to rock a silvery pixie cut a la Jamie Lee Curtis, but the shorter you’re willing to go, the quicker your hair transition will be!

Grey Hair

5. Explore Color Options

Seek out hairstylists in your area who have experience with gray hair. These stylists have all sorts of tools and methods at their disposal that can make your transition to gray hair easier and less awkward! Here are a few color options you can explore with your stylist:

◆ Highlights/Lowlights

Adding highlights or lowlights to your hair (depending on your current color) can make the transition to gray smoother and more seamless. If your hair is currently dark, adding highlights can help blur the line of contrast between your dark strands and the gray ones.

On the other end of the spectrum, those with blond hair can benefit from lowlights to help incorporate the cooler tone of the grays. And some people can benefit from a combination of highlights and lowlights! An experienced stylist will know for sure which will help you achieve your hair goals.

◆ Color Correction

If you’ve been dyeing your hair dark for a long time, color erasers can help lift out some of that dark color and lessen the contrast between the old color and the new growth. Ask your stylist if a color eraser or color correction is a good option for you.

(While you can buy color eraser products online, they can produce… unexpected results depending on your hair’s unique color. There’s much less risk involved if you have a professional do it for you!)

◆ Silver Streak

If you’re not quite ready to commit to going fully gray, why not start with a silver streak? It can be a fun, low-risk way to see what your natural gray will look like without abandoning your current color. Just have your stylist section off a streak and keep it dye-free during your next hair color session.

Grey Hair

What’s your current relationship with going gray?

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  • As I age I have developed very thinning hair which turned white about l0 years ago. I found a product that is wonderful & makes my hair much thicker & manageable. It is L’Anza and I buy it from Amazon. They have several different types & conditioners as well. It all depends on your hair, I use the Healing Remedy and I can’t believe how I went from thin, wispy hair to nice thick growth. I have had many compliments on my hair since using L’Anza. Worth looking into. I am in Ontario, Canada. Love One Good Thing, and read it every day. Thank you Jillee for an awesome web site.

  • I’m 41, been going gray since I was 18 and dyeing it black ever since then. It got t the point where I was dyeing it every 2 weeks just to keep the roots under control because my hair grows so fast. Well during the Pandemic last year I decided to just shave my head and let it grow back as it wants. What used to be long straight and black is now curly and silver! I am loving it and the freedom it’s giving me:)

  • I just wish mine would go white-silver faster. I am the only hold out in the sisters corner, and they all have that white-silver color. My Mother was not completely gray when she passed at 85 and looks like I will take after her. The baby sister went white-silver at age 25 and has the most amazing hair.

  • thank you for this article that lady looks amazing. In the past two years I went cold turkey on colour after 30+ years of expensive highlights and love my new look. It’s more white than grey which suits me I was naturally blond. I also found I needed to change my make up look to suit my new colour I find I can be a bit less subtle than I used to be as I feel my face needs slightly stronger colour and for the first time ever I can use red lipstick!

  • Grey doesn’t have anything to do with age! So many people start seeing grey at early ages! I stopped coloring mine at 50. I year later and I finally have hair I love! I get more attention for my hair and have had more serious in depth conversations with women since. I love it. I had a fantastic hair dresser that stripped the horrible ombre color out, and blended dye with my natural colors. It made the year transition very easy. I didn’t cut off all my hair or have the dreaded demarcation! I also watched You Tube Videos and fell in love with Nikol Johnson and Monique Parent and their wonderful advice, make up, and life style tips. It is totally obvious to me now, as I look at most women when they color their hair and when they don’t and honestly I think people look good or bad for their age and that has nothing to do with their hair color. It’s the way they carry themselves into the world. I think grey/silver/white hair brightens our faces! It is, by far, the best decision I have made with my hair! It has elevated my confidence in ways I never imagined! I love the confidence I discovered in myself!

  • My natural color is dark brown. It was hard for me to make the decision, and it’s very important to understand that each of us has to decide in our own time. My hairdresser recommended heavy highlights rather than color removal. I loved it at the salon, but when I got home I didn’t know the woman in the mirror. That was August 2018. In January I made a slight highlight change to compliment my skin tone a little better, and wow, that’s when the compliments began in earnest. Now in May, I am one or two cuts away from being done, and it is so beautiful. I would have to say what I enjoy best is being free of worry. Free of white sideburns. Lol. And free of coloring often. One more tip: I finally figured out that when I looked in the mirror I was only observing my hair and whether it was dull or shiny. But when I began seeing my dark hair with my skin (aging decreases pigmentation ), my dark hair was actually aging me more. Look at the whole picture.

  • I am 75 years old. Stopped coloring my hair a few years ago. My gray is really white. Don’t like short hair. Mine is shoulder length. Use the purple shampoo and conditioner. I get lots of compliments on my hair. I am also very lucky that I have thick hair. Thank you for sharing your tips and stories with us.

  • She looks beautiful! It´s not an easy step to stop dying your hair, but so worth while! I did it when I turned 60 and noticed I had to dye my hair more often. I did the change with the help of my dear hairdresser! She started to make some highlights in my dark brown, and after about a year and a half it was ´done´. I asked family and friends about it and the surprise was that some people didn´t even notice! It went so gradually….
    What I also did was checking my wardrobe….some colours (like browns) don´t suit me at all with the grey hair. And to my surprise I can wear light blue! I never could, it made me pale.
    To be honoust I would have done this much earlier if I had known that I don´t look a day older (I am told ;-) ), it saves time and money!

  • I’m already 5 years older than my husband. I know that I’m all grey at 66. If I were to stop coloring my hair, I would look 100 years old! I’m just not ready. Maybe when he retires and I no longer have to attend his work functions we can go grey together!

  • I’m 59. My husband is too and he is just starting to have a few gray hairs. I was gray by the time I was in my early 30’s so I’ve dyed my hair all this time. I got tired of it and decided to just be me so I grew it out and had my hair cut short. It turns out my hair is a beautiful silver color. Even the college-aged girls in my town compliment me on it. I’m so glad that I did it and I’ll never go back. I use Regis products for silver hair. I’ve tried several different ones but that one seems to work the best for me. In general, I forget that my hair is that color so when I look in the mirror, sometimes it surprises me. LOL

  • I’m in my mid-30s and took the plunge after a disastrous visit to the hair dresser where she burnt off my hair! I had no choice but to cut it all short. I was only bleaching it to cover the grey regrowth anyways. Never looked back except the involuntary short hair period which didnt suit me.

  • Helen Mirren
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    Diane Keaton
    Glenn Close

    They all look great. I stopped coloring in my early 50’s and never looked back. If you carry yourself “old” you’ll look old even with a dye job.

  • Just went grey or I should say…white. I love no more coloring and worrying about touch ups. I get a lot of complements on my hair now.

  • I went gray 5 years ago. My transition was horrible! I had used henna coloring..it’s suppose to be better for your hair..what they don’t tell you is you can’t use salon dye over it! I had to have that dreaded transitional demarcation mark. My henna was strawberry blonde, auburn. Yuck! It took me 18 long months. I’ve also found philosophy 3-1 used as shampoo really brightens the hair. I would recommend because I think colored hair looks fake. Jmo

  • I went gray about 2 years ago. My first 3 gray hairs were after my parents divorced, I was 14! Omg! Several deaths of friends & family caused more like that over the years, now at 63 well? Anyway, turns out what I call ‘my stress gray’ is now a bit more silver than the rest, almost like on purpose so…
    I am pretty happy about it but did add the purple shampoo, it works great.

  • I’m 63 and after decades of coloring my hair, mostly blonde, I decided last summer to stop and go gray. I’ve been very ambivalent about it, though, as I know it’s aging me a bit. However, because I still wear it in long curls/waves which is a perfect style for me (think Cher’s curls late 80s/90s), I think I’ll be able to really rock the gray. Thing is, I can’t quite tell what color it’s really becoming. I’m calling it “50 shades of not-so-pretty gray”. Seems to be growing out fairly quickly, the blonde is now below my ears, and the “50 shades” above. Lots of dark strands and the light strands still look blonde but more platinum, maybe, rather than the golden color on the ends. Will look at the purple products above, but as I’ve checked out other purple products, I suspect these, too, have a very nasty ingredient, propylene glycol (anti-freeze). Will have to really search out more natural whiteners/brighteners, if there is such a thing. If anyone knows of more natural purple products, please, please share!! But my priority is keeping my wonderful curls as healthy, strong and beautiful as possible, the color doesn’t matter quite so much to me anymore. Have been getting a lot of compliments lately on my hair, but more because of my curls, I think, not the color, although the surface curls are plat/gold blonde and stand out against the darker shades underneath. Thought about cutting it to ear length, but I can’t bring myself to do that – yet. I’ve always wanted long, long hair but never got it much past my shoulder blades (curls shrink the length like crazy!) The other thing that needs attention when going gray is face/neck skin. Changing up those products as well to more natural products to minimize wrinkles, crinkles, spots, sagging, tone, etc. Hopefully, I can get it a little brighter to offset the graying hair. I just wish it would come in a really pretty pure white like my dad and mom (even under her blonde till she died). Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen, though. (sigh) We shall see…

  • My mom got her first grey hairs when she was about 30, and started a determined relationship with Clairol “ash blonde” till she was in her 70s. Honestly, it looked so much better when she finally let it grow out.

    I got my first grey hairs at the same age and did nothing about it. I’ll be 70 next year and my hair is a very interesting mix of grey and blonde and brown, with a few silver streaks in the front. I’d have to pay a hairdresser a fortune to get what I got all by myself. :)

  • My story is a little different. I had hair down to my waist. When I started seeing white hairs, I dyed it dark brown, which was my natural color. But I was diagnosed with a rare cancer, and the chemo made all my hair fall out. I figured when it grew back, I’d have some brown and some white, but I am ALL white…I think I probably glow in the dark. LOL!!! I’ve decided not to dye it anymore. My hair grows fast, and I almost always had roots showing, and I don’t want to bother with the upkeep any more. I’m used to it, I like the white color, but there is some confusion when I am out with my husband, who I don’t think will ever go gray. Twice I was asked if he was my son. I corrected both women, but the next time it happens, I think I’ll tell them he IS my son. And then I’ll kiss him and grab his butt. HAHAHAHA

  • I went gray over a year ago. I am still salt and pepper. I am 70. I wasn’t worried about the chemicals because I dyed it with henna (natural and not with mineral salts). It was dark brown. But it was a pain to do even with my very short hair. If you’ve ever used henna you know what I am talking about. It’s not like Nice and Easy just shampooing your hair and then rinsing it out.

    Anyway, my concern was looking older than my husband who still has mostly brown hair. After I had been gray for awhile (and definitely looking older), we talked about hair one day and he admitted he hated my dyed hair. He called it red! I guess it had a red tinge because of the henna. He much prefers it gray. He never criticizes me no matter what I do or wear, so I had no clue.

    I had to get over caring what people think about how young or old I look. I always looked younger than I was, but now I feel I look very old. Some people are still shocked I am as old as I am, but when I look in the mirror, all I see is old. It’s a state of mind and I am determined to grow old as gracefully as I can. We are our own worst critics.

    I still use lotions and potions and try to be an okay weight. I also quit wearing make up years ago because now that I am older, I just don’t see a difference that makes it worth the trouble. But I am tired of being obsessed with my age and how I look. The people who love you don’t care. It’s going on the back burner. Character is more important to me. If you dye your hair or don’t dye your hair, it’s who you are that counts. I love people who dye their hair and those who don’t. It’s just not an issue.

  • I feel fortunate that my husband is downright adamant about LIKING my graying hair. I didn’t want to do the hair dye arms race anyway, so we’re both happy. However, there’s no harm in using products that make the gray look healthy, so thank you for the post! I’ll talk to my hairdresser about products she recommends.

  • Facebook has several groups for going gray. For newbies they give great advice and encouragement. I have joined GGG going gray guide. They talk make up, hair styles and other great subjects. I joined after I decided to go gray. Been dye free for 8 years and still waiting for more silvers. I just have what I call tinsels but I will never go back to dying my hair. Old faces and dark hair don’t mix in my book plus think about all those chemicals you are putting on your hair and skin!
    Embrace the gray and silvers! Good luck to all.

  • When I retired a few years ago, I decided to go natural. I had been coloring with brown and a chunk of platinum blonde in the front. I colored my brown hair lighter and lighter and then cut it short and let the rest grow out….it was a quick transition. My hair is salt and pepper; mostly pepper but I thought it made me look too old or maybe just washed out. So, I began putting the platinum in the front again and then use the purple shampoo and in between, the purple rinse and it has turned the chunk of blonde a pretty silver. It is unique and I get lots of compliments. One needs to find a way to turn a hairstyle or coloring into what fits them best. Also, when hair color changes so should makeup. I find the way I wore makeup before is not the way I can wear it now. Lighter color (or gray) softens the lines and wrinkles in ones face ….less makeup does the same thing especially eye makeup. You never want to go darker in a foundation…aim for the same color or a bit lighter or it will look muddy.

    • One thing that is important to do is re-visit your colors, both your clothes and make-up (if you wear any). What looked great with dark brown hair might not look best with your new silver tones. There are many You Tubers who show how a little change in color makes you look gorgeous no matter your age or hair color. Check it out for some real inspiration.

    • I definitely agree. Most of the comments in this article are raving about how wonderful the model Jane looks with her gray hair, but quite honestly, its unflattering and makes her look much older. I have very dark hair, I love the color, and I hate gray. There, I will say it freely. I absolutely hate it and don’t want it on my head. I color my hair naturally with henna and indigo, which actually strengthens the hair. I will never ever go gray.

  • A year ago I decided to let my dark brown hair grow out. My hair had been totally gray since I was in my 30s (family genes). I bought two gray short wigs and began the process. After nine months, the process was over.

  • I’ve been dieting ash blond for 20+ years. My natural color is mousy brown. I figured I’d die it back to the brown over a year (I’m not fussy about my skunk strip) then jump to the frosted look and voila! Grey!

  • After dyeing my hair for 25 years – 2 years ago at age 64 I decided it was enough. I just went “cold turkey“, suffering an awkward stage. I feel like I hit the lottery, as my hair has grown out totally white. I love it! So happy I decided to release myself from the chemicals and the hassle.

  • Once again, it feels like you are reading my mind. I started going gray in my early 20s. I have been highlighting my hair, so the are not noticeable. Now, at 41, I’ve decided to go natural. I already rock an awesome pixie, so the grow out is easy. It has been 4 months since I last got it highlighted. After my next haircut I will know for sure. I have lost too many friends early, so I feel like my grey hairs are a reminder that I an lucky enough to still be alive.

  • I have never covered my gray hairs. I love them and I call them highlights from God. Think of it in this manner: Wrinkles = you have laughed and lived. Gray hair = you have cared. Men get wrinkles and gray hair and they are considered distinguished with character. Well, that’ me!

  • My stylist recommended using a color rinse until I had transitioned through the mousey stage and had “enough” gray. Letting my hair go gray was one of the best things I’ve done. It’s extremely liberating never having to worry about scheduling colors or touch-ups before any occasion or a vacation. Besides, I view each of my grays as a battle I’ve been through and won.

  • Hello mine was also an adventure… First of all I was panicking a bit as in my mind being “grey” was a bit like my grandmothers old fashioned blueish ‘permanent’ hairstyle and granny’s clothes. But that does not have anything to do with it. But also, you don’t really know what overall colour you really have – my hair was tinted in a dark auburn or even purtle-ish hue. So how did I go from that to natural? My creative hairdresser made me lots of lighter streaks, that gave me a very modern looking kind of soft pink head. Rather original, until my beautiful grey grew out. I am lucky though that is is a nice shony silver and not yellowish. And also: it does not make me look older!!!! I must say I have a very short hair style.
    It seems it is quite fashionable in bif cities.
    And it is heathier (seems the dyes can give trouble with teeth too! same material) cheap, no time waste either. ;-)))

    • Good for you, Anne. I agree and don’t feel a person necessarily looks older when they go grey either. A number of women I know actually looked younger when they got rid of the old dark color! Wish you would have sent a picture of your “soft pink head”….I’ll bet it was lovely!!

  • I’m also in the process of growing out my gray. I have a wonderful hair tender that’s been coloring my hair for six years. She’s added some gray highlights to help the transition. I have short hair and I’m almost to having all the color cut off. One or two more months should do it.

    I love how my gray is looking- darker in the back, very white toward my face. I’m 68 and have no problem looking my age at this point in my life. I’ve earned every wrinkle and gray hair!

  • I’m proud of the gray that’s hiding in my blonde hair. With 5 grown kids, I’ve always said “I’ve earned every one of them. If people sitting behind me don’t like my gray, sit in front of me.” Life is too short. Embrace it and enjoy!

  • I’ve been going gray since my teens ( I’ll be 50 this year) & I get compliments almost daily about my hair! I have salt & pepper hair although my face is entirely framed in stark white. People absolutely love it!!! I’ve dyed my hair twice in my life & although it did take several years off, I find going gray is quite empowering. Every single stranger that comes up to me will say “I wish I could go gray.” I tell them they can!!! Embracing the changes that come as you age truly is sexy. It’s a privilege to grow old & I wear my gray proudly. I’ve earned it!!

  • I’m 58 and went to gray about 8 years ago. I had shoulder length hair so i cut it short and in almost no time the color grew out. I was tired of having to touch up my roots every 3 weeks or so because my hair grows so fast, and now my hair is much healthier. I get a lot of compliments on the natural look, as my “grays” tend to be more white, so although I now look my age instead of younger, I love it! My husband would probably hate for me to go back as he loves it too.

    • I get a lot of compliments too, since I went grey about 6 months ago. I too was tired of touch-ups (and the cost !) so just cut my hair as short as I could stand it (Pixie almost) and that got rid of the dyed bits.

      I’m surprised at the good comments and my husband loves it too.

  • I’m in the transition stage. I dyed my hair for about 15 years and about a year ago, decided I’d had enough. I’d also seen how beautiful naturally gray hair can look and was disturbed by how much the chemicals messed up my hair. My hair had thinned out so much and wasn’t healthy. It was continually frizzy and I couldn’t afford the treatments and top salon shampoos. So, I haven’t dyed my hair for about 9 months to a year. Surprisingly, because I’m quite blond naturally, the gray isn’t that visible and I have a lot less than I thought. It hasn’t been easy though. There have been times when I’ve wanted to give up – worrying that I look much older and that I don’t look fresh and contemporary like my peers. But it’s been so worth it. My hair is so much healthier and less dry because I’m not lathering it with chemicals. And sometimes I love the silvery highlights on my medium-blond hair. I haven’t been cutting it much though as I’m also growing my hair. I don’t enjoy short hair as it’s hard to work with. For that reason, it will take me longer to transition – maybe a few years, but because I’m blonde, the transition is less noticeable. So, I’m willing to wait it out.

  • I feel as though I exercise, try to eat organic and didn’t want to put so much chemical so close to my brain, so I stopped coloring my hair 6 months ago. My hairdresser said that now would be the time to try it since I wouldn’t have the “skunk” look…yet. I’ve had short hair for as long as I can remember so that was already in place. The color I used on my hair was very close to my natural brown and that has served me well since most people can’t tell where my dyed vs my natural end. After saying all this, it was still surprising to see how much gray I had. For now I’m staying gray knowing I can always go back if I want to. I’m going to be 58 this year and I’m comfortable in my own skin. Time will tell.

    • I use henna and indigo to dye my hair–completely natural and safe. They are plants. I am the same, all organic, healthy, and didn’t want to use dyes, especially the very dark ones. However, there was no way I was going to go gray, so I researched what else I could use. It works great.

    • Me neither. I used to have my medium/dark brown hair streaked almost platinum blonde. Looking back at pictures, it really aged me. I color my own hair, so cost isn’t a factor. I helped my mother color her hair from when I was very young, so it doesn’t seem to be a chore for me. Over the past few years, I have grown my hair out to just past my shoulders, so cutting it into a pixie cut isn’t appealing. My mother colored her hair until she died (at 94). Maybe I will do the same. I only have to color every five weeks, so that makes a difference. If I had to do it more often, I might choose differently. My hair has more body after I color. Also my husband asked me to keep coloring (and his previously blond hair is now silver). I should point out that I don’t have gray or silver hair, but stark white in the front which just doesn’t seem to go with my complexion. Just saw a new doctor last week who said I looked much younger than my 64 years! Everybody is different and can choose what they want to do with their hair. To each, their own. I should point out that when I see a woman with beautiful gray hair, I am so jealous.

  • Ive had little gray hairs for a longtime..I’ve only in recent years started dying my hair. I have brown hair my grays are such a contrast. I’m 52 and I still have my hair long. I’m not a short hair fan. I personally think you need a certain face type to pull it off.People always think 40 ish. I think your model looks great. We have a great family friend who has never dyed her hair and she can looks great. My current shade is slighty darker than my hair was as a child. I have considered getting lowlights to blend the grays with my dark hair.

      • I will be 70 this year and most people think I am in my 40’s as well. And, I let my hair go salt & pepper with a silver streak. So, it all depends on genes and what you are comfortable with. I just couldn’t think of myself as an “older” person…..(like in my 80’s) if I live that long with dark hair. That look is horrific! And, not everyone can go blonde. As with anything else, make it your own!

    • My mom and I have always colored our hair at home. I actually started seeing the grays when I was about 20. My grays are white strands and are such a contrast to my dark hair. I’m not sure what side of my family that came from. My Grandma (moms mother) was all gray when she died at 63. That’s the only advantage I see about being a blonde is that the grays aren’t such a contrast- as with dark hair.

  • I actually think the lady you used for an example has made herself look heaps older with going back to natural grey. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking one’s age, and she’s obviously fine with it, but not for me just yet – I would prefer to pay my hairdresser to find me a flattering (not too dark) shade to hide my greys. I’m 68 and often told I look a lot younger; I’m not sure that would be be the case were I to go grey.

  • Thanks for this article, I am 51 and dyed hair for 25 years…5 months after my last colour I just cut my hair 15 days ago (like you said, I have Jamie Lee Curtis haircut now!). I can say it was hard for a few months because my hair were shoulder long , I sometimes felt so ugly and just wanted to stay home. But my husband was very supportive and now I feel so free! A lot of people think I dyed my hair in grey and I’m proud to answer no, it’s my natural colour! I support every woman who makes the decision of going grey and also women who still dye their hair. Just do what suits you and be happy!

  • I went from red hair to my natural silver and brown hair color. At some point I gave up and cut my shoulder length hair really short. But while it was still longer, my niece (genius stylist), toned my hair to blend the color more evenly. It’s all grown out and I love the color and the short hair. People ask me who colored my hair like this!

    • My hair is Medium Auburn and instead of turning grey it is almost a charcoal color with a silver strand scattered about
      I wanted to go grey but it looked so bad my husband asked me to color my hair again so I went to a Reddish Blonde looks OK for now any tips for making this transition easier

      • I’m 62 as of April 26th !! Stopped coloring my hair years ago and haven’t looked back……. I have silver in the front temple and very little grey throughout my hair. My sister who is 4 years younger has lots of grey hair mostly covering her face like a halo!! Go figure !

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