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This Surprisingly Pricey Item Was Totally Worth The Money

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After we remodeled our master bathroom, I loved how clean and clutter-free it looked, and I wanted that state to last as long as possible. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I would need to change some things about the way I got ready every day in order to keep the bathroom free of clutter!

So I got rid of my nightstand, and in its place I created a bedside vanity. That way, I could keep my makeup products out of the bathroom, which would go a long way towards preventing clutter!

But you can’t have a vanity without a mirror, and after hours of searching and comparing different kinds, I finally settled on one that I absolutely love! I wanted to share it with all of you today, in case you’re shopping for one yourself, or your current one could use an upgrade! :-)

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My Pick: simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror

While the simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror is a bit pricier than other options you can find, I decided to go for it because I’ve had good luck with the simplehuman brand in the past. (Check out this post for my review of their automatic garbage can!)

And after several months of using this mirror, I can confidently say that it was worth every penny! This mirror has managed to improve every facet of my daily makeup routine, so I thought I’d share some of the things I like best about it!

5 Things I Love About This Vanity Mirror

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1. It Lights Up Automatically

I really like the automatic light feature on this mirror. When I approach the mirror in the morning to do my makeup, it lights up! And when I walk away, the light turns itself off for me.

While it’s true that flipping a switch or pressing a button to turn the light on probably wouldn’t take much time or effort, it’s nice that I don’t have to! :-)

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2. It Simulates Natural Light

As anyone who wears makeup can tell you, lighting can make all the difference! If you put on your makeup in a poorly lit area, there’s no telling what it’s going to look like once you get outside into natural light!

But I don’t have that issue anymore, thanks to the light on my vanity mirror. Not only is it nice and bright, but it’s supposed to simulate natural sunlight! It gives me a much better idea of what my makeup will look like when I leave the house, so I can start my day feeling confident!

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3. Perfect Amount Of Magnification

In my opinion, this mirror’s 5x magnification is pretty ideal for doing makeup. Mirrors with no magnification make it hard to see the finer details, while mirrors that are more magnified prevent you from seeing your whole face at once.

This mirror’s 5x magnification falls somewhere in the middle. You can lean in a bit to check out the details, and lean back a bit to get a view of your whole face. That’s a win-win in my book!

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4. It’s Cordless

This cordless mirror runs on battery power, and you can recharge the battery as needed with the included power cord. The battery can last up to 5 weeks on a single charge!

I really like the cordless design because it keeps my vanity looking neat and uncluttered. (Of course, it only looks that way until I’ve pulled out all of my makeup and brushes!) ;-)

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5. It Tilts All The Way Back

With all the bending and stretching going on, putting on makeup in front of a bathroom mirror can make it look like you’re warming up for a workout! So I really appreciate the fact that my vanity mirror can tilt all the way back, because it makes it much easier to see my makeup from any angle.

Other Options For Vanity Mirrors

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My Budget Pick: EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror ($28)

Looking for a budget-friendly vanity mirror with similar features? Check out this one from EASEHOLD! This mirror has a trifold design that offers four different levels of magnification, as well as adjustable lighting and a rechargeable battery.

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My Space-Saving Pick: Fancii Lighted Makeup Mirror ($27)

If you don’t have a dedicated vanity or the space to set one up, check out this versatile makeup mirror by Fancii. It can stand freely, or you can attach it to a smooth surface like your bathroom mirror with its locking suction cup!

Do you use a vanity mirror when you put on your makeup?

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  • Jillee, How has your battery and charge held up, two years later? My husband wants me to use a makeup mirror that plugs into a wall outlet to avoid the battery and its potential issues. Thanks!

    • Joan, I haven’t had any issues with the charger. I read on Amazon that some people had issues with charging their mirror and they started using their phone chargers and cables and they are no longer having problems. I am keeping this information tucked away in case I have a problem in the futurue.

  • I have this same mirror and I had to return my first one because it wouldn’t stay lit. It was so frustrating to deal with their customer service, but they finally sent me a new mirror that works properly, after 2 months. I do really like the mirror, but mine does need to be reset every now and then.

  • I have one I love from the 80’s! My son in law fixed the wires on it when it wouldn’t light anymore. They still sell the light bulbs too. I tried an LED one for 20 bucks from Amazon…it was AWFUL! Not bright and made you look gray..Thank God my son in law can do electric stuff!

  • I’ve had the simplehuman mirror for several years, just a heads up mine eventually stopped holding a charge longer than using a couple times, so I have to have it plugged in a lot.

  • I’ve always used the bathroom mirror to put on makeup, mainly because I had no better options. But I’ve been thinking of having a vanity installed once we start finishing out our new closet/dressing room. Sitting down with a mirror close at hand seems so much better than standing in a humid bathroom, leaning into a mirror over a wet countertop with overhead lighting! And this would free up bathroom drawer space as my makeup would be stored elsewhere.

  • I totally agree. A good mirror and lighting makes all the difference. I’ve been horrified in the past when I’ve gone out in public and my makeup looks bad or just doesn’t show. My current mirror was a special buy from Aldi. I received it for a Christmas present a year ago. It is battery operated with 3 levels of light and shuts off after 15 minutes. I still have to use a desk lamp behind it for the right lighting. Living at home with a bunch of sisters competing for the bathroom for many years was my main reason for having one . My mom and sisters have.been known to come in my room and use it occasionally. I agree it’s totally worth it knowing what your makeup will look like . I also double check my makeup in the bathroom when I’m finished because bathroom lighting is the type of lighting most public places use.Walmart or bed bath and beyond also have reasonably priced mirrors.

    • I don’t a vanity in my room. My makeup mirror is on a desk in my room. I agree standing up is really hard on me. So much easier to put my makeup on sitting down.

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