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A Warming Foot Mask & Other Natural Cures For Cold Hands & Feet

Cure For Cold Feet

Do you suffer from cold feet? Not the kind that keeps you from making a speech in public, I mean LITERAL cold feet! Cold hands and feet are a common complaint during these dog days of winter as your body tries to keep itself warm by diverting blood from your extremities to your more vital core organs.

This time of year we all need a bit of extra help to keep hands and feet warm. Here are a few quick, natural ways to heat them up!

  • Switch To Decaf  –  Caffeine constricts blood vessels and makes the heart work harder to pump the blood into already narrowed blood vessels. This can cause cold extremities. Might be time to switch to decaf.
  • Breathe Deep  –  People with cold hands tend to breathe shallow. The more deeply you breathe, the more oxygen you bring into your system. The more oxygen you receive, the warmer you will be.
  • Pop Peppers  –  Eating hot peppers, which contain the compound capsaicin, fools the nervous system into thinking you’ve been injured and sends pain signals that register as heat, even though there’s no actual rise in temperature.
  • Fish Oil  –  Up your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods like fish, olive oil, avocado, nuts, and flax seeds, which promote healthy circulation, or take fish oil supplements.
  • Be A Windmill  –  Swinging your arms briskly in 360-degree circles for a minute or two helps drive blood into the fingers. Just remember to keep the elbow, fingers and wrist straight.
  • Check Your Meds  –  Chilly hands and feet can also be a side effect of some drugs, including some over-the-counter cold remedies.

Pamper your feet!

When all else fails (or even just because you deserve some pampering!) treat your cold tootsies to this luxurious foot mask that combines circulation boosting spices, skin soothing ingredients, and invigorating essential oils.

Oatmeal Spice Foot Mask

Adapted from WholeLiving.com

Cure For Cold Feet

How to use:

Grind the oats to a fine powder in your blender or food processor.

Transfer to a medium bowl and add the remaining ingredients.

Cure For Cold Feet

Stir until blended into a thick paste.

Take two washcloths or hand towels and either soak them in very hot water, or get them wet and place them in the microwave for a minute or two. Wring out excess water and set aside.

Cure For Cold Feet

Place your feet in a shallow basin that is big enough to place both feet. Slather each foot with a thick layer of the mask, covering them completely.

Cure For Cold Feet

Wipe hands clean and then wrap each foot in one of the washcloths. Sit back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

Cure For Cold Feet

When you’re ready to remove the mask, carefully lift off the washcloths. Rinse your feet thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry.

Enjoy your warm, soft, and happy feet! :-)

Note: you can also use this for cold hands, but you will most likely need help from a friend. :-)


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  • I found putting Vick’s on my feet helped when ease my cough when I had bronchitis. A side effect was that it made my feet very warm. Now when my feet are cold when I go to bed I massage in some Vick’s and they become toasty warm.

  • I really enjoyed this post about warming salve for feet and hands….I even got a few ideas from the comments section. Thank you for the post and keep up with your informative and helpful blog!

  • When I lived in Illinois, My job took me outside 24/7. I always have cold feet, but there in the winter they got so cold I could barely walk. One of my aunts told me to put about 1/2 tsp ground cayenne powder in my socks before putting on. It works! even when feet are cold, they have moisture, it and the pepper cause a chemical reaction and your feet get warm. It lasts for several hours.

  • Pampering is always best; but if you are short on time or oatmeal— the absolute best solution we found for cold feet is Smartwool socks. DH & his aunt suffer year round from cold feet and these socks have stopped it. When I first bought them they seemed expensive ($20/pr); but DH has been wearing them for the last 4 years. They come in summer & winter weights/lengths. You can buy them online (Amazon, Zappos etc) and at outdoor sporting stores (& catalogs) like LL Bean, REI, Dick’s, & Cabela’s.
    Smartwool also makes gloves.

  • I just wrote a post with natural cures for urinary tract and bladder infections, sore throats, MRSA, infections of any kind, warts, moles, and skin cancer. I know you love to find things that work and you may like some of these things and there are also a lot of good ideas in the comment section. I tried your stuff for the dishwasher and LOVE it!!! Thank you. Here is the link to all my natural cures if you’re interested!


  • Will try this. Have terminaly cold feet. Wear socks in summer with no a/c.

    I also know that you have no control.over adsthat BlogHer uses, but I am very tired of seeing that stupid Christian Grey teddy from Vermont Teddy Bear everywhere. Damn thing just creeps me out.

    • Hi Susan,

      Yes, they have no control over what ads show but I work in advertising and know (based on the ads I’m seeing on my computer) that the ads are re-targeted ads specifically for you. Since I’m guessing you or someone who’s used your computer has visited Vermont Teddy Bear’s site recently, you will now see ads for that website across other sites you visit, including this blog. Sort of annoying and scary at times but that’s the nature of digital advertising :)

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