7 Ways





Can Help You Look And Feel Your Best!

You may keep hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom cabinet for first aid purposes, and maybe you even put it to use around the house when cleaning. But did you know that you can also use hydrogen peroxide for beauty, hygiene, and personal care, too?

Here are 7 ways to put it to good use!




You can use hydrogen peroxide to lighten acne scars, age spots, and other skin discolorations over time by using a cotton pad to apply a thin layer of peroxide to the affected area, letting it sit for 10 minutes, then rinsing with water.

1. Fade Blemishes & Discoloration

Hydrogen peroxide can help eliminate acne in two ways; it helps exfoliate the topmost layer of skin to expose new skin cells, and it helps kill the bacteria trapped inside your pores. Wash your face, then use a cotton pad to apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to acne-prone areas.

2. Treat Acne

Just add equal parts hydrogen peroxide and warm water to a foot bath. Soak your feet in the solution for about 10 minutes to kill bacteria and soften skin.

3. Soften Heels & Eliminate Foot Odor

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best whiteners and brighteners you can buy. You can even use it to whiten your teeth by making a paste with a little bit of baking soda and using it to gently brush your teeth!

4. Whiten Teeth

Clean your makeup brushes by filling a small cup with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Soak synthetic brushes in the solution for about 5 minutes, then rinse the brushes with clean water and use a clean cloth to gently squeeze out any remaining water and let them air dry completely.

5. Clean Makeup Brushes

Some nail polishes can cause your fingernails to take on a yellow or orange hue. But you can use hydrogen peroxide to brighten your nails and remove discoloration by applying a cotton ball soaked with hydrogen peroxide to each affected nail, letting them sit on the nails for a few minutes, then rinsing clean.

6. Brighten Discolored Nails

7. Highlight Hair

Use hydrogen peroxide to add natural highlights to your hair! Add equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water to a spray bottle. Spray the peroxide solution on damp hair, then let dry to promote subtle, natural highlights.