Dealing With Anxiety In A Digital World


The recent untimely death of Robin Williams has had me, along with millions of others I'm sure, thinking a lot about depression and what a scary thing it can be. As someone who has experienced postpartum depression with the birth of all four of my children, I know personally how debilitating it can be.  As I thought about how mu ... Continue Reading

Homemade Carpet Degreaser

Carpet Degreaser

Back in April I shared my favorite method for getting a greasy stain out of dark clothing. Click here to see the whole post - it's basically just a mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It works like a charm! That post got me thinking about greasy stains on things like furniture or carpet that ... Continue Reading

10 Tips For Decluttering Your Digital Life

Declutter Your Computer

In today's post I am revealing one of my dirty little secrets -- my absolutely chaotic computer life! I know, I know...hard to believe right? ;-) Sadly it's all too true.  My friends and family are always mocking my compulsive need to have a zillion tabs open at any one time in my browser and a desktop that is plastered with i ... Continue Reading

DIY Organizers For Your Home + A Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Crafting Organizers

I can't believe this is my last weekend of freedom until school starts again! Yes, you heard me right. I said MY freedom. :-) Those of you who are Moms (or Dads) can probably relate to that sentiment. Kids going back to school means a lot of the same changes for parents. Back to setting the alarm clock earlier, making lunches, d ... Continue Reading

My Mom’s Foolproof Homemade Ice Cream

homemade ice cream 14

WELCOME to "Save My Sanity Saturday" at One Good Thing By Jillee....where I attempt to avoid having a nervous breakdown by actually giving myself a day off from blogging once a week! Please pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy an "oldie but goodie" from the One Good Thing By Jillee archives. ----Originally posted on July 5, ... Continue Reading