Natural Medicine Cabinet Basics

Natural medicine cabinet

As you most likely already know, I am passionate about natural remedies, and I'm pretty sure I’m not alone! :-) Natural remedies and health products are growing in popularity as people start to place more value on natural alternatives. But making the switch from a traditional medicine cabinet to a more natural one can feel a ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Restorative Eucalyptus Mint Bath Oil

Eucalyptus Mint bath oil

Today I finally forced myself to get out and attack the weeds in my vegetable and flower gardens. I love to garden. I hate weeding. But after all was said and done, I was quite pleased with the results and decided I had earned a long, hot soak! Everyone deserves a long, hot bath every once in a while...especially one that ... Continue Reading

21 “Sweet” (Non-Food) Uses for Sugar

Uses for Sugar

Sugar is one of those kitchen staples we always have on hand (you never know when you might need to make an emergency batch of cookie dough!) But sugar can actually do a lot more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. From beauty treatments to fighting grass stains, regular table sugar can pinch-hit for a number of other ... Continue Reading

20 Creative Summertime Hacks!

Summertime hacks 2

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start to summer it's time to start thinking about outdoor summer fun! Barbecues, days spent by the pool, and weekend jaunts to the beach or camping are all made a little easier when you have a few tricks up your sleeve! Make the most of your summertime fun with these creative and ... Continue Reading

Homemade Laundry Stain Stick

Laundry Stain Stick 9

WELCOME to "Save My Sanity Saturday" at One Good Thing By Jillee....where I attempt to avoid having a nervous breakdown by actually giving myself a day off from blogging once a week! Please pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy an "oldie but goodie" from the One Good Thing By Jillee archives. ----Originally posted on January 21, ... Continue Reading

Clear The Clutter – Save & Earn Cash!

Clear Clutter Save Cash

Yesterday, with the help of my friend Natali, I did some "spring cleaning" of my office. I couldn't believe all the STUFF I had cluttering up the space! Not only does extra clutter take up valuable real estate, it actually COSTS us money just having it around! Today we're talking about how much our clutter is costing us and ... Continue Reading

How to Prevent and Treat Blisters

Blisters 3

School is out next week in our neck of the woods...summer is just around the corner! Summertime means higher temperatures and lots more outdoor activities...which is a recipe for blisters brought on by friction, heat, and sweaty feet. While prevention is the best medicine....sometimes no matter how hard you try you end up with a ... Continue Reading