Make Your Own Felted Soap (Or Self-Soaping Scrubbie!)

felted soap

Before there were nylon scrubbies, sponges, shower poufs, or loofahs, people used felted soap. I've talked about "felting" before when I showed you how to make your own Wool Dryer Balls. I personally am fascinated by this age-old practice so when I heard about felted SOAP I couldn't wait to try it! Basically felted soap is a ... Continue Reading

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs . . . Without Boiling!


WELCOME to "Save My Sanity Saturday" at One Good Thing By Jillee....where I attempt to avoid having a nervous breakdown by actually giving myself a day off from blogging once a week! Please pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy an "oldie but goodie" from the One Good Thing By Jillee archives. ----Originally posted on June 21, ... Continue Reading

The Best Way to Reheat Leftover French Fries

How To Reheat Fries 2

For the most part, I try to avoid wasting food. When I go out to dinner with my boys, we often bring home a box of whatever didn’t get eaten to save for later. Generally these leftovers are gone within a a day, but one restaurant leftover that seldom gets eaten....french fries! My boys are definitely “microwave chefs”, and ... Continue Reading

Generic vs. Name Brand: Which Should You Buy?

Generic vs Brand name 13

I recently read an interesting article on NPR that asked, "When do chefs and doctors buy generic?" The article said that, "pharmacists and doctors are more likely than the general public to buy generic medicine...and chefs are more likely than the general public to buy generic food." I've always been a pretty devoted generic ... Continue Reading

Chia Seeds . . . Big Benefits In A Tiny Package!

Chia Seed Benefits 22

Besides the "chia pet" I had as a kid, about the only thing I've ever heard chia seeds used for was as an egg substitute. Whether you have egg allergies or are just leery of using raw eggs in your recipes, chia seeds are an excellent substitute. But that's only the tip of the chia seed iceberg when it comes to their benefits. ... Continue Reading

40 Creative Uses for Versatile VELCRO®

Uses for Velcro

Today's post begins with a very short history lesson. Back in the early 1940's when Swiss engineer George de Mestral would go for walks in the Alps with his dog he would return home with pesky cockleburs stuck to his pants and his dogs coat. After examining the burs under a microscope, de Mestral was inspired to develop the ... Continue Reading