13 Brilliant Command Hook Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

command hooks

While Command hooks are popular among renters and students who want to decorate without sacrificing their security deposit, there are so many other situations where they can come in handy! In fact, you can use removable hooks to organize, decorate, and generally spruce up every room in your home!

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing over a dozen ways you can use Command hooks to get organized. From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, these tips will show you just how versatile and useful these adhesive marvels can really be!

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See another genius home decor hack using Command strips in the video at the end of the post.

13 Brilliant Ways To Organize Everything With Command Hooks

command hooks

1. Simple Scooping

Attach a small hook to the side of your food storage containers that store dry goods like flour, sugar, oats, etc. Hang a small measuring spoon or cup on the hook so it’s always handy for scooping and measuring.

For instance, you can hang the scoop you use to measure your coffee in the morning right on the side of your coffee container. You won’t ever have to go searching for it again!

command hooks

2. Prepared To Party

Place a series of small hooks along the top of a door or window frame, and use them to hang banners or bunting on special occasions. Leave the hooks up all year round to make it quick and easy to decorate for any occasion!

command hooks

3. Hidden Cables

Hate seeing the tangled mess of cables behind your living room or office furniture? Attach hooks to the backside of the legs of your furniture to use as guides for the cables of your electronics.

Guiding the cables along the legs of your furniture will keep them hidden from view, and give your furniture a cleaner, more organized look.

command hooks

4. Toothbrush Hanger

Hang a hook on its side to create a simple hanger for your toothbrush in the bathroom. Attach it to the inside of your medicine cabinet for easy access.

command hooks

5. Belt Storage

Hang a large hook in your closet or on the inside of your closet door to hang your belts on. The hook will keep your belts organized and out of the way, yet easily accessible when you’re picking out an outfit.

command hooks

6. Kitchen Wrap

Free up valuable drawer space in your kitchen by hanging rolls of plastic wrap, tin foil, and other wraps inside of your pantry or cupboard door. Attach two small hooks on their side facing inward to secure the ends of each roll.

command hooks

7. Wreath Hanger

Make a wreath hanger by attaching a large hook upside-down on the inside of your front door. Once the hook is secure, loop your wreath’s ribbon around it and drape it over the front of the door.

Not only is this a convenient way to hang a wreath, it also eliminates scraping and scratching from bulky metal wreath hangers.

command hooks

8. Charging Cradle

Use a couple of small hooks to create a cradle next to your preferred charging outlet to hold your phone. This will keep your phone up off the floor or countertop so no one will accidentally crush it while it’s charging!

command hooks

9. Keeper Of Keys

Hang a hook (or several!) near your front door to hang up your car and house keys. With designated hooks, you’ll never have to scramble to find your keys!

command hooks

10. Glove Storage

Attach a small hook under your sink and hang a binder clip from it. Use the binder clip to hang up your rubber gloves after using them for cleaning or while doing the dishes.

Hanging your gloves will not only keep them handy but will also make sure they dry out between uses so you don’t run into mold or mildew problems.

command hooks

11. Instant Art Gallery

You can also use hook and binder clip pairings to create a customizable “art gallery” to display your kids’ artwork! The binder clips make it quick and easy to change out the artwork to feature their latest creations.

command hooks

12. Sink Saver

Attach a hook next to your kitchen sink. Use it as a safe place to hang your ring, bracelet, or watch while you wash dishes.

command hooks

13. Shower Caddy System

If it feels like there’s just not enough space in the shower for everyone’s stuff, Command hooks can help! Hang a few large hooks in the bathroom and use them to hang a separate shower caddy for each person who uses that bathroom.

Everyone can bring their own caddy of supplies into the shower with them, then hang it up again when they’re done!

YouTube video

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Bright Ideas

  • I had small command hooks mounted on melamine to hold various sizes of quilting rulers next to my sewing area. They worked great a first but eventually the hooks broke off. When I replaced them, the hook was too curved for the hole in the ruler to fit through. So I hung them from little ribbons tied through the holes. Then the dang strips started falling off. I love the idea but not been successful.

  • Hi Jillee,
    We use Command Hooks (the ones similar to plastic Velcro) to tech up the Fridge Freezer, my husband had a spare Lenovo Yoga Book laptop, placed a hook on each corner then stuck it to the fridge, it’s great for all sorts, recipes (either my own or to look up), music, TV, timer (the one on my oven is too low for me to reach as I have disabilities) basically use it for any function it has.
    It gets used every day!
    best wishes,
    Michelle x

  • Thank you for the hack for hanging wreaths! My command hooks don’t seem to like the cold and they break, leaving the adhesive mess. Have been trying to come up with a solution, but you beat me to it. And over the door hangers, as always, just mess up the door. I’ve already hung my hanging door gnome using your trick – great idea!

  • This is kinda out there tip. I decorate my parents grave for Christmas, Anniversary, Memorial day etc. I use command hooks(small clear ones) on the stone to hang tiny stockings, bows, a decorative garland and whatever I’m using at that time. For example, for Christmas I had tiny trees(Dollar tree) in the flower sconces, tiny stockings hung close using small clear command hooks, another command hook in the center with a shiny Merry Christmas. On cold nasty days it’s easy to change out as well as put up.

    • Darlene, You don’t need to feel like that is “kinda out there” at all! You are an amazing, caring, and loving daughter who has not let your parent’s memory die, though their worldly body has gone. I am sure they are proud and honored that they are still included in your every holiday celebration. May God truly bless you and your precious, undying love! :-)

  • Command hooks seem great but most of my pictures and bathroom items barely hung on the walls for two months. Not happy broken glass and frames. Texture walls and the plastic walls on the tub don’t hold command hooks very well

    • Texture walls do not have the proper surface needed for a good hold. As for your shower, make sure the area is REALLY, TOTALLY clean of everything!! It’s a great surface for them…they should hold. Good luck! :-)

  • There are some fantastic ideas here.

    I put several small hooks inside the doors of my sewing cabinet to store cards of extra buttons or snaps.
    The Squire put two hooks on the back of my bread machine, the top one facing upward, and the other upside down. I use them to wrap up the cord when I store the machine, so it doesn’t get in the way.

    • Those nice people at 3M have come out with “Cord Bundlers” just for this purpose. I have one on my slow cooker, one on my Instant Pot and one on my Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh, and one on my bed frame to keep that ugly tangle of phone cord, Kindle cord, lamp cord and extension cord from turning into a death trap.

  • I use a Command hook inside the cabinet door above the toilet. I hang a hand mirror and a small pair of grooming scissors there. I also use the heavier duty ones to hang my broom, mop, dust mop, etc. Sometimes the hole on the handle don’t jive so I use a zip tie through the hole on the handle then hang. I also use them in the kitchen to hang utensils on by using 2 of them, a dowel rod and S hooks.

  • When hanging foil, wax paper etc., wouldn’t it be easier to turn the box upside down so cutting is easier? Probably have to lower the height, but ease of cutting is important to me and safer too.

  • Command makes water resistant hooks. Also, you can buy the replacement strips. I use these in my tub/shower area. They have held up so far for well over two years. At times, I had used my hair dryer on low and heated the glue before adding the hook to ensure a strong hold. But I think not using a hook for 24 hours after attaching before using makes the hook more secure.

    This is the way I use Command water resistant hooks to dry a wet shower curtain… I use small Command hooks that are attached sideways, open hook towards shower wall, to the sides of the shower wall, near the bottom corner where the side and back wall intersect.

    Using curtain clip rings with the ring removed, clip each side of the corner bottom of the shower curtain. Use the Command hook to hold the shower curtain back so it dries faster. Remove the clips before washing. Be sure the shower curtain with the clip can reach the hooks. I have my hooks toward the bottom of the shower wall. After each shower, pin the curtain back to dry.

    I use a Command hook to hold the memory foam bath mat on the wall outside of the bath tub while using a curtain ring clip to hang the mat so it can dry. I must note that our bath mat is not dripping wet when we hang it.

  • I could see using these in out-of-sight places as in #’s 3 and 10, but otherwise a plastic hook out in the open is an eyesore imo. Even plastic coated with metallic paint looks fake. A lot of these are good ideas, but I would spring for metal hooks (like #7?) for most of them.

    I could also see using these to hang framed artwork temporarily (depending on the weight), to decide where/how high, etc. it should be displayed, before putting a hole in the wall.

    • They do make them in a metallic finish, and we used one that looks remarkably like our towel bars as a robe hook on the back of the bathroom door.

    • I agree, so I paint them using the same paint I used on the wall, casings, etc. They camouflage right in. No-one notices them until, I, point them out.

    • oh ya, I don’t intend to remove them, and after they have been up a couple years the tab stiffens and doesn’t work any more; so I use a razor sharp cutter & slice the tab off, right away.

  • I organized my cupboard doors. Two large command hooks at the bottom and a hingable one at the top to hold 5 lids. Looked beautiful, and I was so impressed with myself. Within 6 months the hooks started falling off. I had cleaned and prepped the surface, but after replacing them 4 or 5 times I gave up.
    I also did an upper door with measuring cups, rubber spatulas, and kitchen shears. It has lasted longer, but the hooks still fall off.
    The ones I LOVE are the hooks that strap the electrical cord to the appliance. They get used less often and they are the only ones that have stayed.

  • Some good ideas! I use the outdoor ones to anchor my swags in the window sills outside at Christmas. They’ve been there well over a year and still work fine. I’ve got clear ones on the end of a cabinet that faces my garage door for keys. I’ve got two rows of mini ones with metal hooks inside a cabinet door to hang my measuring spoons so I don’t have to dig in the drawer. I’ve got one of the two hook ones that looks like a robe hook hanging in the shower to hang my razor by the base of the blade and another to hang a rag from one side and my shower puff from the other side. They’ve been there for several years with no problem.

  • Some great ideas thanks folks! Never had fails with these but wouldn’t trust with heavy breakables or items that would cause damage in a fall. Pic 3, the sticker is upside down for this position, it would be tricky to pull for removing. Don’t know if it might be helpful to know that should the sticker break when removing, pulling dental floss carefully between hook and surface can do the trick. Apologies if I got this from Jillee in the first place!

    • Been trying to use floss and a hair dryer where the c hooks have broken off, and it just has not having worked. I tried Goof Gone and it didn’t work, but the Goo Gone did work much better. There’s still some of the clear film layer remaining but I just covered it with my door hanging gnome :)

      • Hi Gail, was just suggesting the floss to remove hook if sticky pad breaks when pulling down to remove hook. You’re right, that won’t necessarily always remove the sticky stuff. Lamp oil or WD40 might do the trick if the surface wouldn’t be spoiled by oily/greasy products?

  • Love this product. I’ve used them to create a necklace display. Clear hooks hung in a straight line and I hang several necklaces from each hook. They stay untangled plus it’s a visual reminder to wear a necklace now and again.

  • I like the idea about the canister and spoon but I have a set from Walmart that has the spoon on the outside in a little loop that holds it just thought I’d mention it if you’re using your canisters as a decorative addition it just looks cleaner.

  • I once had trouble getting one to stick when I hung a Christmas garland from it. It turned out the angle of pull was in the same neighborhood as what would be used to remove the hook. When we changed the posituon so the weight pulled more directly instead of obliquely it held fine.

  • Make sure the area is clean and SUPER dry before applying the hook. Once you stick the hook to the wall, let it sit for an hour or two before hanging things on the hook. :-)

    • Wall has to have a smooth surface, as well. I put some hooks in my bathroom and room and they wouldn’t stick. I couldn’t figure out why. I searched for smooth surfaces and voilà, they stuck, NO PROBLEM.

  • Instead of a binder clip, they do make one that is a plastic clip which works like a paper clip. I used four of them, in black, to hang a small wall quilt. It’s been up for two years no problems, and they look great with the black in the quilt, and the black curtain rod.

  • I have used them for everything. I started in my linen closet. Hung extension cords, put curls in a plastic bag then hung them. Hung my c- cap supplies in bag. Hung anything in a clear plastic bag, then hung on hooks. After that kids room toys, crayons, coloring books, etc,, sorted out and hung inside closet.
    Took a plastic shoe rack hung that up put shoe’s in it. Then took plastic bag shoe rack and took barbies dolls and put them in each spot for dolls. No more mess. I could go on forever. I should have stock in them. Must have 10 uses in each room. Thank you sincerely, PCT

  • These are great ideas! Thanks. I def. want to try the “cord bundler” hooks. One trick I tried is to use hooks for “nails-free” hanging of baskets (I used a cheap white wire basket) inside the cabinet door for holding Tupperware lids. I am the queen of Tupperware storage! Also, I put a 3M hook on the back of the high chair to hold bibs.

  • I absolutely love Command hooks and strips, couldn’t live without them, but I never would’ve thought of some of these uses. Great post! Thank you for sharing :-) Sue ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker

  • For years I use the velcro strips to attach a phone to my bathroom tiles near the tub, close enough to the floor in case I ever fall and need to reach it.

  • Great ideas. One way we use them wasn’t mentioned. My mom wanted something to use for the bathroom door. I suggested the command hooks to her. They are great for hanging clothes you plan to wear again or for hanging your pjs while bathing or showering.

  • I hung a command hook on my old cabinet which is in my craft room to hang some metal rings. Before hanging I let it overnight. I was so excited when it seemed to be sticking pretty well so I hung the metal rings – one hour later the whole thing came crashing down!! The room is not hot as a matter of fact it is in the basement so it is kept cool. I tried it again with the same result. I had hung another one on the side of the cabinet and hung washi tape – with the same result. It completely unsticks so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong ….could it be too old??? any suggestions?? I do like the idea of keeping a measuring cup hooked to flour but then I wonder if it would unstick from the flour?

    • Thanks for all the great ideas again. I almost always find the gems you give us worth keeping.

      For Craftygrandma56, I had the same results last Christmas. I think it is the tape part that needs to be replaced. I bought a pack of replacement tape parts and this year I am a happy hanger. I think the originals which came in the package last year were already dried out so to speak. I got mine at Drugmart in Ohio and did not see them anywhere else so perhaps Amazon might have them. Hope this helps.

    • You may want to be sure that the surface is totally clean. Also, look at the card in which the command hooks are displayed, and check how much weight it can hold.

    • your surface has to be cleaned with alcohol first, and be completely smooth. If you missed any step it won’t stick. The hooks are also rated as to how much weight they can hold, so it is possible that could be an issue. the only other thing, I can think of that might be a problem is if the surface you are sticking it too is super slick. hope you have better luck next time

  • another AWESOME post…………………….It seems I always glean something wonderful from your posts and also from the comments………………..like the sunglasses tip, after reading it, I thought what about doing the same thing in your car. My car has two places to hold sunglasses, but some cars don’t………………..or the plastic, foil wrap, what about hanging them on the side of your fridge………………or instead of a pants hanger to hang kid’s artwork use a clipboard…………………….THE USES FOR COMMAND HOOKS ARE ENDLESS…………………

  • I use Command Cord Binder hooks in my closet to hang totes and handbags. I secured them to the outside of built in shelving with E3600, and they are secure even with loaded tote bags. I use clear ones to hand necklaces on a closet wall.

  • I use these a lot! One thing you didn’t mention, that I do, is to hang my hair dryer on one. I also have my curling iron on one. Over the tub, I have one to hang my back scrubber and my bath puff. They drip in the tub, not on the floor. I hang my Christmas stockings up with these too. I guess you’d say I use them all over the house. To me, these are the best things since indoor plumbing.

  • Love these ideas!! I love having my mixer on the counter but the cord drives me crazy! I will be installing a cord bundler on it tonight!! Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  • going from homeowner toa renter, i use the command hooks for my blow dryer and curling iron to free up counter space in the bathroom. i also ue them on the back of mycloset door to hang necklaces.

  • I have used Command Hooks for quite a while and am pleased to read of the many other uses you show to make it easier to store wanted items, especially while living in the limited space of a condo.

  • I use them in the shower to hold poufs and other things. I use heavy duty ones to hang wet swim suits. They have so many uses and my husband is thrilled I don’t put tons of nails in the wall.

  • Oh my goodness! I had no idea I was stuck in a rut with how I use my space(s). I am well organized but, some things are almost on top of each other and of course, often overlooked.

    An extra thank you today, Jillee!

  • >