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7 Useful New Ways To Use Things You Already Have In The Kitchen

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The kitchen tools you already own may be much more versatile than you know! Even single-use gadgets can be used for multiple things if you’re willing to get a little creative.

Getting creative with your current collection of kitchen gadgets won’t only help you solve everyday kitchen conundrums, but you’ll also save money by doing more with the tools you already have. You’ll also avoid adding additional clutter to your kitchen drawers, cabinets, and countertops, which is a great added bonus!

A while ago I challenged myself to cut back on clutter in my own kitchen, and that involved doing a lot of research on alternative uses for the tools and gadgets I already own. Today, I am adding to that list of my findings with creative/alternative uses for 7 everyday kitchen gadgets!

7 Creative Uses For The Kitchen Tools You Already Own

kitchen tools

1. Egg Slicer

If you’re only using your egg slicer when you make potato salad, then you are really missing out! You can also use it to slice kiwis, mushrooms, strawberries, roasted or pickled beets, firm tofu, or even mozzarella cheese.

No matter what you slice with it, it’s a great option for livening up your salads, or speeding up prep when making recipes that require a lot of chopped or cubed ingredients!

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2. Turkey Baster

If you only pull your turkey baster out at Thanksgiving, you might as well free up some space in your drawer by putting it in storage with your fake gourds and fall-themed table runners. But if you’d rather put that turkey baster to use more often, then you’ve come to the right place! :-)

You can use your baster to separate eggs, water house plants, fill the cavities of your muffin tin, and so much more. Check out a whole list of useful ways to use your turkey baster here!

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3. Muffin Tin

Use your muffin tin like a oversized ice cube tray to freeze homemade broth, soups, sauces, or anything else you want to freeze in 1/2 cup portions! You can also use it to make delicious frozen treats like these yogurt granola cups (see #7 in that post).

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4. Rolling Pin

Beyond just rolling out dough, you can also use your rolling pin to smash, crush, and crumble things! Seal pretzels, crackers, or cookies inside a ziplock bag and use your rolling pin to crush them up for crusts and crumbles.

You can also use your rolling pin to roll out a stick of butter sealed in a ziplock bag to quickly soften it for a baking project.

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5. Ice Cream Scoop

Just because it’s in the name doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to only scooping ice cream. In fact, you can use your ice cream scoop to scoop all sorts of things!

I use mine to scoop the slimy insides and seeds out of squashes and melons. You could also use it to shape perfectly uniform meatballs or portions of cookie dough.

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6. Potato Masher

Just like your ice cream scoop can scoop anything, your potato masher can mash anything! Try mashing avocados for guacamole or cooked beans to make healthier black bean brownies. Mashed beans are also useful for thickening up too-thin soups while providing an additional boost of fiber.

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7. Waffle Iron

Waffles are a favorite at out house (especially on special occasions when we top them with strawberries and whipped cream), but my waffle iron gets plenty of use making other foods too! I’ve used it to cook bacon, sandwiches, and even pizza! When it comes to waffle iron cooking, the only limit is your imagination!

Do you use any of your kitchen utensils in an unconventional way?

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  • Jilee strikes again with fabulous tips! I have nicked named you “Gadget Girl”, I love these wonderful little gadget tips, keep them coming!

  • Ground meat chopper works great for mashing potatoes.

    I use muffin tins for making ice cubes. A lot less messier than ice cube trays and does not take up as much space in the freezer as the automatic ice cube maker. Best of all you can make the cubes any size you want.

  • Great ideas .We’ve used a rolling pin for a longtime for smashing cookies, graham crackers etc for crumbs. I’ve had a little cookie dough scoop that I’ve used a lot for making cookies.

  • A little weird, but we keep an extra rolling pin and use it to roll out aches and pains in each other’s backs. Just roll it up and down your partner’s back like you’re rolling out pasta – use plenty of pressure – while they’re laying down. It feels wonderful!

  • I like finding different ways to use gadgets and there are some great tips here. I mash hard boiled eggs for egg salad, potato salad, and tuna salad or anything else with my potato masher. I cut the eggs in half, put the flat side down on a paper plate and mash away.

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