9 Clever Ways To Put Painter’s Tape To Good Use

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There are only a handful of things that could be considered “home improvement items” that I like to keep handy, but blue painter’s tape is definitely one of them. I’ve found ways to use it all over the house, and not just when I’m working on painting projects!

While this special type of masking tape is known for being easy to remove (more on that near the end of this post), it also stays put surprisingly well. This characteristic comes in handy in a variety of applications, from picking up pet hair to planning an art wall.

Today, I’ll be sharing 9 of the best ways you can use painter’s tape while working on projects, organizing your home, and more.

9 Surprising Uses For Painter’s Tape

uses for painters tape

1. Plan A Wall Display

Do you ever wish you could “see” what your wall would look like if you arranged picture frames or artwork differently? Just use strips of painter’s tape that match the dimensions of your frames to try different layouts on the wall. You’ll be able to see exactly what your groupings will look like without making any unnecessary holes.

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uses for painters tape

2. Prevent Cord Confusion

Before you unplug the wrong thing (again), use small pieces of painter’s tape to add small labels to the plug end of the power cord on your electronics. This will be especially useful the next time you move, or rearrange your computer or media setup.

uses for painters tape

3. Label Everything

Who needs a label maker when you have a roll of blue painter’s tape and a marker? You can use this duo to label anything from food leftovers to travel items.

Label boxes and containers to keep things organized, label pantry shelves to make things easier to find, or label your items with prices the next time you have a yard sale.

uses for painters tape

4. Baby-Proof While Traveling

If you have small kids (or if your kids have small kids), you probably have measures in place to keep them away from outlets and drawers at home, but what about when you’re traveling? Luckily, painter’s tape is sticky enough to keep tiny hands out without leaving damage or residue behind. Pack a roll when you travel to make baby-proofing fast and easy.

uses for painters tape

5. Write Longer-Lasting Notes

Painter’s tape sticks stronger and lasts longer than the average sticky note. Use tape to write notes that will stay put, and that can be moved around without losing their grip.

uses for painters tape

6. Keep Food Closed

While using painter’s tape to keep your food bags closed may seem like one of its stranger applications, it’s convenient and definitely helps prevent staleness! Plus, it peels up effortlessly and won’t leave a sticky residue.

Keep a roll of painter’s tape handy in or near the kitchen — you’ll be glad to have an easy way to keep food packages closed!

uses for painters tape

7. Try Out Different Rug Sizes

If you’re looking for a new rug for your dining room but aren’t sure what size will work best, you can use painter’s tape to test out different dimensions. Rugs usually aren’t cheap, so it’s a good idea to make sure you know which size looks best in your space before you buy one!

You can do the same thing when you’re shopping for furniture — just tape off the dimensions listed on the product page to figure out if it’ll work in the space.

uses for painters tape

8. Pick Up Pet Hair

If you have a pet, you know that pet hair gets everywhere — the couch, the floor, and your entire outfit. For a quick solution, tear off a length of painter’s tape and wrap it around your four fingers with the sticky side facing out.

Use your makeshift lint roller to remove pet hair from your clothes. This also works well for picking up pieces of thread from sewing projects, clumps of lint, and more.

uses for painters tape

9. Keep Track Of Small Parts

For any project involving small screws or tiny pieces, you can use painter’s tape to ensure that none of them go missing. Finding fallen pieces can be a huge headache, but they won’t fall if you tape them down with a few strips of painter’s tape!

If you’re working with a lot of small pieces, I recommend using a wider roll of tape. You can also make the pieces easier to find later on by taping them to a ziplock bag instead of the table—that way, you’ll be able to see all the pieces from the other side and find what you need fast.

BONUS: Painter’s Tape Versus Masking Tape

For many of the tips in this post, it’s important to use painter’s tape rather than masking tape. Usually tan in color, masking tape uses a natural rubber adhesive that bonds well, but may leave behind sticky residue when removed.

Painter’s tape, on the other hand, was designed to adhere well without leaving residue behind. (In fact, many professional chefs prefer painter’s tape for labeling their containers for this very reason!)

What other uses for painter’s tape would you add to this list?

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