13 Things You Can Clean More Easily With A Lint Roller

uses for a lint roller

It seems like I’ve had more than my share of seemingly impossible-to-clean messes in my house—one particularly memorable one involved a Valentine’s Day dinner and glitter… so much glitter.

When even my vacuum cleaner seemed to be fighting a losing battle against all that glitter, I suddenly remembered my trusty lint roller. I don’t think our house is EVER without a lint roller, and in this case I was especially grateful for that.

And wouldn’t you know it, the glitter didn’t stand a chance against my lint roller. One swipe and the glitter was gone. It was a miraculous victory, and it got me to thinking about what else these sticky marvels could help me clean up around the house. Here are a few ideas!

13 Things You Can Clean With A Lint Roller

uses for a lint roller

1. Crafting Debris

As I mentioned earlier, glitter is one of the hardest things to clean up in any room—it seems to stick to everything. But glitter and many other types of debris from crafting are easy to clean up with a few swipes of a lint roller.

Next time you’re faced with a mess of glitter, paper punch debris, confetti, or any other tiny troublemakers, grab your trusty lint roller and swipe them away.

uses for a lint roller

2. Dusty Lampshades

Lampshades can be so frustrating—you can’t throw them in the washing machine, vacuuming them is tricky without the right attachment, and cleaning them by hand is time-consuming. Dusting lampshades is probably my second-favorite cleaning application for lint rollers—just roll one over your dusty or fur-ridden lampshades, and you’ll be amazed at how much dirt and dust you collect.

uses for a lint roller

3. The Bottom Of Your Purse

Where in the world does all that random debris that gathers at the bottom of our purses come from? It seems to collect down there no matter what I do!

Fortunately, a quick swipe or two with a lint roller will take care of it. It works just as well in diaper bags, briefcases, backpacks, and gym bags too.

uses for a lint roller

4. Drawers

Drawers are another area where random debris can build up—all those dark, hard-to-clean crevices are perfect hiding spots for dust, hair, and other grime. A lint roller can come in handy here, too—just roll it across the bottom of dirty drawers to clean them up in no time.

uses for a lint roller

5. Underneath Heavy Furniture

Sometimes you just need a really quick clean for furniture and carpets. Lint rollers can come to your rescue here, too — they’re great for getting lint and pet hair off the furniture, and they’ll even work on wood and glass. (A lint roller may even fit under your sofa couch and chairs so you don’t even have to move them—just swipe it underneath furniture to pick up dust and hair!)

uses for a lint roller

6. Car Crevices

Like purses and drawers, cars have a lot of little crevices and hard-to-reach places (like wherever your phone ends up when you drop it.) A mini lint roller is perfect for cleaning those areas, and you can keep it in the glove box so it’s always handy when you need it.

uses for a lint roller

7. Broken Glass

It’s almost impossible to clean up all those tiny (and dangerous!) shards of glass that get left behind after you’ve picked up all the big pieces after breaking a dish or glass. But you can carefully use a lint roller to pick up what remains after sweeping up the larger pieces.

uses for a lint roller

8. Christmas Tree Needles

Needles from your Christmas tree may evade your vacuum cleaner, but they’re no match for a lint roller!

uses for a lint roller

9. Loose Hair After A Haircut

No matter how well your shoulders are covered during a haircut, those itchy bits of hair always find a way to get onto your shoulders and neck where they can irritate your skin. Luckily, a lint roller can help you get those itchy bits off of yourself fast.

uses for a lint roller

10. Dusty Drapes

No need to make the trip to the dry cleaner—use a lint roller to get the dust off your drapes. It works like a charm!

uses for a lint roller

11. Textured Ceilings

Got dust and fuzzies all over your textured ceiling? Here’s a trick: put a lint roller refill on each end of a paint roller with a long handle. Then you’ll be able to roll your ceiling clean.

uses for a lint roller

12. Paint Roller Covers

Speaking of paint rollers—to get the smoothest finish when painting, go over your paint roller covers with a lint roller before you start painting.

uses for a lint roller

13. Stuffed Animals

Lint rollers are a great way to clean stuffed animals—they’ll pick up any loose lint and dust that may have collected on the surface.

Bonus Lint Roller Tip: If you find yourself cleaning hair and lint off your furniture and carpets often, you might want to consider a reusable lint brush like this one. They’re easy to use, less wasteful, and they’ll save you money in the long run.

Now that you know some of the best ways to use a lint roller for cleaning, you may want to keep one at home, in your purse, in your car, and even in your desk at work!

Do you use your lint roller in any unconventional ways?

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  • Great lint roller ideas, esp. for someone with arthritis because you can no longer pick up tiny up thin items like appt. cards that you are forever dropping. Beats looking for the tape, yardstick to retrieve little things, etc. which I now do. Also easier on sore joints than brushing furniture. Thank you.

  • […] lovely sister, Shawnna, sent thishelpful idea to me the other day.  I had to share it because I found it to be VERY useful and […]

  • I have a long handled paint roller and put two lint rollers on. I have carpet in my sewing room so must use it to pick up threads, etc before vacuuming. If you forget and get threads or anything else wound around the vacuum roller, use a single edge razor blade CAREFULLY or scissors if you can get the tip under the threads, to made a crosswise cut. Then you can pull the threads off easily.

  • 1. I sell clothes on eBay… always use lint roller to make sure no hair or fuzzies attached before shipping out.

    2. Keep a lint roller on my porch to clean outdoor furniture.

    3. And I keep one on hand when my toddler grandson comes for a visit. Amazing what his knees can pick up on my clean floor. :) Lint roller to the pants. He thinks it’s funny.

  • Hi Jillee!
    Thanks for all the clever tips. Here are a few more- I use my lint roller to pick up beads or sequins if I spill them. It is also great to hold seed beads for me till I get ready to thread them onto my jewelry creations, much easier than picking them up one by one! I also use my lint roller to get dried grass off my dog’s sweaters.

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  • Enjoyed finding new ideas! I have 4 cats and quilt.When a quilt is completed, I use the long handled roller twice each way over the QUILT. Quilt is on plastic tablecloth half,use other half to cover when clean and roll clean quilt up to keep any more fur from attaching to the QUILT.

  • I get knots in my back under my scapula. One day I stuck the lint roller to my back (vertically) while I was in the car and could roll it and use it as pressure as I pushed against the car seat. It worked wonderfully since I could stick it where I needed it.

  • Please don’t lint roller the spiders and bugs that are alive!! Yikes. As much as I dislike spiders and bugs in my house, I try to catch them and let them go outside. I get the heebie jeebies from the insects but I do it anyway.

    Of course, it is snowy and 10 degrees here today so the spider would freeze outside. Those poor little guys can’t catch a break! :-)

  • I sell vintage clothing and before I use a re-cycled box I run the roller over the clothes and then over the INSIDE of the box to catch any stray pet hair or stuff that might attach to the items. Even if I place them in plastic bags sometimes a hair or so might get on something.

    Another hair remover—shower squeegee. Use for your upholstered items and your floors–even after vacuuming I am astonished at how MUCH pet hair comes up. Some rugs etc have a NAP–and not the one you might think you see!—with using these so check each direction. (Also good on human hair—prevents clogging of vacuums!)

  • The tip about rolling over spiders cracked me up. I am not afraid of spiders but I have a lot of friends who are and they would not get close enough to a spider to run a lint roller over it! Some of them actually hide in other rooms and close the door, like the spider is going to run after them and attack them! LOL. Lots of great tips though!

  • I thought you were talking about the lint rollers that you rinse off after you use it. Those are much more environment-friendly. I got a set of 3–the smallest is purse size. I think these are more practical.

  • Thank you “J” for all the good things you bring us on your web site! ALSO, I would like to tell you that not only does the “sticky roller” remove “dead bugs and fleas” from your pet but I have an adorable small built JackRussell that sheds when she’s under stress, wrong diet or just plain hot here in our Arizona weather. I, run the roller or her and then brush her little short coat and then roll it over her little body once again. It does work for awhile until I can get her bathe in the next few days, and it works well when traveling in the car. She is not a good traveler and becomes anxious so that is one little soother that helps her plus a “relax treat”. Thanks again for you great web site!

  • Oh Boy! I love lint rollers.
    I like to make DIY giant post-it notes (12″x 12″) with the sheets from a mini roll; cover the exposed side with wax paper until ready to stick. It works like a charm when hanging those self printed computer banners too.
    Use as a sheet of double stick tape to test the look before using Mod Podge.
    Make really good, temporary custom T shirts stickers. Print your design, back with sticky sheets, cover the exposed side with wax paper; cut out the design, peel & stick. Just make sure it is removed completely before washing & drying or it can get bad–trust me on this.
    As a teacher I can list scads of uses. My favorite, for the glue impaired (which is 95% of ) middle school students, is making collages. It makes the homework collage a snap; especially if still assembling during breakfast (there is no drying time). It works well for mixed media art too; just be conscious of the weight of the item being attached.
    Stick index cards with information just about anywhere, great for arrows pointing the way through a building or scavenger hunt.
    I made a chart with samples of different grains & seeds attached.
    To update the progress on one of those over sized thermometer goal charts.
    Use it whenever you are out of/need a lot of double sided tape.

  • I use a lint roller to roll my pastry cloth before rolling out dough for pies or pastries. Since pastry cloths are washed in the laundry, this is the best way to get rid of any residual lint.

  • I love my lint rollers! I use them for several tips above like cleaning my purse and lampshades. What a life saver. I also have a large one with an extension handle that I use for my craft room for thread, glitter, etc.. Between vacuuming and it’s great for delicate rugs too!

  • I use a lint roller to get crumbs off my tablecloths before treating stains & washing them. My family uses dining tables to study, etc. lint rollers help me get eraser bits,etc. up.

  • Those are great tricks. I love the one about textured ceilings! Do you have any tips and tricks for removing my hair from my desk chair? I know I need a hair cut, but my daughter and I are trying to grow our hair out to donate to locks of love (I always jump at the chance to do anything when my children WANT to help others). Love your tips :)

  • I have a dark blue bedspread in the guest room, and sometimes the white cat lays on it, right before company is showing up. Takes too long to do a load of laundry, so I go over the area with a sticky lint brush. Usually takes several sheets, but it is a great touch up!

  • Great tips Jillee! 2,7 and 19 are my faves! My mom got us each a 2 pack of lint rollers for our stockings and I thought ‘well these will be sitting around for a while!’ I’m off to roll my dusty lampshades I was just looking at last night and cringing over!

  • Lint rollers are also useful when you travel. BEFORE you roll your luggage into your room, pull back the sheets on the bed and roll the lint roller over the mattress, especially along the seams, to check for bed bugs.

  • Because we have hardwood floors, we put felt pads under chair legs. But those same pads attract dust, hair, etc. Flip the chairs over on the dining table and lint roller to the rescue ! ! !

  • I use it to clean the cat hair off our microfiber couch. I like how the microfiber looks afterwards too. Like it has just been vacuumed. It almost looks brand new and all smoothed out. And it gets the cat hair and whatever little debris that has been on it too.

  • Wonderful thread! Great ideas.

    My paper shredder got jammed so I had to turn it over to clean it out. The bag with the shreddings was also full thus I had little shreds of paper everywhere. I picked up my trust lint remover and ta-dah! … no more paper shreddings all over the carpet.

  • Hi Jill, Awsome you included rolling over the cat. I use it on my Pomeranian who sheds alot. Works great at picking up the hairs. Thought I invented the idea and was soooo clever lol

  • Great ideas. Some of your ideas I’d already heard of. I love
    Lint rollers they’re amazing. One of my favorite uses for them
    Is picking up pet hair. We went through a lot of rollers
    When we had our CAT, picking up cat fur and the clumps of it.

  • I have a roller on an extended handle like a paint roller for ceilings that I use to clean the floor in my studio, between thread, glitter, tiny beads, and fabric snips, it picks up everything. I also use it on my design wall ( insulating foam sheets covered with white flannel) to remove the threads so it can be used as a photo backdrop. I was thinking of making a mixed media piece with the sheets titled “From the sewing room Floor”.
    Need to find out more about the transfer tape hack.

  • >