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7 Ways That Cinnamon Is Way More Useful Than You Thought

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So many of the things we have at home can be used in a number of different ways. It’s a topic that I’m continually fascinated by, which means it’s also a topic that I continually write about here on my blog. :-) Whether I’m figuring out new ways to use household items, or learning about the health and beauty benefits of an ingredient in my kitchen, I love learning about all the possibilities of everyday items!

Today’s post falls under that same umbrella, with a bit of a surprising twist. We’re talking about cinnamon today, and all the useful things you can do with it! I originally wrote a similar post with 9 uses for cinnamon several months back (which you can read at the link below), so I consider this to post to be a “Part Two” to that one. After all, I believe you can never know too many ways to use something. I’m a bit like MacGyver in that regard. ;-)

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So without any further ado, here are 7 more useful things you can do with cinnamon!

7 Useful Things You Can Do With Cinnamon

uses for cinnamon

1. Soothe Neck Soreness

Cinnamon sticks have aromatherapeutic properties that can help ease soreness in your neck and shoulders. And the best way to take advantage of them is to put a few into a homemade heating pad!

Fill a clean tube sock three-quarters full with white rice, then add two cinnamon sticks and a tablespoon of whole cloves. Seal the sock closed, then microwave it for two minutes. Drape the warmed pad around your neck for a soothing treatment for soreness and aches. Continue reheating and reusing the heating pad until the spices lose their fragrance, then make a new one.

uses for cinnamon

2. Treat Bug Bites

Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, cinnamon makes a useful treatment for bug bites and other minor skin irritations. Mix a bit of ground cinnamon into a bit of honey and spread it over the affected area. The combination of soothing honey and anti-inflammatory cinnamon will help soothe and heal the bite!

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3. Aid Digestion

Cinnamon is a carminative spice, meaning it may help relieve digestive problems like bloating and gas. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon into your food or a cup of coffee after a meal to help with digestion. You can also suck on a piece of a cinnamon stick for the same effect!

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4. Deter Ants

Ants hate cinnamon, so you can use it around the house to help keep them at bay. Place a cinnamon stick in a sachet and place it in a cabinet to deter ants. You can also sprinkle ground cinnamon over areas where you’ve spotted ant activity. In addition to deterring ants, it will also make your kitchen smell nice!

uses for cinnamon

5. Get Fuller Lips

Beauty blogger Michelle Phan swears by cinnamon as a lip-plumping agent. For fuller lips, rub some moistened cinnamon over your lips before applying your lip color.

uses for cinnamon

6. Boost Memory

Cinnamon may help enhance memory and other cognitive functions. The next time you’re studying for a test or learning something new, sip cinnamon tea or diffuse cinnamon essential oil for a boost of memory and brain power!

uses for cinnamon

7. Treat Blemishes

Another surprising feature of cinnamon is that it has antifungal properties, which can be useful for treating blemishes. Try my all-natural exfoliating face mask to take advantage of the skin-clearing powers of cinnamon! Get the recipe for it at the link below.

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Have you ever used cinnamon in an unconventional way?

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Bright Ideas

  • Cinnamon is excellent to dip a fresh cut plant stem. Plant the treated stem and watch it grow. Put cinnamon on the soil of house plants to kill gnats and to prevent more baby bugs from starting.

  • I definitely want to try the Cinnamon sachet one for the ants. I was telling my mom about this one. For some reason we have trouble with them during the summer time.

    • Try Fels Naptha Soap. Cut 1″ pieces and put in doorways and window sills. You can also rub across the door sills Keeps any crawling insects out. Will not hurt your pets. My vet suggested this. Refresh every two months.

  • I take a blood thinner and the other day I bit my tongue. The blood was oozing out and I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I was aware that brown paper (paper bag) can stop bleeding for a cut, but it wasn’t working, so I’m going into a panic and starting to feel weak. My son who has a degree in fitness, health and nutrition said “mom put cinnamon on it “ and sure enough the bleeding started to decrease then finally stopped. My tongue was purple and sore mind you but after a couple of days it was normal. I now carry a small container in my hand bag.
    Also vinegar is good for jellyfish stings when at the beach. Put some in a 3oz spray bottle and keep in your beach bag. I’ve rescued a few kids with it.

  • I’m into homopatheic medicine as is my doctor…sprinkling cinnamon on your breakfast cereal/oatmeal/toast is also a good way to get pain relief.

    • I have a friend with painful knee joints. He put honey and cinnamon on his oatmeal every morning. Pain gone. He stopped the practice and pain returned. He is now back on the cinnamon and honey every morning.

      • only 1/4 of a teaspoon daily will help regulate your blood sugar. Good for diabetics and those who suffer with low blood sugar……………..

  • Orchid lovers sprinkle cinnamon on the “wound” after cutting off a dead or damaged leaf or root to take advantage of cinnamon’s anti fungal properties.

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