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7 Sneaky Things That Can Age You More Than Wrinkles

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The Less Obvious (But Surprisingly Impactful) Signs Of Aging

It’s seems a bit strange looking back, but I was much more sensitive about my age when I turned 40 than I was when I turned 50. (I wonder if it’s like that for everyone, or if I’ve just personally mellowed out a bit?) However, even though I’m more at peace with my age now than I have been in the past, I would still rather avoid looking any older than I actually am!

And since I’m positive that I’m not the only one who feels this way, I think that today’s post will be useful for all of us! :-) Because there are plenty of sneaky culprits that are capable of making you look older than you’d like. But with the help of the tips in this post, you can rest assured that none of these culprits gets past you unnoticed!

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7 Sneaky Things That Make You Look Older

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1. Redness & Inflammation

As if redness and inflammation from sun exposure and rosacea weren’t already bad enough, it turns out that these symptoms can also amplify signs of aging! Inflamed skin can cause wrinkles to appear deeper than they really are, and make your skin tone appear uneven.

The simplest way to avoid redness and inflammation is to use gentle skincare products. A product with Vitamin C can help even out skin tone, and always, ALWAYS protect your skin from the sun, not just when it’s sunny out. Moisturizer is a must — choose one that both hydrates and moisturizes.

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2. Dry Hands

Moisture is crucial for keeping skin looking firm and and vibrant, especially when it comes to your hands. The thin skin on our hands doesn’t produce as much natural moisture as the rest of our skin. So our hands are already prone to dryness, and we often make it worse through sun exposure, repeated washings, and wear and tear.

To keep your the skin on your hands looking nice and soft and healthy, make sure to moisturize them daily. Also, when you apply your sunscreen in the morning, apply some to the backs of your hands as well, to protect them from the sun. And before you go to bed, slather on a rich hand cream or body butter. (Grab the recipe for my favorite homemade body butter here!)

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3. Droopy Eyes

Dark circles, bags, and fine lines around your eyes can all make you look older (or at least keep you from looking well rested and healthy). To combat these issues, apply an anti-aging eye cream every night to keep the sensitive skin around your eyes moisturized.

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woman putting on a retinol serum for saggy skin

4. Saggy Skin

The skin on our necks is thin, and thin skin tends to lose its elasticity more quickly. Personally, watching the skin on my neck start to droop and sag was really disheartening. So I started looking for solutions online, and ended up learning about some simple neck exercises and skincare products that can help lift saggy neck skin.

A night serum with retinoids and antioxidants boosts cell turnover, which can help the appearance of wrinkles, and using it at night gives it time to renew your skin and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. (I’ve also written an entire blog post on the topic of neck skin, which you can read right here.)

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woman cleansing her skin with an oil cleanser and a microfiber cloth

5. Improper Cleansing

Failing to cleanse your face thoroughly can lead to clogged pores and sensitive skin. And on the other end of the spectrum, scrubbing your face overzealously or with harsh products can dry out your skin and amplify wrinkles. So it’s important to find that sweet spot between too clean and not clean enough!

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest trying my double cleansing method: an oil cleanse routine, followed by a gentle cleanser like my Purifying Daily Cleanser that won’t dry out your skin. This double cleansing method tends to be better for aging skin because it removes makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

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woman testing a foundation shade on her hand and applying a primer to her eyelid

6. Makeup Mistakes

I don’t pretend to be a makeup expert by any means, but I do know that makeup can either help or hinder your anti-aging efforts in a big way! Over the last few years, I’ve picked up a lot of useful tips that have helped me avoid the makeup mistakes that can make you look older than you’d like. Learn how to avoid those makeup mistakes in this post.

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7. Bad Habits

While skincare and makeup both play significant roles when it comes to appearance, there are plenty of other factors that can make you look older than you’d like to! And many of those take the form of simple lifestyle choices.

Your body produces stress hormones in response to stressful conditions (like work stress, mental health issues, lack of sleep, etc.), and those hormones can actually speed up the aging process! Learn more about the choices you make that can contribute to aging here.

Woman sitting at a table with a makeup mirror and some skincare and holding up a jar of moisturizer

Looking For A Gentle Skin Care Line?

I’ve mentioned a few of my Timeless by Jillee skincare products, and they work together to help even those of us with sensitive skin to fight the effects of aging. You can read more about how to use them to take great care of your aging skin here.

Do you have a favorite anti-aging product, tip, or treatment that you use?

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  • I think you look the most beautiful (and youngest!) in the picture under step 7, where you aren’t wearing makeup. The eyeliner and lipstick are the things that make us look older, in my opinion.

  • Our faces are only part of the aging equation. Hair that is too long ages us as well. Has anyone noticed how much better The Pioneer Woman looks since she trimmed her long hair this year?

  • My main beauty issues right are my puffy eyes and trying to keep my grays covered . My eye problems dark circles and puffy eyes are mainly due to allergies. I use a darker eye shadow on my eyes to make it less noticeable. I also have been dealing with my eyelashes being very sparse so I try to extend my eyeliner and smudge it to make it less noticeable. I use a great concealer from LA Girl to help with the dark circles. It’s very reasonably priced and easy to locate. My other headache is dealing with those pesky gray hairs . My shade I use is actually slight darker than it was as a child. Those darn gray roots start showing after a week. I would love it if Jillee would do another post on Dupes . A lot of the recommended makeup products are outrageously priced.

  • Metal in the head (mouth) is never a good idea, especially with all the EMF surrounding us. Smart meters, WiFi, Cellphones and now 5G (don’t get me started on that!). One thing Jillee omitted is the ambient EMF: It damages skin at the cellular level. No amount to creams or lotions can fix that.

  • My optician decided for me (!) that I needed transition lenses instead of bifocals. I really did try to like them but after a trip and fall and then a car accident, I gave up. God gave me the gift of age. I think I’ll embrace it.

    • Transition (no lines) lenses made me dizzy! I put them on in the store & immediately a wooden board was curving! I wore them for 5 minutes INSIDE THE STORE and gave them back. I now wear tri-focals WITH lines, and they were no problem adjusting to see out of the proper portion of the lens. I would never go to the transition (no-lines) lenses! Better safe than in / causing accidents!

  • Celiac has ruined my once beautiful teeth. Dry mouth has made it worse. I have so many fillings. Everytime I go to the dentist another one is chipped, cracked or needs to be pulled. $3,000 per implant is a killer and a ridiculous amount of money. I am almost ready to get dentures.

    • Don’t do it, Michelle! It’s almost impossible to eat properly with dentures (people don’t chew ‘naturally’ or as well, and tend to avoid many health-giving foods because they need a lot of chewing), for a start. Then there is the issue of the chemical-laden fixatives and cleaners etc. you will have to use. Most concerning of all, because what you’re concerned with is looking older than necessary, is the fact that your mouth will, to an extent, ‘fall in’ when you spend time without your dentures. This will create wrinkles around your mouth and a generally misshapen look – incredibly ageing!

  • The skincare combo of retinoids in the PM and Vitamin C and sunscreen in the AM is scientifically proven to reduce aging in skin. I use these along with water, vitamin supplements, exercise and adequate sleep as my anti aging formula.

  • I am 64 now. In the past month I have noticed some mega changes to my skin. Most of the changes I attribute to what I have eaten or not included in my clean eating protocol. My skin ages when I eat sweets, bread and lamb. I look my best and healthiest when I eat raw vegetables and fruit. My skin care is simple. I never use essential oils on my face or neck. To whiten under my eyes, I find organic grape seed oil works magic. On my face depending on the season, I use organic argan oil, hemp seed oil. or coconut and neem oil. I rarely wash my face with soap. I use a clean wash cloth each time. My teeth tend to stain after drinking herbal teas, coffee, or black tea. I oil pull and or use Nelsons charcoal toothpaste to whiten my teeth. Yesterday, I used winkies and frownies on my face. They say you have to use them everyday for a month to see results…

  • Lucky you having white teeth! However, I have been a dental hygienist for 45 years and I’m sure using that mouthwash once a week could not possibly whiten your teeth. Bleach trays help do that but they are not to be used too often. As I get older, I am just happy to have healthy teeth and that’s worth celebrating!

      • I am 76 years of age and heartily agree with Marilyn
        . Hardly a day that goes by I do not receive a compliment on my skin or how I do not look my age. I have always kept my skin clean and at this time I wear no makeup except lipstick. I use whatever moistens my skin ( hand lotion, coconut oil) but nothing too expensive. As a teenager I worshiped the sun and spent plenty of time at the beach( remember baby oil and iodine mix?) I have had plenty of stress in my life and thankfully the Good Lord helped me survive …even cancer. I am thankful for what the Lord has given me. Being positive is the best makeup ingredient and stress reliever that there.

  • One of the best things I have done is switch my makeup. I have stopped trying to look years younger and have embraced my age. I use Boom Makeup and it is meant for aging skin. The celebrate aging skin, It is three simple sticks and I can do my makeup in 2 mins and I have never looked better. Jillie, thank you for your super informative blog!

    • Deborah May, I will certainly be looking for that brand, could use an aging targeted make up and then that time savings….a BINGO hopefully.

  • A poor posture could be added to the list. Sloughing, head bent down, shuffling your feet when walking all make you look older. All of these could be corrected somewhat. When your mother told you to stand up straight it apply now as much as it did then.

  • My main beauty issue is dark under eye circles. I’ve tried stuff without much success. I agree with the yellow teeth. But, some families like mine have yellowish teeth. In my case it’s genetic and there’s not much you can do. We’ve tried other things. Our Dentist has said some folks just kind of have this.

    • I am 69 and have the dark circles under my eyes. Have since as far back as 21. I also have tried every type and shade of under eye cover-up with no luck. It seems I notice the circles more than others do according to comments I’ve received. I read by a make-up artist to use it only in the corners near nose and use warmth from finger to help blend it about half way out. It worked but I also have severe chronic dry eyes & cannot get anything near eyes PERIOD. I have just given up. Good luck tho.

  • >