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11 Surprising Ways That Baby Oil Can Make Your Life Easier

Uses for baby oil

Whenever I think about baby oil, I think back to the summers of my childhood. I was obsessed with swimming and being out by the pool, and my friends and I would cover ourselves in baby oil in hopes of getting the perfect golden-brown tan. (Of course, that was back before anyone really understood much about the harmful effects of sun exposure!)

But even though my youthful tanning days have come and gone, I still keep a bottle of baby oil on hand at home! Because apart from being a tanning agent and even apart from being useful for babies, there are plenty of useful things you can do with baby oil! And today I’ll be sharing 11 of my favorite practical uses for baby oil around the house. By the end of this post, you’ll see why everyone (and not just parents!) can benefit from keeping a bottle of baby oil in the cupboard!

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11 Practical Uses For Baby Oil

Uses for baby oil

1. Neater Manicures

Use baby oil to help keep your at-home manicures nice and neat. Just use a cotton swab to apply baby oil around your cuticles before you start painting your nails. Then if you get a bit of nail color on your cuticles, it will be easy to wipe right off!

Uses for baby oil

2. Closer Shaves

You can use baby oil as a shaving liquid for a super close shave with no irritation. And as a bonus, you can also apply it after shaving as a great after-shave treatment! Your legs have never been so luxuriously smooth. :-)

Uses for baby oil

3. Remove Stuck Rings

Accidentally put on a too-tight ring? Grab your trusty bottle of baby oil! Apply a bit of the oil around the finger the ring is stuck on. Then (carefully) slide the ring right off!

Uses for baby oil

4. Stretch Your Shower Gel

Mix a bit of baby oil into your favorite bottle of shower gel. Not only will it help soften your skin every time you shower, but it will also stretch that bottle and make it last longer! (I love a good two-for-one tip.) :-)

Uses for baby oil

5. Soften Skin

If you struggle with dry or cracked heels, baby oil can be a huge help. Slather baby oil onto your feet right before bed, then pull on a pair of socks. The oil will work overnight to soften and moisturize your skin. In the morning you’ll wake up to much softer feet!

Uses for baby oil

6. Remove Makeup

Baby oil can help remove even the most stubborn eye makeup. Just pour a small amount of baby oil onto a cotton round, then gently swipe it over your eye makeup. It comes right off!

Uses for baby oil

7. Dissolve Sticky Stuff

If sticky stuff like bandaids, temporary tattoos, or stickers are giving you trouble, baby oil can help! Saturate the area with baby oil and let it sit for a minute or two. The oil will start dissolving the sticky adhesive, making it much easier to wipe off!

Uses for baby oil

8. Clean Stained Hands

Use baby oil to remove paint or grease from your hands after completing a messy project. It works well, and it’s much gentler on your skin than scrubbing the mess off! Plus, your hands will feel super soft afterward.

Uses for baby oil

9. Shine Things Up

Baby oil is great for shining up all kinds of materials! Just dab a bit of oil onto a soft cloth, and buff it onto wood, leather, steel, and chrome to leave behind a lovely shine. You can also use this method on your dashboard, golf clubs, stainless steel appliances, faucets, and more! (Just remember that a little bit of oil goes a long way!)

Uses for baby oil

10. Silence Squeaks

If you have baby oil on hand, you have everything you need to silence a squeak door or window. Just apply some baby oil, open and shut it a few times, and the squeak will be gone!

Uses for baby oil

11. Smoother Shredding

If you have a paper shredder at home, you may notice that the shredding action gets less smooth over time. This can occur when the blades and gears start to dry out. But you can use baby oil to fix it! Just soak a piece of paper in a small amount of baby oil, then run it through the shredder. The oil will transfer to the blades and gears, and it will help lube up the machine and keep it running smoothly!

Don’t Care For Baby Oil? Try Coconut Oil Instead

Most baby oils are made from highly purified mineral oil products. Because of this, some people choose not to use baby oil in their homes. But even if you don’t want to use baby oil, that doesn’t mean you can’t use these tips!

In fact, you can use coconut oil instead of baby oil for all of the applications listed above. (Fractionated coconut oil may work best for these tips though, as it stays in liquid form instead of solidifying like regular coconut oil does.)

What’s your favorite practical use for oil around the house?

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  • Boa tarde. Adoro o seu Blog. Avaliação 5*. Tenho 52 anos e o meu cabelo está a ficar muito seco, desidratado parece palha. Gostava e agradecia que me ensinasse algo para o hidratar. Obrigada. Beijinhos

  • I added about a tablespoon to my favorite Bath and Body Works body wash. The first day it didn’t want to mix. I had to really shake it. The second day of had separated so I shook it again. The third day it was mixed but had turned the consistency of water and was cloudy. I just found that odd. It still smells like it should and it still gathers like it should. My winter skin is much more comfortable with the addition.

  • I have an old black kitchen sink that is natural stone. We got it used from the ReStore and it was very dull looking. After I clean and scour it, I apply a layer of baby oil. It shines like brand new!!! It will stay nice and shiny for about a week, and also makes it easier to clean the next time.

  • Thank you for adding the last bit about coconut oil. I was headed to the comments section for that very reason. Baby oil is actually not very good for babies. Almond or olive oils are other good substitutes. Just get a small travel bottle for it and it’s just as convenient as baby oil and so much safer. The younger they are, the more vital it is to protect them from artificial chemicals.

    • Thanks, Rebecca, for saving me that! JoJoba, rosehip, just about ANY oil without mineral oil in it is a good alternative to baby OR mineral oil!! Mineral oil is a petroleum product and NOT good for humans, small OR large.

      • Just strange that people have a problem using mineral oil, yet have no problem using petrol/ gas in their cars or making use of transport systems that use it (or buying stuff that was transported on the road). Everyday you breathe the fumes coming from cars, trucks and busses. Whether you put mineral oil on your skin or use gas in any way, shape or form, it gets into your body in some way.

      • It’s been recommended that I use food grade mineral oil on my bamboo cutting board. I have been using it for several months, applying it once a week . Is this not a good idea?

      • Everyone has different opinions on this subject (& related subjects like parabins, sulfates etc) but in my opinion, as long as it’s food grade & you wipe off any excess, you will be perfectly fine!!

      • Your phone changed the spelling (mine doesthat, too). Its “parabens”. Great tip!

  • After cleaning your shower door, to keep it sparkling clean, use a soft cloth and baby oil to wipe onto the glass and into the tracks. This helps in keeping soap scum at bay and cleaning a bit easier.

  • If u get any oil on your fingernails before you apply the polish it will not stick & dry on the nail either. Applying after the manicure is somewhat dry will save it from smudging though

    • You are absolutely right. As an ex- nail tech I could always tell if a person did their own nails. If you are a DIY nail polisher, don’t put oil anywhere near your nails until you are finished. The nails need to be clean and a bit dehydrated, which is why nail techs wipe nails down with acetone/polish remover/Sea Breeze after the manicure and prior to polishing – it’s to get all the oil off. If you have oil on your nails, the polish won’t stick or dry, and you will see dimpling or ridges form. To get any polish off your skin after you polish, dip a lip brush into your acetone/polish remover and swipe it around your nails. It will take off any mistakes, and can also create a smooth line around the nail so your nails look professionally done. You don’t have to worry about any clean up either – the acetone/polish remover will dry on its own in a few seconds.

  • I have an urgent request, before the weather change my car (metallic black) was sprayed with hot tar. Some have picked on the tar and it has gone through my finish and I have been told it will be a new paint job. Any last resort suggestions to get this off I know it can be done with the right stuff and a good polishing.

    • Sue, my hubby says that you can buy regular tar remover like at Wal Mart, but he likes kerosene best. We had the same thing happen to us many years ago, had just waxed our car and it came off really well. Kerosene is usually carried by Lowe’s, Home Depot, and most Hardware stores. You have to rub it but it will melt it off. It will take any wax off and that job will have to be done again. Do remember that kerosene is “HIGHLY” flammable, and needs to be done in a well ventilated area.

  • I’ve used for taking off my makeup. I tend to get wax buildup in my ears. I use just a little baby oil drop in each ear. Then I use a little cotton pad. You wouldn’t believe how much wax comes out.

  • I think I may have read a tip here on using mineral oil with an essential oil for dusting. I knew that baby oil was made from mineral oil, so I just use baby oil to dust, and the house smells sweet as a baby!

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