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11 Useful Things You Can Do With A Dryer Sheet

Use a dryer sheet to remove and repel dust on electronics. Use a dryer sheet to get deodorant marks off clothing, and to clean the sole plate of your clothes iron.

The dryer sheet tips I’ll be sharing with you in this post aren’t just for people looking for ways to use up an old stash of dryer sheets. They can be just as useful to those who use dryer sheets in their dryers, because many of the tip work just as well with a used dryer sheet as they do with a new one!

I was inspired to seek out uses for dryers sheets a few years back. I had recently started using dryer balls instead of sheets, and wasn’t sure what to do with the remaining dryer sheets left in my cupboard. But I ended up discovering the plethora of great uses for dryer sheets I’ll share with you here.

Being able to use something you would otherwise throw out is always a good thing in my book! And even though I generally prefer my homemade fabric softeners or dryer balls, those old dryer sheets have certainly come in handy, thanks to the tips in this post!

11 Practical Uses For Dryer Sheets

Use a dryer sheet to quickly scrub deodorant marks off your clothes.

1. Erase Deodorant Marks

No one wants to leave the house with unsightly deodorant marks on their shirt! Use a dryer sheet to quickly get deodorant marks off your clothes, and you’ll be out the door in no time!

2. Remove Crayon Marks

You can use a dryer sheet to help remove crayon marks after little ones have used your walls or tabletops as a canvas. Just rub the crayon marks lightly with a clean dryer sheet and the marks will disappear.

You can use a dryer sheet to clean the sole plate on your iron.

3. Clean Your Iron

You can use a dryer sheet to help remove gunk from the plate of your clothes iron. Lay a dryer sheet out on your ironing board, and set your iron to its lowest heat setting. Once it has warmed up, rub the iron over the dryer sheet until the residue is gone and the plate is clean.

4. Clean Up Pet Hair

Dryer sheets can be really helpful in pet owners’ continual efforts to remove pet hair from, well, everywhere! Cleaning with dryer sheets works well for getting pet hair off of flooring, furniture, toys, lampshades, and even clothes.

Use a dryer sheet to clean and lube your scissor blades so they cut more easily.

5. Fix Problematic Scissors

Are your scissors not cutting as smoothly as they should be? A dryer sheet can help! Just (carefully) run a used dryer sheet over the blades of your scissors, and the residue will lubricate the blades and help your scissors glide more smoothly.

6. Clean Bugs Off Your Car

Use a damp dryer sheet to gently scrub bugs off of your car’s windshield and bumper. The sheets are abrasive enough to remove stubborn bug marks, but not so harsh that they’ll damage your car’s paint or finish.

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Using a dryer sheet for dusting will not only remove dust, it will help prevent it from accumulating.

7. Remove And Repel Dust

Use a dryer sheet to dust baseboards, crown molding, cabinets, and even electronics. Not only will this genius dusting hack help you pick up dust, but it will also leave behind a thin layer of residue that can help prevent dust from settling in the future.

8. Make A Firestarter

Place used dryer sheets (and dryer lint, if you have some!) into a cardboard toilet paper tub, then fold or pinch the ends of the tube to keep the contents inside. Light one end of your DIY firestarter, and you’ll have a fire going in no time! You can even add scent and make your own holiday firestarters!

Use a dryer sheet as a scrubber to remove soap scum.

9. Scour Soap Scum

Dryer sheets are surprisingly effective at removing soap scum, and pair perfectly with my homemade shower cleaner to clean shower doors and other bathroom surfaces. Just dampen a used dryer sheet with a few drops of water, then scrub away soap scum on your shower door, shower curtain, sink and tile. The gunk will practically slide off!

10. Keep Potting Soil Contained

Place a few used dryer sheets at the bottom of a pot the next time you’re potting plants or flowers. The dryer sheets will help keep the soil from falling out of the drainage holes when you water your pots.

You can even use a dryer sheet to fight static on your hair.

11. Fight Hair Static

Rub a dryer sheet on the inside of your favorite hats to prevent your hair from getting all static-y when you take off your hat. (You can even rub a dryer sheet right on your hair to help prevent flyways!)

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What other uses for dryer sheets would you add to this list?

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  • Ive heard years ago to put a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep mosquitos away. A friend of mine was over the other day and was getting bit so i handed her a dryer sheet. I will say she rubbed it on her but she ad no more problems. Thought you could research or try that

  • I used to work nights with the window open in nice weather. Those tiny flying biting buys are able to get through the screen. I used to wipe the screen with a dryer sheet and leave in the sill. No more buggie bites.

  • All great ideas. I keep a dryer sheet in my pocket to absorb static electricity in dryer months and to run over my hair if need be. Most dryer sheets are made of polyester and release very toxic fumes when burnt. If you use them to start a fire, be aware and take care. We also use dryer sheets in our trailer, but am interested in trying the Irish Spring! And I appreciate the “light” solution for mice too. I’m going to leave the light on in my pantry!

  • Now that I’m a convert to wool dryer balls thanks to this site – I will continue to purchase dryer sheets occasionally for two ‘off-label’ uses:
    1. Prevents mice, squirrels and rats from chewing through engine wiring of cars regularly parked outdoors.
    -Securely tuck new sheets throughout engine compartment, avoiding the hot radiator area.
    -Check every few weeks to replace if needed.
    This is a huge problem in my neighborhood which is near open space. My car needed to be towed for over $650 to replace wiring harnesses. And I drive it every day to work-it’s not sitting dormant.

    2. Keeps bees away from food while dining outdoors at restaurants or in the backyard.

    Appreciate the tips and especially comments by others -learning something useful every day!

  • We also heard that new dryer sheets work to repel mice so we put some in out trailer because where it is stored there are lots of mice. We’ll let you know if it really worked!

  • I an old lady with gray fragile fly about short hair. When I walk out of my room all the eyes are on my hair – it floats about on its own pointing to the ceiling. Family doesn’t laugh, but they do smile, and I get teases as I walk by. None of that bothers me, unless I go somewhere and my hair is still pointing skyward. Using the dryer sheets is lovely. It really works! Thanks Jillee!

  • I keep used ones in all my shoes, suitcases, stored handbags and even my husband’s gym bag…..they do fight musty odors and absorb moisture here in SC!

  • I use dryer sheets to clean my washer such as the fabric softener container you put your sidebar in. Your bleach container where you add your bleach. Also cleans the inside surface of the cover and washing machine corners on inside cover

  • I’ve used them for years for cleaning my sink , stove and countertop. Work great. I have a sister in law with 2 daughters and she says she uses them to go around the baseboards to pick up all the hair!

  • If you have drips from pies, pizza’s and other things baked in oven, clean with wet dryer sheet. Damp,en sheet and place on burned food, the. Wipe clean.

  • Oh my gosh, I had no idea dryer sheets were so versatile. I am totally going to try cleaning my iron with one next time I am ironing. We had the hardest water in our other house and I used to use dryer sheets to knock some of the hard water stains off the glass shower doors. Thanks for the tips!

  • Put a used dryer sheet as a liner into each shoe before wearing (any shoes where they won’t show, including sneakers, dress pumps, boots, etc.). The dryer sheet adds a nice scent, absorbs moisture, and is a barrier layer to the inside of the shoe. Shoes stay much cleaner inside and last longer due to no odors or breakdown from sweat.

  • We are snowbirds and live in the Wyoming mountains during the summer and on the Florida Gulf coast in the winter. Our first year of living this way was a real education for us. Mice made their way into our Wyoming home for the winter and the house was filled with their droppings when we returned in the spring. Now, before we leave each home, we stuff dryer sheets at the bottom of the doors that lead outside. inside the garage doors, and any other potential cracks where mice can get in. This has worked well for us and we return to a mice-free home.

    • to keep mice out of your RV, put a bar of irish spring in different areas under cupboards. Every year, I shave off some soap and reuse in our trailer. The shaved soap is saved and added to my liquid hand soap container with water…………NO MORE MICE……………………

  • I haven’t tried this tip yet. I’ve heard the scented ones are great to help keep the bugs away if your going to be outside for awhile. I’m not able to use scented dryer sheets due to my sensitive skin. So I doubt the unscented ones would work for this. The scented ones are great for the bathroom trash when you have to dispose of smelly stuff.

  • if you have a pot or pan with hard to clean or burnt on food, place a used dryer sheet in the bottom of the pan with enough water to cover the burned on food. let it sit for an hour or so then clean. The dryer sheet softens all that cooked on food and cleaning is easy.

  • We use dryer sheets all the time for cleaning bugs off the front of our truck and trailer. A couple of sheets in a pail of hot water and the bugs literally run off the front of the vehicles. No harsh scrubbing involved.

  • Thanks for the tips, I am enjoying reading your column first thing every morning! Keep up the good work!

    Just a note, your autocorrect changed “bugs” to “plugs” on #6. Darned autocorrect lol!

  • Used dryer sheets are great for shining bathroom and kitchen taps. I always take a new dryer sheet with me when i travel and rub it on the inside of any item of clothing that has static.

    • A new one works really well for getting deodorant off of clothing – but an old one will still do the trick! Old ones can be used for everything on the list, but fresh ones are a little scrubbier :-)

      • I assumed that unless you specifically indicated “used” dryer sheets you were referring to new ones but I was glad you confirmed it.

  • >