11 Ways To Be Prepared For Anything With Baby Wipes

uses for baby wipes

Ask any mom about how she uses baby wipes, and I’d bet she’d have a dozen other uses to tell you about in addition to diaper changes. That’s because baby wipes are actually far more versatile than their name lets on! Which is exactly why I still keep a pack of baby wipes handy at home to this day, despite the fact that my youngest “baby” will be turning 20 this year. (Yikes!)

Today we’ll be exploring 11 of the best, most useful things you can do with baby wipes. This list covers a wide range of applications, from freshening up on a hot day to shining up your favorite leather accessories. By the end of this post, you’ll surely agree that baby wipes aren’t just for babies anymore! :-)

11 Brilliant Uses For Baby Wipes

baby wipes

1. Remove Eye Makeup

Use a baby wipe to remove your eye makeup after a night out! If you have sensitive skin or just want to make the wipe a little more nourishing, add a drop or two of fractionated coconut oil to it before using.

uses for baby wipes

2. Erase Hair Dye Mishaps

Keep baby wipes handy whenever you’re dyeing your own hair or someone else’s at home. They’re great for wiping up accidental smears or splatters of hair dye on your forehead or neck. You can also use them to tidy up smeared manis or pedis, or clean up self tanner accidents!

uses for baby wipes

3. Freshen Up

Chilled baby wipes feel so refreshing on a really hot day. The next time you have a beach day, bring a bag of wipes along in your cooler. Then when you’re feeling sweaty, you can cool off with a refreshing chilled wipe! You can also keep baby wipes in your fridge during the summer to quickly cool off on those nights when you feel overheated.

uses for baby wipes

4. DIY Hemorrhoid Wipes

You can use baby wipes to make homemade hemorrhoid wipes that are so much cheaper than the ones you can buy in stores. Start with a package of wipes that contain aloe, then pour about 1/2 cup of witch hazel into the package. The combination of aloe and witch hazel is extremely soothing!

uses for baby wipes

5. On-The-Go Stain Remover

You don’t need a special stain remover pen for spills if you have baby wipes on hand! They’re surprisingly effective at cleaning up spills and stains on clothes. (A retail worker told me they even use baby wipes to remove makeup residue from clothes in the dressing room!)

uses for baby wipes

6. Clean Bird Poop Off Your Car

Keep baby wipes in your car’s glovebox to clean up bird poop. Bird droppings can damage the paint job on your car, so it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. Keeping a few wipes on hand makes it quick and easy.

uses for baby wipes

7. Quick Clean Up For Pets

Keep baby wipes on hand to clean up your dog’s paws after a trip to the dog park, or wipe your cat’s face clean after a messy meal. They are also useful for removing loose hairs from your dog or cat’s coat!

uses for baby wipes

8. Shine Your Leather

Baby wipes contain moisturizing ingredients that can add shine to leather shoes, jackets, and purses. Just give them a quick wipe, then use a clean dry cloth to buff the leather to a nice shine. You can also use wipes to clean dirt off your sneakers and other shoes!

uses for baby wipes

9. Moisten Envelope Adhesive

When you have to seal several envelopes in a row, it doesn’t take long to get sick of licking the adhesive to moisten it. Spare your tongue and just use a baby wipe to moisten the adhesive strip instead!

baby wipes

10. Clean A Chalkboard

Use a wipe to clean chalk and dusty residue off of chalkboards. They also work for cleaning chalk off of surfaces painted with chalkboard paint!

uses for baby wipes

11. Shower Substitute

Keep baby wipes handy on camping, hiking, and road trips as a way to freshen up when you don’t have a shower available. It’s not exactly the same as a shower, but it’s certainly better than nothing! :-)

What’s your favorite way to use baby wipes?

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Bright Ideas

  • You could also use the hospital room tip adding the Clorox for when staying at hotels for wiping surfaces that are often missed when cleaning.

  • I used them for making my own version for hand wipes . This was when I couldn’t even find the wipes on store shelves because of Covid and I couldn’t find the wet ones on shelves for several months. I just used Jillees hand wipes and kept them in a tiny travel size first aid kit in my purse. I mainly used them at work.

  • I make my own greeting cards and I use baby wipes to clean the ink off of my stamps.
    Also, we add rubbing alcohol to the container to make instant antibacterial wipes to use on door handles, shopping carts, etc.

  • I’ve recently started using them to clean certain icky spots in our bathrooms. The grime that gets in between the shower track door -I just dab white vinegar on it first. It’s also good for getting some of the gross stuff up around the toilet floor area.

  • I have seen some amazing videos on how to make your own baby wipes. Im going to start making my own. My son breaks out badly when his face is washed with baby wipes. But I have also used baby wipea to clean crayon off of just about any surface!

  • Please use wet wipes as little as possible and look for reusable alternatives as they are extremely bad for the environment: they cause sewer blockages and contain non-biodegradable plastics such as polyester and other non-biodegradable materials, and could take up to 100 years to break down.

  • one great use is to cool off a hot steering wheel or to immediately cool of a hot baby car seat latch before putting baby in the car! live in southwest and everyone in my family uses it.

  • My dogs veterinarian told me that I can use unscented baby wipes to brush his teeth. (So much easier than brushing his teeth with a toothbrush)

  • I went to grab baby wipes for a recent trip to the snow and I found “water wipes!” GENIUS!! I love the idea that you have a complete clean pallet to make anything of them if you want, or to do nothing at all . I was excited to let my kids eat Cheetos in the car, for the first time EVER.

  • I keep baby wipes in my bathrooms. I’ve been using them for years after using the toilet, I give myself a good wipe, but put them in the waste basket as most are not flushable. A cheap alternative to those cottenelle wipes for sure. I think I invented this concept back in the early eighties. I keep them in my camper year round too.

  • Witch hazel for hemorrhoids are a life saver. Yes, baby wipes are much cheaper than those tucks wipes. I also add a splash to a wipe or toilet paper, but for some reason I never though just to add W.H. to the whole container. I guess bc I usually buy soft packs instead of boxes. I think I’ll try this!

    • I actually keep some witch hazel in a spray bottle under the sink . I just spray some on my toilet paper when I have hemorrhoids problems. I also made some tucks type wipes using the cotton rounds -for when l have the bad flare ups. This was also a Jillee tip.

  • I buy the big box baby wipes from Costco. I think they’re kirkland brand. I also use them to remove makeup but sometimes I feel it’s too harsh for my eyes and it stings- not always but just sometimes – don’t know why. I also use them in the car for quick wipe downs. Another use is for my wood stairs!
    It’s so much faster to work from the top to the bottom with the wipes and a plastic bag. Gets all the dust bunnies!

  • I always take a zip lock sandwich bag with baby wipes in my purse or bag for mishaps.
    After I check the oil in my car I use them to clean my hands; they work well on grease.
    I would do a quick wipe down on my car’s dash while waiting for someone.
    If they start to get dry just add a few drops of water.

  • I use them to recondition my Cricut mats. You get all the small paper particles off and it gets “sticky” again. Saves from having to buy new ones so often. I use them in my fabric cutting mats as well.

  • Pues yo despues de usarlas las lavo en la lavadora con los trapos y los uso para mis manualidades para limpiar todo tipo de pintura, pinceles etc , luego las tiro al cubo de la basura , pero las aprovecho bien, saludos desde Cataluña. España

  • I have been using baby wipes for 40 years to create my own waterproof make-up remover pads.
    After pulling out 4-6 wipes and letting them dry, I cut them in small squares, about 16 per sheet. As I cut (no measuring) two wipes at a time into halves, then halves again to make four strips, I cut each set of strips into four squares and place them into a small jar saved from some make-up item. After layering several into a jar, I pour enough of my favorite make-up remover liquid, i.e., Mabelline for removing waterproof make-up, in and allow it to soak in overnight. More can be added to make them as moist as
    you like. This uses less of the remover product than if you poured it out with every use, and it’s more economical than buying the remover pads already infused with remover. I began using these for ease when traveling and to avoid spilling a liquid and soon started using them daily. These are perfect for gently removing stubborn make-up from lips and eyes. I still finish up with a make-up remover cloth for my whole face. Thanks for your other suggestion for baby wipe uses.

    • That’s clever. I refuse to spend money on brands like the Neutrogena makeup wipes. Just not a good deal and they’re expensive. I just use baby oil and the cotton pads for removing my waterproof mascara.

  • 1]Keep (cheap generic ), wipes with your house painting supplies. Easy clean up of drips and drops; even the semi dry ones.
    2] warm up wipes and use for bathing someone confined in bed, or just can’t stand up long enough to shower. Warm wipes are great for fast clean ups; hands, faces, neck and even best on your bottom and other personal areas.
    3] keep with gardening supplies and mechanical supplies.
    4] keep ready to use with crafting tables. Quick clean ups for spilled items and messy hands.

  • It is accepted medical knowledge that whatever you put on your skin enters into your body. If you are not fortunate enough for it to be filtered out by your kidneys and liver (depending on age, health, etc.) it can be absorbed directly into your organs and tissues. Continued exposure/build up of environmental toxins lead to chronic disease and other health issues. Most baby wipes contain toxic preservatives and petro- chemical ingredients. The small bit of convenience hardly seems worth the risk. Consider making your own baby wipes with organic products. Thank you for considering alternatives for a healthier planet.

    • I was close to responding similarly. Using wipes on your baby that also removes chemical makeup and can be used on leather, etc.–I’d rather use them on my shoes than on my physical body. And never flush them–that’s a whole ‘nother horror story.

  • Baby wipes often contain aloe vera which can be toxic to animals.
    For those concerned about bidegradability. There are many brands made with cellulose fiber, which will eventually break down. Read the label.

  • Great ideas. I use a lot of the used mentioned. I like the buggies brand too. I use the cucumber and tea tree one.Ive used them for years for taking off my makeup. I’ve tried other brands Huggies works the best, I loved to use them for cleaning up hairball messes when I had a Cat. Also great if they have stuff on their rears after using the litter box. The wipes are great for stain removal from clothing. I agree with the hair dye mess use.

    • I also use the wipes when on car trips.Great for eating on the go. I’ve reused the plastic tub for keeping craft paints and my hair stuff organized. Also great to have on hand for crafting. Great for wiping stamps.

  • I don’t think these wipes are very good for the environment. Perhaps you could do a post telling us how to make our own in a way that is more environmentally friendly? That would be great:)

    • Hi Francesca :-) You could use an old t-shirt to cut up small cloths and place them inside a large mason jar. Then mix about 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of castile soap. You could also add about 5 drops of lavender or lemon essential oil. Pour enough of your cleaning liquid in to the mason jar to wet the cloths without any standing water in the jar. Store in the fridge to extend the shelf life, and wash cloths in a mesh bag on a delicate cycle when dirty. Enjoy!

    • All you do is use paper towels. You can YouTube it and they have some amazing videos that ecplain it all and shows how to using different ingredients.

  • When going to a hospital I pour Clorox into a box of baby wipes and wipe EVERYTHING in the hospital room down with them. Door knobs, tables, railings, sink and fixtures, toilet seats, etc.— anything that I might touch. . Just grab a rubber glove from the box in the room and start wiping. I keep the wipes in the room and use them often to rewipe. I also avoid showering in a hospital room. Got these tips from an ICU RN.

  • I have baby wipes all over the house and our daughter is 22! After diapers, we started out with an extra box in our craft room for messes and spills. Added one at the dining table because you always need a little help there. One next to each bed cause it is so refreshing, especially in the summer when it is hot. Have a zip bag in my back pack that I can refill when needed. Love the Huggies with aloe and vitamin E.

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