7 Clever And Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks, Courtesy Of TikTok

Clever And Time-Saving TikTok Cleaning Hacks

When I first heard that TikTok had become something of a hub for cleaning tips, I admit I was a little surprised! Most of the time when I hear about TikTok, it’s because of trends or viral challenges that are popular with younger generations, so it never really struck me as a place I might find valuable cleaning advice!

But social media is rarely ever just one thing, so I shouldn’t be surprised that TikTok has more to offer than I initially assumed. In fact, it’s become a useful source for finding cleaning tips from people of all ages, and from all over the world!

In fact, I find it reassuring that our shared struggle of household cleaning is inspiring people to seek out and share solutions with other folks online. In this post, I’ll be highlighting some of the best cleaning hacks that I’ve come across on TikTok recently.

Watch my video later in this post to learn how to add a cute little “pixie stamp” to your toilet paper roll!

7 Clever And Effective Cleaning Hacks From TikTok

A hand holding a blue bottle demonstrating cleaning hacks from TikTok.

1. Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner To Clean Grout

There are a number of videos where people use a gel-type toilet bowl cleaner to revitalize grimy grout. Not only does the cleaner come out of the bottle in a tidy line, but it seems to work well too.

Apply the gel to dirty grout, let sit for about 5 minutes, and then start scrubbing with an old toothbrush or a scrub brush. It doesn’t take much scrubbing, and the grout looks SO clean afterward. How’s that for a double-duty cleaner?

tiktok cleaning tricks

2. Remove Your Toilet Seat To Clean Underneath It

Some toilet seats have a quick removal feature you can use to remove the entire seat in about two seconds. Once it’s off, you can clean those previously inaccessible areas underneath the toilet seat for a more thorough clean. Not all toilet seats have this feature, but it’s worth checking to see if yours does.

Look at the very back edge of the toilet seat closest to the tank. If you have an easy-to-remove toilet seat, the covers over the screws will either flip up, rotate, or slide to the side, at which point you can pull the toilet seat up and off the toilet to clean underneath it.

tiktok cleaning tricks

3. Buff Shaving Cream Onto Mirrors To Prevent Fogging

It may sound counterintuitive, but a small dab of shaving cream rubbed across your bathroom mirror can help prevent it from fogging up after a hot shower. You don’t need to use very much, and be sure to buff the cream until it is no longer visible.

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tiktok cleaning tricks

4. Use Diluted Fabric Softener To Clean Walls

Another thing I’ve seen people doing is using a diluted fabric softener solution (usually a spray bottle full of water with a splash of fabric softener added) to clean their walls, baseboards, and doors. These areas don’t tend to get “dirty” as much as dusty, so using a bit of dust-repelling fabric softener to clean them actually makes a lot of sense!

Some other benefits of this method are that it’s gentle on painted surfaces and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do.

tiktok cleaning tricks

5. Erase Black Marks From Nonstick Pans With Bar Keeper’s Friend

I haven’t noticed this as much with my Teflon nonstick pans, but a few of my ceramic-coated pans have developed black scorch marks at the bottom after being used for a while. These black marks can be really stubborn and hard to get rid of, but one TikTok user discovered that Bar Keeper’s Friend, a splash of dish soap, and a good scrub with a brush made the black marks on her ceramic nonstick pan disappear.

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6. Soak Sink Nozzles In Hot Water And Vinegar

Because you use your sink nozzle to help clean your dishes, it can be easy to forget that it needs to be cleaned as well, particularly the screen behind the nozzle that aerates the water. But ideally, you should be cleaning that little screen and the rest of the sprayer every 6 months to remove mineral buildup.

An easy way to do this is to carefully remove the nozzle from the sprayer, soak the parts in hot water and vinegar for a few minutes, then give them a good scrub to dislodge all the crusty mineral gunk. Afterward, just put the pieces back where you found them and replace the nozzle.

tiktok cleaning tricks

7. Stamp Your Toilet Paper For An Extra Fancy Touch

This one is just for fun, but it’s a thoughtful little touch you can add for the benefit of your guests. Stamping the toilet paper in your guest bathroom only takes a second, and all you have to do is fold the loose end of the roll into a neat triangle, then gently press the roll against your sink’s faucet to “seal” the roll with a water “stamp.”

You should make sure the nozzle on your sink is just barely wet, otherwise you’ll end up with soggy toilet paper instead of a neat stamp!

For more videos of useful tips and tricks, check out my Instagram (specifically the Reels section) and YouTube channel!

Have you picked up any good cleaning hacks from TikTok or other social media apps recently?

YouTube video
A thoughtful little touch that takes seconds!

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  • I’ve done the bag with vinegar for our Shower heads. It’s been a while. I was sharing a bathroom temporarily- mainly for showering . Due to extra people living with us. It really helped when the water flow coming out wasn’t good. Also have done it a few times to the main bathroom. Mainly when I start having problems with the water flow.

  • I can’t be bothered with taking the nozzle off the kitchen/bath sinks. I do the shower head with vinegar in a baggie & twist tie overnight. The next day, I take it off and use the same baggie/vinegar in the kitchen & baths. No harm, no foul and it’s still effective.

  • I had a renter who smoked. He lived in my duplex for five years and when he moved out, I tried the fabric softener trick and I can attest it does indeed work!

    • Wendy – Did it really get the nicotine off? I have a similar problem. Keeping the dust off is one thing but scrubbing nicotine is another. Nicotine becomes sticky. Thanks!

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