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9 Genius Uses For Ordinary Household Vinegar

uses for vinegar

I wasn’t all that surprise to learn that I’ve already written over 50 blog posts that feature white vinegar, given that it’s such a handy product to have around the home! I know some people can’t stand the smell, but for me, the results I get from using it are more than worth dealing with its strong aroma.

always keep white vinegar on hand at home, and I never start a load of dishes without it. A cup of vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher makes our hard water a non-issue, and my glasses always come out clean and spot-free.

I’m always coming across new ways to use vinegar around the house, but the uses below are 9 of my all-time favorites.

9 Practical Ways To Use Vinegar Around The House

uses for vinegar

1. Clean Grimy Scissors

Cleaning scissors with soap and water can chip the blades over time. Instead, use vinegar to wipe off the blades without doing any damage.

uses for vinegar

2. Deodorize Water Bottles

If your water bottle or coffee cup starts to smell bad, you can use vinegar to get rid of the smell. Fill the cup or bottle with water and a splash of vinegar, then let it sit for an hour or so and it will smell good as new.

uses for vinegar

3. Make Nail Polish Last

Before you paint your nails, wipe them with a clean cloth dampened with vinegar. The vinegar will remove any dirt or natural oils on your nails that could prevent the polish from forming a strong bond, ensuring that your nail polish will last a good, long time.

uses for vinegar

4. Fix Scuffed Leather

Small scuffs on leather purses or shoes will come off with a little vinegar. Dip a cloth in white vinegar and smooth it along the scratch, laying the lifted leather down as you go. The leather will swell and close over the scratch, making it a lot less noticeable.

uses for vinegar

5. Clean Stained Mugs

If your mugs are stained with coffee or tea, soak them in vinegar for a few hours. If the stains are really stubborn, make a paste of vinegar and kosher salt and use it to scrub the stains.

uses for vinegar

6. Dissolve Sticky Messes

Vinegar is great for dealing with really sticky messes, like chewing gum or candle wax stuck to car upholstery, rugs, or carpeting. It not only helps dissolve the gunk itself, but it also helps relax the fibers of the fabric and makes the gunk easier to remove.

uses for vinegar

7. Deodorize Smelly Hands

After chopping onions or garlic, wash your hands with some white vinegar to get rid of any lingering smells. Let your hands air dry and the odor of vinegar will disappear.

uses for vinegar

8. Make Poached Eggs

Add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to your cooking water when making poached eggs. It’s a simple way to ensure the egg whites will stay together instead of falling apart. 

uses for vinegar

9. Revive Wilted Veggies

If your veggies have seen better days and look a bit sad or wilted, toss them into a bowl with 2 cups of cold water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Let them soak for an hour or so, and they’ll be nice and crisp again so you can use them up.

How do you use vinegar around the house?

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Bright Ideas

  • Sometimes I wear a blouse slacks or dress for only a very short time and don’t want to wash them. To remove anything that might be lingering on the cloth before returning them to the close, hang on a hanger and spritz them with a mix vinegar and water. Hang to let them air dry. No more lingering perfume or other fragrance. Fresh and odor free for another wear.

  • I use vinegar and baking soda and very hot water in my drains. Works great.
    When you notice bathroom sinks or shower draining slowly…it is time!!

  • Vinegar is amazing. It’s great for hard water deposits. It’s also great getting rid of urine smells around the toilet area and floor. I live with my parents who are senior citizens.

  • I use vinegar for to clean the inside of the coffeemaker. Just brew a pot of water and vinegar. Then brew just plain water
    The user manual recommends it.

  • Another way to remove onion and garlic smell from hands if you absolutely can’t stand the smell of vinegar is to rub the areas that were exposed to the onion and garlic with stainless steel(butter knife, etc.) under running water. Smell is gone! (Little tip I learned from Pampered Chef when I bought their now discontinued stainless steel Boil It disc).
    I love your blog Jillee! So helpful in so many ways!❤️

  • Magnificent website. Plenty of helpful info here.
    I’m sending it to several friends ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thank you to your sweat!

  • I use a mixture of half vinegar and half dawn dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle to clean my shower. It’s a great way to keep the shower clean after you shower,. Just spray, wipe it down ,rinse off, and it leaves a clean fresh smell, and sparkling shower.

  • I always buy vinegar in bulk. I don’t feel like I use it very often but my gallon containers sure seem to disappear quickly.
    For stained coffee/tea mugs, it’s much easier to use a little bit of scouring powder or baking soda. It’s so much quicker than soaking for hours.

    • I also use baking soda to remove coffee and tea stains. I rinse the mug, sprinkle in some baking soda, and rub the stains away with a damp paper towel. The baking soda is very gentle.

  • Jillee I just love your blog! I’ve been following for quite a while now and am still learning things everyday. Thank you for your commitment and all the time that you spend helping other. I really appreciate it.

  • Every winter I save my orange peels in the freezer. Some of these get placed into a jar that I then cover with white vinegar and let sit for a month. No more vinegar odor! Another plus is the additional cleaning power from the orange peels.

  • I had a guy from a carpet cleaning company tell me that the best carpet cleaning solution is a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar. Our new house has carpet in the dining room, and I have young children, so this has been tested frequently! It has gotten everything out except where someone left the lid of a sharpie marker off and it bled on the carpet. I didn’t find it until it was dry. But there are no other stains on my carpet!

  • I’m going to try it on my leather purses, thanks for the tip. As desert dwellers, we mellow when it’s yellow too, I’m going to try spraying the toilet with vinegar too. We also drink a lot of tea in my house and I’ve discovered that plain baking soda with a little water to make a paste removes tea stains immediately. No soaking required.
    Thanks again for all the great ideas!

  • A 1:1 mixture of blue Dawn and white vinegar is my choice for cleaning the tub and sinks. Spray it on, let it sit fir a minute, then wipe it clean. It’s so easy even my husband can do it. And it does not damage marble like so many bathroom cleaners do. I also use it as a fabric softener and to set colors in new fabrics.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Due to the drought in CA, we are supposed to not flush as much. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down”, has been the mantra of many people this past year. I was getting tired of having to clean the toilet 2-3 times as often so got the idea to spritz around the water line in toilet after each use, whether flushed or not. I didn’t have to clean the toilet for nearly 3 WEEKS, and then it was down inside below the waterline that was looking not so clean. We do have very soft water naturally here, so not sure how it works with hard water. Just wanted to share a cheap and easy idea. Also, Smart and Final sells a jug of white vinegar that is a bit MORE than a gallon, for a really good price.

  • Thanks for the good ideas, Jillee. Like Nancy, I use it instead of fabric softener in my final rinse when doing laundry. It’s good for cleaning mirrors and for spot-cleaning carpet also.

  • I use vinegar in my washing machine to soften the clothes and towels. It also stops most of the static cling. I use it in my dishwasher also, but I put it in the dispenser that you use for the Jet Dry stuff. It works just as well or better but it is super cheap! I buy the big jugs at Walmart which also saves more money. Love your blog, Jillee. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • I do the same thing! I use it in the automatic bleach and fabric softener dispensers along with several drops of lavender essential oil. No more static cling, and stinky socks and work shirts always smell fresh. We also use it on a paper towel to clean the soot off the inside of the glass door of the woodstove. White vinegar removes the odor of pet accidents better than any chemical. It’s our go-to cleaner for just about everything!

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