3 Money-Saving Swiffer Hacks That Are Downright Brilliant

Money-saving Swiffer hacks include making or buying reusable pads, and learning to refill Wet Jet bottles.

The Best Swiffer Hacks For Sweepers And WetJets

A few years back, I received a string of emails from various readers asking if I knew of any cheaper or greener alternatives for the disposable cleaning pads and solutions for two popular Swiffer brand cleaning tools, the Swiffer Sweeper and the Swiffer WetJet. The cost of buying more disposable cleaning pads for the Sweeper or WetJet every few weeks can add up fast, so it’s no wonder those readers were looking for alternatives!

Lucky for all of us, it’s possible to take advantage of the ease and convenience of your Swiffer Sweeper or WetJet while saving money and cutting down on waste. All you need are a few simple Swiffer hacks, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this post!

Check out my best money-saving hacks for the Swiffer Sweeper and the Swiffer WetJet below.

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Check out these swiffer hacks in action in my VIDEOS below!

3 Swiffer Hacks That Save Money And Reduce Waste

To save money and cut down on waste, use a fluffy sock instead of the one-use pads on your Swiffer Sweeper.

1. Use Reusable Sweeper Pads

Rather than using the pricey disposable sweeper pads, here’s a DIY reusable Swiffer pad alternative — a fuzzy sock! Just slip the sock onto the base of your Sweeper and use it just like you normally would.

Using a sock on your Swiffer Sweeper is a Swiffer hack that can save you a lot of money, and keep a lot of trash out of the landfill.

The fuzzy material works like a charm for picking up dust, dirt, and hair. When you’re done sweeping, you can wash the sock with the rest of your laundry, and use it again and again!

Or if you’re willing to spend a few dollars, you can get this set of two washable microfiber cleaning pads for the Swiffer Sweeper on Amazon. No matter which reusable Swiffer pad you choose, you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run!

YouTube video
Avoid buying pricey and wasteful disposable sheets!

2. Use Reusable WetJet Pads

You could use a fuzzy sock on your WetJet like I mentioned for the Sweeper, but you would only want to use it for mopping up spills or splatters. If you’re mopping large sections of flooring, you’ll need something more absorbent, like a microfiber cleaning pad.

I found this set of two reusable microfiber cleaning pads for the WetJet on Amazon. As with the reusable Sweeper pads, if you make the switch to reusable Swiffer WetJet pads and you’ll start saving money almost immediately!

Make your own cleaning solution for the Swiffer WetJet and use this clever Swiffer hack to get it into that special Swiffer bottle!

3. Refill WetJet Bottles With Homemade Swiffer Solution

But cleaning pads are only one part of the WetJet equation — the other is those pricey bottles of cleaning solution that snap into the mop. The good news is that it’s easy to make a homemade Swiffer solution at home, which I’ll show you how to do here (plus I’ll share how to refill Swiffer WetJet bottles once they’re empty!)

DIY Swiffer WetJet Cleaning Solution


  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 3-5 drops dish soap
You can mix up a homemade Swiffer WetJet solution right in the Swiffer bottle, and this Swiffer hack will save you tons of money. Use a pan of boiling water to make the cap easy to remove.


Add the vinegar, water, and dish soap to a small bowl, stir to combine.

To get this homemade solution into the special WetJet bottle, you’ll need to loosen the cap with the help of some hot water first.

To get the cap off the Swiffer Wet Jet solution bottle, submerge the cap in boiling water for a minute or so.

Bring a small pot of water to a boil on your stovetop, then turn off the heat. Submerge the cap of the bottle completely in the hot water and hold it there for about 90 seconds.

After you hold the Swiffer WetJet bottle top under the boiling water for 90 seconds or so, use a cloth or a dishtowel to take the cap off easily.

Next, remove the bottle from the water, place a towel or cloth over the cap, and twist — it should come right off!

You can mix up a homemade Swiffer WetJet solution right in the Swiffer bottle, and this Swiffer hack will save you tons of money. Use a pan of boiling water to make the cap easy to remove.

Pour your prepared cleaning solution into the open bottle, then replace the cap. Shake the bottle gently to make sure everything is mixed up, then click the bottle back into your WetJet mop. How easy is that?

For more information about Swiffer products check out their website.

Do you use a Swiffer Sweeper or WetJet to clean your floors?

YouTube video
The money this hack can save you is impressive!

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  • I just use the pads, but I keep a spray bottle with Dawn, white vinegar, and orange or lemon essential oil to use by the toilet (you know the mess men make!) and it helps with the smell and the “between cleanings.” The old sock sounds like it would work too. :)

  • Some time ago, I read that the Swiffer was not good for dogs and not to use it if one had a dog. I do not know if that is true or not but it is something one might want to look into. I personally cannot stand the smell and I always use vinegar solution or Young Living Thieves solution.

  • Rather than using hot water to open the Swiffer WetJet container many times, use hot water only once. After the cap is off, use toenail clippers to snip off the inward pointing spines within the cap. Once they are gone, you can just unscrew the cap in the future, without having to hold the cap upside down in hot water. Did this years ago – no leaks from the cap, and no extra effort. Just grab, fill and use the Wetjet!!!!

  • Another tip for adding homemade swiffer wet jet solution to swiffer bottles. Once you heat the
    screw top on the swiffer bottle, and take it off, use a toenail clipper to clip off the “stops” inside the
    lid. Fill the bottle as you desire, and screw the lid back on. The next time you need to refill it, the lid will screw right off without having to reheat it. One and done!!!!!!! Not sure where I found this tip, but
    have never bought a refill swiffer bottle since 2017.

  • My hubby does not like this mixture….the vinegar is overpowering to him & he thinks it leave a coating on the “pergo” floor. Any other suggestions?

  • I’ve found that the e-cloths “Replacement Head for Mini Deep Clean Mop” fits my Swiffer Wet Jet. With e-cloths you don’t need any cleaning solution, just water! The mop heads are washable, so reusable.

  • I crochet my own wet jet pads. I use any leftover cotton yarns. They may look a little funky ( all those different colors), but they work great! I also use my poly mix yarns, to make a swiffer duster pad, those ones dont need to be absorbent, after all.

  • A squirt bottle of vinegar and water works just as well as inserting a bottle onto the Swiffer handle. Just squirt cleaning fluid onto the floor as you go about swiffering. Works great!

  • You can also use a terry cloth material and cut it the size of a swiffer sheet.Also if you spray a little
    Endust on it it really works even better…but NOT Pledge, has to be Endust,the other makes it TOO slippery and you can slide on it and get hurt.I clean for a living and this trick works very well.

  • Another swiffer dry refill I’ve used is a piece of quilt batting cut to size. I am a quilter and have lots of left over batting from my quilts after I square them up. I just cut it up and use it to sweep and I can turn them over when one side gets dirty and use the other side before throwing it away. I’ve been doing this for years and it works great! Especially on my dusty quilting room floor!

  • There are a couple issues w the homemake formula. One, over time the vinegar will damage the surface of many floorings. And it will also cause damage to any rubber parts in your swiffer or any other jet spray mop. For a while it all works great, but later on…. no so much.
    Also, not rinsing after putting dish soap in the mix will build up and in warmer weather will eventually cause the floor to be a bit sticky.

    For years I have just been using Windex as a cleaning solution for all my floors. It does not damage the floor and it does not damage the mop in any way. There is no rinsing needed and no sticky build up after a while either.
    i usually use 2 to 1. one part water, two parts windex.
    Its not expensive and works really well to get up grease buildup or sticky messes.

    For the Osedar mops you can just pour the mixture right into the tank that is connected to the handle. Less fuss that way. Not sure about the reuse of the swiffer bottle. Seems like a lot of work each time you want to fill it. Osedar mops come w a reusable mop head cloth and you can purchase other ones individually.

    • After a hard wood installer recommended it!I’ve been using Vinegar, dish soap and water to clean my floors for years, and have never had an issue. I used to clean houses, and A LOT of the older ladies had me use this, too.

  • Almost 20 years ago I discovered the clean team . Com I was looking for alternative cleaners that were more consumer-friendly. They have a product called Sh-mop that I have been using ever since. They make terry cloth covers that are washable and reusable. And the O-Cedar mop cover it too! Use a spray bottle with the same cleaner as above and you’re in business

  • The manufacturer of my wood and laminate flooring says not to use vinegar when cleaning. Instead of vinegar, I use isopropyl alcohol. One part alcohol to one part water with a couple of drops of dish soap for an emulsifier. Be sure to shake this mixture before using. I also use an O’Cedar wet mop

      • Using the swiffer is not the same as regular mopping, tho. Regular mopping saturates the floor, where with the spray and mop method, there’s very little wet mixture on the floor, and its cleaned up ,and dries so fast, there shouldnt be a problem.

  • I knew there was a way to add my own solution to theses swiffer wet jets. They cost my clients a small fortune and I always look for ways to save them money.
    The link didn’t work for me – where to buy the three pack reusable pads. I purchased mine through Walter Drakes catalog on line. $5.99 for a 2-pack. I gave one to each client that has a swiffer and two for me.

  • Hi, thanks for all the great tips.

    I live in Mexico now, and I brought my Swiffer back from the states. It was a great hit and 2 of my neighbors and the 1x a week cleaning lady all have their own Swiffers and dusters now ! That took several trips !

    We all use the same thing for cleaning – microfiber cloths from Costco. ( Yes, we have a Costco here now !) I purchased a large package of cloths a few years ago, and they are larger than regular Swiffer cloths, but not so large to be troublesome.

    As they are starting to show wear and tear, I went back to Costco, and this time they only had a 24 pack of the larger microfiber towels. I plan to cut them into 1/4ths and whip stitch or zigzag the edges.

    We will all have plenty ofvnew Swiffer cloths, and then the old ones will be given to gardeners, guys who work on cars, or used for one time, really dirty chores like cleaning wrought iron gates !

  • Better yet, instead of a Swiffer Wet Jet, I think it’s O’Cedar that makes on that you use with your own choice of cleaner – no need to refill the Swiffer bottle!

  • I just bought a Swiffer wet jet and it’s wonderful but I was thinking it would cost a fortune to maintain and then I found Jillian who just saved me a LOT of money and I just want to say thank you for your fabulous idea; I will of course be using it.

  • Not sure why people are having a problem w the vinegar bottles. I have had the same one in my kitchen for at least seven years. no problems. Vinegar won’t break down the finish. What brakes it down is everyday wear. Especially on cheaper flooring.

    I have used windex to clean my floors for at least 20 or so years. Works well, gets grease up. Does not harm the flooring!

  • I tried the solution you mentioned, but after a while, the floor feels a bit sticky.
    I did, however, just use half vinegar and half window cleaner (like windex) which works wonderfully and there is no rinsing and it cleans any grease of really well. When i have run out of vinegar, i just used windex. It cleans, no rinsing and gets up everything.

  • These idea’s are awesome, however if you have the Swiffer-wet-jet that has the little spray holes in the front of the pad – using a home made sock, etc to clean with won’t work – it covers up the little holes for the liquid cleaner to spray out of!! Hmmm??


  • Thanks for sharing this. I was just cleaning my kitchen and ran out of swiffer solution. You not only saved me money but also time since I didn’t have to run to the store to get another bottle. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who felt the swiffer solution left the floor tacky. I’d get out my steamer and go over the just mopped floor to get rid of it so this gets bonus points for being a time saver.

    • OK, most of you will think that I am just a crazy old lady, but at 83 with no arthritis, I use Fablouso (sp?) and water in a bucket and get down on my hand and knees to scrub my kitchen floor. I take a microfiber cloth and wash the kitchen floor. It is Linoleum, and I do the same in my two bathrooms, one has a tile floor, which I love, and the other has a Linoleum floor. The kitchen floor gets 95% of all the foot traffic, so it takes several washings once a week. I suppose if I did this twice a week there were be less dirt.
      My dear husband of 61 years, will not use the door mat to wipe his feet before entering the kitchen or rug that I have just inside the door, thus all the dirt.
      For my hardwood floors that we had coated with Polyurethane fifteen years ago, when we bought new furniture, I use the Swiffer and I use the Swiffer cloths that go with it. I find that they do a much better job than the microfiber cloths. The floors are still shiny and bright.

      • Not crazy, Carla. I still do my floors by hand, and maintain with swiffer use between cleanings. A housecleaner taught me the best and fastest way: Use two buckets (one with cleaner, one with plain water), two rags (one for each bucket), and a squeegie. And a soft brush. Kneel down and scrub a “square” of flooring you can comfortably reach (2-3 sq ft) with the rag dipped in cleaner, use the soft brush if needed. Squeegie the “square” and wipe up the excess with the wrung-out cleaner rag. Now use the plain water rag to give a good rinse, squeegie that up to dry the floor. Done with that square and move to the next. You can cover a large floor very quickly once you get the hang of this.

    • Hi do you have a pattern written you use? I can eyeball it, but it will take a few rough trials, I wondered if you wrote down how many rows, and do you single crochet, double or triple? I love triple because it goes so fast.
      Thanks for any help.

  • Hi! I’m kinda of skeptical of the vinegar solution. Although I use it all the time in a spray bottle for my household
    cleaning I need to replace my spray bottles quite frequently. I think that after awhile the vinegar eats through the mechanism of the spray bottle. Any suggestions? I did try it a long time ago in a swiffer and it seemed to do the same thing, after awhile it just wouldn’t spray. Any one else have this problem or am I just getting lemon spray bottles and swiffer?

    • Purchase chemical resistant sprayer tops. Most janitorial supply companies have them, I get them for less that $2.00 each and they last a long time. I finally dropped one and it broke.

      I also purchase microfiber cloths at a warehouse store. You get a couple dozen for $18.00. I cut them in half and they fit my dry swiffer just fine. I also spray the floor with vinegar mix (adding a few drops of essential oils) and zoop it around the floor so the “dry” swiffer does double duty.

      Fresh, clean, easy. Super low annual cost.

  • I use this solution for my Swiffer Wet Jet all the time…I can’t handle the sticky the wet jet solutions leave on the floor with Vinegar and dish soap you KNOW it’s clean.

    • Also, the Swiffer formulas have ingredient(s) that are bad for pets like cats and dogs that self groom after walking on the floors. I *know* vinegar and a little soap won’t be damaging their nerves or building up in their organs. That’s worth some bottle replacement.

      • Do you have a good wood floor cleaner that won’t leave your floor looking dull or a residue on the floor, and that won’t ruin the finish on the wood floor?

    • You still have to sweep or vac beforehand to keep from pushing dirt around, just like with a Swiffer-product. It would probably keep dirt from build up, as a bonus, since there isn’t any waxy stuff like the commercial version. It would smell heavenly with some lavender and cedarwood EO!

    • Recently I had a new linoleum kitchen floor put in. The owner of the flooring store told me that if you use the wet Swiffer solution it voids the warranty. He said use plain water. However in a kitchen you do need more than plain water so he said white vinegar is good. He also recommended a product by karndean called One Step.

      • I use a white vinegar, baking soda, Dawn dish soap and water to clean my kitchen linoleum floor. It cuts through the grease and leaves it shiny and looking fresh!

  • I use the same solution but add about 10 or so drops of tea tree oil , I have it in a separate spray bottle and use it for all sorts of cleaning , does a bang up job too!
    I got a big package of microfiber cloths in the automotive area of walmart (less expensive than the ones in the household aisle ) and sewed a plain piece of scrap fabric into the same pattern as the original dust mop thingy .
    All I did was fold the micro cloth to make it fit, double sewed around and voilà ! Have lots of extra pads .
    Seems to me that the microfiber in the auto department are thicker since the purpose is for cars . Might just be my imagination tho!
    Now, getting the top off that bottle , that IS genius ! No more spray and mop!
    Thank you for the tip .

  • OMG, I could give you a BIG hug and hi-fi for THIS helpful information. We own one of these for cleaning our floors, you are right it does get pricey buying the disposable pads and solution. Thank to you, we will save $$. You are so awesome! Thank you, thank you.

  • Another genius idea. I love all the cleaning tips from this website. I added essential oil (another Jillee tip) because I don’t like the smell of vinegar.

  • I bought a bunch of microfiber cloths and cut them up to use. The velcro on the swiffer allows it to cling without having to get the ones with elastic and a lot cheaper. And I can easily pull them off when they are dirty and throw them into the washer.

  • The solution I use with my Rubbermaid Reveal mop is one part water, one part white vinegar, one part rubbing alcohol and a few drops of blue dish detergent. This works brilliantly on my laminate and hard wood floor. It dries quickly with absolutely no streaking!

  • If any of you have read Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell, you know the swiffer idea has been around for longer than The swiffer has been on the market. He sells ones with larger heads and longer handles. Lowes also sells larger ones. They both sell the cloth pads to go with them. And when they wear out, terry cloth in the form of cheap hand towels or wash cloths work well also, though you may need to put elastic on them to hold them on. Though I have found the swiffer ones easier to handle in small rooms, especially the bathroom. Use speed cleanings recommendation of putting the cloths in the water and taking them off after a once over the floor, and using another clean one to go over again until the last cloth is clean.

  • We dont buy those refills anymore, been using microfiber cloths, “holey”cotton shirts which I cut to size to fit the sweefer and used dryer sheets, just lay 2 side by side put the sweefer on top We have dogs that shed like crazy and sweefering is easier for me, and is an exercise for me as well.

  • I made reusable cloths for my Swiffer out of fleece. I bought about 1/2 yard at my local fabric store, it was a remnant, and cut it down to size. Made 12 cloths…easy peasy! And cost only $0.99. They wirk dry and wet.

  • Rubbermaid makes these mops with a larger cleaning pad. The tank can be filled with whatever you want. The mop is much sturdier than the swifter. It’s available almost everywhere, but cheapest at Amazon and you can buy Extra pads…ists a no brainer, if you compare the two!! I love mine.

  • Hi Jillee, I wouldn’t miss a day without reading your blog. Honestly, you are the best!

    You have the greatest cleaning ideas and hacks on everything. Keep up your wonderful
    blog because my day would not be complete without your ideas.

    Thank You,

  • Love these tips!

    Jillee – here’s an idea for another time – my husband was complaining about storing all the various themed door wreaths that we have. I noticed that the entrance to the basement stairway had no pictures, etc. on it – now I use it to “store” my wreaths but it also decorates the stairwell!

  • This is one of my favorite hacks. I’ve been trying to convince my Mom she might like a sniffer and it wouldn’t be too expensive with these hacks. She’s one of those folks who still likes to get on her hands and knees for doing the floors.

  • I did the same thing in a different way. After 4 years my swiffer wet jet handle broke. I was at Walmart to replace it, but they were out. Against my better judgment I bought their version. It came with 2 reusable micro fiber cloths and a refillable bottle. I put simple green in the bottle and gave it a try. It works much better than with the disposal pads. These hacks are great ideas!

  • Love your ideas and tips! I have the original Swiffer sweeper. The one that you can use either a dry or wet pad for cleaning. I also have the Swiffer Wet Jet that takes the special pads and a bottle of liquid cleaner. I use safety pins {on top only} or rubber bands to a attach either of these, “one of the original super absorbent towels aka chamois or a microfiber cloth” depending on the job. I have also refilled the bottles with window cleaner or a mixture of water with a little Mr.Clean. Now that I have wood floors in most of my home, I had to buy cleaner for my new wood floors. I DID not purchase a separate wet jet, I just switch out the bottles & store them with the lid up-right.

  • Jillie
    This is a lifesaver, especially the bit about getting the solution in the bottle. Thanks so much. I cannot tell you how many swifter sets I’ve thrown away because I was tired of spending the money to buy refills. Now I can buy another one without feeling guilty for wasting money and not being green!!

    Thank you

  • Hi Jillee, great stuff! I would like to know if you can use the solution for the wet jet to use for swiffers that are not wet jet? I have a swiffer sweeper that comes with dry and wet pads. Thanks!

    • I have used my dry sweeper with a micro fiber cloth on it rather than the disposable cloths. I spray my cleaning solution on the floor and use the swiffer as a mop. Easier on my knees, and no streaks on my laminate floors either.

      • This is exactly what I do and it works so very well. SAMS has a gallon cleaner called Odeban that comes with a spray bottle. I use on my porcelain tile floors with wonderful results. We have two dogs and this cleaner has great odor control!! Happy cleaning!

  • Here’s a thought………….
    If you don’t have a Swiffer, just pop a fuzzy sock over the head of a brush for a floor dusting alternative!!!

    Kind regards


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