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How To Make Homemade Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

Make Your Own Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

My skin has always tended towards the dry side, but my husband has always had very oily skin. My kids all seem to have inherited his skin type, so any conversation about skin care around here generally revolves around products that are good for oily skin.

One of the most important parts of a skin care regimen for oily skin is keeping it clean. Keeping oily skin clean helps to prevent the oil from building up and causing breakouts. I recently decided to try my hand at making my own cleansing pads for all of the oily faces in the family and I’m happy to report they were all very pleased with the results!

Make Your Own Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

In addition to a mild cleanser, this recipe contains rubbing alcohol as a skin-soothing disinfectant. It is also considered to be helpful in healing acne because it helps eliminate excess oil and kills acne-causing bacteria. Rubbing alcohol is not particularly gentle, so those with sensitive skin might want to replace the alcohol with witch hazel.

This solution also contains vinegar, another home remedy often used to soothe skin issues. The acidic properties of vinegar are good for bee stings and sunburns because they gently neutralize the pain. You can also use vinegar to shrink your pores, and it’s an ingredient in popular home remedies for acne and astringents.

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Make Your Own Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

You’ll need:

Make Your Own Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin


Pour all ingredients into a covered container, then shake to combine.

Make Your Own Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

Fill your container of choice with enough cotton rounds to fill it.

Make Your Own Face Cleansing Pads for Oily Skin

Pour the cleansing solution over the pads until they’re saturated. Save any remaining cleanser for later use.

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  • This is great!! Considering the fact that most young people seldom take the time and effort that goes into washing your face over the sink so they just skip and wait until the shower, they will be likely to use trendy pads in a jar! Am I right? }:>\ I am going to make these…and fast!!

  • Thinking about trying this and skipping the shampoo part. Are there any essential oils you would recommend adding to this? Lavendar? Tea tree? I was also thinking about combining this with your anti aging serum recipe… Any thoughts?

    • Lavender is a great choice if you deal with redness and irritation. Tea tree would be a better choice for acne :-) Just use a drop or two!

  • Great idea. This might something you could also use kind of like the oxy wipes that you use after cleansing your skin. Also this is fairly cheap if you have teenagers who use a lot of the oxy pads. I know all about the oily skin. My sisters and I all did our share of time at the dermatologist due to our acne. Not fun to deal with and this type of stuff is heriditary.

  • When you are done wiping your face with a pad, do you rinse with running water or can you just wipe with warm damp face cloth? Can you just skip rinsing?

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